These Football Skills Should Be Illegal


Football skills that should be illegal because they totally embarrassed their defenders.
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    Videos we've all been missing

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    Bro are u ok?

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    There are two incredible ones missing in there, Romario playing for Flamengo vc Amaral, and Denilson playing for Brazilian squad vs Arce. These two are must have

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    Also taarabt nutmeg in the premier league

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    I just saw this. Made me subscribe immediately. The style, the edit, the nuances, the millisecond details, sound effects, and the reactions when a nasty panna sinks in. You can tell the video was made by someone who has played and loves football.

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    Ronaldo back at those days was something else! His dribbling was made of a magic I swear if he haven't faced knee injury, he would be the king of dribbling

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    0:01 Master 0:26 Legendary 0:46 Crafter 1:02 Magical 2:14 Demolisher 3:52 The O.G 5:09 Masterpiece 5:30 Unstoppable 7:50 G.O.A.T 8:00 AkSkiller7 8:37 DoubleTrouble

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    Now that is absolute talent. How can one say its illgal. Its can only be showcased on the field. Hats off to those players.

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    Shame there wasn't more of Ronaldinho in here. You could make an hour long compilation of him doing this to people. That man was absolutely magical with a football

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    Mi favorito fue los de Cristiano Ronaldo en el Manchester United👹🔥♥️, él fue el jugador que mas admire en mi niñez y adolescencia

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    Good highlights, amazing editing, good choice of music. Your video is 🔥 I cant understand how there are 500 dislikes, smh bruh 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    Those who disliked are the defenders who got wasted in this video.

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    Esse é O estilo de Futebol Que Admiro, Denilson, Robinho, Ronaldinho Gaúcho, Neymar, Romario, euller, Juninho, Muller, Visk São Tantos Que Poderia Passar Escrevendo Aqui O dia Todo, Esse é O estilo Brasil.

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    Se ele fosse fazer um vídeo da seleção com esses dribles duraria umas 5h de vídeo 🤣

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    You're right man I agree with you in one point when attackers embarasss defenders by some skill(which I call as a dirty skill) at that time people will troll the defender and call that defender an absolute joke but when defenders embarass attackers by dirty fouls then,people will mock the defender harshly criticize him,dub him as a violent player. So,good point mate loved you're video.

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    Sin importar que tan habilidoso sea el contrario. Ataca siempre al cuerpo y casi nunca perderás. Es preferible la falta antes que te dibujen la cara.

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    The GOAT of editing "Javier Nathaniel" is back you literally inspired the the whole generation of KZreadrs such as Teo Cri

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    The feeling is mutual my fren

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    Se for controle corinthais deveria ser todas ilegais kkkkkkk

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    Nah the inspiration was HeilRJ

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    No doubt some of those defenders would have needed more counselling than physio after being subjected to that brutality. How cops did not get involved on that pitch is beyond me.

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    Beautiful compilation. I really enjoyed watching this but realised there was not a single clip from one of most supremely gifted footballers of all-time - Jay Jay Okocha!

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    totally criminal. They all got this skills from Jay himself

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    Talk about crime itself

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    Those dribbles are unreal.. Great editing and nice compilation 👍🏿

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    I remember the one of Sturridge turning Koscielny inside out was in 2013 and the scoreline was 2-0 in favor of Arsenal

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    1:25 I love how he just falls out of sight 😂

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    didn't no one notice this comment. ..hahhahaha

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    Ronaldo is like "Get out of the way men!"😂😂

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    0:36 if I was that guy, I wouldn't show my face on that pitch EVER AGAIN! 😂💀

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    The editing on this is insane man. Major props 🙌🏾

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    The funniest part is that messis dribbling isn't that flashy at at all(if we can even call it dribbling) ... He just gets moving and it's nearly impossible to stop him🤔

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    THIS...IS...FOOTBALL !!!! 💯👏🏽

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    El fútbol es un espectáculo, entonces todo lo que los 22 jugadores demuestren en la cancha son genialidades que agradan a la vista del espectador, son válidas, no hay nada que cambiar..

