Why did the Protestant Reformation Happen?

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  • schwarze R0se
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    Fun fact: The german dialect used in Luthers bible translation became the standard german we know today, because everybody had to learn it in order to read the Bible (and everybody had a bible at home).

  • Marius Breabăn
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    I believe a very important detail was left out. Namely the local counts and princes in Germany were supposed to pay heavy dues to the Catholic Church (also because St. Peters was being built at the time) and they were very annoyed about this. Luther gave them the perfect excuse to stick it to the Pope, so when Luther kickstarted the Reform and defied the church, the local princes and counts gave him protection from the church with the very nice side effect of not having to pay the hefty dues anymore. Of course this led to war at some point so... I guess we all must live with our choices.

  • Kim Jong-un
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    Fun fact: Historically Pyongyang was called the Jerusalem of the East because it once had a big Christian presence, more specifically Protestant

  • Simone Daniek
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    You may have mentioned Jan Hus of Bohemia and the Hussites who came a 100 years earlier and already protested the selling of indulgences, translating the Bible into Czech and the Bible as the authority. They formed armies and successfully fought the Catholic Crusaders called upon the land. Luther actually took many of his ideas from Jan Hus. It was a very important prerequisite to the Reformation already weakening the church by the time Luther nailed his thesis. Check it out.

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    It’s always a pity that people forget the Hussite reformation. I feel like they’re entirely forgotten by content creators

  • Kellie Everts
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    Yes I've already got back ground on this but thank you for pointing out King Henry's support methods ....which we are to believe in support of refermation... obviously God is fortress for everyone and I'm sure those women were praying for mercy of God to take there soul's

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    Blaise Pascal once wrote:

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    Very good video.

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    Great ! I'm precisely reading a book about the thirty years war (and I just have to say that the estimates of this war, nowadays, are less heavy than what you said : only some region like the Rhenish Palatinate saw their population nearly disappear).

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    It is important to mention the attraction of the wealth of the Catolic Church which was greater than theological aspects. Princes in Germany and kings as the King of Swede took advantage to confiscate all land and other assets of the Catolic Church. Gustavus Adolphus, the King of Swede was almost bankrupt when he switched to Protestantism. So taking all the land and other assets of the Catolic church was a big deal and he had money to intervine in the religious war in Germany. The funny aspect was that of forcing all population within a country or kingdom to convert automatically to the faith of the king/prince or leave the land. In England the situation was more dramatic and funny due to the fact that the Church of England was invented in order Henry the 8th got a divorce. In all cases was an enormous destruction of monasteries, confiscation of valuable goods, old books burned, many people just killed end so on. Pretty much like Viking invasions. Not to mention that the tax paid by ordinary people to the church was not eliminated but redirected to the British Treasury. So, this aspect is less discussed but I think was a major push for Prices/Kings to embrace so suddenly the Protestant faith and to fight so hart for it.

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    Love this channel so much. U make it entertaining and easy to keep up. I've learned so much from this channel. Its explanation of historical events & people is outstanding.

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    As a South African Protestant of French and Dutch decent , It was an immense delight to get to visit the Vatican as well as numerous Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches all over Poland and Lithuania.

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    You forgot to mention Jan Hus.

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    Really outstanding video, thank you! I love filling in the gaps in my knowledge with videos like this.

  • Edward Blair
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    King Henry VIII of England was awarded the title "Defender of the Faith" by the Pope after he published a statement against Luther. The joke is that the Pope forgot to specify WHICH faith he was supposed to defend. The monarchs of England retain this title to this day.

  • Guy Willson
    Guy Willson

    You need to add! The Reformation began before Luther was a twinkle in his mother's eye. John Wycliffe was 150 years before Luther and a few hundred Bibles were hand written by volunteer scribes, some of which survive to this day. Wycliffe taught at Oxford and had the patronage of John of Gaunt. He also taught some Bohemians the Word of God and they later became the Hussites. He had his own movement in England too. The Lollards. Wycliffe was called "The Morning Star of the Reformation"

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    Great job explaining the sequence of events. I found it very educational

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    The Spanish Inquisition is not older than the Inquisition in Rome. The Papal Inquisition was founded in the 13th century, while the Spanish Inquisition (the Castilian Inquisition ti be precise) was founded at the end of the 15th century. Also it's impossible to explain the Reformation without mentioning the precedents: Cathars, Hussites and Erasmus of Rotterdam.

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    I'm not particularly religious, but I found this quite interesting.

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    Great video as always! I'd be really interested in countries history