Advice for time traveling to medieval Europe

Watch this video before visiting the European Middle Ages.
• Steven A. Epstein, An Economic and Social History of Later Medieval Europe, 1000-1500 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009).
• Urban Tignor Holmes, Jr., Daily Living in the Twelfth Century (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1952).
• Ian Mortimer, The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England (London: The Bodley Head, 2008).
• Paul B. Newman, Daily Life in the Middle Ages (Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Company, 2001).
• Jeffrey L. Singman, Daily Life in Medieval Europe (Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1999).
• What about traveling there as a woman?
My advice applies to both men and women (except for the bit about clergy, obviously). Men and women will have to give the same amount of attention to constructing their backstory, including their marital status, because people will ask either way. Women went on pilgrimages. While most women (and men) worked on farms, women in towns did engage in economic activities like shopkeeping and weaving. It was rare for a woman to work as a long-distance merchant, but it did happen, typically as a widow whose husband had been a merchant.
• But what about a woman traveling alone?
When I said, "Travel in a group, don't travel alone," I meant it. Solo travel is not advised, regardless of gender. Even the medieval people themselves traveled in groups.
• I said William of Rubruck was from the Netherlands but he was actually Flemish. Apologies to my Flemish viewers.
• In the anecdote where William of Rubruck met the Buddhist monks, he was confused at first but he did figure out in the course of talking to them that they were not Christian. I misremembered the passage. So I'd say Buddhists would probably just be understood as pagans in medieval Europe.
• The magic I discuss in the video is known as natural magic. There was also another form of magic I didn't talk about where you perform occult rituals to persuade demons to do things for you. That's known as demonic magic.
0:00 Intro
1:52 Health
2:56 Personal safety
7:49 Do not leave personal items unattended
11:35 Money
14:25 Where to sleep
17:01 Where to eat
17:57 Language barrier
22:54 Social class
24:42 Backstory
30:22 Shopping
30:47 What if you're not white?
40:16 What if you're not Catholic?
46:32 Witchcraft
48:25 Arriving via time travel
49:31 Time travel discretion
51:49 More on witchcraft
55:25 Medicine
59:45 Good luck!

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    I am not going to lie: if this was presented in any other fashion I would be extremely bored; but, presenting it from a Time Traveller's perspective is an ingenious move. I would love to see more!

  • @ouareaugirl


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    Have you read How to Invent Everything by Ryan North? Takes a v similar approach but with a focus on science & tech :)

  • @explosu


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    ​@@ouareaugirl Damn lol, this is one of the books I wanted to write. Ah well, in the same spirit I'll just bring it back with me if I travel to the mid aughts and "invent" it then.

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    Funny that you say that, cause I think the only criticism I have of this video is that it is presented in this strange format. I would actually prefer to get the information without the pretense. Why would the format change your enjoyment of the information, just curious? There's a ton of fascinating information in here that I'm glad I know now, despite the format

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    i think its pretty cool, it defies a lot of misconceptions about the time

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    ​@@bluupadoopcuz it tricks my brain into think this is necessary information. It's harder to be interested in learning something useless

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    This man found a smart way to make us sit through telling us all about the Medieval period

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    Hey some of us really find these eras very interesting. 😅

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    @@vinegro4579 deffo. I love Victorian era .. even tho I’d prob hate it if I act lived in it sometimes things like that just seem reli intriguing.

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    I've been manipulated like a toddler.

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    This is actually a really good way to teach. If I was a history teacher I would 100% do this with my students

  • @kentslocum
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    This video perfectly demonstrates why Medieval records fail to mention time travelers--the travelers were either extremely well prepared and blended right in, or didn't even bother to go because it was too much hassle. 😂

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    Or they blended in by being badly prepared, and promptly dying of dysentery.

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    Following this, we could conjecturate that the Roswell aliens were the unprepared ones.among other aliens, at least regarding the New Mexico thunderstorms.

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    @@moussanoir2807 correct

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    They all watched this video obviously.

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    All I know is this guy oozes sexual charisma

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    As someone who day dreams about traveling to different periods in history frequently, I am thrilled this video exists.

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    Be honest, it's 1,000,000 BC to find Raquel Welch

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    I'm not alone, I do this even with dinosaurs.

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    ​@timothyg1986 I don't think you'd survive long in a dinosaur world without lots of military grade equipment

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    Glad it’s not just me

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    this was the sneakiest history lesson i have ever recieved

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    I'm from 2125 and I've got to say that this was an amazing advice. Unfortunately traveling to the medieval europe was prohibited by the government 3 years ago.

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    Can you travel back 4 years in time, then travel from 2121 to medieval Europe?