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    I miss Fernando Torres' impressive appearance when he was in the Premier League with Liverpool

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    That Kevin hart part got me dead 💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂

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    é por isso que o futebol é rei!!!!

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    7:09 until now I haven't seen any player make the opponent eat grass unconsciously like Quaresma did ..GOAT moment🏅⭐

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    7:47 that right there !! Not a skill, thats struggle !! Love it !! ❤

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    Impressive pass from 7:34 travelled in time to reach Ronaldinho at 7:35 🤣🤣

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    Amazing video! Next time, please include the skills of Khvicha Kvaratskhelia too! 💥💥

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    Your creativity in these videos is world class...

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    Music name?

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    How I can get copyright free soccer video for my KZread channel

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    Wt abt the players who messed up another player

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    Falto el caño que le hizo Jorge Valdivia a Fucile esa fue en la copa América del 2015 ojalá la puedas poner para la próxima

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    0:01 Robinho's move never gets old

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    Rest in peace to all defenders whose souls were taken 🙏

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    But Marcelo and other stars were nutmeged in this video yet they went to be more powerful after their the olé’s

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    Es pura magia, puro arte es lo bello del fútbol y si va acompañado de goles mejor, es más es una abilidad que nace, es inata.

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    Esse lençol que o Neymar deu deve ter deixado o cara furioso, porque na Europa eles detestam isso. Eu quero é mais. No entanto, o Pepe Guardiola parabenizou o Douglas Costa quando este deu um lençol no adversário pelo Bayern de Munique. 👏👏👏

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    This is the content that doesn't make me feel like I wasted my life after watching. 😊

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    The only time wasted one should regret is time spent with x'

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    Im a chelsea fan..but that ozil goal will forever win my heart

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    Never have I seen players get violated like this😭😭😂 Arrest the skillers😂

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    V q

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    Noobs get destroyed & trolled by pros in pubg. It's like that. 😁 They're not that good to be quite honest.

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    @@michaelphaomei5041 but still pretty awesome 😁

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    @@AI_InsightsWorld yes

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    En la jugada de di María vs Puyol en el minuto 6 con 10 segundos Puyol resbala al plantarse y estar frente a frente a Di María y Di María también espera el frente a frente pero ve que Puyol resbala y avanza pero Puyol no se come ninguna finta

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    Reporter: Do you think FIFA should introduce warning card for 'illegal' skills? Boateng:( Looks at Puyol, then Messi and Neymar) I think they should... you know we have families and friends..and sometimes it can be very embarrassing.

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    Ozil skill is so much underrated 🥵🔥🔥

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    JN is back. The GOAT of Football videos on KZread 💯

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    Fantastic video. I think here fits very well the Douglas Costa winning goal against Lokomotiv Moskow last year.

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    I love that Kelvin De Brunne's dribble. It is one I'd love to watch over and over again. #Manchester City #Kelvin De Brunne

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    0:47 when de bruyne is so good at giving assists that even the opposition starts scoring for them

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    Futebol é arte.

  • @RobertA-bj7ou
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    He’s not wrong, these moves should be illegal. Someone could seriously get hurt.

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    The gospel is this: No human is good to meet up to God’s standard. We cannot earn our way to Heaven. We have a much easier time getting into Heaven on a ladder of straw than actually get there by our good works. All of our sins have offended and angered a holy God that demands justice to be paid for crimes against Him. So it’s either a finite creature like we humans pay the penalty of our sins for all time( in hell) against an infinite and eternal God or an infinite being like God who pays the penalty of sin for one time. 2000 years ago, God became a human in the being of Jesus Christ. He endured the wrath of God in our place and died for us, but 3 days later he rose from the dead! Since He is God and is indeed good, He was the only propitiation for our sins. God now commands everyone to repent, to turn away from sin and place their faith in Jesus.Trust Him, and Him alone for salvation

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    This video gets me every time 😂 😂 mad respect for you bro JN🔥🔥🔥🙏

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    As a defender, a bit of my soul died for them 😭

  • @omphemetseitumeleng1765
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    You are right this is illegal, they should be arrested. This is embarrassing

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    Lo que me gusta es que no solo pone a las grandes estrellas como otros canales. Aquí se ponen buenas jugadas aunque sea de la 3 división de Armenia.

