Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening: Phil Borges at TEDxUMKC

Phil Borges, filmmaker and photographer, has been documenting indigenous and tribal cultures for over 25 years. His work is exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide and his documentary film CRAZYWISE explores what can be learned from individuals who have turned their psychological crisis into a positive transformative experience.
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  • A Person
    A Person Жыл бұрын

    Seven years on since this was posted and it's still a good lesson. Disability only exists because a society is not equipped to deal with the differences and variety in humans.

  • stephanie 🫧 - black guanábana

    stephanie 🫧 - black guanábana

    Жыл бұрын

    Yet some “disabilities” can harm the brain and therefore harm the person.

  • NotYetKnown


    Жыл бұрын

    @Alexandra Henderson There not abnormalities if they are widespread. These "anomalies" might making it challenging for some. The real question is why does the challenge exist for those? Secondly animals primary objective might be survival. Humans not so. Do animals commit suicide?

  • Ms. Herrera
    Ms. Herrera Жыл бұрын

    This has happened to me throughout my life. My 12 year old daughter introduced me to spirituality, she saved me & her sister. I believe she was sent to "open our minds!" Thank you for this most important TED talk.

  • ElVatoDivino


    Жыл бұрын

    damn i be wanting more context from this. how did she manage to do that?

  • aidan


    Жыл бұрын

    @ElVatoDivino she gave them dmt

  • Isht Lutz

    Isht Lutz

    Жыл бұрын

    Ya that sounds awesome. I’d like to hear more about this. What happened?

  • CurtisAmericano


    Жыл бұрын


  • Ms. Me
    Ms. Me Жыл бұрын

    When he mentioned the two women, one about to return to the spirit world and one just coming from the spirit world it hit me - 🤯 that’s why I’ve always been drawn to young children, the elderly, and those with special needs. They’re closest to the spirit world!

  • AllenB💕


    Жыл бұрын

    this happens to me

  • KitKat Marie

    KitKat Marie

    Жыл бұрын

    My daughter is nonverbal autistic and I say she plays in the spirit world too. So sweet. :)

  • Steffan Bard

    Steffan Bard

    Жыл бұрын

    @KitKat Marie that’s so amazing you see it and see her that way! I am 30 and recently discovered I am on the spectrum and I have always had such a connection to “the beyond” and to spirituality. I have been researching the connection between autism and spirituality and shamanism now.

  • 3rdEyeOpener


    Жыл бұрын

    You're an angel, friend

  • Diana Heineck

    Diana Heineck

    Жыл бұрын

    Well, I am.old but idk about us being closer as much as we are aware of our limited use of energy. .So we use our energy coupons of the day with Opportunity more discretion and appears like pensive wisdom or we are use having a brain fart because our memory is shot!

  • Temperance
    Temperance Жыл бұрын

    Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not.

  • jan A

    jan A

    3 ай бұрын

    very true

  • ViTaM


    Ай бұрын

    On spot.

  • Dan


    2 күн бұрын

    Right! Such as removing toxic people and things, aka the weight on the shoulder, that prevents us from realizing our best potential.

  • Lightworker7
    Lightworker7 Жыл бұрын

    This video was posted literally when I was hospitalized for 2 weeks for psychosis and I am finding it now. Gave me chills.

  • Eric Sproat

    Eric Sproat

    Жыл бұрын

    Same. 5250 is what the cops call it I call it entering the temple

  • Chris Graham

    Chris Graham

    Жыл бұрын

    I went through the same thing it was drug induce psychosis but it was all spiritual what happened I'm curious

  • Lightworker7


    Жыл бұрын

    @Chris Graham I was going through deep depression. I was smoking weed heavily and taking shrooms. A friend introduced me to mdma since she knew what I was going through. It helped me socialize at parties but I began to see synchronicity all around me and began to show signs of schizophrenia. My dad called the cops on me since he didnt know what I was going through and they took me to the hospital. I was in involuntary treatment for 2 weeks where I was prescribed Abilify and they performed cranial electrotherapy stimulation. I stopped taking Abilify a few weeks after since it was drug induced psychosis.

