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    Four types of innovations: 1. Potential products 2. Sustaining innovations 3. Disruptive products 4. Efficiency innovations Architecture to every job to be done: 1. There's a job to know given the situation I'm in. Functional, emotional, successful 3. How will they choose us. 2. What are the experiences we need to provide to do the job perfectly. 3. What kind of brand do we need to apply to that product.

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    what a good teacher. define and learn

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    RIP Professor, you've been an inspiration for so many of us.

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    Mr. Numi Who

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    We lost a source of thinking and humor (both will be missed).

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    Wow, didn't know he had passed.

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    thats so sad. im glad you got the chance to meet him

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    Sad news. This is the first time I'm hearing him - didn't even know who he was when I started. I used to have a very poor opinion about marketing and administration - he changed my mind. (I still have a very poor opinion about marketing, but now I see there are some aspects of it that are good).

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    I bought one of his books online and it turned out to be signed!

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    Super interesting. Added some books to the to-read shelves :)

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    @Arwa Ahmed lol

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    haha!@Murphy loves me

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    which you will never read

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    00:43 1st objective: how to sustain success 02:04 2nd: how to create growth 02:56 3rd: theories for decision making 06:23 Recovery from economic recessions 08:33 Four types of innovation: potential, sustaining, disruptive, efficiency 09:25 Potential innovations (No. 1) 12:00 Jobs to be done, milk shake case 23:25 Architecture of jobs to be done 28:55 Sustaining innovations (No. 2) 30:39 Disruptive innovations (No. 3) 36:20 Why incumbents don’t prevent being disrupted, personal computer case 41:18 The Innovator’s Dilemma 42:49 Toyota case 46:08 Q&A: which companies have successfully prevented disruption 48:33 Efficiency innovations (No. 4) 50:03 Why are we not able to keep the growth, financial ratios 1:00:53 Q&A: what metrics to use to break out of vicious cycle 1:02:13 Q&A: what jobs can humans do after AI revolution 1:05:37 Q&A: what causes disruption: technology, application, market effect 1:08:15 Q&A: how to explain high-end, top-down innovations like Uber, iPhone, Tesla 1:15:05 Q&A: How Will You Measure Your Life?

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    Zahidul Islam

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    Great job, Rick. Your work is a good example of active listening.

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    Thank you

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    Hey Rick, great tabulation of the presentation.

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    I like how the dude at 1:05:37 was essentially like "so snake oil doesn't cure anything, I get that, but is there a snake oil that can cure anything?" jj dude at 1:05:37 :)

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    Great!! Thnx

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    Sad to see such a brilliant man struggling with his health problems. God bless you, professor

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    This is an amazing talk and a highly recommended watch. True to form, Prof. Clayton is insightful, forward thinking and able to explain the theory and practical applications with clarity. This talk is engaging and offers a different perspective to the one currently being taught and practiced in many organisations. Prof. Clayton is an exceptional intellect and storyteller, his work and thinking is truly inspirational.

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    Some takeaways. 1. The customer is not the right unit of analysis; the "job" needing to get done by "hiring" a product/service is. 2. Marketing with such "jobs" in mind is referred to as using potential innovations. 3. Entrants using disruptive innovations tend to defeat incumbents using sustaining innovations (which are still critically important). 4. Sustaining innovations make good things better, and are replicative in nature; important but not bulletproof. Often overshoot what the customer actually requires. 5. Incumbents survive disruptive entrants by also engaging in disruptive innovation on the side with completely independent business units. 6. Efficiency innovations do more with less, keeping a company competitive and increasing profits with the side effect of reducing jobs. 7. Outsourcing is easier than increasing profits, so companies outsource to improve their ratio. 8. Focusing on ratios is detrimental to national economic growth, which is critical for the market to prosper. 9. Disruptive innovations stimulate economic growth. Companies focusing only on efficiency innovations causes economic recessions.

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    Jason Bulsa

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    Use more common words. Give examples of each?

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    The first couple ideas he explained shorter in this video kzread.info/dash/bejne/iayrtMGNhNixlMY.html if anyone want a quick intro into disruptive innovation

  • kolton crane

    kolton crane

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    Robby You make a good outline. It’s true companies have focused on ratios and have outsourced. It’s why the US had to beg China for masks in 2020 cause we outsource everything. Even The US military depend on china. What frustrates me is like some videos say how great and innovative Apple was. It’s like well lately they’ve not been. They’ve been caught doing planned obsolescence or when you update a phone it makes it slower. Tech is now making their product suck to make you buy it again. That’s not innovate.

  • kolton crane

    kolton crane

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    Adrie a lot of shareholders demand instant returns. It’s why the market is royally facked! Like it’s why bershire Hathaway or whatever does better cause they buy companies and don’t take them public so they’re not focused on ratios and short term performance. We need a recession and 20% of companies are zombies barely paying interest. It’s what happens you suckle on the governments tit and focus short term.

