Robots are getting more lifelike 🤯

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  • Neighborhood Legends TV
    Neighborhood Legends TV

    I kno I’m probably late but I’m high and just now seeing this and I read a few comments buy f#

  • Breatharian Institute
    Breatharian Institute

    If Greta Thunberg was cool ❤️‍🔥

  • Honeywick

    I've loved her since sytycd so glad she still does this

  • November District
    November District

    I thought it was a dance but the shit turned into a shoot up 😂😂

  • Chen Thingnam
    Chen Thingnam

    Everyone watching the robot while I'm watching the guy with the weird expression

  • CHALK772

    Robot can't dance well but it's memorizing to watch a human dance like a robot. Ironic don't you think. A lil too ironic.

  • Ian Taylor
    Ian Taylor

    Trump Supporters

  • Vannak Kim
    Vannak Kim

    Just questioned everything when I saw this sheeeshhh!!!!

  • J Andrés
    J Andrés

    because he lifts it from the vagina xd

  • Scented Pages
    Scented Pages

    Lmaooooo! It's picking her up by the coochie for me

  • Marcina Washington
    Marcina Washington

    Even though I like it I see the veins in my hands that was awesome cool as s***

  • mikey’s fault
    mikey’s fault

    greta thunburg

  • AP3SEkA


  • I_Say_The_Quite_Part_Out_Loud

    She is talented but that dude look like he used that opportunity to grab her inappropriately.

  • Not you
    Not you

    People are getting more robotic

  • Jackson Lowe
    Jackson LoweСағат бұрын

    Gave her that Donald trump treatment at the start haha

  • Felix Torres
    Felix TorresСағат бұрын

    At first I didn't know if it was a human or robot

  • Match.Pellets.1
    Match.Pellets.1Сағат бұрын

    Buckethead liked this.

  • Alеxandor Bond
    Alеxandor BondСағат бұрын

    А мы-то думали, почему Гретта Тумберг такая тупая? А тут вот оно что, Петрович!

  • Untitled
    UntitledСағат бұрын

    Those moves are great