  • ShadaeMastersAstrology


    Жыл бұрын

    @Lightworker7 What has helped me has been eating a regular and cleaner diet, exercising, writing down my emotions throughout the day and mostly being in contact with very down to earth people often with me it’s my husband and in laws. We are very sensitive beings and we have to accept this and do our best to be as balanced as possible between all elements earth(Our bodies, our support and abilities to set firm boundaries), water(Our emotions and how we connect through feelings), fire(How we assert ourselves and go after what we desire), air(How we communicate and express ourselves within our own thoughts and without through our words.

  • Lightworker7


    Жыл бұрын

    @ShadaeMastersAstrology I agree, eating properly has helped me a lot, along with quitting smoking weed and cigarettes. I had a rough childhood and I probably messed up my microbiome back then. Changing my mindset looking into spirituality, the Law of One, setting boundaries and leaving toxic people behind have helped as well. Thank you for your insight.

  • Kathleen Sanchez
    Kathleen SanchezКүн бұрын

    This is my story. Hospitalized and medicated. 26 Years later I am experiencing the visions again with some direction and guidance. ❤ always searching for more

  • Simply Savy
    Simply Savy2 жыл бұрын

    Psychological crisis is exactly what led to my Spiritual Awakening! I survived narcissistic abuse!

  • Heather Hunter

    Heather Hunter

    2 жыл бұрын

    Mine too

  • Melody Anderson

    Melody Anderson

    2 жыл бұрын

    Crazy, mine too.

  • Shynx


    2 жыл бұрын

    mine too

  • HM


    2 жыл бұрын

    Mine too!

  • For every action there is a consequence

    For every action there is a consequence

    2 жыл бұрын

    Psychological warfare ect. From a narcissist is brutal. Glad you came out the other side💜💜💙💙💙

  • E P Carry
    E P Carry Жыл бұрын

    Always good to know I’m not “crazy” alone. I write, privately. I don’t wish for anyone to take me seriously anymore. When I did try to talk about what I’m feeling spiritually, people get uncomfortable, and quickly change the subject. When I did try to share my writings, they just ignore me. But … all is well … it’s personal, and I fully accept this.

  • Lee_fox


    Жыл бұрын

    I relate to this so much

  • loretta grey

    loretta grey

    Жыл бұрын

    you can always do so on tumblr. there are communities dedicated to spirituality and withcraft and the occult. you won't be judged there since others share the same things

  • Nina Mercado

    Nina Mercado

    Жыл бұрын

    @loretta grey which ones do you recommend! ty

  • Nina Mercado

    Nina Mercado

    Жыл бұрын

    YES. It HURTS, but it's necessary. I'm looking for a new community to share my light with

  • Mythka


    Жыл бұрын

    Please share. What you know and feel matters

    BEASTIN BARBIE Жыл бұрын

    Had my awakening at 29 I just turned 32 a few weeks ago it’s been so crazy it’s been painful and healing at the same time so grateful . Trying to learn everything I can

  • Sherri Mandel
    Sherri MandelАй бұрын

    Psychedelics saved me from years of uncontrollable depression, anxiety and illicit pill addiction.imagine carrving heavy chains for over a decade and then all of a sudden that burden is gone.Believe it or not in a couple years they'll be all over for treatment of mental health related issues

  • Tessymitch


    Ай бұрын

    I made researches and found out that shrooms are very helpful , it has really helped to reduce anxiety and depression and some other mental health issues..i would love to try magic mushrooms but they are hard to source!

  • Hazeema Khan

    Hazeema Khan

    Ай бұрын

    Please does anyone know where I can get them? I put so much on my plate and it really affects my stress and anxiety level .I would love to try to shrooms.

  • Chloe Nguyen

    Chloe Nguyen

    Ай бұрын

    I live in Michigan….suffering for awhile now but didnt realize how serious I may have it until recently - probably bc of @self medicating” with alcohol

  • Davis Williams

    Davis Williams

    Ай бұрын

    How do I contact him?

  • Brenda
    Brenda3 ай бұрын

    I’ve been through this since 2013, quietly ❤, been growing up spiritually… and is where I find my peace. Been experiencing so much things, beautiful ones. It’s a door to unimaginable things as spirits we are in physical bodies. It’s important to acknowledge that right before this path, I was on a deep depression, I questioned at that time almost all my core beliefs. Has been for me very liberating as a soul to experience this journey. I’ve been a “sick child” since baby. Multiple health conditions that helped me developed what I am. I’m grateful 🙏🏻

  • B
    BАй бұрын

    It happened to me at the beginning of 2017. My rational mind split and it was scary and confusing. What followed was a profound understanding of who we are and why we are here.

