The Evolution Of Knightly Armour - 1066 - 1485

A video full of details which took over 30 hours in the making. I hope you like it and you find the info in it useful :D
An armour (spelled armor in the US) is a protective covering that is used to prevent damage from being inflicted to an object, individual, or vehicle by weapons or projectiles, usually during combat, or from damage caused by a potentially dangerous environment or action.
The word "armour" began to appear in the Middle Ages as a derivative of Old French. It is dated from 1297 as a "mail, defensive covering worn in combat". The word originates from the Old French armure, itself derived from the Latin armatura meaning "arms and/or equipment", with the root armare meaning "arms or gear".
Armour has been used throughout recorded history. It has been made from a variety of materials, beginning with rudimentary leather protection and evolving through mail and metal plate into today's modern composites.
Significant factors in the development of armour include the economic and technological necessities of its production. For instance, plate armour first appeared in Medieval Europe when water-powered trip hammers made the formation of plates faster and cheaper.
Well-known armour types in European history include the lorica hamata, lorica squamata, and the lorica segmentata of the Roman legions, the mail hauberk of the early medieval age, and the full steel plate harness worn by later medieval and renaissance knights, and breast and back plates worn by heavy cavalry in several European countries until the first year of World War I (1914-15). The samurai warriors of feudal Japan utilised many types of armour for hundreds of years up to the 19th century.
Plate armour became cheaper than mail by the 15th century as it required less labour, labour that had become more expensive after the Black Death, though it did require larger furnaces to produce larger blooms. Mail continued to be used to protect those joints which could not be adequately protected by plate.
The small skull cap evolved into a bigger helmet, the bascinet. Several new forms of fully enclosed helmets were introduced in the late 14th century.
By about 1400 the full plate armour had been developed in armouries of Lombardy. Heavy cavalry dominated the battlefield for centuries in part because of their armour.
Probably the most recognised style of armour in the World became the plate armour associated with the knights of the European Late Middle Ages.
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  • Razorbackxr 88
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    Funny thing is, your video left off roughly where my knowledge picks up. After the advent of the arquebus, armor began largely retracing it's steps, reverting from full plate to cuirass/shoulders/greaves in the 1500s, then just a cuirass in the 1600s. By the late 1700s, armor had reduced to leather pieces integrated into uniforms, with reinforced boots and gloves. It then all but disappeared aside from helms until the early-mid 1900s with the adoption of heavy leather jackets by aircraft pilots, then flak vests in the 1960s. In the late 1900s, we regressed all the way back to padded cloth, except the fabric being used was Kevlar. This brings us to the 1990s, when we discovered the joys of ceramic, and turned our modern doublets into cuirass again, and then the early 2000s, when the peak of mass-produced armor tech was ablative ceramic scale mail over padded kevlar cloth. If you read this far, like or respond, and I'll do sufficient research to turn it into an actual response video.

  • Kakidilla


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    Modern armor is ceramic? How would that be so effective? And how would it evolve in the future? And this question is a bit out there, but how will weapons evolve in the future and how will armor evolve to combat them?

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    Monday's insanity

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    @Matt JK theyre good when used probably That means as a combined arms element beside well trained infantry. With infrantry defending against atgms and other such things and tanks acting as a moving wall and taking out enemy emplacements when needed. Especially if you have air superiority. And especially when moving over open ground. They can also be very good when used defensively like to encircle and besiege a city or defend a fob from an assault. Once again along side infantry and especially with air superiority. Tanks suck when commanders think theyre invincible and can do things like send them INTO cities alone, field them openly without air cover, drive them singlefile down highways, etc. When used properly they can make a force unstoppable in the proper situation. When used wrong you can lose billions of dollars and alot of lives

  • Matt JK

    Matt JK

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    @Monday's insanity in retrospect from looking at more stuff and considering it more, yeah seems like it isn't worth it AND they don't even really work. I guess shrapnel protection isn't nothing but reduced visibility isn't nothing either. Also in terms of tanks, I have no idea, though it's worth noting that most of the weapon systems that are wasting tanks left and right aren't a world away from similar platforms in the 80's and 90's. Tanks have been "dead" for decades but they seem to provide something that isn't fulfilled by alternatives. Hard to say really.

