Slow Motion Inside Perspective of Lock Getting Bumped Open.

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    We getting out of prison with thise one 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    I actually tried it, and now I'm at the police station

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    Try it at the police station too and you could be free

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    ​@Antonio Troncoso😂😅😂

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    Lol!The best bit is,I had the proper key all-the-time!! I'll send u a hacksaw blade soon 😂

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    *Slow motion of Masterlock's heartbeat every time McNally posts a video.

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    Unless you have security pins, you can do that to any lock

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    Very well done! Our locks are now useless & redundant.

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    Теперь? Для тех кто знал это, ни чего не изменилось. Просто теперь знают и те, кому это не нужно было.

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    Nothing new. A lock won't stop someone who learn how that work.

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    Oh jeff baxter, plug in ffs ! 😂

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    And that's why i hace mechanical locks that don't work like normal locks

  • RashidBelike
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    A Locksmith once told me that "Locks are not meant to keep thieves out, locks are meant to keep honest people honest. If a thief wants to steal something from you they're gonna steal it but if a honest person comes across a lock they'll leave it alone."

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    thats very cartoons

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    Nice quote.

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    Not all the locks are breakable

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    Cilingirin bir filozof olabilir

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    even honest people really open a lock if they want to rob you.

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    well, thank you for making us feel unsafe for our locks and doors

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    As a member of the Thieves society ....thank you kind sir ....😇

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    As a member of FBI im on to yo ass 😂

  • John Larson
    John Larson4 ай бұрын

    Like most kinetic attacks on a's tension on the core is the most important factor for success. Very well done video showing the process!

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    joko riyana

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    ngajari maling ki

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    Castration rings work perfectly, Consistent tension

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    ​@joko riyanaLocks only keep out honest people.

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    ​​@joko riyanautiwi maling angkringan pak pri lur melu po ra😂

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    That's why I just leave my doors unlocked

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    Can I get your address? To send you a gift obviously.

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    I smell cherry binaca



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  • Bad Drivers Of Brevard
    Bad Drivers Of Brevard3 ай бұрын

    Key bumping has been around for a very long time, only being made well known by videos like this. Now that people have been taught how to break in to a standard lock. This is why most look companies have added anti bump / anti pick pins to any quality lockset. which looking at the cylinder in this video there is not any of these pins. Not to mention the last chamber is empty.

  • Deadly990


    Ай бұрын

    you say this like a "gotcha" but that's the entire point of this video. to raise awareness (both of the tools themselves, so that covert instruments can sell them) but also of the need for lock makers to take action on attacks that have been around for a very long time (comb picks, bumps, rakes, unskilled picking).

  • guzzini


    Ай бұрын

    The last chamber is empty because the key doesn't reach. There's no reason to set that chamber for this demonstration

  • Last Name First Name
    Last Name First Name4 ай бұрын

    this is actually so good. thanks for the slow motion as requested from the previous bump key close-up short, covert instruments! glad covert instruments look at the comments!

  • Earl Ware

    Earl Ware

    4 ай бұрын

    Hear, hear!! I was one of the great many viewers/commentators from the last video who asked for this. I had a general idea of how this worked, but never knew about the rubber ring on the key. (Which I'm guessing is a main point in how this method works.) Great to finally see this in detail!

  • Robert Sietz

    Robert Sietz

    4 ай бұрын

    Wow, I was one of the people that asked for the slo-mo, and I'm also a covert instruments client having just received the bump key kit. To have this kind of response is extraordinary and very much appreciated. Two thumbs up to covert instruments and thank you for the instructional video.

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    this is slow motion?

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    Nothing covert about that😂

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    Edertano --

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    Gracias por enseñarles a futuros ladrones, como entrar en las casas

  • Bearded_ Villain
    Bearded_ Villain3 ай бұрын

    It’s called a bump key. If you find a key that fits in a lock but doesn’t turn you can put a rubber grommet on it. Tap it rapidly and the grommet will bounce it back and forth and the pins will shoot up into place and unlock as your putting rotating pressure like you would if you were turning it to unlock it.

  • Jean Harris

    Jean Harris

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    But doesn't hitting the key make noise? Wouldn't someone's it?

  • HeDoubleHockeyStx


    2 ай бұрын

    Bumb key baddies for life!

  • Bearded_ Villain

    Bearded_ Villain

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    @HeDoubleHockeyStx taking bumps off the bump keys 😂

  • HeDoubleHockeyStx


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    @Bearded_ Villain hey I remember you! Spring break 88" Miami, man that party was wild...

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    is this your observation ??? cause i think we all gathered as much. thanxMrO

  • Lockeyest Locksmith
    Lockeyest Locksmith2 ай бұрын

    Bumping Locks has been around for 80 years, that's one of many ways to pick a lock

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    The guy that didn't get accepted to art school:

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    I did Nazi that coming

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    ​@Bob Smiththis reply is better than the comment

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    @Bob Smithdamn bro that was well done you can retire now 😂

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    So he Hit Ne'er the whole lock community.

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    I need this dudes audio editing person for my channel!! So epic!

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    You need audio stuff?

