Bunny New Girl | Short Film

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On her first day at a new school, a self conscious young girl learns that friendship can overcome difference. #bunnynewgirl #friendship #makeadifference
Starring: Susan Prior, Peter Fenton, Molly Williams, Cassidy Bonnor & Joshua Skelly
Writer/Director: Natalie van den Dungen www.natalievandendungen.com
Producers: Natalie van den Dungen & Peter Fenton
Cinematographer: Damian Smith
Production/Costume Designer: Anna Cahill
Editor: Matthew Walker
Sound Designer: Luke Mynott @Sonar Sound
Colourist: Yoomin Lee
Composer: Darren Hanlon
Music tracks: Darren Hanlon 'When You Go' & Courtney Barnett 'Scotty Says'
The film won 15 Awards including Best Family Film at the San Francisco International Film Festival USA in 2016 and Best Comedy at St Kilda Film Festival Australia in 2015 and has screened at over 110 festivals in over 25 countries around the world including TIFF Kids, NYICFF, SFFILM, SIFF & Traverse City.
Shot on an Arri Alexa in Sydney Australia in 2014
/ bunnynewgirl
© Natalie van den Dungen 2024

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    love it when random videos end up in everyone's recommended, but never the less a good short movie.

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    Who else thought it was a scary flim

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    The teacher is so fed up with these children it's hilarious

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    your pfp is amezing✨

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    So wholesome. Why didn’t this appear sooner 🥺

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    Her eyes are so pretty!

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    This is what the world needs. Love

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    And kindness

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    I thought this was gonna be scary but it became wholesome in like five seconds.

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    I thought there would be a horror story, but I'm glad that everything ends well

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    ME too i think Will be an horror story

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    This reminds me of a situation I had as a little kid!😂 My mom had a friend over for dinner, and I had this huge nosebleed. I was in the bathroom panicking because of the blood everywhere, and my mom helped me clean it up. She put a piece of tissue in my nose to keep it from bleeding. I was so embarrassed by the toilet paper stuck up my nose that I refused to leave the bathroom and go back to the table. My mom’s solution to this was to get pieces of tissue paper for everyone, including my sister, the guest, and herself! That night, everyone around the table had tissue paper stuck up their noses. I love my mom so much!!😂😂♥️♥️♥️ Such a great parenting move.

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    I wish my mom was as nice as that

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    That’s so cute!

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    That was nice of your mom :D

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    oh those Americans, and we're going to do everything.

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    Bethany’s a true friend, a keeper

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  • @Ak3m11_


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    A person in my schools called bethany

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    @@Ak3m11_ my old grade is called bethany xD

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    When you say “a keeper” it reminds me of Bonnie from Pokémon xy

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    Anyone Here in (2024)?

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    We watched this at school and now we’re making mini movies lol

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    That’s nice

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    Who tought this was a short horror before they watched??

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    obviously, this video is very popular.

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    This short film is a work of art, the themes of good coexistence and how a small action can help a person. congratulations to the director and actors

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    wow, thanks for the ❤️. I will treasure it forever!

  • @sefidwhite4391
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    This made me think abt the thing that adults says, "Kids are mean with other kids" They're not, they're mean because you don't know how to raise your kid. Don't reject the fault on a toddler who's just learning life how he see it, and you're supposed to make what he see beautiful.

  • @LtRizaHawkeye


    2 жыл бұрын

    Lol no that is not the case. Kids CAN be mean, yet are complete angels at home. Work for the school and tell me kids aren't mean lol yes it also reflects parenting, based on the child's behavior, but again, some kids are just downright mean or natural bullies/bossy.

  • @Donewitit
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    Friendship is one of the best things in this entire world!

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    The girl with the Bunny mask, I think she is really beautiful

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    I’m a random Girl she’s a child you creep!

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    Dat firey Bunny children can be beautiful too! It doesn’t have to be in a creepy or sexual way.

  • @felicitydargis


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    She absolutely is!

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    Dat firey Bunny I’m not a creep I am complimenting her I just think she is pretty and I am a girl so I ain’t lesbian

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    Yes with her sharpie draw on mustache.

  • @migga808
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    A few years later… Bethany: I can’t come to your tea party sorry Ana. Annabell: BETHANY IMADE BISCUITS.

  • @fisherwoman3611
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    This is great, the acting is amazing, the scenes are beautiful. Keep doing what you're doing. This is beautiful. Never give up and don't let your guard down! ❤🤲

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    She so cute when she said *Ow!* 😂💖🐰

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    This is not funny

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    And that's how Bethany and Annabelle became bestfriends for life :'')

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    This is what us humans need...acceptance and love..

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    Use this for the day before the day of your work day at home 🏠 I am going through all this stuff to you all you know I will let her have her own thoughts 💭 prayers to my sister and I hope 🤞 can make sure that she will have your help with her

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    Yanfei x33

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    Awww that little girl's eyes are so beautiful!🤩And that boy that took her mask off is a BRAT

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    God , that was so cute and weird at the same time , it' s more cute than all the short film i seen before 😍

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    Awww, that girl is so kind!

