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Hi Heroes, this is Alan Chikin Chow! Welcome to my new drama series, ALAN'S UNIVERSE. Alan's Universe is a drama series with powerful moral messages about love, friendships, and standing up for what's right.
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    Omg yessss. Never EVER been so excited for an ep premier for anythingggggg :) tbh I’m never early enough 😢 but thisssss….i could stop what I’m doing right then and go watch this. Love ur KZread channel so much Alan!!😊 👇 like if u agree

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    Allen did you break open with your gf

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    I love you ​@@AlanChikinChow

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    that red hair is so evil at chealsea again

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    Watch our flrst PREGNANT episode👉

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    Hello my name your name hello my name is is Lena

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    OMG I just started watching today and I watched wolf them 😂❤

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    The random part:Chelsea fainted bc was staring at Alan 💀☠️ Btw love your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍜🍜❤️❤️

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    ME and my friends speak talk RYAN-guys shall we play roblox? ALAN- OFC!! BRI- I THINK I WANT TO PLAY DRESS TO IMPRESS? RYAN AND ALAN SAID- WTF RYAN-TEASING UH SUCH MOMMY'S GIRL!! ALAN-I fell like i want to play MM2/murder mystery 2 RYAN-HECK YEAH!! BRI- CRYS😭

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    Oh that’s so cute the ending I love it it’s literally so beautiful she does beautiful story😊 19:17

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    Wait can I asked a question is she your girlfriend fr like in real relationship cuz yall look cute together ❤

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    That's fine or need kids to angry. You know be now❤

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    Wow!! The best video ever😊we love you Chelsea and alan we are here to support your video ❤❤😊

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    Chelsea’s beautiful, no matter what Inside or outside doesn’t matter what matter is that People shouldn’t be making fun of her she is a person too. She has feelings too.

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    Your right ,,@Tasha❤❤❤❤❤

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    Alan and Chellsea is so cute togheter 😊

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    Part 2: Alan crying

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    Man, Chelsea is really good at a British accent. I'm British myself and that is definitely how we talk

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    The marriage and the end cause Alan had the belly

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    I4jjjjkjyijdiuijndjjjdiijjdhjjjjhduduhdhdjhdhhhhdjki Udjjjdkdkkdkkdjudididjjdjdjdjjdjdjcjjfkkdkkjjdididijdjidjdjudidididiieieeiijjdjdjnnnjnfjdjjjejfjjkolkkrirkjfjfiikkdkx😊😅😮😢🎉😂❤ Bbxjrjjdijejejejjwnsndjdkbhjejhudyhdhehdurjudjdhjdhdjjjfjdne

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    Eat a tea New calendar Oh Papa what are you doing later A char It's a sorry❤❤❤

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    l liked the last scene. ln the last scene, you both met. Tell me the truth. you both look very cute together 🥰😊❤

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    0:45 Gosh I hate bullies! You gonna record everything and report it to the teachers

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