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    145 years and still a master piece. WOW

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    4005883 light years and still a masterpiece i can feel the nostalgia coming inside of me I FUCKING KNOW IS LIGHT YEARS THATS THE JOKE

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    So funny wowwow

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    9 years and still a masterpiece

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    they had subtitles before

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    then 10 years, and still

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    @@mercy-katherine 9* where the hell do you live

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    "Recording, recording recording" 🗣🗣🗣🔥🔥🔥

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    3:05 fr

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    Alguien en 2024?❤

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    Justo ahora

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    Without understanding a single word, these guys still managed to make me laugh 😂 Edit: Woah I totally forget about this comment 😅 Music is universal that's why.

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    The smaller guy is a French actor.. he was in the live action Asterix movies (at least two of them), he's very funny

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    @@myfaceismyshield5963 What is his name?

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    @@malean2997 jamel debbouze

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    laughter speaks no specific language

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    It's just as funny when you know the language. He's says things like "we need a horn, like a sick duck".

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    *FOR NON FRENCH SPEAKERS* 0:00 Stromae: *Playing the keyboard* Jamel: I'm sorry to bother you, doesn't what you're playing sound like shit? Stromae: Yeah. You're right. It does. Jamel: That's what I thought. *Leaves* Stromae: Hey, would you like to help me with a composition? Jamel: I've got other things to do, I've got to go to Asterix Park (an amusement park). Stromae: Please, please, please. 2 seconds, one composition. Don't be stingy. Jamel:......then try this: Konk konk kink kink kink konk kink kOOOnk. You got it? Now listen. B, E, D, F, B flat. Konk konk kink kink kink konk kink KOOONk. B flat. Stromae: *Plays badly* Jamel: *Goes away disgusted* Stromae: Ok ok I'll make an effort now. *Plays well* Jamel: Not baaad! Take out the last note, throw it away and record it for me. Go on. Stromae & Jamel: *Vibing* Jamel: And what do we say then? Stromae: Hehe, thanks! Jamel: Not bad eh? ok I'm off. Stromae: No no no! It's not over.... you can't Jamel: I've got to go to the Asterix park Stromae: 5min, 5min just 5min 1:23 Jamel:.......bass drum snare drum Konk konk kink kink kink konk kink konk brmm PFRRRRRT. Jamel furiously: bass drum snare drum, bass drum snare drum, bass drum snare drum, bass drum snare drum........ Perfect, recording. 1:39 *Jamel Vibing with stromae*: You see there's something a bit...bloody. You know what I mean? A bit depressive, a bit nonchalant... casual. CASUAL. Casual, play casual. Stromae: Like this? *does Jamel's dance* 2:01 Jamel: It should sound like a Kabyle dog, you know? A dog..a dog that hasn't eaten for a long time, a dog that's thirsty. Stromae: Yeah! Jamel: Broop...wroop wroop Stromae: Nguh nguh Jamel: Wroop Stromae: *Finds the right note* Shall I put it in ? Jamel: Do it Stromae and Jamel: *Vibing to the upcoming masterpiece* Jamel: That's good. It's great. 2:31 Jamel: There's something missing... a sound of bagpipes... bimp......a sick duck sound. Bimp. Stromae:* Plays the wrong note* Jamel: Listen Listen listen to me what and I huh... A sick duck sound. Mimp mimp mimp mimp mimp mimp mimp mimp mimp mimp mimp Stromae: *Finds the right note* Jamel happy: Recording Stromae: *Plays the music* Stromae and Jamel: *Vibing* Jamel: That's not bad. 3:19 Jamel: With this you need depressive lyrics you know? And a chorus that slams. A verse that makes you want to die and a chorus that makes you want to have a blast. You know what I mean? A verse that makes you want to kill yourself, you know? And a chorus that makes you want to fuck off. It's contradictory, but at the same time homogeneous. Stromae: It makes me think of fun. I wanted to do something like "Alors on s'amuse". Jamel: "Alors on s'amuse? Alors on s'amuse...." Go ahead and rock out. Stromae: *Starts the music* Jamel singing : Alors on s'amuse, alors on s'amuse, alors s'amuse... No. 4:14 Jamel Walking in circles: " Alors on s'extasie" Stromae: "Alors on s'extasie"?! *Plays the music.* Jamel singing: Alors on s'extasie, alors on s'extasie, alors on s'extasie... Jamel:.... I'm not sure. It'll never get on the radio. What do you suggest? 4:46 Stromae: *Starts the music and vibes* Stromae: The depression is rising. Jamel: Yeah, let it rise. Stromae singing: Alors on.... Alors on.......Alors on *starts singing the real lyrics of the song* Jamel and stromae: *Vibing together till the end*