  • @paulbismuth137
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    1:12 : pour se débarrasser d'1 défenseur qui colle +++ 2:15 / 2:26 : répétition puis stopper la répétition ++ 4:14 : si le défenseur suit trop vite +++ [MESSI] : entrée intérieur puis le fameux crochet 5:19 : si 1 défenseur vient face à moi + le gardien aussi aligné immobile face à moi quand je cours +++ 5:30 : [CR7] avance sur le CÔTÉ (perpendiculaire aux cages) puis feinte posage pied (en ciseau) si défenseur précipité

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    As soon as I saw the first clip with Robinho I said to myself “this is going to be a good vid”😂

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    You're right

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    Without these skills there is no football😁😁😁😸😸😸

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    0:39 has to be one of the most deadliest skills🔥🔥🔥

  • @DomeFilmtTim


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    A lovely reverse elastico😍

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    7:26 he passed the ball to Ronaldinho!! 🔥

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    Yeah that was crazy

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    Están buenas las.jugadas. Pero deberían de ver e incluir las de Jorge "El Mágico" González; quién jugó en el Cádiz de España.

  • @davidgriffith618
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    My son,age 7, practiced these same skills, they are not tricks, and are legal. Just practice is needed. We lived on a steep incline that was used as a practice field. We met the Brazilian soccer player on the Washington DC, home field in the late 1970's. Pepe.. Sister was coin toss girl. He was a bat boy.

  • @jorgeneumann1000


    Ай бұрын

    Of course they are legal, the title is sarcasm lol.

  • @bella-tk4gc
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    I burst to laughter when Kevin Hart appeared 😂😂😂

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  • @mrcerclees
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    *I like how every player does this to one player but Messi does it to the whole team*

  • @noormohamed4997
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    You forgot so many clips of Ronaldinho humiliating opponents with his skills. Man he was so dope back in those days

  • @equipmentnazo6871


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    No! He did not make them fall

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    ESTUPENDO, magnífica selección. . . Muchísimas Gracias.

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    Falto el último gol de James Rodríguez a Japón !! En mundial 2014

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    Video top mano parabéns ✌🇧🇷

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    7:32 how is that possible? He just gave pass to Ronaldinho while both are playing in different league. Jk😁

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    That was dope🤣

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    That clip shows you why this guy is the goat of editing

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    @@kingt2olase94 he means how the previous synced with ronaldinho's clip

  • @Everyone___


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    the ball had space and time journey

  • @cesargutierrez1826
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    Y eso que ustedes no vieron los partidazos que jugaba Troncal Negrete, con estrellas como El Igualito a Pelé, El Primo de Maradona, etc. Dirigidos por el gran "estrenaol" Don Fermín.

  • @vk_8385
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    That Marcelo crossover against Robben was legendary.

  • @jhonquispeescobar8506
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    2:55 igual a la de Messi a Boateng, ese movimiento nunca falla

  • @goodluckorume1285


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  • @daviferreira5094
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    Como dizia o finado Dener, "prefiro o drible ao gol", eu também, como peladeiro, me divirto vendo os patos caírem, rolarem e chorarem de tanto tomar dribles.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    esto demuestra que el futbol es una obra de arte

  • @goalmachine1052
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    Coach: why cant you be a defender Me:shows this to my coach

  • @Altister


    3 жыл бұрын

    Exactly I've been embarrassed to many times. But then again. I don't like pushing. I just stay mid

  • @goalmachine1052


    3 жыл бұрын

    Yeah I am a striker as well and don't like to defend but yeah just gotta do it

  • @karimabay26


    3 жыл бұрын

    You need to bend your knees and keep him Infont of you. Always force hem to go to the sideline. Never step in. 99 out of 100 times he will do something stupid and you can pick the ball up and pass to your colleague. Your welcome 🍹🥳👑💸