  • Aldamis
    Aldamis2 жыл бұрын

    I was a former confident Atheist, now turned unexpected Spiritualist after my own Awakening. It's very difficult to discuss this, let alone explain it convincingly, with my science-minded friends. More and more of us are waking up. I'm glad knowledge about this is showing up more and more in our western society.

  • NH Tarot

    NH Tarot

    2 жыл бұрын

    You are doing great.

  • Luis Gerardo Contreras

    Luis Gerardo Contreras

    2 жыл бұрын

    Welcome! Much love

  • Natalie Gian

    Natalie Gian

    2 жыл бұрын

    I think we believe or follow what we do based on those personal experiences. It gives us something to relate to.

  • Summer


    2 жыл бұрын

    I had the same experience. Although I was indoctrinated into Christian faith as a baby and at the age of 23 I woke up one day realizing everything I thought I knew before was wrong. I went full blown atheist for awhile. But slowly over time I began to experience synchronicities/ miracles. I now consider myself spiritual with my own special relationship to the universe and my own love language. It’s amazing. I’ve never been happier and more at peace. The universe works in the most beautiful ways

  • MrNicoleCherie


    2 жыл бұрын

    Literally what is happening to me now. Except I'm beginning a tradition that has been in my family for a long time.

  • Regina Fisher
    Regina Fisher10 ай бұрын

    I'm in the middle of a spiritual awakening right now and have been for the past year and a half the more I learn the more excited I get, the more at peace I get with the world and everything going on in it. Everything is as it should be, although we cannot understand, we need to have faith.

  • cameltube9429


    5 ай бұрын

    keep looking for information, I promise you can fill your cup just from KZread sister, especially today . . . . . . .AlwaysForward~Godspeed

  • arthur murfitt

    arthur murfitt

    3 ай бұрын

    Faith in what?

  • Marigold Cobbina

    Marigold Cobbina

    3 ай бұрын

    Thanks I needed to hear this. It’s so confusing especially if you were an unbeliever. My guides literally saved me from a potential murder I was in a relationship with. They screened in my ears to get up and ran. And it happened this guy threatened to kill me. He was the sweetest guy so I thought I was delusional but it turned out my spirits were right and I wasn’t delusional

  • diamondmantis


    2 ай бұрын

    ​@arthur murfittThe Truth. The Divine Process. *_God._*


    I’ve been on a Spiritual journey for a year. I had a massive awakening in late 2021, and let me tell you, we are all devine and we are all one. Individuated aspects of the one and only thing in existence ❤️love yourself, which in turn others will feel your love. All life matters

  • Laina Waina

    Laina Waina

    Жыл бұрын

    question: How do you know when your gone through an awakening?

  • Quophy Sika

    Quophy Sika

    Жыл бұрын

    @Laina Waina your perspectives broaden. You listen more than you speak because sometimes it feels like people don't even understand anything you say or believe you. You pass through this journey letting go off pride and ego , but being humble and having patience. Being able to tolerate people very well and understanding their perspectives.

  • The Irrational Sage

    The Irrational Sage

    Жыл бұрын

    @Laina Waina it's painful, you will know, your reality is shattered, spiritual discernment comes through to see the truth of the world

  • Lel


    18 күн бұрын

    You people get this without psychedelics?



    18 күн бұрын

    @Leldepending on the person and the particular stage they are in when it comes to their life, psychedelics could be seen as taking a short cut or the back door in the house of spirituality. Could also be used to enhance the experience

  • Candy James
    Candy James Жыл бұрын

    I heard a former psychotherapist say the only difference in someone who is schizophrenic and a psychic is grounding. This resonated so much. And Adam, found a place where he could ground and the place held boudaries for him. One has to grow and find their own inner boundaries, so very saddened a meditation place wouldn't re-open their doors to him. Hopefully there are other places that would open their doors for him. This is what I have always believed and happy to hear others speaking it, aloud.

  • Kal S

    Kal S

    Ай бұрын

    You believe in 'psychics'.... thank goodness you're not a therapist anymore.

  • Carly


    Ай бұрын

    ​@Kal SI'd prefer a psychologist who believes in them.

