Rich Kid vs Broke Girl - Gadgets vs Hacks - Funny Relatable Situations

Oh no, the girls urgently need help!!! 😱 Don’t miss the new video to find out what cool parenting hacks and gadgets rich and broke moms use.
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    The poor kid Get lots of love and happiness and they should be rich and still have their happiness but the rich girl her her mom gives her A tension but she doesn't give her love😿😿😿😿😿😿😿.

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    The moral of the story never be disrespectful because everyone knows that God loves us

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    It was my first day of the night so that you have just started your new life with you and you all have to be strong ❤😂

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    I love cheaper because they don’t have a home and I feel so bad so I wanna cry so bad cry Moji cry emoji😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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    Just because people are poor doesn't mean to treat them bad

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    If you prevent the gate from closing all the way that means the prisoners can escape

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    You're making fun of the poor girl wow you are so nice wow you are so mean even more mean!!

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    Your vote for the first ˚   __    ( ((    \ =\  ____\_ `- \---- (______)) ( \---- (______)) __  (______))   (____))_____/---- Made by #FacemojiAI

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    It's not all about the money it's all your life❤❤

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