The process of making caviar, one of the world's top three delicacies / Korean street food

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The process of making caviar, one of the world's top three delicacies
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    How did I end up here..........

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    Well.... I ended up here after watching stone remove from cow heels and then coconut worm fried ice cream

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    I was asking myself the same question 😂

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    There are brands of caviar that are fish friendly. The mature female sturgeon are milked for their roe to be turned into caviar. This no kill method is extremely sustainable. A small portion of the eggs are held back from each milking to be fertilised for the future generations of sturgeon. The female is then rested and well fed for around 2-3 years before they harvest her roe again.

  • @luciasaunders9736


    2 жыл бұрын

    Yes, it's very true and it's the first and original form of getting caviar...just squeezing out of fishe Russians did this for centuries. I never knew before that Japanese actually kill fish to get caviar and I'm very saddened by this. I love caviar but I will not eat it because I find barbaric to kill fish just to rob it of its eggs....If fish is just sqeezed and then put back in to water stream it's O.K.

  • @acrazyweeb7225


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    “If the animals okay, I’m willing to pay.” -Sun Tzu

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    @@acrazyweeb7225 Beautiful lol

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    @@luciasaunders9736 sooooo as long as the mother is ok I am willing to eat it’s eggs???? That’s a little hypocritical right?

  • @itsmenic6167


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    @@luciasaunders9736 you mean the Koreans

  • @baby51piece64
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    The fact that they hand pack, hand catch, hand clean, not with robots or machines. That’s just respect 🫡.



    Ай бұрын

    But no respect for the animals itself

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    ​@@GENEVIVEMUSICvegan spotted

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    @@GENEVIVEMUSIC dude cutting open a fish for unfertilised eggs is ok 💀

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    The foul machine made by man was not used

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    I don't personally understand the hype over Caviar, but I love the process that they went through to harvest it for those who like it. 👌✨

  • @yurirodrigues2745


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    It must be very tasty for someone to pay dearly to eat.

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    Try it, its really nice. There are some more really expensive , somehow i dont know how 😊

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    Honestly, you're not missing much. It's great the first time, and afterwards it's just kinda meh.

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    @@tylerhaunted 😂😂😂😂 thaks

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    It's just a pretentious commodity to show off wealth, same as owning an expensive sports car. From what I have heard it taste like fish (no surprise) so you are paying 10 times more for ten times less.

  • @diontankeita6650
    @diontankeita66502 жыл бұрын

    I respect the craftmanship and dedication...but...essentially...sturgeons are being grown, fed and killed only to please wealthy humans taste buds?! 13 years, plus hours/days of patience and delicate work...for such a short-lived culinary experience. And it's a billions bucks industry... If anything, this encapsulates a lot of what's wrong with human nature... ***UPDATE*** 1700+ likes?!? WOOOOW. Thanks a lot y'all 🤗 Mostly to those of you who understood the message and its meaning, who took the time to actually read the words and to comment on-topic and add to the conversation.

  • @nelliethursday1812


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    Thank you my thoughts exactly wasting a life for 2 of the 7 deadly sins

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    @@nelliethursday1812 Exactly...

  • @Daniel-tx5vk


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    Couldn't have said it better, you are absolutely right

  • @marlonm.255


    2 жыл бұрын

    Well it is giving people jobs and it is a controlled sustainable practice so it doesn’t really have an imprint in nature. Sad for the sturgeons but if we can pet dogs and eat burgers without questioning either one then who are we to judge?

  • @eugene4995


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    Fish were made for a reason and that reason is to eat them

  • @justinshim4895
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    I love how they create this gigantic, perfect package, all sealed with a ribbon complete with an ice pack, a booklet, and a mother of pearl spoon, but then they put one tiny tin of caviar that's about 2 inches in diameter. Truly, presentation is everything (okay, to be fair, if I saw a package that big with the word "caviar" on it, I would expect more than a single tin)

  • @NuRong_
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    애들 크기마다 사료크기도 작고 큰게 넘 귀엽다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • @Paigelikesfluffythings
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    I can't help but admire how careful and clean they are, and how they treat the sturgeon. They kill it before butting it open which sometimes I see in other Asian seafood videos. I really enjoyed this!

  • @juanapina5767


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    Q maravilloso el proceso de preparación..lo q no estoy d acuerdo en q se le asesine a 1na especie viva para complacer el paladar d otros.

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    @@juanapina5767 Que hiciste con la increíble cantidad de tiempo que ahorraste por poner q en vez de que y d en vez de de? XD

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    I don't like that they kill the fish, but I guess it's better to do so _before_ cutting it open.

  • @DemiCape


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    Well I just saw a video of a guy just milking the same type of fish, which means this is not a cost effective method of harvesting, and leaving the fish alive by milking it will make more fish eggs in the long run. So killing here is not needed.

