Drawing with Miss Delight and CraftyCorn (Poppy Playtime 3 Animation)


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    Full - www.patreon.com/fashik

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    I love you vídeo💖

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    No início ficou meio SUS



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    Pls more of miss Delight It’s Hiding something 🙏

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    I like your videos nice vid btw and drawings

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    START:💀 END:😻

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    ​@@Altair786at the beginning it looked like a B U T T

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    @@tamigambrell6368 Oh

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    Miss Delight is so sweet

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    I love miss Delight 😊



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    BTW u have 666 likes 👍

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    When she literally said she would kill kids in one of the tapes? Like bro nahhhh

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    Craftycorns smile is super cute!

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    I always agree

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    It's creepy

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    ​@@progirl24ccWat I said

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    "its just a cat" "its just a cat" "ITS JUST A CAT"

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    She’s not sexualized in this video🥳 Edit: it’s just been 3 days how’d I get 359 likes?💀… Edit 2: It’s 4 day now and I have 1,500😭.. Edit 3: it’s been nine days (ÔmÓ)?.. Edit 4: It’s been 10 days😔…3.9k?…

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    ofc ( •_•)o~ she just teaching draw

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    WTF would people sexually a child…

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    @@EEK187 she's child? ???? :(

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    people who think miss delight's normal version is so beatiful 👇

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    Then who liked the comment​@@mohdIrakirana-gc9qj

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    SIMP 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️

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    Some People like already​@@user-jq2qk9ej4c

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    😢 иоооооооо

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    Anyone else not looking at the drawing,but at Ms.delight btw she looks beautiful

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    How beautiful is Craftcorn and Miss Delight❤

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    Animation Teacher: 😍😏 Game teacher:💀💀

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    Smash or pass🤨



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    ​@@user-fi4mp4ih7j SMASH

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    ​@@user-fi4mp4ih7j Smash

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    Why people so dumb

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    as a fellow theorist this makes alot of since as of why craftycorn knows how to draw and loves it have to take notes

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    ❤😂❤❤ 😢😢😢😢❤

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    Bro is a game for like 6 year iles

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    @@honeybaer5432 old's

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    The first picture makes my brain travel💀

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    Crafty did a great job for drawing catnap

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    Even though Miss Deligh looked scary on the outside, there was love, sweetness and kindness in her heart, she was a very good teacher...

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    key word - WAS

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    Buicixizizizididioeieoeowoieie😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 não kskdjckdidkdofofodoororifififididjdj

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    She wanted to kill them

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    Nuh uh

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    POV : That one teacher that draws good and says its not really good-

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    Myart teacher:



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    Bro that one girl 💀

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    My crush also the top one in our class, and broo she always say I'm gonna be zero in every test but in the ending she always gets the highest score😫

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    Я плачу... И не из за видео, а из за песни...)

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    Everyone deserves to be kind and cheerful! Painting could be a great time to learning to draw anything! 😃🤩

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    Start:💀 Final:👍

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    Bro I thought it was going to be a amogus😭🤚

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    Bro stop being dirty minded bro

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    Ia luna

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    Among us is not dirty minded

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    Ppl thought it was among us 👇🏻💀

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    I thought it was a pokemon 😅

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    People who are dirty minded 👇

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    I thought it was among us or... yea

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    Respect to miss delight was teaching children🫡

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    I love craafty corn and miss delight❤❤❤

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    Me too

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    ​@@MaritesSamillano Lying is bad you're ewwwwwwwww

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    Is catnap

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    People who loves catnap the power button is right there 👇

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    That was a really enjoying Corn the cord I'm glad Please like this comment

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    It was sus at the beginning but heart warming at the end 😊

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    I think your just dirty minded...

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    how was is sus though

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    Because I Think is amogus

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    The Starts 💀💀☠️ The end ❤️❤️❤️

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    IKR 💀

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    @@BU8_Quentin if this making confuse this is why because everyone think this is a butthole

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    I thought Miss Delight was a killing machine but instead she's a good teacher to crafty corn❤❤❤❤❤😊

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    Crafty smiling like that is scary

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    CraftyCorn is the Queen of draw!! And i Love CraftyCorn, she is cute and she and i Like both this drawing!! ✨

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    Aww 😊

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    Miss delight is like a mother to them ❤️😁

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    How is she a mother Lmao?

