Sleep Instantly in Under 5 MINUTES • Eliminate Subconscious Negativity • Healing Sleep Music ☆01


Sleep Instantly in Under 5 MINUTES • Eliminate Subconscious Negativity • Healing Sleep Music
00:00:00 • Soft Calm Music
01:28:17 • Healing Sleep Music
03:01:27 • Sleeping Music For Deep Sleeping
Video made by: Soft Calm Music
📜 How was your day?
My today is here to create these tunes, sounds. Music is indispensable in this life. I will be very happy if my music helps you become happy, forget about worries in life.
Listen to my music to relax, meditate, study, read, massage, spa or sleep. This type of music is ideal to combat anxiety, stress or insomnia as it facilitates relaxation and helps us to get rid of bad vibrations.
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Hope you always have happy and beautiful days.
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  • @nohemysandovalj.3344
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    Excelente relajacion

  • @user-rp6dy7ut8r
    @user-rp6dy7ut8rАй бұрын

    毎日、不安・恐怖に押し潰されそうです。 この曲は神からの贈り物です。 感謝の気持ちで一杯です。 有難うございます😊

  • @musicaromantica6868
    @musicaromantica68686 ай бұрын

    I pray for everyone reading here, GOD will make a way when there's no way, everything is possible with Him, I pray He grant you strength, fulfill all broken part of your heart 🙏🏽💞

  • @RainOceanSounds


    Ай бұрын

    So peaceful... I can sleep.. goodnight everyone who's enjoying this .....

  • @razvyvizeu7637


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  • @SoftDreamDiary
    @SoftDreamDiary6 ай бұрын

    This is my new favorite color relaxing color music 🎼

  • @StarEDMVibe88
    @StarEDMVibe887 ай бұрын

    Very beautiful music and sounds... to anyone struggling at the moment - it will get better. Time heals a lot. Hang in there and in the meantime be kind to yourself. Do yourself little favours over the day.

  • @ricardobello6239


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    😅zz😅😅zz😅zя😅чя😅😅😅чz😅😅чч😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅zz😅z😅😅😅z😅😅😅z😅z😅😅😅😅😅z😅zzz😅😅😅zz😅😅😅z😅😅😅😅😅чыzz😅😅😅z😅 😅😅z😅z😅😅😅z😅😅 я😅😅ьч😅😅😅чя7zzчя😅чч zz ź zб чю 😅бююююююючююююююююбюююююююююючююююююя😅чючччюююююююючююючюююююючюююююююююююючююююююююююччююююччччччч😅чЧччч😅яч😅ччч😅%"😊😊😊"

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  • @user-vt7sw5br4x
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    動画配信ありがとうございます 体休ませ幸せつかみます おやすみなさい😊

  • @PositiveEmotions68
    @PositiveEmotions687 ай бұрын

    very nice 💙💙💙 🥰

  • @meditation_now111
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    Beautiful 🌸

  • @user-us3rn7co5m
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    Благодарю. Всем здоровья, мира, добра и счастья.

  • @paulapatriciaferrazflor887
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    Tenho que aproveitar a hora pra instalar 😊no anúncio dê última hora.

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  • @venanciagomes5682
    @venanciagomes56822 ай бұрын

    Thank you father lord and universe and angels for this beautiful song and positive energy ✨️ 🙏 🙌 ❤️ 💜 💕 ✨️ 🙏 🙌

  • @softcalmmusic


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  • @brendasparks7325
    @brendasparks73257 ай бұрын

    This music is relaxing. I. laid here & went 2 sleep with cellular in my hand

  • @KaiHevera
    @KaiHevera7 ай бұрын

    Thanks you 💞

  • @lilianarizzo248
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    Muchas gracias. Es muy relajante

  • @IwonaTobago
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    wspaniałe 🦁

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    N 90 n9 o

  • @scottiepowell3565
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    I fell asleep in 1 minute

  • @MissChayBella
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    This put me to sleep so fast!

  • @chinesedj79
    @chinesedj796 ай бұрын

    *Hi, how is your day ? I know we are stranger, but I just wanna say :" Have a good sleep, everything is gonna be alright *

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  • @user-gv4bm9rz8k
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    Успокаивающая музыка классная!!!

  • @paulapatriciaferrazflor887
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    Faz te sentir normal isso que comprei pra ti foi um orgulho nesta história.🏇🤺

    @REIKIEDEN4 ай бұрын

    Gracias por compartirlo nuevo suscriptor 💚

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    Magnifiques sons Je m endort instantanément ❤

  • @CalmMusicSleep.
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  • @user-otube1207
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    sounds good 👍 relaxig 😊

  • @emiliahernandezbeltran4539
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    I Love it

  • @leilanefallace7901
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    Omg I wanna be in one of those first paces SO BAD!!!!! 😭😭♥️♥️

  • @Patzzia
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    Ti amo amore mio 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽❤️

  • @OceanBeats326
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    *This looks s so relaxing. Any one that is reading these comments have a good night.💤*

  • @kathrynwilliams7917


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    😢😢😢 47:30 47:34 çggc stay go hi uh do you

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    Agora por as 😊 mãos 🧤 nas costas encosta e faz mal alguém ser perdedor em ve-riguar.

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    Bonne nuit goretta ❤❤❤

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  • @EricBeltran-oz8rd
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    Heal My gout pain on my feet

  • @MoonlitMelodies1
    @MoonlitMelodies15 ай бұрын

    To everyone who's reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the dark thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind. May clarity replace confusion. May peace and calmness fill your life. ❤

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    Nice one , keep going ❤❤❤❤

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    Cảm ơn bạn đã chía sẽ video này ❤❤❤ 35:16 ❤❤❤

  • @Patzzia
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    Buonanotte amore mio. Tua per sempre. ❤ non ti deluderò e non ti mancherò di rispetto. Ill dont stop praying for you my love

  • @SereneMelodies68
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    Hearing this for the first time was a shock then I began to feel at peace

  • @SoftMelodies231
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    Cho xin tiếng suối b dùng trong video với 🥺🥺🥺

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    If anyone saw this comment Have a good night and like my comment too Because I really want to know who is reading my comment

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    For anyone reading this as they scroll along, please know that you are love ❤️, light ✨️ and an amazing, magical 🪄 courageous soul to be on this planet at this time! Look at the beautiful imagery and make a wish on every star 🌟 you see! Happy wishing and have a peaceful evening.

  • @nadejda3343
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    Lilies on the water spoil the whole picture.

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  • @thesuperpowerpie3996
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    It'd be nice if the image didn't change and instead just stayed the same throughout. I pick these vids cuz the thumbnail looks good and then it changes from that in 5 seconds. I also feel like it's less calming to be watching the screen change constantly.

  • @eloise2892
    @eloise2892Ай бұрын

    How’s this audio get rid of subconscious negativity?

  • @emiliahernandezbeltran4539
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    Pls quiero dormir

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  • @ergodito
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    Wenn ich in weniger als 5 Minuten einschlafe - warum dauert das Video dann knappe 4 Stunden?

  • @ThailanMantra
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    Eliminate negativity ★ Say goodbye to insomnia

  • @CalmDreamsMelodies
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  • @user-gm7ye2gi2s
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    「人が歌ってる最中にめちゃくちゃツッコむ奴」 「母喜ばすために電話かけたのに喧嘩する親子の奴」 「いちいち歌うディーズニー映画風の息子のやつ」 ..........題名が色々思い浮かぶ笑

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    esta mierda me dió pesadillas

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    Well no one knew I slept

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    My love I’m afraid to speak languages I beg you take me away from here. I don’t want to become something elesse please

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    Io sono decisa vis