I Rescued 100 Abandoned Dogs!

We adopted 100 pets and opened a free pet store. On top of that, we turned our home into a dream dog house, dream cat house and dream puppy house. Like this video if you like cats, Subscribe if you like dogs.
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    What a heartwarming video.💖 Each and every one of you is making the world a better place for these lovely creatures. It's an amazing gesture and I love the fact that you took so much time and effort into making sure they all found loving homes. As someone who has adopted pets in the past, I know it's a life-changing experience for both the owner and the pet. Thank you for reminding everyone about the importance of adopting. Can't wait to see more content like this! 🐾👏

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    I love that they did this, it makes me so happy to see someone adopt a friend that they will love and spend time with rather than having them put down.

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    this is so cute im glad u did this! I rescued a dog this Friday with my mom and my friend and her mom's there was a dog running on the street about to get run over so my mom told my friend's mom to grab him, we took him home bathed him we also gave him a groom cuz he had a lot of matted fur! now he's nice at home with us :)

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    I LOVE dogs and cats, in my opinion animals are similar to each other it depends on their personality a specific dog can be as nice as a cat or a cat as nice as a dog, it doesn’t matter about breed they have souls too, very heart warming ones, deep down every animal has love for something, like predators you just need to get to them, don’t assume because from far they seem so hyper or you have had an experience with a dog so you’re looking forward to buy a dog, another animal any animal not just a cat can have the same personality ❤️

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    yeah they may be a small part of our life but to them we're their whole life ,that really made my heart skipped a beat ❤ thanks stokes twins for this amazing vid ❤

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    To be honest, this is the most heart warming thing i ever seen in my 12 years of living on earth. I love u guys so much, idk why some people hate these guys they're the sweetest and most kind person ever❤

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    You guys made my day, that was awesome how you did all that work for those pets, you changed their lives.

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    Coco literally looks my dog and has the same name. Btw this is so warming of you guys I’m so happy to see that so many dogs and cats get good homes. You guys are amazing. ❤

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    Вот что он такой же красивый продолжать в том же духе так снимать у вас так всё красиво так у меня это смущает это он всегда говорит девушки приютите меня лучше да да да да да да он всегда говорит почему-то вот почему я не люблю просто а что красавчик ну что он такой он❤

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    I,m so happy you guys did this for all those animals This was so wholesome and sooo cute!❤

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    This video really warmed my heart to the point I was almost in tears. Give it up for the Stokes Twins! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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    Girl power don’t exist Kataleen

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    This is by far my favorite video of yours yet. I’m glad all of them got adopted, and I hope we get to see the ones you adopted in your future videos. ❤

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