This Aquarium Was Abandoned, So I Transformed It

Үй жануарлары мен аңдар

I found the worst ever fish tank in the universe on Facebook Marketplace. So obviously I had to buy it, completely transform it, and somehow save the fish that were alive in it.
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  • @ManualDriver-ur3xk
    @ManualDriver-ur3xk28 күн бұрын

    bro really took the worst fish tank ever, and actually made something good out of it. that was worth watching to the end

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    @@mickelston83 you mean true ☝🏻🤓

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    Next vid we neeeeeed to see her get pranked! Hit that 👍button to make it happen

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    27 күн бұрын

    Idea for next vid: build a large ecosystem and make a series of videos about it and the life that goes on in it in an entire year

  • @TheRealTopHatRed
    @TheRealTopHatRed28 күн бұрын

    “It’s mushroom” “No it’s not it’s rocks” *mission failed, we’ll get em’ next time*

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    Random guy: ooh I want some soup :) *eats rocky soup* eugh *petrifies into a moai*

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    this is very scare, my cat is sad

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    Bro tried to feed his mom dirt soup lmao

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    its a miracle he didn't get smacked

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    @@jonasarminsepasi5133 why did you read the comments before watching the video ...

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    Oh good reason

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    3:50 nice mushroom soup

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    mmmm yummy

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    O MI OMG

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    Yummy yummeh

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    Imagine being a homeless person, getting taken from the streets, and put in a mansion. W KZreadr fr

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    What is that joke

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    Its the same situation as the frog and fish

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    @@DylanSmart-qu8nphow is that weird

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    @@DylanSmart-qu8npit’s not a joke

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    Who wants TerraGreen to have 10m subcribers

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    Meee ☝☝

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    More like 100m

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    Bro 100m?

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    10m+ needs more atleast. Awesome channel. And those khuli loaches are friken awesome. I love khuli loaches

  • @devilgamer-qg6fq
    @devilgamer-qg6fq27 күн бұрын

    If im a fish in that tank i would jump out if i see that robot fish swimming towards me lol,you did a great job btw!

  • @MrHillbilly
    @MrHillbilly28 күн бұрын

    Those robot fish are funny as hell!! 😂

  • @TerraGreen1


    28 күн бұрын

    And that brand had tons of other robot animals on the shelves. You already know those are gonna be in future videos lol

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    ​@@TerraGreen1when u guys gonna collab?

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    @@TerraGreen1please collab with dr. Plants

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    @@TerraGreen1robot snake!?🐍

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    @megaball-ps8tq28 күн бұрын

    Can we appreciate this guy for saving those fish and frogs and making them a cool fish tank for them in the end. This channel is so underrated and really deserves over 1 million subscribers.

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    @Wroredko YES

  • @Eryniell
    @Eryniell27 күн бұрын

    I half expected you to add some eyes on the rock cave cause it literally looks like a giant crab to me XD also good job on giving those fish and frogs a proper home ^^

  • @rawrderpherp
    @rawrderpherp22 күн бұрын

    A lot of those plants you buried are epiphytes, so they may rot. They do better glued onto rocks or wood so the rhizome is exposed. As well, the auto fish feeder may cause a build up of excess food, and that’s pretty dangerous. Testing strips aren’t very accurate and don’t always test for the right things; but API makes a water test kit that’s great! Best of luck!

  • @ZargarCustom
    @ZargarCustom28 күн бұрын

    6:17 this is funny

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    Bro is so insane at these transformation i sometimes don't believe it, that's how good he is!!!

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    I’m so glad I watched one of your videos. I was very bored and didn’t know what to watch. I accidentally dropped the remote and it landed on your video. I decided to watch it and I now love terrariums. I might get one soon and I know I will fall in love with it.

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    Who wants terragreen to have 100T subscribers

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    ok i m up

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    Me too

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    I'm asleep 💀

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    Bro i actually just wake up from sleep and watch terra green

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    ok i woke up too

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    I'm going to look like a massive nerd but I love how you added 4 tetras. (Its the prefix for 4 of an element in chemical names)

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    @sackzcottgames26 күн бұрын

    at least the seller was honest about the fish

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    My man terra green yiu havent made videos for days finally you made a good video

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    The "NICE" meme got me good😂😂

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    The channel "tierra epica" is stealing your videos and uploading them in Spanish.

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    Oh if its wau to related i report them

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    PVZ lore: 4:09 jokes aside, this is my favorite KZread channel.

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    Thanks bro

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    @@TerraGreen1 Love your vids! U inspired me to create my own!

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    @@TerraGreen1 No problem!

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    While watching this I got a ad for fishing bait lmao

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    I’m so glad you gave the lonely khouli loach some friends

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    Idk how I didn’t see this for 2 days but I know this video is good

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    Keep up the good work :)

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    Yo your editing on vids is amazing

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    Bro finally dropped an another banger

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    Bro your videos are goated🐐🐐

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    I respect how dedacated this guy is 400 pounds on supply’s dedication is on a whole new level.

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    Your insane at editing keep up the work! Great video !❤

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    You just got yourself another subscriber. I love the video!! I rlly like what you did with the tank! Keep up the the good work(btw I rlly loved the mudskipper video)

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    Do a swamp simulation next

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    This guy’s underrated

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    millions of views and 332k is underrated ??

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    ⁠yep it’s still underrated he needs way more then that

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    Bro ur underrated

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    Wish i had that talent to make those

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    Bro if I was a fish I would choose to live in one of your fish tank your amazing

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    A new day a new great video!

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    I love your videos TerraGreen.

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    Bruh straight up tried to feed his mom soil soup 🤣

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    10 videos 344k subs,bro is growing faster than light

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    Nice video love how your mom reacts😂❤

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    I'm glad you're back. Where were you?

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    I’m pretty sure he just takes along time for each video for like editing and buying the stuff

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    Damn bro, last time I saw you, you had 70k subs now you Have 300k subs congrats dude keep up the amazing vids

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    Never thought id be watching aquarium videos but I must say, this vid is very cool!

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    I LOVE YOUR VID btw here is a vid idea: Building a ecosystem with stuff I find out and inside

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    I like that



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    @@TerraGreen1is that gonna be a video?

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    this is one of the fastest growing channels ive seen

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    The frog when the robo fish comes😂

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    Dammm he is so good no actually no JOKE like bruh HOWWWW!!

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    U need to post more videos man ur videos are awesome

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    Yay you back where were you?

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    W TerraGreen saving the animals

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    I tried to do something like this on my channel… but I got a lot of hate. I found your channel, and I felt better, and so I subscribed and now I’m saving up money to get stuff to make a new video. Thank you for being there for me when I was down. I love your channel and I hope you get millions one day. Once again… thank you. 😊 🙏

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    I make sure to watch all the ads to give you money! keep up the work!!!

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    I know im late to comment on this vid but its becus i dint expect a video and i cuz there wasnt videos for a long time so i just thouth you were going thru someting or had a brake anyways tho Great vid saving animals making them a new home nice👍

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    Loaches hide in substrate so make sure there isn’t some in gravel

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    Have some animals and bugs live in a Lego ecosystem mixed with some real plants

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    That's not going to work.

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    ​@@ajpd3850 I think they mean Lego decor and some real plants in a tank

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    loaches are known for being able to tolerate filthy water,as are those frogs. They are probably the survivors of this aquarium.

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    You drop them inside of a fish tank with dark water do you even know how to take care of fish or even the frogs the water has to be clean not swamp water

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