  • Kal S

    Kal S

    Ай бұрын

    @Carly Cringe.

  • Guidance Land
    Guidance Land Жыл бұрын

    I had my major awakening at 15 and was extremely lucky to have an older medium friend who guided me to a spiritualist church where I developed and learned to control my abilities. I had been talking to angels since I was a kid and the things they were telling me were coming true. Definitely not psychosis. Had I told anyone else what was going on with me I probably would have been committed for it!

  • Priscilla Alatorre

    Priscilla Alatorre

    Жыл бұрын

    Yes so sad that the most conscious and gifted are seen as a threat towards the masses that are asleep.

  • nodnarb5


    Жыл бұрын

    What spiritualist Church do you go to?

  • Guidance Land

    Guidance Land

    Жыл бұрын

    @nodnarb5 it was over 20 years ago in a small town in England (Dereham, Norfolk). I live in Australia now. There are some great spiritualist churches here, Victorian Spiritualist Union in North Melbourne is my favourite

  • Prerana Goswami

    Prerana Goswami

    9 ай бұрын

    You know in our culture or religion they say that 15 is the minimum age the when awakening starts, it's 15 because, till then your body needs to grow physically so that later you can handle the rest. I can't explain it.

  • Nandika R Valyat

    Nandika R Valyat

    8 ай бұрын

    hey it would be great if u could give some major or minor tips for this....Any kind of small or big tips on how to control my abilities would help a lot. thankyou hv a great day:))))

  • Deer
    Deer Жыл бұрын

    6 years ago this happened to me, I had an awakening. I was in a “psychosis” for three months, during that time I came to have a deep understanding of many of the same thhings Carl Jung believed. Im only now learning about him, but its amazing to see the similarities with what came to me during that time and after.

  • asil eiram

    asil eiram

    Жыл бұрын

    While not exactly of the same cloth, Alan Watts has always inspired healthy introspection for me. If I misunderstood your your statement, forgive me. I have only just pressed play and am learning too... 😉

  • Ernone Horvath

    Ernone Horvath

    Жыл бұрын

    I ll read Móré about Jung because hé says interesting things

  • 直指人心-直心先生


    7 ай бұрын


  • B


    Ай бұрын

    I think it is so strange that everybody that has a spiritual awakening, has the same process, and the same realizations without knowing each other or anything about it

  • Ben with an N
    Ben with an N8 жыл бұрын

    We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

  • S silverwolf

    S silverwolf

    8 жыл бұрын

    So true!

  • Peter Grimstad

    Peter Grimstad

    8 жыл бұрын

    +Nancy Sheehan How do you know we are anything at all?

  • Hermit the Frog

    Hermit the Frog

    8 жыл бұрын

    +Nancy Sheehan (c) Teilhard de Chardin

  • Moribito


    8 жыл бұрын

    +Nancy Sheehan Loved the approach

  • Peter Grimstad

    Peter Grimstad

    8 жыл бұрын

    TheAXXELLALAN It is not god that made humans in his picture. It was humans that made god in their picture.

  • Olina Fan
    Olina Fan10 ай бұрын

    Went through a dark knight of the soul since 2018. Covid pandemic gave me a lot of space to heal. Definitely a lot of people going through this right now.

  • Jo Moon

    Jo Moon

    6 ай бұрын

    Me too, just recovering from a breakdown and spiritual experiences

  • One little drop in the Ocean

    One little drop in the Ocean

    3 ай бұрын

    Me too and still going through it. It's taking a long time 🙄 I knew I had stuff to deal with but not this much 😅 Covid lockdown barely effected me as I was already in hermit mode. I was happy just as long as I could walk in nature & I could 🙏

  • Carolyn David
    Carolyn DavidАй бұрын

    I started to feel this alienation from the time I became aware of my Self, around four years old. I was taught to lose my true self from an early age. I went on to live almost forty years of my life totally lost. Nothing brought contentment. There were times I would quit the corporate life and seek out opportunities to work in communities. Then I'd go back. The nervous breakdown arrived, so named by various doctors, along with much touted medications and psychotherapy. I'm finding myself finally. I noticed what is understood as synchronicity, since forever! This video in August 2023 caused another realisation. I spent time with an old woman from our community, from about 4 years old to about 8 years old. No one spoke to her. Her family ignored her. She was spoken of as "not right in the head". Now I know why she was my friend. We had to move away as families in our community were relocated during the apartheid years. I got separated from my guide. Now the spirit of my late mother is my guide. Whoever read this to the end, thanks for bearing with me.