  • TheOneGuy1111
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    It's interesting how we tend to think of Knights as having full plate armor, but throughout most of the middle ages that simply wasn't the case.

  • Sam Rukin

    Sam Rukin

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    i suppose that is why those centuries were referred to as the high middle ages

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    @erojerisiz I absolutely concur! To me, when someone mentions middle ages, then i immediately think of 11-12 century, and not anything else.

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    as much as I love full plate armor, the crusade era armor just looks glorious

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    Yeah, depictions of Richard the Lionheart in full plate- like, what?!?

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    Wonderful video Metatron. Nicely done.

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    0:55 11th century 2:27 12th century 4:57 13th century 9:40 14th century 15:37 15th century

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    Thank you 😘

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  • Tornagh
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    but the real question: could you wear a 14th century greathelm over a 12th century greathelm? And would you call that a Greater helm?

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    @A Chaps and it only covered the left side of her body

  • A Chaps

    A Chaps

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    What kind of armor did the ladies wear? Would it have been called fe-mail?

  • JustASlav


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    To actually answer your questions: No, but helmets actually were usually put underneath the greathelm which offered bonus protection. Edit: Well Metatron already addressed this in the video. It is at 13:04.

  • Delta Zenturo

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    @Blue Sap Put a plastic bag over it and pull it around, that’s about how it feels and you should be able to figure out the rest.

  • Harrow Drut
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    Sucks that right when armor started looking really cool guns were invented.

  • Theo


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    colonial era uniforms are some of the drippiest though

  • Ser Fordham

    Ser Fordham

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    I disagree, 11th 12th century Crusader armor looks really awesome..

  • mrbouncelol


    8 ай бұрын

    @Rev BladeZ You might also say that developments in medicine, surgery and combat first aid have affected this because modern soldiers are able to wear only enough armour to prevent lethal hits because it is likely (although of course far from certain) that hits to their extremities can be made less than lethal via the rapid application of combat first aid e.g. tourniquets and rapid wound sealants, and swift expedition to a location where life saving medicine and surgery can be applied. Now all this probably goes out the window in a peer conflict

  • Sir Gulag

    Sir Gulag

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    sucks that guns were invented

  • Kriegter


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    Guns were already around at the time. Armour got cooler BECAUSE it had to stop musket shots. So it's more the other way around.

  • Neutral Fellow
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    Perhaps the flat top helm design was a result of frontal strikes being more common than overhead strikes, so the protection of the forehead and the brow was seen as more paramount than the risk of getting hit with a downward swing. Also, considering that the majority of flat top depictions show men on horseback, perhaps them being usually mounted meant that overhead strikes on them were a lot more difficult to achieve, so they choose a stronger frontal structure instead.

  • Osman Bkilic

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    @small_sand_pile interesting point, do you know any Sources you could share with me?

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    @1mp0ster I heard that riveted tanks could be destroyed by a mere 75mm HE. The explosion would destroy the hull and turn rivets into shrapnel... I'm referring to early WWII tanks BTW.

  • 1mp0ster


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    Nathan Hunt That is a very good point. Basically single entire pieces of armor give a lot more protection but cannot really be repaired. Riveted armor is easier because different people can just specialize in a single piece that they make a lot of and it all gets assembled. Think about WW2 tanks. The German tanks were extremely well armored with single pieces, while Americans had lighter tanks with weaker riveted armor, but Americans were able to mass produce their tanks. And if an American tank got knocked out, it would simply throw away the broken pieces and put on new ones from supply caravans. German tanks would kill a lot of American tanks before going doen, but a German tank could not be repaired in the field.

  • edi


    2 жыл бұрын

    @26CLT I can´t remember where I´ve seen it. Maybe, it was only speculation based on iconography, however, I definitely wouldn´t want to fight with one of these iron pots on my head...

