You think you are Someone ?! Very Powerful Speech ! Mohamed Hoblos

Mohamed Hoblos, hailing from Lebanon, and living in Sydney (Australia) is famous for his ability to deliver passionate, emotional and powerful talks and reminders on various topics regarding the muslims of today. He have conquered many hearts with his preachings, especially the hearts of the young muslims. He have given lectures in many countries around the world and he regularly make short videos on the muslim media "One Path Network", as for example the video with Ali Banat (may Allah give him Jannah) "Gifted with Cancer - Ali Banat". Mohamed Hoblos was part also of the Sidney Deen Team which is an Islamic radio programme and he took part also on the Islamic short movie "Last Chance".
Also an important thing to underline is that Mohamed Hoblos is not a Shaykh and that can lead in using a hadith that is weak, and he maybe thought was sahih etc. or he can say a hadith not in the exact form and that may cause a change on the meaning of the hadith etc. , for this reason we advice you to watch and share the videos of Mohamed Hoblos only from our Channel because we cut those parts.
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This channel is a collection of lectures from brother Mohamed Hoblos !
Note : this channel is not Mohamed Hoblos official page.
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    Here is the video without nasheed. Support our Dawah Projects Brothers and Sisters on Patreon.

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    i need help with my imam can you help me inshallah. can you give me an dua if you se this inshallah

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    and i am 14 years old

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    Asaalam alaikum brother, can i know were you give friday khutba.? And which mosque do you spread the message of Allah ( S.W.T) Please let me know Thanks

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    @@Hjkb2.0 masha Allah,, you are 14yrs old? May Allah guide you Ameen from the bottom of my heart,,, you need to read the quran especially one in english translation,, so u understand it,, insha Allah you will see the difference in your imaan,,,, also make dua ask Allah to increase your imaan,, cry out to him ,,

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    Embraced Islam 30minutes ago took my shahada. 😢🫶🙏☪️🕋. All praise to Allah. May we all be saved Allah.🙏🫶☪️

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    Welcome bro allah Make your life so good and keep your heard his deen insha allah

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    MASH ALLAH ❤ Brother Congratulations 🎉

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    May Allah bless us

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    ma sha Allah

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    Wallahi whenever I hear this Sheikh i burst into this tears throughout the talk May Allah protect him and raise him to the highest level in both the World for motivating youth

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    His a (داعي) brother not a sheikh❤️

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    I cried the whole time🥺🥺we are nothing without Allah 😭😭😭

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    WALAHI You saiD whaT is RiGhT

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    "Even when you are sinning,Allah still says let his heart beat" broke me 💔

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    Subhana'Allah. This is the highest standard of mercy from Allah to us but as human we don't realize and stay focused. Allah Akbar.

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    @@mbarakbakar2296 Well, you seem to have forgotten that ALL religions are about BELIEF! Especially with Islam, since it was invented relatively late, it is a BELIEF! I "witness" that there is neither an Allah, nor hell, nor paradise (with or without x virgins), nor angels, nor djinn, nor witches, Santa Clauses, nor Easter bunnies;!!

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    Im in Los angeles California and I’m thinking about converting to Islam from being a Christian my whole life. Where can I go to hear this in person? I don’t understand or speak Arabic so this is good. Thank you my Muslim brothers and sisters 🤲🏾

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    Welcome to Islam. All you need is to declare the shahada "I bear witness that Allah is one and he is the only one to worship, and Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is his messenger just like all the other messengers sent to human kind before him". Then you can study the English versions of the Quran and hadits and visit your local masjid.

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    Yo Man I'm so happy to hear that.

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    I dont know, but you can go to an imam in any mosque. You are always invited to the mosques, to the quran and more.

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    Welcome to Islam habibi. May Allah guide you

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    Hey bro, try and look up local mosques near you go there and tell them you are interested in Islam. Inshallah they will help you.🙏 may Allah bless you

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    Today i know who is Allah for the first time in my life despite been born a muslim for years.ALLAHUMMA BARIK SHEIKH MOHAMMAD HOBLOS

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    JAK. May Allah (swt) makes us a good Muslim, practiced Muslim.

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    Me and you my brother. I ran away from Allah because I wasn’t raised to know Allah as merciful, benevolent Ya Rabb. So I ran until I couldn’t run anymore!

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    @@innaiuskhaleb may allah bless you sister in this life and the next, may allah keep you steadfast on the deen.

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    La illaha illallah muhammadur rasullulah

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    You need , you must know who Jesus is. Jesus the only Son of the Almighty God died for you. Accept it. Pray for understanding, do not be deceived by these theatricals. God bless 🙏

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    We are honored to have a brother like him to inspire us all .