  • Zachary Knight

    Zachary Knight

    Ай бұрын

    Although it's not the same, I 'm going through something similar at almost 40 aswell. Your not alone

  • Michelle Lester

    Michelle Lester

    10 күн бұрын

    You will see your childhood guide and mother again in the spirit world but not before you become a guide.

  • Kirsten Roche
    Kirsten Roche Жыл бұрын

    In most cultures, there is a line where people understand what their loved one is experiencing is not a psychic experience, but a psychological condition. Reading books by healers in South Africa, Iran and other countries that utilize traditional healers, I have found that actually, there is a limit to what people will "tolerate." Maybe a family member brings their loved one to a traditional healer because they're talking about confusing things...occasionally traditional healers will find a shaman or a person having a spiritual experience. But often they will try to work with the person, find them incomprehensible, and recommend going to a psychiatrist or some other physician. Some priests find people in need of exorcism, but many priests will recommend they go to the hospital. Many people with schizophrenia around the world are locked in chains by their community, to keep others safe- it is not as though every rural village in Africa or elsewhere in the world values psychosis as a special gift. Not everyone experiencing psychosis is undergoing a spiritual experience- even spiritual leaders recognize this.

  • Bunsenn


    Жыл бұрын

    I wish more people were aware of this. Mental illness isn’t some kind of spiritual awakening, it’s the brain going haywire. It just depends on how it happens.

  • hahhhn


    26 күн бұрын

    Depends on the karma of the person.

  • Chronic Grace®🌱
    Chronic Grace®🌱 Жыл бұрын

    This video was posted in 2014 and it's amazing to think about what has went on with the Human Experience since then (now in 2021) and how many people have experience their Spiritual Awakening in this time. It's so common now we are mostly free to talk publicly about it and the field of Psychology is slowly recognizing it as a real thing.

  • Wendi


    Жыл бұрын

    I think this universal truth might be the only constant in our universe. 2022. 💗

  • Vianna Salcido

    Vianna Salcido

    Жыл бұрын

    Read no self no problem. 10/10

  • Deanna Ng

    Deanna Ng

    Жыл бұрын

    The medical system diagnosed me with multiple mental illnesses. I took meds, saw doctors, psychiatrists, prayed God would remove the "voices." Later in life, I went to a Pentecostal church that believes in spiritual gifts. They said I'm not sick, but have spiritual gifts. These are in the Bible e.g. 1 Corinthians 12

  • The Gaming Studio

    The Gaming Studio

    6 ай бұрын

    great observation written thank u

  • The Gaming Studio

    The Gaming Studio

    6 ай бұрын

    @Deanna Ng may i know ur zodiac

  • Jeff Jenkins
    Jeff Jenkins Жыл бұрын

    I truly appreciated this talk. We are at a crossroads as a species, we have list the ability to connect. To feel, to love and trust. The media and government have much to do in the manipulation.

  • MD C
    MD C2 жыл бұрын

    The spiritual awakening is painful but in the end you discover your own strength.

  • AquamarineDream


    2 жыл бұрын


  • ejig thompson

    ejig thompson

    2 жыл бұрын

    I’m going thru it right now man it’s scary and awesome at the same time I’m a complete different person and I can see a lot of my flaws but it’s still kinda scary how I’m a completely different person

  • Angel Devine

    Angel Devine

    2 жыл бұрын

    JESUS IS King! God is real . As real as the oxygen you breath

  • closethevoid


    2 жыл бұрын

    @ejig thompson I remember that feeling like it was yesterday man! You make it through the storm yet?

  • closethevoid


    2 жыл бұрын

    @Carolyn R Lee-Mincey your are going through the scary pain phase , you’re spiritually growing right now , just stay grounded and present as much as you can . Start Meditating if you haven’t already . Start looking into philosophy and bettering yourself . Remember that this phase and state of mind you are in is only temporary and it will not last forever ! When I experienced this I was terrified for about a week because I was an atheist of sorts . But now I look back and I’m so happy it happened, it truly changed my life for the better and it was absolutely a defining time that I will remember forever ! Good luck to you

  • Truth seeker
    Truth seeker4 ай бұрын

    5 times in mental wards. I still speak my truth. The Dr's say your mad for seeing dead people when I see no disconnect between the dead and the living. We are living during the great awakening ❤

  • Caroline Capon
    Caroline Capon Жыл бұрын

    The panic when you get to far is awful. Thanks to this man/kid to me (Adam) for explaining it. To be honest it’s societies interference that makes it worse. I went through this.

