STU ORIGINAL (Brawl stars animation)

Stu original brawl stars animation
Sorry I haven't uploaded any video for a long time😕😕😕
The video is about the robot stu , how he lost his foots , how his voice changed, and how her eyes became blue instead of yellow (👀stu is sad that his eyes are blue) and how she joins the family of Bonnie and Gant.
Hello guys 😄👋 and welcome to my channel.
I wish you an enjoyable viewing😄🍿.
Thanks to everyone who supported 😊😊me
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  • GS toon
    GS toon

    Hello guys

  • Flaky Shitpost
    Flaky Shitpost21 күн бұрын

    I really liked this, because the fact that this origin tends to explain a more extensive story compared to other origins that are shorter and somewhat simple shows that if you put effort into this very well done! 👏

  • Willowboy_618

    What a nice animation you've got! Each scene is really smooth! Just a little bit of a touch will make a improvement. Keep up the good work dude!

  • Bruno Cordeiro
    Bruno Cordeiro

    Animação linda de mais kkk quase chorei kk

  • Datuna Avdaliani
    Datuna AvdalianiКүн бұрын


  • Starr. Glich
    Starr. Glich

    You are doing better and better videos every time! Earned a sub! :D

  • HappyHam

    Bro the

  • Red Action
    Red Action

    Let's just appreciate the efforts that GS toon put together to make this amazing video ... let's make his channel cross 1 million quickly ... 😇😇



  • StevenMobileDream

    You're animation we always have a good scenario. Also, I love the fact that you put other Brawlers (or AmongUs) in the background. Great

  • Maincet Olol
    Maincet Olol

    There are so many references to different animations, games! Music inspires and adds determination! Video super! Thank you for your wonderful content...🥰

  • Carlos Ricochet
    Carlos Ricochet

    Guau pana, nose cuanto te tardaste pero esta animaciónes duran mucho que los demás animaciones como hornstromp series carajo, felicidades

  • Estella lunna Lisboa
    Estella lunna Lisboa

    im still a little bit surprised when janet JUST GET A CHAINSAW AND START CUTTING A PIECE OF STU BODY!

  • :2 hellopet
    :2 hellopet


  • Patatas Oreo
    Patatas Oreo

    No importa que tarde mucho igual siempre todo sale bien

  • Diego VZ 16
    Diego VZ 16


  • اي تي _ It
    اي تي _ It


  • Считасс

    Eee, I really like the work done. In my opinion, this is the best animation about Brawl Stars :3

  • 『Bernardø gamer』
    『Bernardø gamer』


  • Estefano Alburqueque Durán
    Estefano Alburqueque Durán

    Valió la pena la espera