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    I just love this man....for his clarity and courage .

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    What a wonderful and enlightening talk, great lessons for us all!

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    This is the best marketing advice I’ve absorbed. So much respect for this man.

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    Professor Christensen’s brilliance and humility come from his faith. Rarely do we encounter such originality, incredible thoughts combined with humor and humility. It is true faith that help create these. Thank you Professor Christensen. You are as alive as ever.

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    You are so right ! A deep study of his life will reveal the answers to our lives.

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    He is such a humble guy. Every interview/session of his, he make sure he greats/appreciate the host.

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    Easily one of the best Talks at Google. So much to learn packed in one speech

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    He is one of the Best! Absolutely have tonnes of respect for him 🙏 Great talk and insights that can be implemented immediately to correct the course and steer forward to create growth and success! JTBD is powerful framework!! Thank you Clayton Christensen!

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    This talk is just absolutely amazing. Insightful and Inspiring :)

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    Do you mind summing it up for me? What is the answer to the question: Where Does Growth Come From?

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    May God bless Prof Clayton. His books and talks are always impactful.

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    Needed this talk today. Thank you Prof. Christensen.

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    One of the best business strategy talk, filled with insights. Great Q&A as well.

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    The talk reminds me of the importance of long term thinking. However, immensely successful disruptors can give the wrong impression about the realities of changing course. For the most part, the companies and individuals that stick to their knitting, and adapt over time, are the ones who are successful.

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    great talk, great insights!

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    Vjx LyVb be y @:!

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    OMG 💜

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    Du auch hier? :D

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    What a kind soul. RIP, Clayton.

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    Even after his stroke, he speaks more clearly than I, on a good day, can think- And the last 5 minutes.. Wow!

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    A great master and as his books brings to us very powerful mind set to make successful decisions. Thank You, Professor wherever you are.

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    enjoyed the whole talk, thank you for uploading this. Interesting thoughts and a lot ive learned just from this one video.

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    A very humble human being, with a very deep practical insight of his research know -how. Truly immense learning to listen / understand his perspective.

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    I am happy I was able to see this amazing presentation.

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    These "Talks at Google" are making a big impact on my life. Now I have to read all his books!

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    Lol! Same here

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    Every successful company needs to hear and understand these principles. Clayton predicted Intel's fall 10 years ago.

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    Amazing man and amazing speech. Thank you for sharing this.

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    Thanks professor Clay Christensen. Everytime I goto to bed I'm listening to your great lecture. Your theory some how changed the way I think in my life. RIP. Prof Clay..

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    God bless you, you are a great man. I am so inspired by you and your books. Thank you.

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    He may have had some trouble speaking because of his stroke but he mind is working extremely fast. You can tell by how witty he is and how quickly he can come up with answers to questions along with what seems like he knows every company in detail off the top of his head so his memory was working really well too. This is the first time I have seen him and I'm so sad to see all the RIP's. He looks very young to have had so many health problem and to have passed away. What a great talk!!

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    Perfect ending. Worth watching just for the last 4 minutes.

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    True dude

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    It was indeed an absolute eye-opener, and a great way to end the talk.

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    Splendid, I like the last four minutes of how to apply the disruptive theory in our family life , ...very useful

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    08:36 Intro to 4 types of innovation 09:29 Type 1. Potential innovation 29:11 Type 2. Sustaining products 30:40 Type 3. Disruption 31:45 What is disruption?

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    How can anyone even give this video a thumbs down! Awesome awesome talk

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    Simple. Thumbs pointing to their own intellectual level of understanding.

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    Didn't know about him until I watched this lecture. I loved what he said in the last 5 minutes, something to digest

    Dr RAMANAND YADAV4 жыл бұрын

    Great talk with contemporary insight of the behaviour an economy shows in special cases of cycles.

  • Shobhit Mohanty
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    It's so sad that the quality of the talk, has not been matched by the quality of the video. Please show the slides in full screen to bring out full value of Mr Christensen's fantastic lecture. Thank you

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    One of the most insightful yet humble speakers I've seen in a long time.

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    Very insightful talk. Worth every minute!

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    Hats off to u sir.... U sir are inspirational

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    Great talk and the last 5 minutes blew my mind!

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    Great talk. By this analysis what Tesla and SpaceX is doing is absolutely perfect.

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    I am just reading his work now and its such an inspiration!

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    wow!! its amazing to hear these thoughts (especially after he told the audience about his loss of speech situation!)

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    Very interesting! Enjoyed it and learnt a lot!

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    it is the most insightful speech ever!

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    what a great way to explain how we use the wrong metrics to measure our lives. Amazing!!