  • 26CLT


    2 жыл бұрын

    @edi oh I'm definitely going to need sources saying that knights and infantry threw off their helmets just before engaging in a foot fight

  • Noble
    Noble Жыл бұрын

    its interesting how the romans made their first 'plate' armors centuries before the first experiments with them in the medieval ages

  • Rémi Lenoir

    Rémi Lenoir

    Ай бұрын

    The plate armor used by the romans wasn't particularly superior to full mail hauberts. Mail hauberts were harder to produce as well, as there were more steps involved in making them (forging and thinning of a steel rod, bending of each individual ring, riveting of the rings one by one) than in the mass produced lorica segmentata. What may seem like a technological regression only seems so _a posteriori_ because we tend to see the Lorica Segmentata as a roman equivalent to medieval plate armor, which it definitely wasn't; at any level (hardness, functionality, craftsmanship, resilience...). The extent to which the Lorica Segmentata was used in imperial Rome is actually unknown, what we do know however is that mail remained widely used by legionnaries before, during and after its days of glory, which tends to show that it didn't perform well enough to justify its cost. The Lorica Segmentata was most likely a wide scale experiment that quickly fell out of favor and remained in use mostly as a uniform for parads and scenic re-enactment. Saying that armor technology in the middle ages suffered a regression because plate armor was used before full mail hauberts and only reappeared several centuries later, is akin to saying that gun technology regressed during the modern era because guns of the late Middle Ages had been bigger in size and only began to attain that size again at the end of the XIXth century. It is a very superficial judgement.

  • Average Alien

    Average Alien

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    @Hohenzollern it didn't take any years to pick up where the Roman's left off. Context. Use it

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    @Average Alien what didnt what? Words... use them.

  • Average Alien

    Average Alien

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    @Hohenzollern no it didn't, lmao

  • SpadaccinoLuciano
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    Can you do a video on Byzantine armor from 284 - 1453? I've seen a few examples of Byzantine armor, and it seems really similar to armors like the Lorica Segmentata, but I've also seen Byzantine mail, and armors that look similar to ones I've seen from the Middle East, so I think it would make a really interesting video to show all the different styles and influences.

  • SpadaccinoLuciano


    2 ай бұрын

    @Hohenzollern This doesnt contradict anything I said.

  • Hohenzollern


    2 ай бұрын

    @SpadaccinoLuciano Incorrect, since the Ottomans figured they were Rome since they conquered it. I mean, they didnt run around calling them selves "Ottomans" just like the Byzantines didnt call them self Byzantines, they were Rum.

  • SpadaccinoLuciano


    3 ай бұрын

    @Parker Muller It existed, it's a useful term for the surviving eastern part of the Roman Empire. They just didnt call themselves that. Also "Roma" is Latin, "Rhome" would be the Greek version. In any case, "Forever" only lasted until 1453. That was a long time ago.

  • Parker Muller

    Parker Muller

    3 ай бұрын

    Byzantine never existed. Roma forever.

  • cslantz


    Жыл бұрын

    @ladoga to be even more descriptive, specifically the eastern romans armor, who eventually became the byzantines

  • Sam
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    6:20 when you're fighting to the death but your horses were friends back in high school

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    I burst out laughing when I saw this one.

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    ​@Jacob B alright, your life is that miserable that you have to insult people in the internet

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    @Jacob B and I asked a question

  • andrew strongman
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    I love the teachers attitude: "You will learn which armour set belongs to which century." Great work here.

  • Carlos Albin
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    Metatron, Warhorse Studios, the guys that are making Kingdom Come: Deliverance, have just tweeted this video. They most have loved it to have done that

  • David


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    Carlos Albin I hope he sees your commentary, that game is definetely what he and us would be more hyped about.

  • Dan Slash
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    This is great if you want to write fantasy with a world that has some progress over time.

  • dutch dan der dinde

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    That's exactly what I'm doing lol

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    Im here for that purpuse indeed :V

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    Dan Slash That would be really fun!

