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    They literally lied. Not all of the amp squad knew. And notice how sofie never thanked them or anything when she's thanked others? Because they took advantage of her pain to try and hurt amp world. Use your head

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    Science maybe be boring for some people but when Caleb explains the scientific facts it just makes science fun that’s why I love it

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    Book look f***

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    Rip to Caleb’s interesting science facts that I want to listen to and I find interesting 💀

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    Amazing video and very helpful! 👍👏

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    Finally Here is the full shorts!!!

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    Na I fr need Caleb as my science teacher ngl

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    @BeastPhilanthrophy10 BOT

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    Fr I know why they are inturping him because they failed science as little kids so they are tired of Caleb being a showoff in science

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    Poor Caleb, I care😊

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    Me too fr am dumb right now

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    Parabéns novo seguidor vocês riscam mesmo as suas vidas e vocês são muito legais

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    Like they didn't know about that dinosaur game, because I play that game when I don't have internet, that's all.

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    А Шон её в кровать хочет 17:31

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