making a female face with water based clay//how to make a face with clay... sculpting face in clay

face making with clay.. sculpting female face in water based clay...

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  • @itzakpoelzig330
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    I love the quiet, sort of Mona Lisa smile you achieved. This is a fantastic video. So helpful and clear for people who want to learn.

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    Excellent Performance. 🙌🙌🌹

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    You have such a unique and creative style of making dolls and puppets. They are so beautiful and charming, I can’t take my eyes off them. You are an inspiration to many artists!

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    I feel like I just learned decades worth of information about making faces in 15 minutes. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing!!!

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    that is reall awesome nice... thx 4 sharing your work

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    So beautiful art its an amazing sculpt a face ❤❤❤

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    Awesome 👍 work

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    Un arte hecho con mucho estilo, "excelente"❤🎉❤

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    It's very very beautiful

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    Superb art 👍🏻🙌🙌

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    Magnificent Work.Thanks for Sharing Your Awesome 💯🌠

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    So beautiful, great art👌👌👌👌🤗🙏🙏🙏

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    Beautiful clay work.. please give the demo of making Shivaji Maharaj face

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    Super Quality

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    I have learnt so much from watching - your work is inspirational. Thank you.

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    Questa opera è bellissima. Complimenti per la sua bravura. Distinti saluti.

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    Amazing work of art.

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    Very beautiful and great song!

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    Awesome 👌 👏

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    ABSOLUTLEY STUNNING!!! Thank you so much for posting

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    Love the style 10/10

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    Amazing sir

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    So beautiful!! I love it!👏🏻👍🏻❤⚘👋

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    खुप सुंदर मीत्रा you are great artist

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    Amazing 👏

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    Great work. Very inspiring !

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    Your shapes and techniques look fantastic. This is my favorite face in the search I did :)

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    Omg we must be getting ready to sculpt at the same time this is my favorite face of all the results too!

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    Восхищаюсь вашим талантом!

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    OSM Sir ji🙏

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    Wow that is fantastic, enjoyable to watch.

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    Excellent ❤️❤️👍👍keep it up❤️🙏

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    Nice. Amazing

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    Thank you for sharing your technique! Inspiring and useful

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    Thnax aap aase videos lae ho hame boht kuch sikhne ko milta he 🙏

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    Absolutely beautiful ❤️

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    Beautiful work!

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    Impressive work

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    Simplemente bello...que majestuosas manos felicidades

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    lovely !!!

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    Lindíssima, super talentoso.

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    Very well! Pertect❤

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    You,re amazing👍👍👍

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    Amei é lindo teu trabalho, obrigada!😘

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    Hi! I’m looking to make something similar on a larger scale, i might use something as a filler for the inside so i don’t have to use so much clay. How do you let this dry? Is it air dry or do you fire it?

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    Very nice 🥰 suupper.. 😍😎ദൈവം കൂടുതൽ അനുഗ്രഹിക്കട്ടെ 🙏

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    Awesomeness! 🙌

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    Wow. Beautiful job!!!!

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    Trabalho maravilhoso, incrível como prendeu minha atenção até o final,realmente vc tem o Dom.❤

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    Wow ❤❤❤

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    Amazing ❤

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    Karya yg sangat indah 🙏👍👍👍

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    Just awesome

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    Excelente trabajo maravilloso desde Argentina ❤❤

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    God bless you 👍🙏

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    Excellent Clay work! Thanks for great sharing!!

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    Michaelangelo look out!! Beautiful. ✌🏻🤍

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    Beautiful. Namaste and Pranaam.

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    Super 👌👌👌👌👌

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    Thank you, this is so helpful as a suggestion of element bldg. order.

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    Excellent 👍

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    well done 👏

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    Thank you. This is a great video to learn

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    Trabalho lindo, parabéns, belíssima obra de arte. Maria/ Brasil

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    So good,👍👍👍

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    Excellent job!

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    Excelente trabajo, gracias por compartir 👏👏👏

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    Kya baat h bhai

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    Sensacional!! Parabéns!!!

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    Excellent amigo

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    Beautiful! Thank you !!

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    Beautiful, I love it's thank

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    Nice work so much details could be added to the face thou

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    Gratidão sempre 🙏💙🌎😇 incrível sua técnica , parabéns

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    very nice work

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    Amazing. Thank you.

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    Please share more of these videos 🙏

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    Show parabéns amigo Deus abençoe

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    That’s so amazing you make it look so easy

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    Nice work

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    Amazing. Great. Thanks From Argentina

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    Eu gostei muito da obra de arte de um formato de um rosto

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    clay came alive.... beautiful

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    ఈ క్లే ఎక్కడ దొరుకుతుంది..

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    Просто огонь , супер !!!

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    Beautiful! What kind of clay do you use?

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    Clay kese tyyar krte ho vo bhi btana please

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    Although I’m not making a human but an avatar this still helped me a whole lot!! 🎉

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    Suuupppeeerrr sir amazing work I'm galesh Artist. Karnataka Koppal

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