Sniffer & the Quest for the Husk King’s Treasure | Alex & Steve Legends (Minecraft Animation Movie)


Alex and Steve race through an ancient desert temple. They face the wrath of the zombie husk king and his army of monsters. The pyramid’s treasure is the cause of the sniffers' devastating disappearance. Can Alex and Steve stop history from repeating? If not, the sniffers won't be the only ones going extinct…
This Minecraft video is fan-made and not approved by or associated with Mojang.
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    The picture book of this story is now available on Amazon!

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    Bro so Good animation

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    Это что за пирамида

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    That story about the sniffers was just heartbreaking... great animation, great story.

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    Alex is working hard, while Steve working smart 😎

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    The best dowo

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    ​@@shahumair922 duo* -🤓

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    1:57 Okay Mojang needs to add this instead of that plain old Desert Temple

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    awww I liked the hug they gave each other at the end =3

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    wooow this is impressive!!! must have taken so long to make.. how did you do the Sand Snake? What Software ? so cool!

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    Absolutelt gorgeous animation! Wonderful details and humor, just enough! I also loves the character development and especially the connection between Alex and the baby Sniffer! ❤

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    What Mojang gave us: 1:33 What we expected when they added pyramids: 1:59

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    😂😂😂 exactly 😂😂😂

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    That’s a nice happy ending 😊

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    This made me feel even more bad for sniffers.

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    2:43 Steve be like : The Boys 😂

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    muy buen video, crei que le iba atrapar la migra, pero a la final los pudieron evadir, espero que alex y steve puedan cumplir su sueño americano

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    The ending animation is amazing. Don’t know how you do it but you’re one of the best

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    This vids are BANGERS tbh

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    The story is nice and face expressions were quite good

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    It should have been a rather nice, cool desert temple on minecraft

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    😮😮😮 goood

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    I like this Animation😊

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    Great, an impeccable animated script. Animations and vfx are also very good. Please make more products like this 😍😍😍😍 i love your team

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    Thank you! Yes, we plan to make more! All of your views and support help us a lot!

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    G Hhdd. True ftgrtrjllllllll. 90

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    It's great, thanks for creating ❤

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    EPIC! This turned out so cool. Thank you for letting me be a part of this project. Awesome animation, 3D models, special effects, and environments.

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    Thank you, great working with you!

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    Big ups to you🙌I’m so impressed. Story about the sniffers made me feel so sad. The fights, chase, I love your animation ❤️

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    Animator respect and respect. Waiting for the continuation of the evil pharaoh in the stone that can be restored means that the marauders or the witch or the good old lord of emptiness put a paw on this stone.

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    this story is beuatiful

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    I love this animation and I want to be able to make good animation like you. You just inspire me so much

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    I love it

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    just discovered your channel and god damn the work behind all of this is insane, keep going it's awesome 👏

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    Estas maldiciendo a un canal

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    That animation is just awesome! Is amazing,I watched it 3 times and it's still good! This is such good and it need more than 500.000 likes!

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    Thank you so much, glad you like it!

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    @@cubus_maximus bsz Ddd

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    I love sniffers

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    Pas mal le temple ❤❤

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    the snipper is so cute 😍😍😍

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    Жители игрок владенец джунглей бое египета Майнкрафта я. Люблю я. Вас

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    What a beautiful, amazing, unbelievable animation !!!

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    This story is fire

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    Definitely my favorite out of all the ones you made

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    Awesome video, hope you have the next products soon 😁😂😁

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    Steve mengawali logika minecraft😂

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    Sản phẩm rất tuyệt vời về nội dung và kỹ xảo, tuyệt vời vì VN mình có 1 team có tâm như thế này,, nhưng góp ý dưới ánh mắt của 1 người xem các nội dung liên quan đến Steve and Alex Life thì mình thấy rằng video của các bạn đập vào mắt mình đầu tiên chính là màu sắc video, nó chưa đc tươi sáng bị ám màu môi trường quá, mặc dù xem 1 lúc cũng quen, cơ mà so với các sp liên quan thì mình thấy nó chưa được hút mắt lắm. CÓ thể là do mình hay xem của black plasma studio quá nên giờ khó tính hơn trong cách nhìn. Đây chỉ là ý kiến cá nhân của mình thôi, có gì mong team bỏ qua. Mình rất mong chờ các sp tiếp theo của các bạn. Hehe, fan cưng luôn!!

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    5:08 Çabuk yorumları sil.

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    We need Update like this ✨

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    This is super duper epic this update should come in Minecraft

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    Minecraft es el mejor ❤

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    The snifer is so cute

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    What a good animation man❤ Keep it up I will be waiting for another vid!!❤

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    the best animation i have seen in my life 😮

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    it is the best animeshan thank you craeter

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    Beautiful endings

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    The Steve and Alex racing reminded me of that scene of mr bean chasing a robber 😂

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    this was awesome they should add sandstorms to minecraft

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    If i was steve i well control everyone ❤

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    Cool video, sis, thanks for entertaining us

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    This video is the cutest umm surprising but the cutest video ever I love it ❤❤❤

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    Muito bom parabéns

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    What?? You didn't turn Steve, the male character, into a selfish jerk and plus, he actually SAVES Alex a couple of times (they actually save each other)?!! The story was great because of this. Shame, hollywood could learn about characters from you.

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    Holala, trop bien 🥹, merci pour ce que vous nous faites vivre dans ces petites chose là ❤

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