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    this sent such a moving message, thank you so much for recommending this to me youtube; *two years after it was made*

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    Her eyes are actually so pretty! ^^

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    @@mitchells_corpse1182 ouo

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    Honestly this film spoke my soul as the weird kid in my class that wears a blindfold due to light sensitivity I got to say this is a really good film probably my favorite

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    The Bunny girl IS so cute! And her eyes are beautiful!! 💕

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    And that's how you stop bullying: By taking the bullied kid's side and being their friend.

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    I thought u said you take the bully’s side and be their friend 😧

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    How does that stop it

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    I love how they all tried to make her feel better

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    That is the cutest thing I’ve ever saw

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    So cute and sweet! Glad it had a happy ending

  • @succubusrat6886
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    Ok so for those who didn't find a meaning to this, here's what I've noticed: The beard is a symbol, something that we all have and tend to hide from people. (Don't come at me with the fact that she didn't hit puberty and can't grow a beard, I know that) when we hide things, we make it more obvious, and kids usually are very sensitive over this behaviour and they often laugh about it. By the moment she revealed it, everyone started to laugh. Just one person noticed that it was normal or maybe cool, so the classmate painted on her face a beard as well. The other kids noticed that and they all realized that it's not something to joke about, but to appreaciate. The beard can be a symbol for anything: scars, freckles, hair color, etc. I've experienced something similar during my life since I've switched schools like crazy, but something's clear: do not be afraid to show yourself. (I rewatched it and noticed that her mom has a black dot on her eye, that's cool! I don't know it that's seen as bad from other people but I'm just theorizing)

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    You, are one hell of a sharp eye.

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    Who else thought this was gonna be a horror story 😂

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    Me but it booms my heart

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    ME idk

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    Just a simple act of kindness, makes a world a better place :)

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    Yep :)

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    The fact that this put such a bug smile on my face

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    Different child goes to school, gets picke on, turns out they accept her in the end. This is so sad and inspiring. :,) Never seen anything like it. Maybe we're all the same after all. Thank you.

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    who got this on their recommended 😂😂 and why is this only being seen like right now 😂😂

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    Как это мило я аж слезу пустила!!! В наше время такого не будет все будут смеяться! Да классные времена были!

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    Я не согласна! И сейчас много добрых и сострадательных людей и дети также умеют понимать ,сопереживать ! И раньше также были те кто бы смеялся...

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    That’s so sweet how they all do it so she won’t feel bad TwT

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    makes more sense i really thought it was marker

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    Makes sence but it kinda just doesn't look like a birthmark

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    that's the most cutest thing i've ever seen

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    POV: *we all watched this more than once.*

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    That's a perfect ending

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    Maravilloso!!! Muy tierno!! Muy bien hecho!!! Excelentes actores!! Excelente Historia!!!! Muchas Gracias!!!! Abrazos desde Bs As Argentina

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    The teacher be like at least my class will be the talk of the school lol 😂🤣😂

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    Every body is commenting how recent everyone’s comments are, But I’m just gonna say this video was absolutely awesome! Well made, great idea. Edit: omg yay a heart! Thanks for the likes. Still an awesome video.

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    Adorable. Not the direction I thought it was gonna go in but adorable.

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    I thought this was gonna be super sad but in the end... It truly was beautiful :,)

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    Aww that "new girl" is so so cute :3 Anyone agree?

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    The ending was so sweet. Her partner was very honest too but I didn't thought that she is going to have that Mark on her face I thought she is going to have some of her own type of problem.The story was nice.

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    I remember watching this before! So cute

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    An adorable story! Did my heart good!

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    Her eyes are georgious!

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    Had to look at the comments to make sure it wasn't a horror film 😆

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    Random Vids same skdkskdk

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    Espero que tengan la actualización para que lean que esto fue hermoso :,3

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    I thought this was gonna be SCARY- BUT NO ITS JUST WHOLESOME

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    I love the eyes of the girl

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    I was thinking this was gonna be a horror short film lol

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    TP FradeN me too!

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    She's a true friend ❤️

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    Im crying how beautiful this is at the end and the beginning :OOO

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    The bunny girl is so pretty :D

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    Aleksandra Jefremova ik

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    Aw the girl beside her was so sweet when she drew on her face as well x 💞🥰

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    Accepting and Love is Overflowing in their Classroom so inspirational😊🎉

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    This is so cute!

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    The way the kids made her feel better was so nice

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    Lmao this video was made 2 years ago and people are commenting from less than 20 hours ago Also this is so heartwarming, at the start i thought that she was hiding her face because there was something wrong with it, even though she is beautiful either way! Its so kind how they all made her feel more confident.

  • @peopleidontlike


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    You just commented 2 hours ago and your saying other people are commenting 20 hours ago fucking generation x

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    Hermoso final, esto es como para mostrárselo a las personas que se burlan por cosas de una persona. Te mereces mi suscripción y mi like

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