  • Liss
    Liss Жыл бұрын

    This was powerful to see. Psychosis changed my life and helped me heal lifelong trauma and awaken my psychic abilities, but I had to fight for myself because western ways don’t get to the root, they just suppress symptoms. I talked about it on My Sacred Return podcast and I see a lot of similarities to the stories shared in this talk. We are so powerful, so gifted. May we all find our way back home to ourselves through these mental crisis’.

  • Warhead pistolelove into my head

    Warhead pistolelove into my head

    5 ай бұрын

    What abilities?

  • Jade Lyel
    Jade Lyel Жыл бұрын

    I was diagnosed bipolar after being in a facility around 6 years ago. For years I thought I was crazy I let them lead me to think I was just losing my sanity. But the spiritual events kept coming in and it got to a point where Im so sure that what I experienced was real. For awhile I was angry with all the suffering I went through but Im so glad I made it this far to see what I've seen in the world. It's given me comfort in life and death that ive never experienced before. Even with all the unexplainable things I've seen theres a thing in the back of my head that makes me question it all. Its this unnerving unknown that propels us to try to achieve our goals before the sand hits the bottom of the hourglass. I think this is something vital to our growth and the human experience and it makes life beautiful.

  • the GRIN grower
    the GRIN grower Жыл бұрын

    Love this talk! I had a psychotic breakdown and a spiritual awakening and unusual and psychic gifts that happened & developed in following which have since (mostly) disappeared. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Chanel Hanson
    Chanel Hanson2 жыл бұрын

    After my psychosis experience i had an intense spiritual awakening and now im living a completely different life than before..

  • Techno Science

    Techno Science

    Жыл бұрын

    You awoke ;)

  • Ashley Wyatt

    Ashley Wyatt

    Жыл бұрын

    Same. I am a completely different person it’s wild lol

  • oldbiddy


    Жыл бұрын

    It's a shame people call it psychosis

  • HeadScrewOff


    Жыл бұрын

    Any meds? 🤔💊

  • oldbiddy


    Жыл бұрын

    @HeadScrewOff I asked some that once. They had benn prescribed anti depressants, but were not taking them them, because they did not need them, but there were some downers prescribed with it 'amies'. Amatrypaline, or something like it. I know some one else on them. Their friends keep asking for the amies. I tried some. You get a good sleep off them.

    STARGIRL LUSH2 жыл бұрын

    Almost 20 years ago, I was a wild child, truant with diagnosed depression and eventually got thrown in jail for months while pregnant with my second child. I was left alone in my cell with just myself and my thoughts to meditate and think heavily at times. I came out a different person and always tell people that time in jail was actually a blessing in disguise and a huge awakening period for me. Never felt clinically depressed after that time and have viewed life differently ever since.

  • RnBReworked
    RnBReworked Жыл бұрын

    I've been a Mental Health Social Worker and Practitioner for a number of years now, and listening to some of my clients who appear "unwell", sometimes I wonder if there's a spiritual element to their experiences, that they don't quite have the insight to understand and express in that way. I find their stories fascinating and they don't always scream "psychosis".

  • Janis Ann Hopley

    Janis Ann Hopley

    Жыл бұрын

    I agree, can't put everyone into a western box and label them. It's never a one fits all.