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    Much appreciated, thank you.

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    You are a legend, thanks

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    How is this not the top comment!

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    t'as fait ca a la main toi tout seul? haha t'es vraiment fort. Dommage que ca fait 11 ans que le clip est sorti

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    Thank you😅

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    Masterpiece!! I’m watching it on 6 June 2024!! 😍😍

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    No one cares

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    15/06/2024 💯🔥

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    No Language No Word Pure Art

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    10 masterpieces later and still a year.

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    bruh 😂😂😂😂

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    My explode brained

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    When reading this comment it felt like i was on drugs

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    He’s just faxing speaks

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    How high are u😂🤣

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    63.5 years later and still a masterpiece!!! Wow!

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    Its 120 months bro

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    @@GordonChat woooosh

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    i am a part of history

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    Ainda em 2024 uma obra prima ... Que doideira muito bom ... ❤❤

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    I must have watched this nearly 10 times and it’s very addictive how the music derived. Very nice tune ❤

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    This song hasn’t been created yet, and still a master piece. whoa!

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    Only one week until it is created and it's already a masterpiece

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    is that a joke? if it was then shit i didn't get it

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    @@shimmynorris1705 no its for real, this song hasn’t been released

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    Even though some of us may not understand... WE ABSOLUTELY UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING GOING ON. music is a universal language eveything about this is a complete VIBE doesnt matter if you get it or not!

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    Always come here a couple times just to watch this masterpiece of a making and how fun it is and makes me smile😂

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    11 years, 3 months, 24 days, 3 seconds later still a masterpiece

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    It's Been 2days bruh edit ut

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    And 26 days 58 seconds

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    ​@@faqistrue 27 days later still a masterpiece

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    3 months and 32 days now

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    Throws me back to my early years back in the 1620's, still a masterpiece

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    Wait what 😂...

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    those were my late years

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    You guys are crazy 😂😂😂

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    Top!!! Estou ouvindo em 2024!!!

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    Эх вот это были времена❤❤❤❤ностальгия❤

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    I just LOVE how Stromae pulls him back every time he wants to leave.

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    I don't, 1 or 2 it's ok but he did it too much, Is silly an not funny!

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    _: Heyy listen to LA VRAIE DISTANCE by EMMA ROUSSET :__

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    @@Ruisu._.enjeru LoL and u think that changes the fact that he did that?

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    @@Ruisu._.enjeru it’s hilarious because it’s all a bit anyways

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    20 minutes later and this is still a masterpiece

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    -1 reverse second later and all i can say this song is already legendary

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    Who watch in 3000

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    I like this song ❤ . From Malaysia 🇲🇾

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    Wow , Alors, c’est incroyable, je n’ai jamais vu qui chantais, mais j’aime le beat.. hmmm.. Never seen whom was singing but love the beat.. wow ok. now I know gosh!!! Bravo , Très Bien!!

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    140 years and still a master piece.