  • @Paigelikesfluffythings


    Жыл бұрын

    @@DemiCape I’m familiar with that method as well, and I agree, it is more sustainable and kind, but I only wanted to point out in this video that it was good of them to kill the fish before they cut it open. Often times in other videos, I’ll see street vendors just start to cut the fish open right then and there, you know? But yes, I 100% agree with live harvesting. 😁

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    The way they pack it perfectly into those containers is so satisfying

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    Its almost like.... that the whole point of the video 🤯😱😱

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    Is it? They way picked out most of the white eggs but still left a few got me triggered!

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    No it isn't.

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    نسيت قول أنه غالي جدا ويجب ان تكون ملياردير حتى تتذوق القليل منه 😂😂😂😅 شكرا لك على الفديو و بالتوفيق❤

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    Bro it’s like 700 for a tin it is not a billion wth are you even talking about

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    Damn they definitely care about quality over quantity. They’re taking their time to make sure everything is as perfect as it can be. No wonder it’s expensive. I haven’t had any in over 5 years but now I’m craving some!

  • @MarieAntoinetteandherlittlesis


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    What brands would you recommend are good for the money

  • @madlilpony2768


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    id rather just eat some beans and rice

  • @werentia


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    What did the caviar taste like?

  • @shsoliveira1


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    @@werentia the taste is horrible. It is super sour

  • @Okkkkokk


    2 жыл бұрын

    @@werentia taste like normal fish but more salty.

  • @reganfisher22
    @reganfisher222 жыл бұрын

    This is a very clean facility and the attention to detail the workers put into the product,from the beginning to the end, is great. I have not tried that brand but after seeing the whole process I would like to.

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    Im cool. Ill stick with chicken abortions.

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    Right 👍

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    It's South Korea. They are speaking Korean. South Korea is a peninsula, that is, three of its sides are surrounded by the seas. Therefore, naturally sea food is common.

  • @JN-wr9he


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    Nothing tastes like the real caviar from Caspian

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    я стабильно раз в месяц не могу уснуть, поэтому включаю это видео и уже под конец засыпаю

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    8:24 Gordon Ramsay: "a lil' bit o' salt"

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    After watching this, I feel like I wouldn't want to order from anyone else. I've seen other videos, this one have so much care put into making it and the packaging is so fancy. The surrounding also seems clean for a place that have to raise these fish for 15 years. Very nice video, thanks for sharing.

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    bruh why you say LLLLL BOZO Srry its just a joke ok

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    @@user-ug3fh1rx8ztremendo autolike

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    Vaya que interesante el proceso del caviar me encantó en vídeo

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    Me encanta. Ver la elaboración la higiene y la profesionalidad, en toda la trayectoria y proceso, enhorabuena

  • @Samuri5hit84
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    I'm extremely impressed with the lack of air in those cans after packaging. I think Frito Lay could be taking notes from this.

  • @findingmyinnerself1472


    Жыл бұрын

    It's funny cuz it's actually not air in the bag. Also the chips would be crushed in transport. There is a weight on the bag and that is how much is actually in the bag and not the size of the bag.

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    No mames 🤣

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    @@findingmyinnerself1472 what is it if it’s not air. A puff of what? Delusion? 😔

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    @@gabbygabs9220 nitrogen gas, oxygen makes chips stale

  • @hiitsxio
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    The amount of patience they have is amazing EDIT 1: y'all don't come for me, by this comment, I meant the patience the employees have for the process of making the caviar, like packaging it etc.

  • @dallasstang2818


    2 жыл бұрын

    Not really. After the 10th year, they will always have a harvest every year. Until then it’s just raising a bunch of fish. Kinda sucks for the fish. Get killed just for the caviar.

  • @hiitsxio


    2 жыл бұрын

    @@dallasstang2818 True it's sad that they get killed afterwards

  • @marsmoore1737


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    this has nothing to do with your comment, but have you ever noticed that the surprised pikachu nose is crooked?

  • @hiitsxio


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    @@marsmoore1737 I JUST NOTICED-

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    8:18 어디서든 유용하게 사용되는 베라숟가락 ㅎㅎㅎ

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    재활용 탑티어급이긴 함

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    E muito chique máximo parabéns. Brasil 🇧🇷

  • @tonyellelearasomerville2208
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    If all of our foods were valued like these fish eggs and processed and packaged with this kind of love, safety and care we would be healthier

  • @iammarcodorian


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    But also poorer.

