&AUDITION - The Howling - Episode5

The day of Round 3 performances.
The stage is much bigger than what the members were used to during practice, and the three teams are thrown off during the rehearsal. Will they be able to perform their choreography to the best of their ability?
Also, the 15 members check on the current status of the &RING. They learn that in Round 3, the number of &BALLS they receive will be announced right after each performance as everyone looks on.
Team C Riders pour everything into their performance that their legs almost give out, while JO of Team Full Count breaks down in tears after their performance. Meanwhile, K of Team Wangwang receives tough criticism from the producers for the first time.
Will the 15 be able to fill up the &RING and debut?
&AUDITION - The Howling -
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  • Jot


  • Ate Ya Mei
    Ate Ya Mei

    Why is no one talking about HAYATE's visuals. He's like that 'bad boy' main lead 😭

  • Ana Isabel
    Ana Isabel

    FUMA is such an ace! He’s super talented, his vocals and choreography skills are amazing! I need Gaku, Fuma and Maki to debut!! Gaku and Makis vocals and stage presence was on point! Also, K, Taki, Ej and Nicholas are such performers, they stand out in any group! Tbh they are all talented and did an amazing job!

  • enna

    "we'll debut" honestly, K has always been our rock from the start. I personally don't know what I'd do if K wasn't their to reassure everyone that it'll be alright, I know he has his struggles too and that he might have been bottling his feelings up, but I just really appreciate him for everything that he is doing. He isn't just fighting for his debut, but for all of the 15 members to debut

  • Cristal kimJeon
    Cristal kimJeon

    I got emotional when I saw Taki and K performing a song together again. I hope they debut together. I’m gonna be depressed if they don’t but I have faith they definitely will !!!!!!

  • Daniela Aguirre
    Daniela Aguirre

    You can clearly tell that the 4 debuting members stand out a lot

  • Ailee Lay
    Ailee Lay

    K and Nicholas are such amazing performers. They seriously need to debut.

  • Camila Delgado
    Camila Delgado

    Jo was crying Doubted himself because of the performance and his team really got me crying as well and plus we didn’t get to see how much balls did they get and I’m really rooting for them on there next performance for round 4

  • Rhea

    I can’t help but notice the similarities between Harua and Sunoo. A bit feminine but it really suits them. Also amazing vocals that will surely become even better after a bit of training. After seeing Sunoo in I-Land and now in Enhypen, we have witnessed how long he has come and how much he has improved along the way, not to mention he was great to start with. It makes me wanna see Harua going down the same path. However, we haven’t seen Hurua’s duality yet and I personally, would love to see him in a masculine and fierce concept. We all already know how versatile our sunshine Sunoo is. Gosh, those smiley eyes which also can radiate a very cold tsundere energy. Anyway, I just wanted to point it out. Love all of them from the bottom of my heart! Enhypen is 7 in our eyes but 23 in our heart. Whoever debuts from &Audition - The Howling alongside our 4 boys from I-Land, they will still be 15 in our heart. ENHYPEN and &AUDITION, FIGHTING!!!

  • Micaela R.
    Micaela R.

    The chemistry between Nicholas and Fuma during the performance was insane. Fuma would def be a great addition to the line up 😌😌

  • Ila

    I love how K can fit every single concept. You want something sexy? okay! you want something cute? sure! you want something powerful? of course! He is the whole package: singing, dancing, rapping and adapting to every concept he gets! I'm immensely proud of him 💗 During I-Land he already was amazing but here you can see how much better he got! He's giving 200% and I'll be here to cheer him until the very end 🥺

  • haruharuttoo

    I almost cried at Jo, I can see that he improved so much and tried his best, but when they criticized him it broke my heart. As an introverted and not confident person I can tell that he was so hurt and disappointed in himself, but I think he did great and improved so much, I really hope that he will be more confident and improves more in the future, I know that other trainees will help him too and I want him to know that he did great!

  • rachana rai
    rachana rai

    hybe please dont let go of Fuma...he is a gem in all aspects, humble personality, great voice, great choreo skills plus dancer and a killer smile

  • Díaz Arcos Secia Berenice
    Díaz Arcos Secia Berenice

    FUMA tiene que debutar, no tengo ninguna duda de su gran talento!

  • Sophia Sun
    Sophia Sun

    fuma is so insanely talented the choreography for c riders was amazing! nicholas really stood out too, and junwon is so stable! C riders as a whole made me so proud.

  • Elliana Fauzi
    Elliana Fauzi

    I have soft spot for Hikaru and Jo since beginning. maybe because both of them is introvert and shy but absolutely had a potential once they got the confidence

  • Isadora Garcia
    Isadora Garcia

    I can see how much K has improved as a person since i-land. Back then, due to some of his behaviors, I was sure he wasnt going to debut even though he was tecnically perfect. Now, he is tecnically AND mentally perfect to be the idol he always wanted to be and the leader members will need. K, you are ready to take the spot made for you a long, long, long time ago.

  • Y/N💋

    Nicholas' stage presense is EVERYTHING

  • 𝙑𝙚𝙧𝙞


  • Alexa Danni
    Alexa Danni

    Honestly my heart breaks for K. He should have debuted by now. He already has a huge fanbase but he keeps getting delayed :-( One survival show is hard but two is just so harsh. Lots of love to all of the members cause they work so hard:-)