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    ​@@spinakker14Real clever, but unfortunately the time police monitor all possible realities for violators of the law In fact I might be arrested in the present for trying this method in the future

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    STOP SMOKING THAT SHIT.....Still on DRUGS...100 YEARS???...Give me a break....DIDNT THEY INVENTED something different???

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    My bad on that! I didn't know my Mega herpes would spread that fast!

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    Just checking in from 2054. I have to say that this is still the most accurate travel guide to medieval Europe. Nothing better has come out in the last 31 years.

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    Have you visited 2046? No spoilers but there was a really good one posted then. Only lasted a few weeks online, though... If you are planning on going, look up a time travel guide for that year. And don't make the same mistake I did, don't forget the broom.

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    Well thats cute, i am from 2098. The world hell, Nuclear war started in 2059 and everything is dry and poisoness. I am using the Time Machine (TM 9-X7) newest model since 2045 to come here. I am never returning back. Which Time Machine model are u using?

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    ​@@Anakin.Skywalker____177Don't worry, I stopped that one since nuclear winter rendered my solar panels weak. Though I guess someone adjusted it since when I got back the sky was on fire so I yeeted out of that hellscape and decided to stay in 2020 since its a quiet time of year and the memes were spicy. I say neigh on travel guides and just advice to wing it so it's more exciting

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    Can anyone help me get back to 2056? I need to get my family out before the 2059 war, but I used an old school flux capacitor based time machine (The Chinese knockoff version that looked like the classic 80's stories). Now I'm stuck here in 2023. I've got a nice little piece of land secured in 1456 that I want to take the family to and be save and secure

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    Someone was born today that does not yet know about the fact that they will be 31 when that year comes

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    This video could easily be retitled as "Advice for traveling to a small town in Mexico" lol. Its exactly the same. I remember being a teenager and seeing two tall, blonde, blue eyed Americans visiting my town and everyone was talking to them because we were all so curious about why they were there, where were they from, why they spoke spanish, etc. Moving to the U.S was like time traveling to the future. Fascinating video!!

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    Hahahaha I was thinking the exact same thing through the whole video, it would also apply for any small town in Colombia (or any south american country for that matter).

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    Were they mormons?

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    Ustedes en México son Americanos también. Se refiere a "estadounidenses", porque los EEUU son UN SOLO país americano entre MUCHOS.

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    I was stranded in Mexico (long story) when I was fourteen, I am Hispanic but born and raised in America. I know exactly what you mean, they are like 15 years behind on everything. 😂

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    I live in US and it’s so normalized to be in diverse spaces (race, language, body size+) but i live in city not a small town

  • @daryx.langdale
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    You could give a detailed one hour long travel guide for a very standard town somewhere in the US - in the current era - and I would probably watch the whole thing. Something calming and amusing about the way you deliver information

  • @chiefmonrovia6691
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    This'll probably get lost in the sea of comments here, but my absolute favorite thing about this video, and all of your other ones, is you leave in the moments where you're thinking. You leave in the little vocal pauses, or moments when you say something one way, but then correct it slightly. It's so human, it's so conversational, it's one of the best ways to keep a listener engaged because it doesn't feel like memorizing a history lesson, it's having a one sided conversation about history

  • @nijnij3988


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    Totally agree. I also think it makes for a much more relaxing listen, because it's not a load of information coming at you super fast, but really just that natural feel of an actual person talking to you

  • @Atahri_
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    I could literally listen to things like this forever. This was insanely entertaining and educational PLEASE more medieval history and scenarios. I'm in love with this.

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    Me too, absolutely love medieval history! ❤

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    i am feeling this too right now LOL

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    I am from 2008 and I’m so glad that I traveled to 2023 so I could watch this. I’m not stressing anymore about my medieval time travel school trip next month.

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    This is probably REAL. So from 2008, now 2023. I guess you time traveled in the normal way (like we all do), and you are now 15 years older...

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    When you go back, don’t let that damn kid get anywhere near the gorilla’s cage.

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    RIP Harambe, never forget. @@CidGuerreiro1234

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    perfect timing for this vid I was just stressing out planning my time trip

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    Timing? You didn't think to travel forward to check for new vids first?

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    Surely if you have access to a time machine, all timings are equally perfect.

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    @@patavinity1262Or equally imperfect. Oh my god, does time really exist? What is the meaning of the universe? Who am I??

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    I want a TV series on this so badly. A new agency that starts sending people back in time and everything that comes along with it

  • @Alfonso162008


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    Not a tv show, but there's a book by Michael Crichton (the same guy that wrote Jurassic Park) that has a similar premise, at least in terms of being about a group of people that travels back in time to the medieval period, how they need to prepare for it, and the consequences they encounter. If you're interested, the book is called "Timeline". Of course, it's not a history lesson, but I found it very entertaining.

