Minecraft, But Anything I Build, I Get...

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  • VoltFree

    Nestor has gotten a ton better at building to be honest

  • Sricharan Balusu
    Sricharan Balusu

    Good to see you doing well after your long break, miss your pvp content from back in the day ngal

  • DoorsGaming

    Your videos are awesome! Keep it up!

  • iU Cube
    iU Cube

    You guys just realized that Nestor is good at building?

  • Kapi FNF Vlogs
    Kapi FNF Vlogs

    its nice that nestorio has lots/some youtuber friends :]

  • Ms. smiley face
    Ms. smiley face

    Steve "These new challenges are too difficult.."

  • Astalenet von de alánte aishizar
    Astalenet von de alánte aishizar

    Is it just me who thinks Nestor is good at building swords?

  • Syeed Jawed Sadat
    Syeed Jawed Sadat

    Love from 🇦🇫

  • Hidden Shadow
    Hidden Shadow

    Nestor is back at it again breaking bedrock 🥲 when will a new block be made where it’s impossible to mine


    Yoooooo that build is wonderful 🎉🎉 keep the goodwork nestor wee all suporting you🎉

  • Finade


  • Panchala Toto
    Panchala Toto

    The first 1 actually looks like a nestor fence scarecrow

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson

    Truth be told part of what I love about your videos is the crash bandicoot theme playing in the background 😄

  • Sir Boblacan the third
    Sir Boblacan the third

    i love your vids :)

  • Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
    Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X

    The way you treasure your loved ones is incredible.

  • Anime Boy
    Anime Boy

    Man what an OG Minecraft KZreadr he never change

  • Matt Greener
    Matt Greener

    I've seen three different thumbnails for this video and none of them are accurate to his building skills

  • Whitney Lucci
    Whitney Lucci

    No way nester built that infinity sword

  • Gamer man
    Gamer man

    Imagine if this was actually vanilla Minecraft...

  • DarkestMagician

    New body? Looks like a wither from wish over when you ask for a one and parents say you have one at home lol