  • @noobarmyrougeclassd


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    Shes just a teacher lil bro 💀

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    @@noobarmyrougeclassdteachers can be also like mothers too

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    @@noobarmyrougeclassd I mean teachers is just like a second parent to their students

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    Teachers are mothers on the school😅

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    Finally not a inappropriate video

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    Mrs delight is gonna be someone's delight for sure. 💀💀💀

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    AYO 💀

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    No😢 canciones de notas

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    God this is too cute!!💖 Besides Miss Delight and CraftyCorn look too cute

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    Think Again, Look at the rest of the channel.

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    @@ImNotAHuman73742 Yes... It's true... it sexualizes Miss Delight...

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    Miss delight is so cute

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    AWWW it's so cute ❤

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    😄👏🤳 /|| /\

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    Me too ❤

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    good job carfty corn😊❤💜🧡💓💙

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    💜🌑🐱 💐🐶🌕🧡 iwjhrja

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    Good job for keeping listening to light your real teacher.Good job, crafty court.You're still with a writing.That's how you learn how to be so practical like your name.Crafty horns, good job is still light.You're a real teacher

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    Miss delight so cute wait a minute why miss delight's hair brown

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    Yes she’s amazing

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    simps 💀

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    i love it so much 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

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    ,,yo that's a cool anima-" *,,i recognize that artstyle from a certain video"*

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    Don't do it..

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    What video?

  • @admiralfurret


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    @@-.-nezuko-.-8607 the one where the artist drew miss delight ,,flashing" the watcher

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    bro you accidentally used commas

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    Please name

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    We all know the attention of the person that made this and what everybody thought

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    Good animation❤🎉

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    If you were thinking it was smth else 👇

  • @syedabbas3032


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    (thinking it was smth else at first)

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    i thought it would be an among us character

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    I thought it was yipee

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    Dirty mind dirty mind dirty mind DDD d d d dirty mind

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    "Its among us!" "No wait its jumbo josh" "Oh its just catnap"

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    Вдвлщаов до ц до ылладлвдвдмть ау эх ба Власов рваоа

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    Miss this old characters

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    Why is this so cute?😧

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    They had us in the first half ngl

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    Miss Delight looks so nice and pretty❤ Edit: OMG IVE NEVER HAD THIS MANY LIKES BEFORE DYTFCTCTTVTCCGCG

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    Aint no way❕💯💯🗣️🗣️

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    I only like her hair and eyes nothing else, I can literally steal them rn💀💀

  • @stellal1004


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    Miss delight is not nice she’s evil don’t get fooled for her looks

  • @Kyle28145


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    ​@@stellal1004you dont think

  • @Thunda-01


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    Are You like 5 years old ?

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    Shout to anyone else who thought it was gonna be bunny too 😭✋

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    I have another love... FOR THIS!!!

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    Finally a video where crafty doesn’t destroy art of catnap

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    Bro the beggine got me💀

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    Same 💀

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    Dirty mind 😂😂

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    Yo también me quedé atorado en el inicio ☠️

  • @daniellesouto3910


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    Eu também pensei isso...

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    ​@@FlavioLeonelRamirezYo también 💀

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    the first💀 the song😭😭😭 the end😍❤ thanks for 0 likes😍😍

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    Start:💀 Middle:👍 End:😍

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    Catnap: why me?! 😢 miss delight: cause I can

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    Awww, good job, Crafty corn!

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    SOOooo cute i love this so much

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    Beginning:OH HELL NO 💀💀💀🗿 Medium:🤨 End:😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰

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    Ficou bonito mas a craft corn sempre ta de boca aberta ksksksksksksksk😂😂😂

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    É que na real os smilling critters sempre ficam sorrindo desse jeito, o tempo todo.

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    The video : 😍 The song : 😢🥺😭

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    yes :(

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    The video is normal? So your not gonna talk about the start?

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    yes ik

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    🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤❤😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊ТАЯ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    The two songs that where used. the singers sang it with all there soul.

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    I love you catnap

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    Cringe pfp gayish channel name poppyplaytime kids 😏

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  • @Eeveelutions1243


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