The Most Tragic Lost Mascots

Today I will be covering the darkest lost mascots. These creepy and disturbing mascots include Grimace, Conker Bad's Fur Day, the California Raisins, and other lost characters.
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  • ShartV3

    we will get you to buy that peter griffin suit no matter how many die

  • Megan Hash
    Megan Hash

    I constantly think about the fact Oswald was technically the first Disney icon. Can you imagine if Walt never lost him? People would be walking around Disney parks with bunny ears instead of mouse ears. Hidden Oswalds everywhere.

  • Deathbird Sinister
    Deathbird Sinister

    When the Animaniacs had a movie about their parents, I completely expected it to be either the dog versions of Honey & Bosco from Tiny Toons or Oswald Rabbit & Ortensia Cat, & was let down hard. It would have been perfect, but the concept of copyrights & licencing was lost on my child brain.

  • MisterZygarde64

    Clerks: The Animated Series taught me that nothing can kill the Grimace.

  • Woody Woodpecker
    Woody Woodpecker

    Here's another lost character: Sylvia from Ice age

  • Henry applebottom
    Henry applebottom

    I love Oswald. He has charecter, personality, drama, and a neat design! I wish he made a comeback.

  • The Grand XBunny
    The Grand XBunny

    Another abandoned character I recently found out about;

  • Elli W.
    Elli W.


  • Ryan McCarthy
    Ryan McCarthy

    So to answer what Grimace is, he's apparently supposed to be an anthropomorphic tastebud.

  • The dog loving Gamer
    The dog loving Gamer

    Oswald made a cameo in the Mickey Mouse cartoon in a scene where Mickey was scooping up a pile of trash and ends up scooping up Oswald but then toss’s him away immediately.

  • Cesar Diaz
    Cesar Diaz

    I love how you treat grimace like some sort of cryptid legend that stalks McDonald’s land as a legendary beast, an entity you may say that just appears, some say he’s always been there

  • KadBlasty

    Conker's Bad Fur Day is one of the greatest games of all time. Hopefully he'll make a much needed comeback on the Xbox Series X.

  • Extra Scott
    Extra Scott

    I can see you were confused on what grimace is. In the early happy meals, they actually included Gumdrops, so I'm assuming Grimace is a purple Gumdrop. If my theory is correct, get ready to see a lot more multi-colored Grimaces

  • uknown1100

    My favorite KZread person is back at it again. You are too underrated, man.

  • The Worm Tamer
    The Worm Tamer

    Here’s one you Might like: Crusty the cat from Chuck E. Cheese. He was in the first Chuck E. Cheese location and would only exist at one location. He was simply scrapped because corporate didn’t like him all that much. The second location would open in 1978, with him being replaced by mr. Munch. He would have a couple of show tapes with him in it, but most are lost media. His bot is owned by a private collector now

  • Woody Woodpecker
    Woody Woodpecker

    Oswald's history also led to mine in a way. Walter Lantz worked on Oswald cartoons for a while, but after he left, he needed another character to star in universal cartoons, so he created Andy panda in 1939. And in 1940, one of his cartoons titled "Knock knock" introduced me, and I of course became Lantz's most popular character.

  • Hooded Roxas
    Hooded Roxas

    The California Raisins also had an unreleased NES game that, while fully completed, was shelved indefinitely due to the marketing campaign ending. The rom has since been leaked online, and apparently it's a solid platformer. Not Super Mario 3 tier, but a decent game. Like B-.

  • algorithm go brrrrr
    algorithm go brrrrr

    Vinton's Christmas special was a family tradition -- I have 5 Cali Raisin band dudes overlooking my stove's hood! Had me hooked right away by putting them first :)

  • Mike Cecconi
    Mike Cecconi

    The Lucky Rabbit had a cameo in the new Doctor Strange movie, the Scarlett Witch's kids in an alternate universe were watching a cartoon of his, presumably because it stayed popular on that world. It was a background thing but it was a nice Disney corporation meta-joke.

  • Jokehu

    damn the mascot of the united kingdom had a dark tragedy today too...