Making a horn bow - How to make a composite bow

Ғылым және технология

In this video you will see the making of a horn bow.
These bows are also called Turkish composite bows or reflex bows.
The bow is made of wood, horn and animal sinew.
All parts are glued together with a glutin glue (isinglass glue).
Bows have been made from these materials for centuries.
0:00 Intro
0:13 Wood core
5:09 Horn clasp
8:31 Elaborate bow shape
10:15 Sinew coating
12:23 Bone pieces
13:50 Tiller (bending of the bow)
14:44 Bow ends
15:27 Test shooting
16:07 Birch bark
19:21 Shooting bow
The manufacturing process has remained the same over the centuries.
Today, machines such as band saw, planer, etc. facilitate the manufacture.
Fire is replaced by a hot air dryer and heat lamp.
However, most of the work is still done by hand.
Materials and additional info for those interested:
-The wood core is made of sycamore maple.
Other woods such as ash or yew can also be used.
-The horns are from domesticated water buffalo.
The last horn purchase was years ago. Unfortunately, the supplier no longer exists.
-The deer back tendons are the same as the horn. Bought years ago, supplier no longer exists.
Tendons from ostrich, cattle, red deer, etc. can be used just as well.
-With birch bark it is always a matter of luck that one gets which can be separated easily in the thickness.
-Glutin glue (isinglass glue 100gr./€ 60.--).
Alternatively, rabbit glue or hide glue (100gr./€ 5.--) can be used. Both cost only a fraction of the isinglass.
Data from the filmed bow:
-draw weight 45 pounds at 28 inches.
-String length 113cm (Dynema D75).
-Bow weight 340 grams
I have been building and shooting bows for about 17 years. Turkish reflex bows in particular.
Bow building is a wonderful hobby and has taught me many things.
My interests have shifted towards shoemaking for a few years now.
So that my more or less great knowledge is not completely lost, I have filmed the bow making.
Have fun watching .......

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    You can use the tip of the horn to make an archer ring. Since the thumb is used in Eastern bows, a special ring is used for it. We call it Zihgir. Some men in Turkiye still use these rings as jewelry. Those used as jewelry are mostly made of silver or precious stones. But the one I use for archery is made of buffalo horn. Really much better than metal, leather and plastic ones. It fits perfectly because it was made specifically for me.

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