Solving The COLOSSAL Pyramid Puzzle! (One-of-a-kind Puzzle)

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Today I'm going to attempt to solve this one-of-a-kind Escape room style puzzle made by improbable escapes! It's the only one of its kind!
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  • @uniacke

    As part of the team that made this box, I'm so proud of our team who put so much into this beast, and these comments are so kind.

  • @daprovocateur

    I think this is my favorite of your puzzle solving formats. No bells and whistles. No excessive production. Just you figuring it out and enjoying the surprises. Hot dang!

  • @MattMilner

    This is 100% one of the better "escape" puzzles done on the channel so far. I'd LOVE to see more from such a creative team!

  • @whatsitdo2536

    I would absolutely love to see you do more puzzles by Improbable Escapes. They are some of the best puzzle designers/ engineers I have seen. These one-of-a-kind puzzles will always amaze me because I haven't seen anyone else solve these type of puzzles like you do. Keep up the great work Chris, and keep designing puzzles Improbable Escapes

  • @bobbob3312

    Omg watching Chris smash and chisel on the top of the pyramid made my palms sweat. I thought he was going to bust right through.

  • @typicalthrill

    Daaaang! That door that revealed the marble was AWESOME! Never something I would have expected to see in a puzzle. Well done all the way around!

  • @RadicusMaximus145

    This is by far the best puzzle yet! Puzzle creators outdid themselves, you looked like you had a blast!

  • @algebruht4074
    @algebruht407421 күн бұрын

    I dont think i could handle a career of being confused for hours until you eventually figure the thing out every day, so huge props to you man

  • @xxxthestuffxxx

    I'm so jealous I can't solve this myself, but so happy I get to experience these amazing puzzles through you that I'd otherwise have no chance of ever even seeing.

  • @1986krazy

    This was one of the best escape style puzzles I have ever seen. Fantastic job to the entire team that designed and created it! 👏

  • @gajegaje5450

    The team that making the puzzle is so good. Also chris looks really happy solving this puzzle. Keep it up guys 💪

  • @fuq69

    Wow! One of my all time favs. Loved when the little trapped door opened up in the sand. Great job everyone involved.

  • @lilianrowell7986
    @lilianrowell79866 сағат бұрын

    Honestly seeing Chris get excited about the smallest details is so adorable and it just warms my heart. Dont let the world extinguish your light Chris.

  • @strider2175

    That was so amazing! Fun to watch you solve this one. Props to Improbable Escapes!

  • @RSimons30

    This was awesome, you're raising the bar with every new puzzle you solve! Huge shout out to the team who made, this, incredible detail work!

  • @allx7912
    @allx791228 күн бұрын

    What an incredible piece of craftsmanship! All the love and dedication that went it to it got me in the feels. This is INCREDIBLE!

  • @Improbableescapes

    AHHHHHH!!! We’re so happy everyone likes the puzzle box 🥹🥹🥹 thank you for having us!

  • @MDoddio

    Yes, you absolutely need to commission Improbably Escapes again. That was epic.

  • @jeremiahramos5526

    Chris you’re getting dam good at becoming a completely different character. When you snapped into the Shopify add I thought for a split second that you really was confused as to what’s going on. Even once my mind caught up to knowing it’s just an act, I was still captivated by your skill in having the confused look and portraying someone trying to figure out what just happened. Good work my man. Keep em coming.

  • @shyone9449

    This is one of the coolest puzzles I've seen in a while. Great design, way more steps than I expected and challenging yet not impossible. Loved it.