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    So trueeeeeeeee

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    ctrl+c, ctrl+v

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    I remember me n the guys at the ball jammin out to this in 1887

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    this guy is 38 years old

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    It’s almost unbelievable, that this masterpiece is 173 years old and still hits with same energy

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    2009 was 14 years ago

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    ​@@Caleb-fv5fpain't no fkn way

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    @@Caleb-fv5fp duude after realising that, I’m feeling like few decades older

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    ​@@Caleb-fv5fpNo, 2009 was 173 years ago.

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    truly a masterpiece.. hope i will be remembered for my presence in 2024 :)

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    Just 2 great legend’s making a legendary music❤

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    The energy this song gives is sooooo contagious. So uplifting

  • @gon9684


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    Wtf are you talking about, this song is not uplifiting at all, the lyrics are very grim but real lol

  • @DaHolyCanadian


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    ​@@gon9684Yeah doesn't change the fact that the song is uplifting champ 😂

  • @mj7448


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  • @Christopher-md7tf


    8 ай бұрын

    I mean, it's very danceable, but even if you don't understand the lyrics, I don't think it sounds "uplifting" at all. It's in a minor key and, as such, actually has quite a melancholy quality to it.

  • @DaHolyCanadian


    8 ай бұрын

    @@Christopher-md7tf And yet people find comfort and happiness in sad or nostalgic songs. Maybe it doesn't make sense to you but it's very real that people find happiness in the emotions that are the antithesis to the norm. Like being more comfortable and joyful during rainy gray days rather than sunny warm days.

  • @ClarkeKennedy
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    No idea what they're saying but what a masterpiece. Thank you for all the likes!

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    Pretty sure you're the only English comment I can find

  • @user-mj5bf2im2u


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    Lol yeah why did I watched the whole thing

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    Why this in my recommendation ! ! !

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    they're talkin about creating this, saying it's shit a bit so they upgrade it

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    Here is a version with English subtitles ^^:

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    I'm watching in 2025😅

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    Ooo what a coincidence I am watching in 2026😂😂

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    I'm watching in 1740

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    I am watching in 3000 wow

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    I'm watching while the Big Bang is happening

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    That's so cool and amazing. Watching these guys making music for which they first produced it verbally then went to keyword. It rocks. PS: I didn't understand a single word but I get full vibe.

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    10 years and still a masterpiece old but gold

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    Timeless meme timeless song

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    12 years

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    @@itz_yaeeel6962 13 now

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    Quién anda viendo este temazo en 2024😎🗿

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    Sempre fui super fã. Dessa pérola .. já tive várias contas KZread todas elas eu curto e comento sobre esse mesmo vídeo .. se eu abaixar os comentários eu vou encontrar meus próprios comentários em contas diferentes kkkkk pérolas

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    Legend has it that this guy is yet to reach where he was going, because Stromae still keeps pulling him back as of today.

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    Но мы знаем, откуда этот парень шёл))))

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    @@user-ob2ix4ew2d откуда?

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    In France this guy is the most famous humorist

  • @jaroslavsurmiak9475


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    @@meurfield2832 Anime version "Pourquoi j'ai pas mangé mon père"

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    Who’s watching in 2024👇

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    my favorite video of 2024! and I think it popped up on my feed because I was looking for French lessons 🙂

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    10 years, 2 weeks, 59 minutes, 12 seconds and this is still a masterpiece.

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    10 years, 2 weeks, 8 hours, 59 minutes, 12 seconds and it is still a masterpiece.

  • @null2089


    11 ай бұрын

    just enjoy the song smh

  • @YouWillFindYouInYouTube


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    I'm here 2 days after still a master piece, I wish I knew french

  • @timerstime2522


    11 ай бұрын

    @@YouWillFindYouInKZread do you know the Tyler the creator song french?