  • @leothelion69


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    @@Alfonso162008 sweet thanks. Might snag the audiobook

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    Literally just came to mention “Timeline” 😂

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    You now Abstergo?

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    Love how you described medieval citizens to be curious and interested. I feel there’s a lot of negative portrayals out there that don’t do it justice.

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    It's mind-boggling how we tend to forget that the mother of civilization is that one particular trait that people had since probably before we thought of calling ourselves "people": curiosity.

  • @jonathanhucke
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    Don't forget your universal translator, water filtration/purification system, and of course your towel. But seriously, I didn't realize a lot of these towns had curfews. This video was a pretty cool way to talk about history. Would love to see more Advice for Time Traveling type videos!!

  • @nelliesbff
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    My middle school history teacher used to use “time travel” (a light show she set up with period music) to frame every new unit. Very effective for getting us all interested - this is a really fun framing device!

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    this is like my favorite type of video, ungodly long deep dive from somebody with intimate knowledge on a subject i never really thought to care about, i love it

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    This is a brilliant premise for a historian to use as a gateway to educate on any historical period. You MUST do more.

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    is your pfp manly p. hall?

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    The description had this in suggested reading but if you liked this video, read the book "The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England" - I've been making my way through it as slow bedtime reading and it's delightfully written, if you like the tone of this video you'll really enjoy it!

  • @kiwaminski


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    @@freyaporter99Thanks a bunch for the suggestion! Was wondering if there was literature of similar nature and had neglected to check the description. Will definitely check it out!

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    Indeed, he must... Otherwise the consequences shall be *dire* 😠

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    I agree

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    This is such a magnificent video. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Perhaps a series could be in order? Different times and different locations? Either way, I’ve subscribed and I know I thoroughly look forward to checking out more of your content! :)

  • @panhradu
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    Something about clothing: if they see your modern clothes they will assume that you are rich. Not only that modern fabrics are extremely soft and delicate, but also the stitches are so accurate that even the king would be envy. Since fabrics was very expensive, any extensive cutting was seen as a luxury. They was trying to keep fabrics in big pieces when sewing.

  • @sierrasmith8722


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    Im loving how you just blessed us with this obscure fact

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    @@sierrasmith8722 Anything for my fellow nerds.

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    Very experienced and nuanced comment. Both my big sister and my wife are both seamstresses. This is right on

  • @ibbis
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    Here's a glimpse into some of the most popular foods consumed during this period: Staple Foods: Cereals and bread: These were the foundation of the medieval diet, providing essential carbohydrates and energy. Wheat, barley, oats, and rye were the most common grains used for bread, porridge, and gruel. Vegetables: Cabbage, onions, leeks, peas, beans, and turnips were among the most common vegetables eaten by both peasants and nobility. Cabbage, in particular, was often preserved as sauerkraut for winter months. Dairy products: Cheese, milk, and butter were important sources of protein and fat. Cheese was especially popular, with numerous varieties available across the continent. Legumes: Beans and lentils were important sources of protein and fiber for the lower classes, often eaten as stews or soups. Meat and Poultry: Pork: The most common meat consumed, as pigs were relatively easy to raise and required less space than other livestock. Poultry: Chickens, geese, and ducks were also popular, especially among the wealthier classes. Beef: Less common than pork, due to the cost and space required for raising cattle. Game: Wild boars, deer, and rabbits were consumed by those who had access to hunting grounds. Other Popular Foods: Fish: A staple food in coastal regions and during Lent, when meat consumption was prohibited. Eggs: A versatile ingredient used in many dishes, from savory pies to sweet custards. Honey: The primary sweetener, used in desserts, beverages, and even sauces. Fruits: Apples, pears, plums, and berries were enjoyed fresh when in season and preserved as dried fruits or jams for winter consumption. Spices: Although expensive, spices like pepper, cinnamon, and ginger were used to add flavor and preserve food. Ale and beer: The most common beverages, brewed with barley and flavored with hops. Variations by Social Class: The wealthier classes enjoyed a much more varied diet than the peasantry. They had access to a wider range of meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, and imported goods. On the other hand, the peasant diet was often based on simple grains, vegetables, and legumes, with meat consumed only occasionally.

  • @OcarinaSapphr-


    Ай бұрын

    And peasants (of which there were different- levels, as it were) were more likely to use herbs to season their food, rather than spices- though as time went on, they might consume a small amount of spices during special occasions- like the 12 Days of Christmas. Oh, & get used to the taste of wood-smoke, salt, & vinegar- because when you were eating in mid-Winter, two chances to one, the food was smoked, salted, or pickled...

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    ai generated comment

  • @chiefmofo
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    This advise needs to be added to Trip Advisor. It's important information that travelers should be aware of for their own health and safety.

