&AUDITION - The Howling - Episode6

How much of the &RING has been filled up after Round 3? And what will be the mission for Round 4?
In the meantime, a surprise mission is suddenly announced. Only the winning team will receive benefits. The 15 go all out to carry out the mission.
Also, TOMORROW X TOGETHER has come to “&AUDITION - The Howling-“! They have a delicious meal together and a cheerful chat. They even show off some dance moves with the trainees!
During the interim check for Round 4, YUMA ends up in tears after a harsh evaluation from the producers. Later, everyone falls into despair after hearing a shocking announcement. What has happened to the 15?
On the day of performances, BTS sends a special message! What is the message that moved the 15?
&AUDITION - The Howling -
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  • ash

    I’m really happy that Taehyun pointed out how you don’t need to force yourself to be more extroverted or introverted if that’s not who you truly are. There’s no problem with being quiet or talkative, it’s most important to just stay true to yourself

  • Ne0 Suzuki
    Ne0 Suzuki

    i actually love how the howling was made than I-Land cos in I-land, there was the ground and "debut group" and it gave even more pressure and fights. While the howling includes everyone as a whole and actually they dont have any conflicts but rather have more fun.

  • for gyu.
    for gyu.

    The way EJ said “it’s not your fault” to yuma when he was disappointed in himself made me so happy. Honestly, I love his sweet personality. He always takes care of other members and supports them, best boy!

  • yerisawesome

    Taehyun's aura is just indescribable. He's so charming and sweet. I love the way he carries himself. You can see how much he's grown and learned as an idol. I can listen to his intellectual talk all day long. TXT you are doing an amazing job as sunbae.

  • Gyu.tarwrist

    Love the fact that Hyuka apologized for not saying Gaku's name in the video and then Taehyun ended up giving Gaku a stage name

  • Yeonjun Noona
    Yeonjun Noona

    Can we talk about how steady Gaku's voice was when he started singing Lights

  • MoArohArmy

    I was so proud to see how Taehyun answered to the question with sensibility and maturity 🥺

  • Tailaxy

    It’s cute how after round 3 Nicho and EJ have literally adopted JO hahaha they’re being so protective and supportive of him after what he went through <333

  • johvro

    kai being so surprised that he met someone who is has tall as he is, is honesty really funny lol “don’t come any closer” 😂

  • Painguin

    ILL ACTUALLY CRY IF THEY DONT DEBUT. All of them are so talented and work so hard. Each have their own specialties and charms. If they don’t debut together I will genuinely cry, as they have worked so hard for this and have been so stressed because of it. YOU BETTER LET THEM DEBUT HYBE >:(((


    BEING A MOA AND ARMY, this was such a lovely ep. I agree that 4 debut members have some experience and hence outshine others easily, but others are also talented and unique. I really like's their uniqueness, K's leadership, Nicolas has a very positive and fun vibe, fallen in love with EJ's innocence and Taki has his Charm. I really want people to appreciate other debut members along with K.

  • Sunibum

    JO tiene mucho potencial para debutar, ojalá sepan darse cuenta de eso y valorar su talento 😭

  • Aleksandra

    I almost cried when Taehyun gave some explains and advices to the boys. TXT is such amazing and supportive group.

  • Olivia MP
    Olivia MP

    Gaku is charismatic with a charming smile.

  • Yulika Maryani
    Yulika Maryani

    Semangat terus untuk semua!!!!

  • hello

    If their debut gets cancelled (which it wont bc they’re all so talented and already idol-like), I’ll create my own kpop entertainment label and debut them 😌

  • Aespa Uchiha
    Aespa Uchiha


  • dee one vlogzzz
    dee one vlogzzz

    They deserve to debut… Mostly the 4 debut members that have been through a lot since iland.. let them debut… 🙏🏻💚💜♥️

  • Happy Directioner
    Happy Directioner

    I am always impressed by taehyun how he speaks like he always has best answer, it always seems like he has a lot of knowledge. Proud of you taehyun ❤️ the way he gave advice was really a something very important.

  • Preethi BTS Admirer
    Preethi BTS Admirer

    I cried with GAKU cos I was feeling so proud being an ARMY at that moment. I really appreciate how Hybe wants to encourage these new youngsters through legends like BTS and TXT to form them as a successful bond too! Both the artists sounded so humble and kept their words so powerfully encouraging! Fighting guys! 💜