What K-pop Idol means to teenagers (feat. ENHYPEN)

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  • odg

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  • fujeong

    seeing the members natural skin colours, especially jays, made me so emotional for some reason. they’re not only kind and talented but they’re all so beautiful in their own way

  • EA

    I love the way jay speaks so freely and openly. You can really feel he is being himself

  • Ashley Huynh
    Ashley Huynh7 сағат бұрын

    I think being able to meet almost any k-pop idol is an honor simply knowing all the effort and hard work they put into being who they are

  • Art Christian Azaña
    Art Christian Azaña16 сағат бұрын

    after watching it until the last second, and when I read all of what they said, I really feel like I'm loosing in tears... from the beginning it was kind of hyped for their expressions, but time goes by within their statements and emotions, it's too pure and priceless... this video not just about how other's opinion, it's all about mixed emotion at its matters... I can also imagine myself how would I probably feel if I'm in that opportunity, well I'm not that too die-hard fan of korean things, but I really love them all as part of reality... their musics... culture... food... living... it's just I can't explain the emotion inside my chest after watching this... it's a wholesome, and I agree to Jake that those teenagers who admires them, I also hoping that the opportunity that they've been with the korean boy group, they should cherish it... 😢🙂

  • I'm just vidu
    I'm just vidu

    These girls were so respectful. Of course it's basic human nature to respect others, and I appreciate that they treated the boys soo well

  • Sequoya Miles
    Sequoya Miles2 сағат бұрын

    I’m so happy they knew them. This was really nice.

  • Dainsleif

    The way they said "woah" when the girl mentioned their group name. 😭 Ahhh, Enhypen, you guys really deserve recognition.

  • ooh

    Jay’s words are literal wisdom i didn’t know that such a wise and mature man existed in enhypen i might actually stan him

  • Myat Noe Khin Khin
    Myat Noe Khin Khin2 сағат бұрын

    How can Sunoo has the kind of aura that keeps catching people's attention? He is just gorgeous 🦊

  • Niamh

    so happy to see a lot of people in the comments talking about jay. he's truly something else an an idol. he really inspires me a lot. thank you jay and enhypen for being the best idols <3 i hope you can see how much you mean to engene.


    the boys are so young yet so mature and well spoken. having to act as a public figure is hard but they pull it off flawlessly. seeing them this close and natural made me smile too, the boys have no flaws, they look so real here that it makes the video so much more meaningful. i wish all our boys a great future.

  • Pauline Barba
    Pauline Barba

    Once again, thank you Jay for being an inspiration to a lot of people. You don’t know how your existence affects us in the most meaningful way. You really represent the group in a kind of way that is beautiful that gives hopes to a majority of people once they got to realize your sentiments

  • angry bird who loves corn
    angry bird who loves corn

    i love how deep of a person JAY is and how well spoken he is. ill never regret stanning this man. fighting enhypen aja

  • beomgyu:3
    beomgyu:39 сағат бұрын

    Si tuviera esa oportunidad lloraría

  • Kou In
    Kou In

    Mis pequeñitos, estoy muy agradecida de haberlos conocido. Ellos diciendo que se deben a esforzar más duro pero para mí ellos se esfuerzan, tanto que merecen un descanso. Chicos no olviden que Engene los ama mucho.(⁠。⁠・⁠/⁠/⁠ε⁠/⁠/⁠・⁠。⁠) Gracias por existir mis pequeñitos.

  • beomgyu:3
    beomgyu:39 сағат бұрын

    Dioses lloreeee

  • Beomie RJღ
    Beomie RJღ

    Esto es tan emocionante, que bonito y que amables fueron todos, las chicas fueron tan afortunadas de tenerlos cerca 😭💕

  • betty batoot
    betty batoot7 сағат бұрын

    The fact that they thought no one knew who they were or scared they wouldn’t be recognized made me so sad cuz they’re talented and hard working and they deserve to be out there showing their talent and hard work💕 fighting guys💪🏽

  • Lolita Arguelles
    Lolita Arguelles

    I'm not not a Enhypen fan but I can clearly see in this video why they are loved by so many. Down to earth, humble, and very well spoken group of persons. Aside from their talents their characters and manners made them shine.