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    Hey can I talk to you in instagram

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    I'm a christian but i have found this teaching very touching,inspiring,motivating i feel touched.I started listening this when my pressure was high but i feel my pressure has been lowered and my heart filled with hope

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    Hello brother, this indicates that you are in the right direction. I pray to God to guide you to the right path. I wish you a pleasant time.

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    May Allah guide you to the truth islam

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    I pray you get cured get guidance in the name of Allah!

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    @@noraDire allahumma barik

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    Mashallah , if you feel something in your heart it’s a sign from Allah and “Allah guided whom he wills” , it’s truly a miracle . May Allah guide you to what is best for you insha’Allah

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    I am a young man, my name is abu bakarr am from sierra Leone, west Africa. What this elder said has just strengthen my Iman, before this time am busy drinking alcohol, smoking and other lives but his words just changed me totally. May Allah bless this elder, i pray may Allah grant him the highest rank in janneh.😭😭😭😭thank you for changing my ways, from now on i will perform my prayers correctly not have the idea that allah owes me, but me owes Allah. Thank brother

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    Beautiful. Always welcomed.

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    He has a special skill of public speaking, not everyone has it.

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    I’m Christian and I’ve been doing a lot of research lately. I came across a lot of videos and when this man speaks I have to listen. I pray god keeps giving him wisdom and the grace to speak his word. God bless you all.

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    May Allah guide you

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    Come to Islam sincerely if you believe in Allah and all the messengers and prophets including Muhammad S.A.W

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    I was Catholic for 13 years. I took my Shahada at the Masjid and I was reborn! The best feeling of my new life as a Muslim!

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    @@EmanuelMontanez Allahumma barik. I pray that Allah make it easy for you. And may Allah reward you and grants you Jannah. Ameen

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    im not muslim but I watched this from start to finish it actually made me feel emotional, very powerful

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    May allah guide you on the right way, protect you and the gives you the best place in paradise dear brother❤

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    Masha, Allah/Allah a créé en vous un fond de cœur pur qui accepte la vérité, malgré tout ce qui entoure votre vie)

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    SubhanAllah × 3 Alhamdhulilah × 3 Allahuakbar × 3 LailahailAllah × 3 Good deeds for you and me ❤️

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    How about hundred time each of those !!!

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    @@elvirhodzic5720 than you mean 33 astagferallah 33 alhumdullah 34 SubhanAllah but do as much as you can where ever you are expecialy when you see fitna around you and expecialy and most easy when you in bed and reflect and don't let the setan whispers you the guilty things and making you forget about Allah swt. But most important stop hating your brother's and sisters and forgive each other and Allah SWT is the most forgiving

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    @@luizmanar6025 no, i ment 100x subhanallah 100× elhamdulillah 100× allahuaqbar 100× estaqfirullah

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    @@elvirhodzic5720 mashallah may Allah SWT make you a palace in jannah my dear Muslim brother

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    @@luizmanar6025 thank you brother, i wish the same to you !!

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    This has to be the best sermon I've ever had the ability to listen to. I have terrible ADHD, so it's very rare that I'm able to sit down and listen to anything over 2-3 minutes. Alhamdulillah I started listening to this blessed sermon and next minute the 45 minutes were over without a single distraction. This is the blessing of Allah swt. A disorder completely disappeared when it comes to the remembrance of Allah (swt) ❣

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    There is a reason that we are watching this .. may Allah guide all of us

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    ALLAHUMA ameen

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    "Happiness is not how much you have, true happiness is how much you can live without" 🥺

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    We need more speeches by Mohamed Hoblos!

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    for real!! i swear he always tells the truth & changes my mindsettt

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    @@ukthii_zenab He triggers all of us in a positive way.

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    Yes there are alot of speeches by him search up speeches you Mohamer Hoblos you will find alot

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    Salam Aleykum we have Dr Zakir Naik too :D

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    I love the soothing & tranquil music in the background too and I love the brother for the sake of Allah. His passion, always hitting me deep. Ya Allah, please forgive me if i asked you more than i thanked you. Ameen 🤲 ☝️

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    Right? The softness of the music in the background helped me meditate while listening to his lecture. Meditate and drew me closer to Allah. I was at peace after listening to this one.