  • @Niki-eq2sx


    10 ай бұрын

    13 years, 11 months 27 days. The song was released in September 2009

  • @ThatKelvinGuy
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    Who’s watching in 2024 👇🏼

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    Me 3

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    I’m watching in 2025. Everyone buy ammo and canned beans

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    The masterpiece of making a masterpiece ?! Legit , legends AND funny ❤

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    Without even understanding a single word it's still a timeless masterpiece

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    Without even understanding i could understand the most

  • @tails_show_tv


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  • @Santawithhishoes


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    He says king Kong alot 👍🏾

  • @XionGaming2912


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    Basically he tries to teach stormae, stormae pisses about, then they take about the sounds. There is a video with the subtitles in English 😂

  • @chichi3981
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    I remember when my grandfather told me stories about this ancient masterpiece....1000 years later it still holds the same emotions it did, when it was first created

  • @goldenbard


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    Indeed,its inscribed in history as the battle music of the ancient great baguette empire which conquered europe 1000 years ago

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    true legend 😢

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    You're not funny stop being a sheep

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    How are you still alive

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    11 years 8 months 13 days 59 minutes and 7 seconds and still a masterpiece

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    Bro this a master piece ❤ I am leaving this comment I will remind this master piece🎉

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    73 billion years and it still hits hard. Amazing song

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    underrated comment

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    1.2 k likes and only 1 comment, lemme change it

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    ​@@tobiasnaslund40301.3k likes and 2 comments lemme fix that

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    Recording, recording..👉

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    ​@@gunnerxfryas now 4 we 3

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    🇲🇫 "ghrecording"

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    Каждый год можно пересматривать и не важно в каком кругу ты находишься. Поймут ВСЕ =)

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    Who watching in 2024??

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    @@user-nb5uk5pc4s and you as well

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    I don't understand a single word of french, but their energy of making music was what I could feel all the way.. !!

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    A masterpiece

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    Watch the translated version, it's the funniest gear. A masterpiece

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    I don’t understand french yet I can understand what they’re saying...weird

  • @khalilhmissi4641


    3 жыл бұрын

    "un chien kabil" did you get it ?

  • @mesa5873


    3 жыл бұрын

    @@khalilhmissi4641 an chicken with a cable

  • @deubeulyou2138


    3 жыл бұрын

    @@mesa5873 an chiken are you sure that s english and it s a kabyl dog

  • @mohammadalzubi5883


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    Alguien viendo esto en 2024

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    Acabei de ver rsrs😂 bom demais

  • @user-qu3qb9tb9x


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    Да братишка, мы смотрим ) С любовью из России

  • @nazarenorochelle3008


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    Aki también jaja excelente

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    Si mui bien

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    Sim ❤

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    ty) it's rly masterpiece) even after all these years

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    14 days later and still a work of art

  • @slipsplace2122


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    two more weeks itll be amazing

  • @fernandoblazin


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    you can say that again time really flew

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    200 years later it will be revolutionary

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    13.8 billion years later still a masterpiece

  • @tnabizada


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    Why bro, why?

  • @XStar114


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    @@tnabizada whats your problem with jokes

  • @tnabizada


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    Just asked a question. Nothing personal)

  • @JonathanTheTrombonist


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    Oof someone's gonna say my comment's copied from yours

  • @8BitGamer4life


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    Space and time didn't even exist when they created this. Look at the background.

  • @ansariarquam4824
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    200 years and it's still masterpiece ❤

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    Alguien en julio 2024? ❤

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    14 July 2024😂

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    Shoutout to that one guy who wrote the entire film for us non French speakers. That’s a real one right there.

  • @renderon8318


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    He's above in your comment 😭

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    like begging😂 coudlve just replied to him

  • @ctrlskyy


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    @@George-ou5yg yeah, well i didn’t.

  • @George-ou5yg


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    @@ctrlskyy yeah, because you want to get likes and interaction to feel important. Exactly my point, thanks for fortifying that, not that it needed it😂

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    So nice to come back here every know and then! :)

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    Unos maquinas saludos desde España

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    7 hours later, still a masterpiece 🔥🔥🌪🌪

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    Bro shut the FUCK up damn, everyone who reads your comment thinks the same shit.

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    This song is still catchy over the years, even as I get older this song will stick in my head! LOVELY

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    This is wonderful ! Love it!!!