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    No lock exists that can keep a man from getting something he truly wants

  • TestSubject_01
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    This might be the weirdest and best channel I’ve seen. Lock picking and… throwing sharp objects.

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    Muchas gracias, ahora tengo que poner candado

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    Esta información vale oro

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    Every single robber is subscribed to this channel

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    Thanks for the tips. Now I know how to open my neighbours door 😂

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    Still need the key 🗝️

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    your neighbor was robbed, we are going to you

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    And the big dog? 😁

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    thanks i will go your home )

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    Very well done! That's how you're teaching to our new generation of lock pickers how to do it!

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    Alls we ever wanted was a chance

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    @Craig Mullens A chance to do what?

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    Ah yes, the age old practice of jiggling it until it works... perfected.

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    Glad I bought this. Time to test it on my house.

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    I can’t wait to test it on your house too

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    @Nutty Nuts I can't wait to test it on your house too

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    Glock enters the room

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    @RacerW123 We can then pick each others hearts

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    @Nutty Nuts Fair enough. A pair of disappointments :O

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    Bravo champion, you are training more criminals.

  • Phil Asplin
    Phil Asplin6 күн бұрын

    I had one of our locksmiths at work do this to get into a work van I locked a key into. He put in his van key, double tapped it and click. Don’t know if it was very good for the lock but he got us in quick

  • country
    country3 ай бұрын

    It's a bump key and they work 80 percent of the time

  • TheVanclif


    3 ай бұрын

    except for modern security locks, that just totally block on shaking... Or don't even have that classic tooth form anymore...

  • RedsBigRig


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    They work 100% of the time when they do

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    ​@RedsBigRigSo then 80% of the time they work 100% of the time..

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    Y'all are an internet couple now. Aw. 💍

  • JessL3D
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    The defense against this is different spring strengths in a few of the pins. As long as at least one pin doesn't move as much as the other pins on impact, it's really tough to bump open. You can also intertwine an existing spring with a spare spring to change the spring force on one pin.

  • Paul Fiocca
    Paul Fiocca3 ай бұрын

    I've started many vehicles, machines, equipment with few keys. My favorite is the Case Dozer looks like an 80s GMC key. I can basically start almost anything with it. 👍

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    Good job! You just gave another tip for thieves.

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    Aqui no Brasil os ladrões roubam motos nos estacionamentos assim mesmo. Andam com a chave e um martelinho

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    Não, não. Os ladrões são avançados.

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    Em qualquer lugar do mundo eles são extremamente avançados.

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    I'm pretty sure that when a thief has the key, he doesn't need any tips.

  • My Dog & I
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    Where I live locks are mounted upside down.. which makes this useless due to gravity keeping the pins down.

  • Mythic Exports

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    Would be harder but i assure you its not protected from such attack.

  • Madison A. DÉGLUAIRE

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    It depends what you mean by upside down, to me, the lock in the video is upside down

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    not true we bump them upside down too. you forgot about the spring

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    Gravity. Yeahh

  • savagestyle


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    lol, that would be incorrect. there is no gravity involved in lockpicking. and bump keys work in any position.

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    Thanks for teaching the next generation of thieves!

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    I was shocked when i found most locks can simply be bumped open.

  • Robert


    2 ай бұрын

    They can't; if you just bump any key, it will just bottom out. The real key to this working is the fat O-ring that bounces the key backwards after you strike it while holding a twisting tension on the key. Also, all the teeth on this key are exactly the same height and width designed just to cycle the pin tumblers.

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    Amazing editing and audio. Well done

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    Thank you 😊

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    Just love the free lessons for thieves

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    If you know thy enemy and know thyself, you will not lose 1000 battles... or something like that

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    Ain’t THAT the TRUTH?

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    Meu vizinho tem uma tv de 70° polegadas, sempre quis ter uma tv grande. VALEU :D

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    Cuidado se ele tem uma TV destas deve ter também umas boas câmeras de vigilância kkkkkkkk vai lá..

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    @Jorge Lepsch verdade, mas eu já fiz um cursinho online de eletricista e sei como corta os cabos de luz internet e telefone. Me deseje sorte, depois te chamo pro um churrasco no fim de semana pra gente assistir um futebousinho 😄

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    @GustavoProGamer hehehehe tô fora dessa.

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    With every podcast you make the world a more frightening and dangerous place. Congratulations on putting your ego before the emotional and physical security of everyone else.

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    Lockpicking is a fairly useful skill to keep you safe. When I learned how to pick locks and was able to pick the lock of my apartment within seconds, as a beginner, I immediately replaced it

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    Do the same trick using a bump proof lock.. please!

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    Always remember: You can open a master lock with a master lock

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    So you have a tool so you don't hit your thumb. Awesome!

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    Its just a lock picking tensioner. They're used in applying tension when picking in the more common method you see

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    @Jackson James I tried doing that on a lock and kept hitting my fingure. I also left out the rubber ring on there, because I didn't know you needed that too. The videos I've seen before, didn't show these tips here.

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    @Mark B. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 I’m going to delete my comment because I thought you were being sarcastic lol. Looks like I’m a dope. Yes, that makes it easier!

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