Making Hydraulic Tube Bender Machine

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I had planned a pipe bender a long time ago, until the moment came when I decided to build such a machine. There was a lot of work, especially in the process of creating wheels for bending and slides, I managed to make four pairs of wheels and slides for 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm pipes, but I'm in the process of working on the fifth wheel and slide set, for bending a 35mm pipe. I wanted the machine to have its own hydraulic power supply, so I decided to install a 1.1KW 1400rpm motor, combined the motor with a 6l / min / 4cm3 hydraulic pump. The maximum pressure of the set is 140bar, this pressure is sufficient to efficiently power a hydraulic cylinder with a piston rod diameter of 28mm and an extension of 350mm. The pipe bender easily bends pipes with a diameter of 32mm with thick walls, and the efficient bending of pipes with such parameters prompted me to build wheels and slides for thicker pipes. As for the protractor, I used a protractor, which is quite accurate in the school supply store :)

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  • @Knotmaul
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    I loved this! Definitely a new fan. You sir are a master fabricator and a pleasure to watch. I about lost it when I saw you use your plasma cutter to cut your thin sheet metal. I thought to myself, "This guy really loves his cutting wheel!" Cannot wait to check out your builds. You are a true inspiration!

  • @davesherry5384
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    Excellent video! No waffle and hot air, just getting on with it. Poetry in motion! I enjoyed it very much.

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    Overall, this is a highly informative and enjoyable video for anyone interested in engineering. It showcases your talent and expertise while providing valuable insights and inspiration to fellow enthusiasts. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to watching more of your content in the future 👍👍👍

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    Нет слов!!!! Смотрел на одном дыхании!!!! БРАВО!!!!

  • @wolfparty4234
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    Great work! Bar soap works great on the tubing when bending and washes off easy with hot water. Maybe weld a finger ring on top of the pin that would help to make it easier to pull out and put back in. Just a thought for you. 💪🏼👍🏻

  • @Stephen1455
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    Where did you learn your skills, unbelievable!!! Have been in manual machining all my career, where did you learn your remarkable skills!!

  • @user-kv5bw9hg3w
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    Thankyou for posting this, it is my dream to make all my own machines and build my own go cart! People like you are awesome!🙏

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    Absolutely amazing work! Thanks for sharing your talent with us

  • @chuckbrown2765
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    Love watching you fabricate with tools you built or rebuilt. Doesn’t look like the powered wheelbarrow made the cut for this video 😎. Great job!

  • @seko6056
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    Awesome project, all the equipment probably cost 400 to 600$ but to buy this bender brand new you need around 2.500 to 3000$. Very well crafted work and the bent pipe is great. Keep going the great job dude.

  • @MCsCreations
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    Fantastic work, dude! Really well done! 😃 This machine is going to be really useful for you! Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

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    Thank you 😁

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    this is most satisfying result. its impossible for me to rebuild that... 😁😁😁. no trash talking like others... just hands on! 👏👏👏

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    The best pipe bender video of all time, you look amazing!!!!!/El mejor video de pipe bender de todos los tiempos te quedo impresionante!!!!!

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    Very good, great coverage, fascinating to watch, very impressive craftsmanship, especially the lathe working to create the tube bend formers.

  • @BITTYBOY121
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    This is absolutely amazing ! - Very impressive and well thought out build mate - First class fabrication - Much respect to you - Well Done ! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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    Dude!!HELL OF A JOB!I'm sure someone's already offered to buy that BEAST! OUTSTANDING WORK👍👍

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    My master, thank you for your effort. Thanks to a master like you, I am owning a machine. Thank you. Good to have you.

  • @SvendsenWorks
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    Probably the nicest pipe bender I've seen...and I've been looking!

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    It's fascinating material you offer to your audience. Thank you very much for contributing. A heartfelt thanks!

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    One of the best products I've seen on KZread!!!!!Great master!!!!

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    Great project. Did you create drawings for your bender and are they available for purchase? Thanks for sharing.

  • @lolcec81
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    Комментарий в поддержку канала и ролика, а также труда мастера.

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    Great work as always!👍 Found some ideas to use in my future projects. Thank you😉

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    Good work bro 👏👏

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    The way you rigged that cylinder is incredible and I will not forget that. Do you mind me asking what kind of valve is that? Open center?

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    Ustam ellerine sağlık , harika bir makina olmuş, Türkiye den selamlar.

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    O; you bad boy, like your shop! Great film production ,when you cut up the square tubeing to make the holding tank for the hydraulic part you just blew me AWAY !!!!!!

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    Ñufknfkfkkdkdkkdkdkdd un Jeep dió conocido ir eche punto no no lo limpio jefiglgkkdkddldeor hubo unos vamos como primogénito

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    Absolutely great workmanship. I would really like the plans for this

  • @caseyfourthreenine5574
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    You did a great job on this bender!! Do you have a set of plans for this, even a quick hand drawn sketch with some dimensions. I think it would make a lot of us really happy 😊 Keep up the great work

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    He sells it for around 2499usd.

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    I cannot seem to find where---could some kind soul post a link?

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    That's a beautifully engineered piece of equipment well made you are no amateur 😎👌

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    Incredible design and workmanship. Great color choice too. Thank you for taking the extra time to video this while fabricating.

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    Thank you 😁

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    Muy gráfico y bien hecho, dirigido a alguien que sepa del metal no hace falta decir ni una palabra, me ha gustado mucho Estoy aburrido de las largas explicaciones de gente que tendrían que aprender a hablar antes de nada . Gracias

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    Precision, Patience pays in the end! Amazing workmanship!

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    wow what a beautiful pipebender, you are a real artist

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    nice work...beast of a motor on that one. could use the hydraulics to power some other projects as well

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    Good Engineering job with skilled workmanship. Every one can get educational benefits for their indtitutional industry. thanks

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    I'm rebuilding a 1926 Hendey, Lathe. In a shop not two miles from where it was forged, and machined. All this so I can make bending die's to finish age old projects. love the rotating tool holder. Pretty damn close to what I have planned.

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    Good work 👍

  • @stephensarkany3577
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    Overall really great job. A nice touch would be to use button head screws for the protractor and a better mount design for the cylinder barrel. Thanks for not having overpowering music as well.

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    Good video and awesome build. Why don't you use a magnet to contain the scraps when you are separating metal from itself, with whatever tool you are using ? How did you temporarily attach the plasma wand when you cut the flat sheet of steel ?

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