Which Cartoon Food's Causes Cavities !?

Let's Find Out If Cartoon Emoji's Will Cause Cavities and Then Use Limited Edition Dental Kits From Pokemon, Marvel Black Panther, Barbie SpongeBob, Mario, Spiderman, and Pokemon Cartoons to clean my stained teeth !!
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    To be honest, marvel is not a cartoon Pac-Man does not a cartoon Pokémon is on cartoon. It’s an anime.

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    And your comment is not written by a adult

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    This so cool and shows kids about so many things!

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    yay!! thanks for watching :)

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    1:06 tails 1:09 knuckles 1:13 eggman 1:18 sonic 1:29 super sonic (bro thinks he could beat him💀)

  • @premilasoku1431
    @premilasoku14314 ай бұрын

    Under 1 hr 😂🎉

  • @sandrajohnson2698
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    I have the pockimon toothpaste

  • @RaimondSalamander


    3 ай бұрын

    do raimond xp 😊

  • @Little.Paws78


    3 ай бұрын


  • @zedorplaysz4332
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    Tbh does sonic gummies look like toys ☠️

  • @bealea1127
    @bealea11272 ай бұрын

    Hold on, didn't you do the pikachu toothbrush in a old video?

  • @princetkidgamer17
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    Demon slayer traning with dentile digest 😮

  • @user-wd5kv2ii4n
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    you shold make a vid of you going to get food in california

  • @Lubna-ev9gs
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    Fun fact did you know Yoshi stands for adopted kid in English

  • @matthewmensah481
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    Happy National Video Game Day 🎮🕹️ from Dental Digest 🪥

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    Smoke! 💨 9:10

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    Can you eat all tiles a príngale 😊