  • RedHawk Lady_6
    RedHawk Lady_6 Жыл бұрын

    I’ve been thru this & was all alone. I was overwhelmed & just like the young man said, I kept going deeper into it & finally got scared & derailed. Literally on my knees, begging for it to stop… mind blowing. But, no drugs & I knew I wasn’t crazy. And I had the self aaareness to know better than to go tell ppl who wouldn’t understand & might just tell me I was crazy. This was in 1996, about 26 yrs ago. One of the scariest parts, was that I was downloaded with knowledge that this was going to happen to many ppl all over the world. It was a ‘second coming’ of sorts, but not at all like what Christianity teaches… the Christ, Pure Love Energy, would rise within people. It would push up into conciousness, all untruths, guilt, shame, false beliefs, Fears, traumas… this would be very uncomfortable. Some would accept this & heal. Others would choose to deny, refuse to let go, accept Truth, etc & would tend to blame their discomfort on others The energy would get stronger & Some would not survive it… either becoming a danger to themselves &/or self & others. Some would choose to follow the Truth & healing. And, just like a Birth… Fear, tension, resistance make itvWORST! I volunteered then & there to be a ‘midwife’ of sorts when the time came. Someone to just reassure people, that this is a natural normal process, nothing to fear… just breath deep. Relax… your body knows what to do. Trust & surrender. Provide safety & calm by being WITH someone… reassurance… grounding. Encouraging self care. 🦋

  • Wendy A. Watson

    Wendy A. Watson

    Жыл бұрын

    After I went through a very painful memory that I had surpressed, I made a vow to myself. I swore that I would never let anyone walk it alone. I am aware now that I can't walk with them, and the worst part they must face alone. But I was at a loss as to how to help on a daily. As it is, I just relaxed and knew that I had to just keep putting one foot in front of another. I have a steady stream of those who seek me out and ask advice due to the nature of this Universe allowing us to be where we need to be, exactly when we are to be there. I wish to seek others though to talk with about this. I don't want to have to pay for it either, my gifts are what is available to everyone and to make $$ on these gifts is just as Jesus saw the Pharisees in His Father's house.(this is a personal opinion of course) I hope to soon meet others whom I can rest my lurking questions on. Namaste ❤️🌈

  • RedHawk Lady_6

    RedHawk Lady_6

    Жыл бұрын

    @Wendy A. Watson I agree… any help is best freely offered. Loving exchange is welcome but never required. I trust the Divine to bring to me those I can assist & also lead me to those I can learn from & find mutual friendship & support. It’s already happening of course & I am always in gratitude to be able to ‘pay it forward’ Are you on FB?

  • Nina Mercado

    Nina Mercado

    Жыл бұрын

    @Wendy A. Watson I would love to work with you and have you included in my support system

  • Kz


    Жыл бұрын

    So should someone seek help if you think you have this?

  • RedHawk Lady_6

    RedHawk Lady_6

    Жыл бұрын

    @Kz maybe… only if the ‘help’ can be trusted to be supportive.

  • Roxanne
    Roxanne Жыл бұрын

    I've experienced exactly what you're describing! I have goosebumps listening to this! I expected this talk to be judgemental of people like me but instead I feel seen, valid and not alone

  • Myzztic


    2 ай бұрын

    Hi I feel alone too....I am alone....can you help me?

  • Beccy Reece
    Beccy Reece2 ай бұрын

    Great talk, found it so informative and insightful ♥️

  • It Can't Rain Forever
    It Can't Rain Forever3 жыл бұрын

    My brother was a paranoid schizophrenic and he heard things and he knew things that others didn't. Many thought he was crazy. But I know with all my heart he wasn't crazy at all he just knew too much and couldn't comprehend it all. He took his life at 27 years old. What a tragedy. I believe trauma in our childhood affected us in many ways. I am a highly sensitive person and I sense energies, vibes and feelings of other people. I'm also an empathetic introvert. When I was 32 I tried DXM and it opened up my mind like never before. It blew me away. It's a hallucinogen. Everything clicked and made sense at the moment.

  • CC Sutherland

    CC Sutherland

    2 жыл бұрын

    I strongly believe there is a connection between trauma & spiritual awakening!

  • Hajithepoet


    2 жыл бұрын

    Spanish Doll I agree. Also I took a LSD trip and had a similar experience. It was an awakening and ego death of sorts.

  • Dan M

    Dan M

    2 жыл бұрын

    I also tried dxm , a dissociative. And I felt as if everything was connected and everything was gonna be ok, same with acid. It showed me the most profound things I have ever experienced in my life.

  • LanceReactor


    2 жыл бұрын

    Um... yeah.. that's what drugs do. The hallucinations are rooted in your belief system, so the confirmation bias will be extremely powerful.

  • It Can't Rain Forever

    It Can't Rain Forever

    2 жыл бұрын

    @Hajithepoet "ego death" seems to fit the mark perfectly.

