$1 vs $100,000,000 Car!


I have no idea why the last car was so expensive
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    Jimmy is the type of guy to spend $20K to repair a $1 car

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    That laugh was personal

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    The fact Jimmy has this much power to take the cars that are almost never on the road. To the actual road is insane. Lol well done

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    Jimmy went from reacting to the world's most expensive cars to trying the world's most expensive cars is truly amazing thing!

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    Surely insane, most tank weaknesses are underneath, but that 300k car withstood the explosion

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    useful as a family SUV

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    I wonder how the driver felt at the end when jimmy said “LETS DROP A NUKE ON THIS BRIDGE”



    12 күн бұрын

    it was a joke lol

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    @@JAMESVINCENTBORJA yeah I know but that’s still funny af

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    @@62mainstreetnewarknj58 no worse...

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    From opening your own charity to feeding a city in need, giving scholarships worth $300,000, and distributing 50,000 cookies, you've made a tremendous impact. You've fed five cities in just 30 days, assisted hurricane survivors, provided meals for 10,000 families on Thanksgiving, and even contributed to cleaning the ocean! The list of your achievements goes on and on. You are truly remarkable, Jimmy!

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    Cool im first isn't it?

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    7:50 “there’s just something so masculine about driving over priced loud cars”

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    With 💰

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    Nah man it's GTA 10 ( YEAR-2099)

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    Jimmy is the kinda guy to pay 20 grand to repair a 1 dollar car… 😂

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    And the 300,000 dollar car is insane!

    @SSC_JORDAN10 ай бұрын

    13:13 he wasnt joking 😂

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    *At this point Jimmy has bragging rights for life!*

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    straight up

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    12:40 Mr Beast gonna end his career if he says anything more☠

    @LUKELUKEYOUNG10 ай бұрын

    Salute to the editor on making these videos better and better.

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    0:38 20k spent on repairs of a car instead of buying another car lol

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    Imagine being in a Mr beast video, that would be so cool

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    Mr.Beast is so such a good person EORIG!!!!!❤

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    Mr.Beast is so such a good person EORIG!!!!!❤

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    Mr.Beast is so such a good person EORIG!!!!!❤

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    As a Slovak, I'm proud of you flying our car.

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    Slovenské škody sú najlepšie

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    You can watch interesting cartoon stories that contain lessons and morals and teach children good principles.

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    12:43 interesting!!!😂😂😂😂

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    Pretty crazy that Jimmy has got to the point that he's sponsored by Samsung themselves

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    Pretty crazy that Samsung has got to the point that they can sponsor Jimmy himself

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    Do a uber with the 100M dollar car

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    You should do this video with motorcycles🎉

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    Mr Beast car content is just amazing. It's rare that people in a good financial position make great car content, let alone collab with other well known creators of the genre. Really grateful to Jimmy and the team for making it happen

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