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Hi Heroes, this is Alan Chikin Chow! Welcome to my new drama series, ALAN'S UNIVERSE. Alan's Universe is a drama series with powerful moral messages about love, friendships, and standing up for what's right.
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    Me Alan💙

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    I am from Bangladesh and I am so excited

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    Me, but I'm also tired, I've actually been staying up ALL night wondering, " I wonder when alan will make a new video "creator

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    I'm very excited

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    “I don’t care if you’re pregnant or not. I still love you!” This made me cry… I love the way that you protect Chealsea no matter what! I wish I will be invited to your marriage💍💒👰‍♀️🤵. And also I love this couple! Alan you made the best choice ever🫶

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    Hola soy fan

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    The reason why all of the funny stuff happened is because it's just a funny video

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    Who's excited for the longest time For a new episode ?!!! I'm excited and 😍😍😍 Welcome back #AlanArmy 🙏 ☺️ ❤❤❤❤

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    Is this real?? Don’t say no you dumb?

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    This is such a gorgeous episode

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    Chelsea ❤️❤️🫶🫶🫶

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    thats so cool

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    Damm😅 11:14

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    Chelsea learn so love it

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    I luv these videos especially ur and chelsea's couple u two are so magical

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    Chúc mừng anh chị đã thành đôi😊. Mặc dù em là người Việt Nam nhưng em vẫn thấy video này rất hay😊❤❤

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    He could be a famous actor, because of how good his videos are, and how good of an actor he is and then and Chelsea

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    You’re so amazing because her pictures❤🎉😊

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    Not the goofy ahh anime run 💀 (2:17)

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    2:41 this scene was so wholesome. He loved her no matter what and did his best to show her how much he loved her 🥹🥹

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    They should have a real baby who agrees

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    I don’t think so

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    Me depends on how old they are😅

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    They can be 18 ro smt

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    Yes but only at 25

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    I love your videos because I’m a big fan

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    😊i love them both alan and Chelsea 😊 4:24

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    This comment will not have any likes 😢but I'm still happy 😊

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    Don't woory

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    It did you lied sense lying is bad I disliked

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    @@hopemahani1295 you mean worry

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    🙄your a pick me🙄

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    I wish you luck with a long life and happy growing old together❤

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    They are actually married

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    You Tube

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    Can we get a video where Alan and his girlfriend start a family and have a real child

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    Alan and Chelsea ❤❤❤



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    You watch this 4 pm😂

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    Real Madrid 🏆 campeón de la Champions leagues

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    So I wasn’t being mean

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    Start a new video called heartbreaking love story where Alan and Chelsea are together and Alan has a mean father who attacks him like a monster and Alan ends up in a hospital and Chelsea calls the police and his father gets arrested and Alan can’t get up so he has to use crutches to walk and gets bullied in school because he has crutches

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    That's a really good idea I like your idea.

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    En traducir español👏👏👏👏👏👯👯👯👯💘💘💔💔 El iniverso de ... @ALAN chiki

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    I love you Alan.Who agrees how her videos are beautiful 👇

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    Keep up the good work and and make sure you do good Everybody Loves You Ellen things for your good videos and every video and also for your members especially Chelsea and you fit together

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    Iya kak iya kak iya kak iya kak iya kak iya kak Uo

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    It is so funny the way Alan kisses Chelsea’s belly when there’s not even a baby😅😂

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    7:56 Wow The Cake

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    Hi Chelsea! I'm a huge fan!!! can I get a shoutout?... My name's Valerie

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    Number of lovers Alan✨💕👇🏻

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    I love your videos, but who wants to be in the videos🤩

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    CnCcVVçxcc bCcxevvccxsv

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    This is like an actual k-drama

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    I'm so excited for your video and I love Alan and Chealsea wedding❤❤❤❤❤

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    Find fnf

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    What does that mean?

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    I wish you was my brother, even though he’s not Geos, but I think they should do his friends tune back down on that part number I think they should not do that if he’s doing something but I think Elementy is a nice boy

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    ❤❤❤❤❤❤ 4:27

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    تعالى 😂😮😮❤الله وبركاته صباح الورد يا ورد وفل مرحبا مليون مره قلت له لا والله ما عندي مشكله مع بعض بس ما ادري والله انك صادقه مرحبا سهم ➡ الله يسعدك يا رب العرش


    Who thinks Alan makes great episodes ❤❤

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    تم لعفتةاليغدنث٧٦غ٦٦٨٦

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    This is our universe we're the hero's nothing can stop our destiny we keep our legacy look how we rise its team universe✨🌍♥️

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    It's our univere!❤

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    At lest you two are getting married, l am very happy that you both are a couple, you both look cute together 🥰☺️😊❤

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    the series is great. Alan and Chelsea are adorable, Kolya and Katya are perfect couples🔥🔥🔥💓💓💓🥰

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    I was here at the start the of premieres for this vid!! My fist time acually being at a videos premiere and also my FIEST time being able to chat in a live chat!! 😊😊I’ve literally never been this excited to see a video before😂. Luv Alan and Chelsea sm ❤❤.

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