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    11 years,5 week,18 hours,13 minutes,46 seconds and this is still a masterpiece ❤

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    This for reminder

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    Can somebody tell who the other guy is?

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    13 years bruh

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    Bruhhhhhh ❤

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    Damn right

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    27 years later and still….A MASTERPIECE 🖼️ 🎼

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    27 years???

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    Joya que jamás debe de ser olvidada

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    27 years before Christ and this is still a masterpiece

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    Lmfaooooo istg😂😂😂

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    before common era*

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    That fact that this has 666 likes 😅

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    This song is a masterpiece don't matter what genre of music you like cuz you will also like this one

  • @ElsaLF


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    Жыл бұрын

    song name ?

  • @MrBlue11900


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    ​@@ITACHIUCHIHA-rd9um Alors on danse

  • @RobhieHenessyChannel
    @RobhieHenessyChannelАй бұрын

    The song is 14 yrs old and I'm still vibing I even have it saved in my Spotify playlist


    The best inspiration for a DJ ❤😊

  • @shaehaankhaja1488
    @shaehaankhaja14882 ай бұрын

    This has got to be one of my most favorite videos on KZread, just pure joy.

  • @foodie___girl43


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    Who’s watching in 2024🎉🎉

  • @reallife6547


    2 ай бұрын

    вот бы субтитры были бы на русском



    Ай бұрын

    Stromae Alors on danse(making of).mpg *.MPG :))))

  • @Gadavillers-Panoir
    @Gadavillers-Panoir3 жыл бұрын

    I remember the little guy from Asterix and Cleopatra.

  • @LSN_MCO


    3 жыл бұрын

    Respect him 👀

  • @Locadel2003


    3 жыл бұрын

    Exactly he was so hilarious in that movie, probably the best Asterix & Obelix live action movie, it was actually a fun hilarious underrated action comedy and this guy was great along with Gerard Depardieu

  • @sheldrake1111


    3 жыл бұрын

    Did you hear him at the start when he says “I have to go to Astérix Park”? 🤣

  • @earendil286


    3 жыл бұрын


  • @travelerman1065


    3 жыл бұрын

    His name is Djamel hi is a franco marrocan comedian

  • @brownhoddie6948
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    Different compliment in the comments are more wilder. Another BANGER.

  • @FunnyV3dGamer
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    Even after 278 years it holds it's legacy. Props. Big Respect

  • @salvadormaciaspulido641
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    After 200 years it is still a hit, grandiose.

  • @pecy


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    One day I will be recognized

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    3:04 my reaction everytime I hear this song, both of them.

  • @CarlosMelendez-sl9wy
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    Yo pongo el vídeo a todo volumen. Para escuchar el nacimiento de un gran éxito

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    11 years and it is still a masterpiece

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    5 trillion years later and still..... A MASTERPIECE ❤️‍🔥

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    No bro, not yours

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    @@tnabizada not yours either

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    @@tradesbykwazi not yours either

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    ​@@RizalD.Malacca not your either

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    it has been 200 years since the release and it is still a masterpiece

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    why 200?

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    1billion year and still a masterpiece 🔥

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    Fire bro❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

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    108 years and still a masterpiece. WOW ❤

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    wdym 108 years?

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    69 years still masterpiece

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    ⁠@@strider6690what do YOU mean 108 years?

  • @strider6690


    6 ай бұрын

    @@tacotaco3 uhm...still confused btw

    @TRIGGAMAN_LOCO Жыл бұрын

    This hasn’t even come out yet and still a masterpiece

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    What? This came out like 10 years ago

  • @YodaOnABender


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    @@sportshighlights030modern humour is basically people saying random stuff and if you don’t find it funny a Redditor says “woooosh” at you

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    ​@@sportshighlights030 13 to 15 yrs ago

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    The vibes that this two guys earn was mavalous 💝 Happiness Acha ha acha ha 💝

  • @sonriise
    @sonriise6 ай бұрын

    Doesn't matter which part of the world we live, or the language that we speak, we all agree that this song is incredible, and timeless 🙌 👏 ❤️

  • @markamd1


    6 ай бұрын

    This song sucks. Great artist though.

