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  • Markus Hack
    Markus HackСағат бұрын

    There are also more ways to pull the fim strip throug a projector. For instance a 35mm or 70mm projector mostly use the geneva drive. Imax-Projectors use the so called rolling loop.

  • Galgad Smith
    Galgad SmithСағат бұрын

    TepE E as in Echo.

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    kevin3 сағат бұрын

    In 5 years of architecture high school and 5 years of engineering university... i never encountered this explanation

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    Hello , Bill, we missed you very much

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    It’s such a privilege to have you back!

  • Rob Kunkel
    Rob Kunkel7 сағат бұрын

    🎂🎈First time here. Subscribed. My interest in structural engineering science started with my doing tours of a tiny 1833 Synagogue in the Caribbean island of St. Thomas. We marvel at the structure lasting through fire, earthquakes and hurricanes without problems … until Congregants tried removing the inside plaster to expose bricks for beauty. They took countless photos and created post cards with it that way, Then … they learned that this activity was disastrous to the “rubble construction”, which used molasses to counteract the salt problem which is inherent in this part of the world. It is now plastered again and beautiful. Great video. I’m sticking around.

  • Charles Manning
    Charles Manning9 сағат бұрын

    compare what the engineering method achieved over 1000 years with what the scientific method has achieved over 300 years. Stone temples to cathedrals (stone and glass temple?), from telescopes to space telescopes orbiting the l2 region beaming images of objects billions of light years away back to earth. A lot can be achieved by passing down practical techniques from generation to generation but a lot more can be achieved by understanding how those techniques work.

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    It's 3:00AM and I don't know how the hell I got here.

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    What about the bpa plastic liner?

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    I find it interesting how an engineering solution to a problem can end up having multiple uses. Engineering marches on that way.

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    You explained what you can find on any basic explanation that anyone can find on the net. You are a video bullshit director engineer. But people like it, so keep it up.

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    The masons loft in York minster still has the plaster of Paris floor where they would have traced the elements to scale directly on the floor.

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    Czech chemist. Wow!

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    I’m so glad you’re back!!!

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    I watch this video at least twice a year

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    Wonderful content! You explain things so clearly. Thanks!

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    voice is a nice touch for narration

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    unfortunately non recyclable and pollutant

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    Yeah, but how do you go from "i created a tinu bowl of soft plastic" to "what if i stick it into my eye?"? Or was he initially looking to make a contact lens?

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    I would love to see some Spotify playlists aswell. I feel like that could work a lot better for lots of us.

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    Hi I study chemical engineer Can i watch videos and learning

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    Why did I think this was going to be about lemon demon

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    1:08 what do you mean "ALMOST no wasted space?

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    Algorithm has us back yet again

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    Ayg hilak 😂. anyway thanks for creating educational video, very fan of your work.

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    Can someone please absolutely clarify, one thing.... A change in temperature (energy) of 3/10’s (.3) between the top and bottom (micro climate zones separated by the liquid) will cause the bird to barely/slowly function, Is that .3 (3/10’s) * F? Or .3 * C? Big difference,

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    So can there be food that doesn't rock around?

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    Putting contact lenses for education. That is dedication!.

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    AH HA!

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    that’s literally Chuck McGill

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    Thrilled you're back creating content, looking forward to seeing more. 😊👍

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    my lord this is brilliant 😭

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    Ludwig brought me here yet again

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    Why do you know so much about cans? Why did I watch the entire vid? Why do I want more? .....

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    Glow sticks are magic just like water witching

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    Aristotle: "The bird drinks whisky more because it's an alcoholic bird"

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    .... doesn't hurt.😢

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    A child’s WHAT?

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    You heard me …

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  • Michael Xing
    Michael Xing3 күн бұрын

    wonderful video. I love your series about the philosophy behind engineering as I am fascinated by engineering as well. However, the part where you demonstrate the spinning plastic turbine is a bit off. Though turbines spin towards the convex side of the blades, the gas enters from the side more parallel to the axle’s direction, that is the opposite direction as shown in the video. Otherwise fantastic video!

  • engineerguy
    engineerguy3 күн бұрын

    Thank you for kind words. Indeed I erred: the version in the playlist is updated and corrected. (KZread doesn't let you replace an already posted video ...)

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    Are there hard contacts then?

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    There actually used to be contact lenses made from glass. Must have been horrible

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    Yeah dude. U been living under a rock?

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    Idk why is it so funny when the camera zooms out. The tears, it got me good 😂

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    Thank you for acknowledging my sacrifice

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    The sacrifices you make for our education are greatly appreciated.

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    It hurt to put the contact in to my eye in the bright light!

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    Fascinating! I remember some waterconduits in Peru, small, 5 inches broad canals dab into stone, slanted and many feet long. The water flowed smoothly and fast. The simple act of passing a finger through the width of the canal caused the water to flow slow and sticking to one side of the canal. It was in some sort of video or documentary.

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  • DL Lambert
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    In HI they use slightly different cans due to way the island specifically made 🏭 machines. Soda & beer companies found it was cheaper, more practical to bottle-can soft drinks directly in HI, south Pacific. 🏝

  • Jonathan Harston
    Jonathan Harston3 күн бұрын

    This is the comeback to the luddites who scream "we musn't do this until we understand the science!" We *NEVER* understand the science, only parts of it. Even today there is no complete scientific understanding of what electricity "is" or how it "works", yet we use it, and know how it behaves in different conditions, so can use that knowledge to shape its use, even though we do not know what it "is".

  • HalfSourLizard
    HalfSourLizard3 күн бұрын

    If you don't understand what you've done / why it works, you've not solved the problem.

  • HalfSourLizard
    HalfSourLizard3 күн бұрын

    (Which is why I'm NOT an engineer, I suppose.)

  • books
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    came here to see if the drinking bird aboard the Nostromo could still have been running while the crew were in hypersleep for several months. It appears so, as there was a light source behind the bird the entire time.

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    shorts do no longer fill up the subscriptions tab, so please activate it showing there again as I didn't see this short in my subscription box