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    So right Justus. Study his life deeply and you will find clear answers for your own life v

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    Oh my goodness, what a resourceful and brilliant prof. I acquired more things in an hour than I ever imagined.

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    And the deepest answers can be found by studying his life and talks on all subjects v

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    Inspiring and insightful

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    RIP Professor. Thank you for your contributions.

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    The answer to the last question on how to measure your life is such a perfect extension of how the metrics enabled short term success and optimizing for that metric ended up costing them long term success. Beautiful mind.

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    ..enormous respect for this person.....

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    Brilliant talk...so sorry to hear of his passing.

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    Great!! Specially the last 5 minutes. Just sums up our lives.

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    An outstanding talk. What professor Clayton says moves perspectives.

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    Yes he has a perspective that comes from listening to spiritual guidance. Study his life and you will be inspired.

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    Lovely and insightful guy with humor. Love it.

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    Superb. Loved the part about how will you measure your life.

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    A great man at his best.

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    The man speaks better with half a brain than I do with a healthy brain ...

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    He has a kindness and humour when he speaks

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    He is amazing and he has left a great wealth of knowledge for us and for posterity!!

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    Particle Config.

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    how do you know it's healthy LOL =D

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    right? he is amazing.

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    Very elucidating talk. May he rest in peace. 🙏🏻

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    There is more to learn by studying his life Claire.

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    @21:39 Prof Christensen is a hero. So humble. So insightful. So open & honest. A very special man.

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    Thanks for sharing, your knowledge will live forever

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    amazing thoughts, provokes to think in the right way to get ahead in business:)

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    An incredible mind at work. Just wonderful.

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    Thought provoking bussines. I am applying those principles in my bussiness. Thank u for ur information.

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    This man did not loose his sense of humour.

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    Great Talk. Really enjoyed it. Specially the answer to the final question

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    He's talking to a very young audience. I wonder how many put their social world view and political pressure above the sound management theories he talks about.

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    This talk is more relevant today than ever. We’re seeing these ideas in real time with the labor market right now. RIP

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    Having studied marketing for a short while this, so far, has blown my mind, along with marketing curriculum I just studied, away.

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    Beautifully concluded!

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    The milkshake sentence is by far one of the funniest AND most brilliant things( at the same time) I've heard in my 44 year life.....hats off

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    Amazing Talk! RIP Professor

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    Rest in Peace professor!

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    With all respect to Professor Christensen (RIP), he got it very wrong on Huawei and Samsung. He believed, incorrectly, that those companies could simply copy and undermine Apple on cost. But, 5 years on, Apple has gone from strength to strength, and takes almost all the profit in the entire smart phone industry. The Professor, like many others, misjudged Apple's value proposition. Apple hasn't gone low-end in that time: it has pushed the industry to its price-points, not the other way around. (And no, I'm not a fan of Apple as a company. Sanctimonious tax-avoiders that they are. But, credit where due.)

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    There should be an accreditation attached to this presentation which is a perfect 10/10 must see for startups.

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    It was worth my time - every minute of it, but the last 4 minutes are transformational - thank you

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    Study more of his life Ed if you will.

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    One of the best professor , I studied at HBS.

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    Such committment to the discipline. Salutes professor

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    Great talk, now at 46:08 he says that companies can survive disruption by setting up independent divisions with new processes for producing new, potentially disrupting products. Interesting if Google has set up Alphabet Inc. based on this advice, or was that earlier ? Is Alphabet now seen as a successful initiative, or is it too early to judge ?

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    very inspiring!

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    1 hour 4 mins in... this talk is amazing!!!!

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    I think the solution started off right, "the problem with management is theyre too good at their jobs", the problem with sustaining innovation you need chaos to balance your order, chaos can be in many froms from a company pivoting to a different kind of business model. For example start ups are the opposite of typical large corporations, they are chaotic, they can pivot relatively quickly, they arent bound to relative constraints. Also a point, seems like he was wrong about his Tesla prediction, it seems more likely now, Tesla will buy other car automakers.

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    Great man! Thanks for this valuable content!