  • calvin huddleston
    calvin huddleston3 жыл бұрын

    I'm trying to get into armoring and based on my (admittedly not large) experience I think the flat tops were just easier to make and thus cheaper, I might be wrong but that's my guess

  • TF D
    TF D3 жыл бұрын

    Two points,. 1) The flat topped helmet seems more of a fashion choice to me than practical. When facing indirect arrow fire (IE arrows fired into the air rather than directly at soldiers and therefore meant to deliver a volley of arrows that are falling down on them from above) a conical helmet is much superior when it comes to deflecting arrows, something a flat topped helmet cannot do. I'm not surprised that the flat topped helmet was fairly short lived as a result and that most helmets were conical going forward. 2) I always found it interesting that gunpowder had made it's way to Europe by the late 14th century, just as full plate was being developed. Meaning the reign of the iconic full plated knight lasted less than a century (late 14th through the mid 15th) before being made obsolete by increasingly effective firearms.

  • TF D

    TF D

    2 жыл бұрын

    @Liam The Great That could be. I assumed it was a fashion choice but when it comes to things like this we're all guessing

  • Liam The Great

    Liam The Great

    2 жыл бұрын

    I would imagine that the flat topped helms would be easier to make, making them cheaper and so would be the go-to for your average footman. Maybe that's why they were so prevalent when the conical shape is better at deflecting blows.

  • masterchief300
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    I know by the 14th century, the shield had dropped mostly out of use. How and when did this happen? Could be a cool idea for a video.

  • No One

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    By the 15th century

  • Duchess Skye

    Duchess Skye

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    Adam Wolfe unlike plate most armors were still unable to really protect against blunt damage, so probably that's why

  • masterchief300


    5 жыл бұрын

    The_JoJo_Reference I guess I'm more interested in the evolution of the shield alongside armor, and wondering if two handed weapons or any form of dual wielding was used before the invention of full plate, since especially some of the later armors seemed complete on their own and would provide enough protection without a shield.

  • Duchess Skye

    Duchess Skye

    5 жыл бұрын

    When the Full Plate armor was worn, those soldiers abandoned the shield. So the real question is, when was plate armor first used in battle?

  • Tri-Hard Gaming
    Tri-Hard Gaming5 жыл бұрын

    A moment of silence as we remember the poor sop who was the first to have his neck snapped by his frog helm. (Thus causing the smiths to decide "Hey, let's attach that to the breastplate so it doesn't happen again!") 20:52

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    I really don't understand how did they breathe in that thing 😅

  • rubén Galván
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    Awesome video. It would be a good idea to make a video about the renaissance armors, in specific the half armors of the Landsknechts and the swiss mercenaries!

  • Padraic Smith
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    I really enjoyed this and I love these long(ish) form talking videos about historical weapons and armour. Looking forward to more like it :)

  • Retrostalgia
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    It was such a battle between the growth of Weaponry vs armor. With every new upgrade in weaponry there has to be an upgrade in armor to counter it. It was an arms race between blacksmiths on who made the better invention. The science behind the two is amazing and full of knowledge with some being lost through the strongest weapon of all, time. Great video subject and once again full of amazing details.

  • Logansfury
    LogansfuryАй бұрын

    This was an awesome video! The Arthurian tales have always been my favorite books and I have always been very very interested in the specifics of plate armor. This was a fantastic tutorial of the evolution of the armor thru the medieval period. Thank you very much for the upload :D

  • SoIDontUploadMuch
    SoIDontUploadMuch10 ай бұрын

    Really informative. One thing I don't get is why early knights almost exclusively went with mail when plate armor was already a thing since antiquity and is inherently much more protective. Knights were elite fighters who for the most part sourced their own equipment, so they could presumably choose the best armor the armorers of their day could make, and surely at least some of them must've been aware of the lorica segmentata and muscle cuirasses of old and intuited that such armor would've protected them better from hard blows than loose mail. So had medieval armorers just collectively forgotten how to make plate armor? Otherwise why did it take them the better part of five centuries to "rediscover" the fact that a cuirass of solid metal provides much better protection than a mail hauberk?

  • Matt Parsons
    Matt Parsons3 ай бұрын

    Awesome video - I’m trying to learn about armour for artistic purposes, I always find that understanding how things work and what their purpose is helps immensely when trying to visualise how something should look. This video did a perfect job of explaining everything you need to know about medieval armour while giving great visual examples. Many thanks!