  • @MiguelOliveira-hg4ds


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    Concordo com vc aqui do brasil !!!! Tamo junto mano

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    Essa música é fantástica

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    2023 years after the release and still hits hard. What a legend. Masterpiece

  • @walterivanduarte4213
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    Que grande Wembayana componiendo!!

    @LUCKY.D.RIDERGAMING14 күн бұрын

    I an from India but I love ❤❤ this music big fan

  • @stargazer6510
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    Even after the heat death of the universe, this is still a masterpiece.

  • @emilskukojs3783


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    Even after the destruction of all known life still a masterpiece 🤩

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    Whenever i see this video i automatically watch it again stil TIMELESS.

  • @simpleandfrank


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    recording recording...

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    They are legends

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    Whats his name the other guy who is teaching

  • @Meow-gu9bb
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    Who’s watching in 2040?👇🏻

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    Me !!!

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    I’m from 2057 ))

  • @MeetTheZonan
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    The way Stromae pull Jamel for help is priceless..

  • @hedwig18
    @hedwig183 жыл бұрын

    Спасибо рекомендациям Ютуб за то, что снова свёл нас всех вместе, чтобы покачаться под бит этого шикарного трека

  • @SuspiciouslyFriendlyRaccoon


    3 жыл бұрын

    умер под этот трек и готов умереть еще

  • @user-id3nr5rh8p


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    Чо за трек?

  • @yuspaiofficial6912


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    @@user-id3nr5rh8p айс моргенштерн

  • @reverso9522


    3 жыл бұрын

    @@user-id3nr5rh8p Алёна даст

  • @errorrus6222


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  • @Caelum_NLD
    @Caelum_NLD3 жыл бұрын

    I can't understand French, but I love French comedy and this really doesn't even need subtitles to be understood universaly. It's great :D

  • @papapaniop


    3 жыл бұрын

    where are you from?

  • @zakariajouimaa


    3 жыл бұрын

    he's not a french , he is a Moroccan comedy same as ged maleh

  • @JosephMahone


    3 жыл бұрын

    Yeah mahn 😂😂😂I can't understand but I get it 😂😂😂

  • @Caelum_NLD


    3 жыл бұрын

    @@zakariajouimaa Nah, mate, it's as French as Louis de Funes. And I never heard he's Maroccan ;) It probably got lots of similarities with humor from other cultures, ofc. The fast speaking, lots of gestures, very energetic, the tone flow. Then again, those points are excatly how I'd describe the French language. Saying that, it's already entertaining to stand on l'arc de triomphe and check all the argueing Frenchmen and women :) Not saying that in dishonor to French people, btw. Apart from that the dub everything like the rest of Europe, I like everything about France. Sadly as a Dutch person I have to say that the Netherlands is dubbing a lot of things too nowaday. But then I am not a specific fan of the Netherlands either. I hate dubbers. Like this video: it's awesome because it's French making French humor. If it would be dubbed in Dutch or English, it is not fun anymore. Same for German, Itallian, Japanese or any other media from a specific country. I lament the people that had to grow up with a dubbed Arnold Swartznegger, or a dubbed Eddy Murphy or a dubbed [insert famous actor/actress from any country]. You lose so much in the translation if you dub. Even if you don't understand the language. Anyways, I'm going totally off topic here... :)

  • @JiJi-rp4xh


    3 жыл бұрын

    there is on comedy here and they r not french

  • @lockgaming8956
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    Never old this masterpiece❤

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    Perfecto 🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻

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    Mama mia 🙂

  • @revivedsoul1099
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    1 mil years later still banger. The short guy seems like a genius. Stroma is so taleneted, he could mix and sing. What a dangerious duo, the brain and body it seems.