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    It's a theory about competitive response. In some instances, it takes the form of the competition not caring and hence not responding until it's way too late. In other instances, like in the Uber example, it is laws and infrastructure that keep the big guys from being able to respond in time. In the Tesla example, the job that needed to be done at first was that some of the hippies got rich and needed a way to show how much they loved the trees. The more expensive and impressive, the better. Tesla was competing against non-consumption in that way. Their reputation is what has enabled them to be successful up until now. But, even though the competition may have been skeptical at first, they are now jealous of the attention and actually doing something to move into that market, and Tesla has some great risk ahead of it. But how fast will their response be? The infrastructure and research is difficult to catch up with, so Tesla might survive after all. Will the other car companies build their own Gigafactories? I don't think Tesla will sell batteries to them, because they can't even meet their own demand yet. The basic principle is that startups need to build momentum in order to survive. If they have enough momentum, it will carry them into new markets and clear anything out of their path, including the monolithic establishments. In order to build momentum, they need room first. So the time that a startup has to obtain critical mass or escape velocity would be something like T_C T_A is the time it takes for the establishment to become aware that they are threatened T_J is the time it takes for them to adjust their infrastructure to be able to handle the threat Critical velocity is achieved when the startup is growing too fast for the future iterations of T_A and T_J to ever be lower again. That's the basic principle, I think. These are pretty loose terms, but this is how I think about it. The real value I have gained from the "Innovator's Dilemma" is the idea that the time it takes for big companies to become aware of a threat can be surprisingly long. The more timid people are, the more they depend on metrics and short-term assurances. When an entity only has things to lose, they develop a certain fear that can lead them to overvalue guaranteed, short-term success. There are some industries that attract disruption more than others because T_A and T_J are so high. Education is one of them. Space is another. The car industry. Banks. Basically, every entrenched institution that tends to attract insecure people who crave guaranteed outcomes. Those are, ironically, the industries that are at the highest risk of being disrupted. But some of them are protected by the general population. The consumers have to believe that the product that the establishment offers isn't made of magic. With space, it took some time for people to believe that a private company could do a good job. With electric cars, people believe(d) that gasoline cars are the sacred way of moving, and nothing could ever be better. With education, people's superstitions are obvious. These can be factored into some kind of relation that gives the expected amount of time for an industry to be disrupted, but it's a little complicated and I don't have the time to figure that out right now. It would be interesting, though. When all is said and done, I think that the way Elon Musk has gone about it might end up being studied in textbooks. He managed to stay under the radar for a few years before the auto industry started to actually take him seriously. What's the difference between that and going after the rebar? The number of cars he has produced before being taken seriously has been significant. We will see if it is enough to let Tesla scale up and beat the rest of the auto industry before they get there in time to stop it.

  • Hazdude


    5 жыл бұрын

    Yes it's the Tesla gigafactories that came to my mind when RONA was discussed. It's that sort of long term investment that puts Tesla at an advantage compared to the incumbents. I think Christensen's point about the market being taken out from under them by a low cost company with a disruptive business model is still valid, and something to consider for Tesla's long term (15-20 year) future .

  • Matthew Quilty
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    This is a fantastic talk, a very interesting way of thinking about things. Does anyone know if the slides from this talk are available anywhere??

  • Matthew Quilty

    Matthew Quilty

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    Found these slides for a talk he did in 2018 on similar topics. It is not an exact copy of this talk but many of the key slides are in there: www.innosight.com/insight/leading-transformation-ceo-summit-munich-2018/

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    I am happy I woke up to watch this. you know your stuff.

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    Great talk! Thanks for sharing!

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    Vale Prof Clayton Christensen. This is hands down the best talk ever.

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    There is so much more Phil if you study his life and talks amigo.

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    Heroic of him to give this talk while going through chemo and after experiencing a stroke.

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    His strength is super natural. Study his life Boston and you will receive more.

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    Very good talk. Learned a lot.

  • Zahidul Islam
    Zahidul Islam6 ай бұрын

    What I thought is about the impression you have left on me. Didn’t know that you yourself have left this world forever. RIP professor.

  • Jorge Castano
    Jorge Castano Жыл бұрын

    What a wonderful and wise man he was. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mr. Numi Who
    Mr. Numi Who4 ай бұрын

    Interesting is his 'what gets the job done' perspective for product innovation, and he gives concrete examples, but... he misses the non-concrete, such as frivolous fashion and clueless status, so add those to your list. You could call them 'psychological needs' rather than physical. On a deeper philosophical note, near the beginning he mentions the cyclic nature of economic recessions, but he does not know why they happen. At the most fundamental level, they happen because of Continued Universal Human Cluelessness (as defined by the Philosophy of Broader Survival). Being clueless, humans are driven by the Miseries of Clueless (read the philosophy), which includes Frivolous Fashion. Now, when a frivolous fashion runs it course, an economic recession sets in while humans wait for someone to invent the next frivolous fashion (to spend money on). So far, such clueless people have been what I call the Pillars of Capitalism - people who buy and consume frivolous, fashionable things that they physically do not need. That is no way to go forward as a species (read the philosophy), since it is ultimately suicidal. All that said, innovations do render reigning corporations moot, when the corporations' products or services (here in a frivolously fashionable and clueless world) are no longer desired or needed.

  • Multi Monitor Computer
    Multi Monitor Computer5 жыл бұрын

    what a great man, great talk, wow