  • @painkiller256256
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    The way you speak regarding it being a genuine guide makes this video incredible. I've never been interested in history, but this format absolutely has made me watch it several times.

  • @Jess-zm5xt
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    This is so iconic, I feel like framing history like this in school would make people interested in learning instead of just memorizing facts



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    E‎ ‎

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    The vaccine idea is completely wrong. Germ theory is false. European people knew that during the Middle Ages/Mid-to-late Mediaeval period.

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    Do you know what the word iconic means?

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    why were you just memorizing facts? that’s a bad way to think about school

  • @taimalik1110
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    This video lecture can seriously be the blueprint for developing a Mideval themed videogame! You are a brilliant and objective historian! I will definitely be sharing your channel with everyone in my clan 😂 Keep up the good work, sir! And please create more content, god knows we need more objectivity on the internet as opposed to ancient aliens and historical propaganda. Cheers!

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    I learned so much about the Middle Ages and it didn’t even feel like I was learning haha please make more of these “advice for time travelers” 😂 love it

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    The "I own a money store" made me laugh a bit, because my grandfather used to be big into coin collecting before he passed. So I've *been* to money stores. I wonder now if such a thing existed in the medieval period or no.

  • @u12bdragon
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    I love how you just took that stupid what if question we've all had and just broke it down scientifically

  • @hrhux
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    please do more! Also, id love a section on what to expect as a woman during that time. You made it so engaging it flew by and actually tempted me to read source material😂

  • @tranholmen
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    If I was a history teacher I would have my students do travel guides for different destinations during different times. This really makes you focus and pay attention.

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    Omg.. that'd be a great idea! Even fun!

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    It takes away a lot of the dry side of history and makes it fun, too.

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    I, for one, was extremely focused while watching this

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    I do believe there was a cartoon in my youth that had a similar premises to this...

  • @legallyrequired
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    Im excited to see the stars when I arrive at night. I can only imagine how beautiful they will be. No electricity or large city lights obscuring the stars anywhere in the world. The closest I’ve gotten to seeing the entirety of the stars was in a California desert when I was 12. My main concern is that I have many tattoos and piercings which I will probably take out, I’ll wear long sleeves when I can. I will update you all when I go!

  • @nils9853


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    He actually did an F&Q follow up and one answer was about tattoos. TLDR: they did know tattoos, like religic symbols. They might not have seen huge tattoos but this just would make you look more exotic. So just have a good back story for them.

  • @legallyrequired


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    @@nils9853 Oh awesome! I’ll have to watch the followup, Im glad its not a huge concern

  • @cas1652
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    Considering it like this I think the hardest thing for a time traveler would be to accept how little impact they could realistically make. If you changed things it wouldn't be through any gadget that can only exist in the present time. It wouldn't be through blurting out some half remembered factoid from high school either. Realistically you'd have to find the time and place that gives good leverage and then enact a long term plan to affect change from within that society.

  • @alcedob.5850


    7 күн бұрын

    You also need to be expert in the time period's worldview. My buddy Jordan tried to explain how the Universe is infinite but totally messed up the theology when interrogated and found himself on the stake.

  • @Theneonwind
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    Please make this a series. This was soooo good.

  • @marcow191285
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    This type of narrative is incredibly valuable from a didactic perspective! Amazing!

  • @Saqux
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    Video like this but about ancient rome would be amazing

  • @finn_underwood
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    I have, no joke, always wanted to see a series like this. The idea of using "So you've found yourself stuck in the past. Here's what you need to know" as a framing device to deliver historical education feels like a perfect recipe and I'm elated someone else thought of the idea and then actually had the expertise to *make* it. I hope this continues.

  • @izzynobre


    2 ай бұрын

    You’ll love The Knowledge. It’s a book framed as if there’s a society-destroying cataclysm coming and what you’d need to know to rebuild society. It covers literally everything!

  • @Melancthon7332


    2 ай бұрын

    Check out Connie Willis' Doomsday Book. It's a SF story about how time travel exists, and history professors are in charge of it. Really well thought out and researched, and a clever and entertaining read.

  • @Justfranktbh


    2 ай бұрын

    @@izzynobreI’ll look it up sounds interesting

  • @Swarm509


    2 ай бұрын

    While not a history book Michael Crichton's "Timeline" is quite good as a time travel book to 1357. It does cover a lot of how a modern person would interact with this world but is a science fiction book first. Much better then the movie of the same name.

  • @_SoBored


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    Toldinstone channel did a nice series called "A Time Traveler's Guide to Ancient Rome" .

  • @Catholicconvertgroyper
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    Honestly there’s so much in this video that it really can be fruitful and enjoyable to watch it multiple times

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