10 Times Ronaldo SHOCKED THE WORLD


Cristiano Ronaldo’s shocked the world 10 TIMES.. Like when he met his biggest fan, and created the most viral moment in history! Or Ronaldo’s plane crash that almost killed hundreds of people.. These are 10 Times Cristiano Ronaldo SHOCKED THE WORLD!
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    Lets just appreciate how much effort he put in that thumbnail💀

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    I got scared 💀

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    @@Deshaunt3nah that sh was a jumpscare😭

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    Lets just appreciate how much effort KickFlix puts inside Ronaldo. ❤️❤️❤️

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    Dude violated every aspect of football with that kiss 💀

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    He shocked the world more than 10 times

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    The thumbnail is the 11 time ronaldo shocked the world 😂

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    ahhahahahhahaha the thumbnail man:))))) , you read my mind:))

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    I can,t stop smiling because Ronaldo and Ishowpeed are both my favourite

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    Kickflix always getting me exciting when he pose Love this man voice❤❤

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    3:42 ranaldo jumps high asf

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    Ishowspeed was so damn crazy

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    the thumbnail💀 Edit1:mommy I’m famous

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    I know it was 10 top moments before disaster

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    Ronaldo gave messi a little smooch 😏😏😏

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    @@zxnia_official what the heck

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    Anyone realized that kickflix had the respect to put ishowspeed's song the fact ronaldo knew who speed was

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    todavía recuerdo esos goles

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    Best ronaldo❤

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    However who created the thumbnail needs an Oscar

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    Idk about the video, but the thumbnail shocked the world 💀

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    You shoulda added that time when speed packed ronaldo on FIFA, it would prove why he loved him more than anything

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    ronaldo incredile skills are insane

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    The thumbnail is just goated 🤣

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    Imagine the reaction from their wife or girlfriend when they seeing it 🤣💀

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    Respect to speed and when speed sees the thumbnail😂❤

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    I missed u ❤❤

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    Those salaries shocked me 😱

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    Ishowspeed part and the thumbnail is just 💀💀💀

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    That ball dude that use to play in Chicago got me 😂😂😂

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    I love him so much 😊🎉🎉

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    Me too

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    3:30 bro knew exactly what he was saying 💀

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    Let’s appreciate his stalking skills 😊😊

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    I remember playing with my friends I scored from 30 yards away

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    can we appreciate the things he does to give us these amazing videos by the way i’m one of your oldest subscribers, but I change my name and username.

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    He is also my favorite player

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    Please post videos more often Thank you very much for the interesting video ❤❤

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    Those girls are the real GOATS

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    so noones gonna talk about the "tate, dont make me clown that bowling ball ass head bro."💀

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    "That Bald dude that used to play in chicago" got me laughing😂😂

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    Me to

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    2:55 got me dead 💀

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    Bro it's makes me smile when he met onaldo

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    0:49 don't mess with Ronaldo 💀

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    ronaldo most expensive car is a limited-edition Bugatti Centodieci worth £8.5m - Ronaldo is believed to be one of only 10 people worldwide who owns the supercar. The Centodieci has reportedly 1600 horsepower and can reach a top speed of 236mph.

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    Rolando is s nice person❤❤❤❤❤❤👌👌👌👌👌👌

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    2:53 bro really called jordan a bald guy from Chicago 💀

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    Wow, I didn’t know Ronaldo and messi had a thing for each other

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    When i first saw the statue of ronaldo i thought it was sadio mane for some reason 💀💀💀

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