  • adamkg321
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    this is possibly my favorite Metatron video. It is so informative and just well-delivered

  • Metatron


    2 жыл бұрын

    Thank you. In my next video, which should come out between today and tomorrow, There Is a section where I review this Evolution again, but with a lot more iconography. Stay tuned :)

  • A Lounge Moogle
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    This is also reflective of the armor progression of the Fighter in most D&D campaigns. It was for me at least.

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    you have a very impressive amount of knowledge over a great many subjects. great job on your presentation.

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    Metatron never disappoints! Fantastic video indeed...

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    Loving the Ashes of Ariendel music for the 14th century. Great video, Metatron! I'm a huge fan of European armour, especially stuff from the 15th and 16th centuries. One day, I'll have my full harness... (Just got an armet at the moment but a start is a start) Looking forward to more videos like this and seeing you get your hands on a 13th century set! Still waiting for the rest of that "Dark-Souls armour analysed" series, though, hehehe...

  • Cassuttus Tshirt
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    Coat of plates! My favorite type of medieval armor! Yaaaay! Also, now I want a full harness of Milanese plate in Kingdom Come Deliverance. I'm pretty damn sure you can get one. You gave that game one hell review! I enjoy all of you videos. Man you make me *even more* excited for medieval warfare knowledge!

  • Kyle Vidauri
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    This is going to be absurdly useful. I'm doing some work on a fantasy setting, and going through historical iterations of armor is just a perfect way of lining up both technological development and style is just so helpful. Thanks Meta!

  • ilcuggino
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    Hi Metatron! It would be pretty interesting a video on horse armour through history. But probably you already thought about that :D Great explanation ad always. Ciao from Bari.

  • Mark
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    It would be interesting to see how all these changes in armour relate to other changes in the same period. I'm sure that weapons and armour were often developed to counter one another, so comparative armour and weapons development would be a good topic. The other big change I notice is an increase in the overall amount of metal used in the armour, which leads me to believe that production methods must have improved, and that larger quantities of iron were becoming available. I also recognize the challenge of trying to cram this much material into a 25 minute video, so good on you man.

  • myrddraal
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    Awesome video!! The evolution is so interesting. I think I liked the mid 13th century style with the long heraldic layer and the flat top great helm in terms of style but the 15th century is definitely the most interesting

  • Heratis
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    Excellent video! Today I saw it for the second time and I think it will not be the last. I learnt a lot from it. This evening I saw a group of sculptures and I was able to identify it as a representation of a12th century knight and some common soldiers and I felt great! So when I came back home I watched this video again and I had to spent some time to thank you for your effort.

  • Disarmed Beatle
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    I really enjoy your Medieval European videos. Now, I am aware you don't study this area quite as much as Japanese history, but I believe you do a great job in explaining certain aspects of the topic.

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    It's a nice change to hear someone be specific of what era theyre talking about. So many utube channels say "medieval " this or that happened.. as if medieval lasted 10 years or something.. Medieval covers a few hundred years.. SHADIVERSITY take notice ..

  • Svetlana Kuznetkova

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    Exactly. It covers about 1000 years of history

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    This is seriously one of your best videos to date. Good thinking with the shout out to Ian as well.

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    Hello Raf, I've Been a fan and sub for a long time, but your content just keeps getting better. Because of you I find myself learning more, and getting a better understanding, about periods of history that I not only love, but also on periods that I never really found myself particularly interested in, such as antiquity as I've always been more interested in the early/dark and high Middle Ages and WW1&2. So thanks for your hard work, you deserve all the support you gain and much more and long live the channel👌🏻

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    gotta love that dark souls + deus ex music, simply beautiful, also i love these videos, and how specific you are metattron, thank you for your work

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    A very interesting and illustrative video. Congratulations to you Metatron, once again primordial Nobel One. I hope you continue your works, and keep enlightening us with awesome videos such as this.

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    Excellent work M.....Absolutely fascinating history at it's best.

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    A wonderful video, I loved that you pointed out that fashion had a lot to do with the development of the armour, as knights would often wear unpractical equipment just for fashions sake. Various head decorations spring to mind. Or later, as the winged Hussars wore the wings purely for the aesthetic purposes.

  • KAM Hyde

    KAM Hyde

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    Oh silly me! You're so right, Thor, Greetings from Valhalla

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