  • @AmsyarBrosku


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    @@iammarcodorian exactly

  • @n26p79


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    I agree but be don’t have the resources :(

  • @wawter


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    im p sure we would be less healthy from malnutrition because of food being processed slower (also i would live on the streets cuz food too expensiv)

  • @hatcher8828


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    Then it will not feed 8 billion

  • @xAnononAx
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    Production takes 13 years and one fish costs 11125€. Never have I eaten Kaviar but this video was very informational and interesting. Thank you for your good work.

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    I don't speak english but i understood the text

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    @@geronimofacundoaguilar6980 ya me too🤣😂

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    @@williamchong0131 I too have a shocking comprehension of the English language however, I endeavoured to learn and now I have a better grasp! I understood the above passage perfectly. Indubitably, what?! HUZZAH!!

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    Guys, what are you saying under my comment...

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    Very amazing vidio,thank you for sharing dear friend.

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    Que proceso asombroso!

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    11:02 why does brother's hand look like a baby hand?

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    He just casually runs out of the building with the fish on his back. 3:01

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    I've watched this video thousand times over the years and yet I find it interesting everytime

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    Waao que buen video me gusto como trataron al pescado en el proceso con tranquilidad i paciencia buen trabajo ❤

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    Muy cierto es delicioso la verdad aunque ya no lo encuentro tan fácil aquí en México

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    This is a great video I enjoyed every bit of it, a job well don. Thanks for showing us this amazing video

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    Ya he visto este video unas 8 veces y me sigue pareciendo impresionante y relajante 😅

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    물고기 양식 영상을 재미있게 시청했습니다. Google 번역을 사용하여 힌디어를 한국어로 번역했습니다. 이것이 올바른 번역인가요?

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  • @mijanoorali3720
    @mijanoorali37202 жыл бұрын

    The procedure is so clinical and the attention to detail is amazing to watch. My OCD is very satisfied. I see why its so expensive, 14 years to harvest 1. They would need to harvest 1 a week to stay afloat.

  • @leiamj5422


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    Q nojo é bem limpinho porém eu acho nojento não comeria nem de graça 🤢🤢🤮

  • @Astr0galactic


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    @@leiamj5422 idk why you wouldn’t but when I saw the orbs I was like “LET ME EAT THEM RIGHT NOW”

  • @paozinho7768


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    @@Astr0galactic bom sao ovos ne

  • @NICO-xr9yw


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    i have ocd too, indeed it is very satisfying

  • @Aeybiseediy


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    Raise your children til 14 years old only to have them killed for their 'eggs'.

  • @Cristina-bg5gq
    @Cristina-bg5gq2 жыл бұрын

    Y al final son solo huevos de pescado, el es ser humano que quiere que algo sea de valor tan elevado para presumir del poder adquisitivo. Es como tiempo atrás la langosta era comida de pescadores pobres y un día decidieron convertirla en un plato al alcance de pocos por su precio.

  • @alexmorato2347


    2 жыл бұрын

    exactamente bro lo mismo pienso, y es un asco esto, son solo huevos de pescado, nadamaz.. desde la primera ves que supe que eran no le encontre el sentido..

  • @nandjikumar8292


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    O e1elh

  • @asoz317


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    Son caros por que la gente pesco o mato muchos espécimen por su carne y huevas hace mucho tiempo y ahora solo ahí criaderos, para mantenerlos igual se debe de gastar mucho dinero. No me malinterpretes yo no gastaría un dineral solo por probar unos huevos de pescado pero aún así me gusta informarme

  • @asoz317


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    Sin mencionar el proceso ya que como ves el video se demuestra todo lo que tienen que hacer para poder comercializarlo, donde países como Europa o Asia son una comida exótica, afrodisíaca de hecho y etc

  • @Cristina-bg5gq


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    @@asoz317 hola que tal, no te interpreto para nada mal, y yo al igual que tu tampoco gastaría todo eso en huevos de pescado y en mi caso menos porque te cuento que no me gusta el.pescado, me da asco su sabor y eso que soy costeña, ironías de la vida jajaja

  • @koni7268
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    Vaya! Qué interesante el proceso. Con qué cuidado y lujo de detalles. Me encantó el vídeo.

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    Well, let's see if you would like it as much if you were that fish

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    @@Kira0-wow ¿No te comparas con este pez, verdad? ¿O sí?🤨

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    Hyper intéressant merci

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    I feel pity for the fish ,imagine being unconscious and someone just cut you apart for your unborn babies

  • @ciara0000


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    Exactly! This is just wrong

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    Me 2..

  • @scottpitner4298
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    Wow 13 years, that’s an investment. From the initial shots I’d say that place looks state of the art compared to some of the worlds other fisheries

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    As a King in my Country, I love how you prepare Caviar

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    Amazing video Thank you for sharing

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    Какая гигиена самого работника ! Молодцы ! После такой обработки и есть не страшно !

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