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    Allah is the Greatest Almighty. Alhamdulillah

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    Allah is the greatest almighty, Alhamdulillah♥️♥️♥️🥀

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    Wallah I was in tears the moment when he said our action doesn’t take us to paradise than asking Allahs mercy. May Allah give this sheikh highest place in Jannah 🥺🤲

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    Ameen ya Rabb 😭🤲🏽

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    I’m a proud Christian and I can tell you with my humble opinion this was very powerful and I couldn’t pause it for a second. Amazing to my Muslim sisters and brothers. Nothing but respect.

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    Brother take his words back to your church and keep them focused only on the father,, Jesus said it you are the only true God,, imagine you were standing there when he said it in that crowd would you walk away and say that man who used the words ONLY and TRUE is God? If I told you that John doe was the only true president of company could anyone say that man speaking is the president of the company?

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    as a muslim i Appreciate your good respect to us

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    Christianity won't help you after death sir

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    He is screaming for our goodness! I love him for Allah, for Islam

  • @user-gd3se1rz2v
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    May Allah grants you the highest class of paradise, your lectures are boost to my strive and struggle to remain steadfast on Islam.

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    Hghkkkkelllo شكرا لجلوسك في قلبي. ابقها دافئة باسم يسوع ، آمين. shukran lijulusik fi qalbi. abquha dafiatan biaism yasue , amin.

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    2023 and it still gives me chills.

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    Did some overtime for work and listened to this all the way through... May Allah grant Hoblos and his family an abundance of blessings

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    ALLAHUMA ameen

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    My heart melted and Tears flow from my eyes and asked forgiveness to Allah, thank you Brother....

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    Hgheellllloooo شكرا لجلوسك في قلبي. ابقها دافئة باسم يسوع ، آمين. shukran lijulusik fi qalbi. abquha dafiatan biaism yasue , amin.

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    Vous avez un fond de cœur pur qui accepte la vérité/masha, Allah)

  • @khalilfareed


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    May Allah accept and forgive you and all of us of our shortcomings. Aameen.

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    Hi SIr Can I talk to you in Instagram

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    I feel weak my Iman 😭😭😭but when I see this video it's boost my Iman alhamdulillah. 😍😍😍May Allah subhanallahu wa taala reward you Sheikh here in Duniya Wal Akhira ❤️❤️❤️

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    We are nothing without Allah😢😢😢😢

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    Whenever I find myself slipping up I like going to him I don’t care if he screams I like it 😊

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    He don't scream he's passionate about the deen.

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    Oh what a lecture I've never seen like this before ALHAMDULILAHI Allah doesn't need anyone but we need him ❤😢😢😢❤❤

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    Guys I’m not Muslim but does anyone know which mosque this brother does the talks because I’m from Sydney and I would love to go if that’s possible .

  • @WasifSikder


    Жыл бұрын

    I'm not sure which mosque he is at, but I'm so happy you're interested. You can go to any nearby mosque Friday afternoon to hear the Friday sermon. You can also talk to any imam or anyone really at any mosque. I also recommend reading the Qur'an. God created us, but he didn't leave us to wander blindly. He gave us the miraculous Qur'an, which is not the word of man. It is the word of god, and is completely unchanged from when Prophet Muhammad received it

  • @elmisgreatgrandson5362


    6 ай бұрын

    If your in Sydney brother, just enter and masjid and tell them your not a Muslim but you are searching for what masjid muhammed hoblos preachs at, and I'm sure they will tell. Just don't forgot to follow the etiquette of entering the mosque

  • @Pilky-Bs2Mc


    5 ай бұрын

    Wow - really pleased you wanted to go & insha'Allah I really hope you did 🤞

  • @muhammedahmedabdulhamidsye5432


    5 ай бұрын

    He lives in Sydney that is a lecture place

  • @unknownunicornfish4238


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    He does many of his talks in Granville Masjid Al Noor ❤

  • @afiqnasir7626
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    i feel down then I revisit this video, it strengthen my heart again

  • @mohamedkuyateh9029
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    he makes me feel cry I swear by Allah, Subhanallah brother I love you, so much

  • @Allday54
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    I love listening to this brother he talks to my heart and soul. Thank you Brother.

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    Thank you brother, may Allah Continue to guide all of us to his mercy, so that we can rest in our hearts and souls amen Ya Rab.

  • @cargonational
    @cargonational6 ай бұрын

    I'm not a Muslim, however I love your work your a good man as you say "Inshallah"

  • @cargonational


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    Ridwaan_ thank you for the correcting me we are on a pathway of learning

  • @abda__


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    ​@Ridwaan__might wanna change ur pfp brother

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  • @HamissiKarimba


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    Amen 😅😅😅😅😅

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