  • @garoninho9259


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    *lol great response 😁*

  • @lovethestars_lovethemoon
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    This was more entertaining than I expected 😆 love the editing 💙👌

  • @juppdreschke2010
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    Thank you. Really nice Clip. Your Next video about Skills should include Taarabt and Boufal. When its about Skills, these two players are rare seen quality

  • @marcossalcedo2541
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    Algunas jugadas fueron rebasicas pero algunas mejores que hasta las que hace ney y manes que no son conocidos

  • @geniellrod7625
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    Nossa , perfeito o passe de Lucas Lima pra Ronaldinho G magnífico kk

  • @msngr4t
    @msngr4t Жыл бұрын

    Best one for me was Ronaldo for Portugal… used my favorite moves heel to heel and fake shot… and ended it with a perfect cross

  • @javananderson6697
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    3:43 That Fernando Torres goal thou ‼🤯

  • @ggallin2043
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    Mahrez is The Master of this skill He makes it in every Match ✔

  • @rakisk1590
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    Andrea's own goal was illegal 😂😂

  • @Biobele
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    They anticipate what you are about to do so you have to anticipate what they anticipate and counter it. Thats why we love Football

  • @MT_199
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    0:50 One of De Bryune's most genious moments.

  • @PoloML


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    noodles :3 *everyone when they play FIFA*

  • @officialr3dic120
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    1:02 is hands down the best individual skill😭 Lmaoooo

  • @markokollar8040
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    Me: **learning difficult skills for weeks to use them in matches** Legends: **body feint** 🤔

  • @tiagocruz1255


    3 жыл бұрын

    Body feint is one of the most efficient skills

  • @sir9602


    3 жыл бұрын

    If u use it in the right way it can be the most effective

  • @sentinelfox8846


    3 жыл бұрын

    You can use body feint more effective is your skills to the ball are clean, other wise you maybe end with your face in the ground

  • @androidgamer1112


    3 жыл бұрын

    Watch messi, he just use touches and body feint and is still a world class attacker. One doesn't have to have ultra legendary skills to be good.

  • @jorgevillatoro9118
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    3:37 the commentator is spitting straight bars

  • @robertosvath7208
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    3:36 the commentator rapping over the beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    lol great one

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    What's on your profile

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    This comment is just savage!! Damn!!

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    Heyyyyy nice one

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    If there is no Ronaldinho it is nonsense,Ronaldinho was a magical player in the world and i think there is no one else can do that

  • @cloesanchez3974
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    Falto de Jesús Manuel corona también hace buenas jugadas

  • @shashankhmenon5460
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    If only Ronaldo could dribble as well as he did at 1:23 throughout his career maybe he would have been as good as messi

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    Bruh I don't know how it's even possible but your editing got even better. Never leave us again.

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    You’re the future of KZread man 🔥🔥🔥

  • @amensah950
    @amensah9503 жыл бұрын

    This video edit inflicted more pain to these players than the actual players that violated them! 😂

  • @IltonMarquesjr
    @IltonMarquesjr3 жыл бұрын

    only thing i miss is more clips from ronaldinho.. the king of dribbling

  • @bmentertainment5385
    @bmentertainment53852 жыл бұрын

    Özil lobbed the keeper and other defenders fell down. Now that's humiliating

  • @judeneweir-nwaojigba5612
    @judeneweir-nwaojigba56123 жыл бұрын

    Yo, Messi getting the counter-attack on should *itself* be very illegal.

  • @mrmorgan6526
    @mrmorgan65263 жыл бұрын

    Up to date, nobody better than Robinho with step overs

  • @robsonrosa1170
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    Só faltou o okocha e o Djalminha

  • @Icedmindblow
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    As a FC Bayern fan, that Boateng bit made me laugh, alot. :D

  • @hugobarrantes8838
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    Eso se llama talento, destreza, habilidad, etc. Gracias a eso el fútbol soccer es el deporte Rey y el deporte más entretenido del mundo!!!

  • @goodfirstthanksgive1864
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    Fact is that most of the skills were ankle breakers 😂😂😂❤