Breaking Survival Minecraft to Get Revenge

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  • @planetlord

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  • @forgetIris

    The fact they started on 3 hearts and ended on 3 hearts is actually kind of wholesome

  • @justbee232

    This went from a glitch documentary to a heartwarming mini-movie

  • @jellytrooperjeff8034


  • @user-tt9xs7ff2w

    my anger issues were through the roof this whole video bc of how much they kept killing you but omg that was wholesome at the end,, love your videos, planet, keep up the good work :]

  • @Sammalam549

    It started from glitching and trolling people, until the end left us off to a lesson. Never leave people behind 😊

  • @Fioya

    the ending is so warm. I can't believe I watched a 30 minute video straight and not being bored at all. I love this type of videos. Keep uploading!

  • @MrCube6

    At first, I was upset that I lost my heart to your trap, but I'm just happy that it helped Jaron respawn! This video was sooo good, I had the feels multiple times. great intensity and amazing stuff! all around a beautiful video! gg

  • @aloevera3317

    This whole video was so poetic, since you not only began and ended it with your team on 3 hearts, but even decided to forgo getting as many hearts as possible because you were happy that your team got back together! I'm literally crying rn bc that's so wholesome 😭💜💙 Excellent video, Planet!

  • @profic0134

    This video is actually just one of the best things ive ever seen in my life, it was a roller coaster of absolutely everything, i do not know how does something be this good, never stop uploading you can easily get to more than 10 million subscribers its just about the time you have extreme talent 👏

  • @chrisss7478

    the journey was so wholesome and sad at the same time. The fact that they started on 3 hearts and ended on 3 hearts was so wholesome

  • @ivyluvstwice

    the end was literally so wholesome the way they still remembered that they were on 3 hearts when they started to be a team

  • @dreamingv7737
    @dreamingv7737Күн бұрын

    this is simply the best gaming video everrr, it wasnt just the gameplay, it was the friendship stuff and the fact that they did all that to get back as one team even if they have to start from square one 👏🏻🙌🏻

  • @bladekillzYT

    Planet: I feel like flying in survival

  • @kristinezamutt9253

    I appreciate the content, very informative and easy to understand. Videos run smoothly and don't jump abruptly to nonsense. The best though would be how wholesome these videos are. They're not just about being the best player in minecraft but building a community of friends to play along side with. It's just beautiful to watch. I absolutely enjoyed every second!

  • @rolanddagger773

    For some reason, always looking at different perspectives of lifesteal smp makes me fell more insight on LS in general. Usually the first time I watch a whole situation in one perspective, I feel deep hatred towards their enemies(thats how good LS videos are), and never think of what is happening in the enemy's perspective. Now, by watching yours, I realize how much those other LS members were villains to you guys. This has shown me that everyone in lifesteal has a cruel and good side.

  • @youssefm6818
    @youssefm681814 күн бұрын

    the fact that they have the determination to get back their stuff everytime they die

  • @zemolga-lser6327

    For once, I actually find a Minecraft video to be sweet. Most other "sad" Minecraft videos can't compare to what I felt while watching this

  • @linkcorp2789

    These kinds of videos really hit me emotionally, they are perfect.

  • @Spokeishere

    Amazing video! I saw a man get dragged into an SUV to never be seen again in 1998.