  • Caffè Studios
    Caffè StudiosАй бұрын

    That presentation holds so much wisdom... I wish I could talk to the young man that had his awakening and was left without guidance. His next task is to challenge what he had experienced and start anew. That may sound scary at first, but this is just a brand new path and a chance to do what he loves. It was just an awakening and nothing more.

  • Who The Hell Is Harvy
    Who The Hell Is Harvy Жыл бұрын

    When he told the story of the woman hearing voices, for anyone who knows about DMX, he said a similar thing about the voices and personalities he had within him. As destructive as some of them appeared to be, to himself and those who would witness it, he said he needed all of them to get him through life. The human brain is the most powerful, fascinating and scary thing I am aware of.

  • milkyway88
    milkyway88 Жыл бұрын

    My spiritual journey was very difficult, and it gave me incredible gifts, like telepathy, telekinesis, and psychic abilities. I looked at my reflection one day, and saw a golden halo. It's not always schizophrenia, like the masses believe, what if alot of these "schizophrenics" are actually highly gifted?

  • Clare


    Жыл бұрын

    i agree!

  • John Prinsloo
    John Prinsloo Жыл бұрын

    'the psyche is self healing' and 'come out stronger at the end' is true indeed and I can attest to this. I struggle with depression for a little over a year long, so badly that I thought I was going to go crazy and end up ending my life; but I refused to take medications or see any 'Dr.' and decided to dive right into what I was going through. When I came out of this episode I had fallen into, I had learnt more about my self, my spirituality and just how much my soul was capable of than I had in my entire life and I felt "awakened" to some extent (even though it sounds silly). It may sound unbelievable, but sometimes I wish that I could go back to that hole, in order to dig out more of the essence of my spirit... But I am thankful for what it taught me; I no longer fear life, nor do I fear death, nor do I struggle with questions of "Why?" and I feel like any bump along my way is a blessing and no longer a brick wall or a burden... just another opportunity for growth and understanding.

  • Test Test

    Test Test

    Жыл бұрын

    'The psyche is self healing' 🎯

  • Bunsenn


    Жыл бұрын

    I didn’t come out of my psychosis stronger. I came out even more numb to the world and unable to connect with others. I have trouble expressing emotions now. I’m horrible antisocial. After my psychosis, I became a different person, and not in a good way.

  • Dani Rojas
    Dani Rojas2 ай бұрын

    This hit hard after being diagnosed with a psychotic break, i felt one with the universe and my spirits before medication, i wish I would’ve never gotten medicated

  • Mindset With Marie
    Mindset With Marie3 жыл бұрын

    I think the rise in mental illness might be the universe's way of helping us understand more. We need more people that can be the light and enlighten others.

  • devin bird

    devin bird

    3 жыл бұрын

    Thank you

  • Jamie East

    Jamie East

    3 жыл бұрын

    Mental illness is labeling the wrong illness.



    3 жыл бұрын

    Are you serious????? the rise of Mental illness is due to the fact that for the first time in history we have reached the period of time that Jesus Christ told there would be a mass turning away from all things good, an APOSTASY would happen before he returns and he is at the door now..... this is why so many people are nut jobs and depressed. The universe is not a being to give or take anything.



    3 жыл бұрын

    @Ben Sandoval your making no sense

  • T W
    T W Жыл бұрын

    Ironic. I had several “other worldly”, “spiritual”and “paranormal” experiences when I was exactly 14. I thought I was going crazy. I have lived a somewhat normal life since then and now I am 33 and still a bit drawn to spirituality but very much in tact with American culture and society. Something resonates with the work he has done and I hope more discoveries are made regarding this subject.

  • Blackcrowen
    Blackcrowen Жыл бұрын

    Spiritualism is very real many people are reawakening to it 🙏

  • Leslie Seale
    Leslie Seale Жыл бұрын

    SO powerful -- I am diagnosed as BiPolar and got my med increased to help with rising anxiety. I also had a "nervous breakdown" at age 22 and took myself off all those awful meds then. I'm just starting to think about that differently I was not ill but healing from a difficult childhood. I had visions paranoia etc. All in all I lead a successful life except still my inner world. I"m on the road to find out what works for me. I think meditation/exercise/hhealthy foods/cannabis!

  • yovanny andres
    yovanny andres Жыл бұрын

    this is such a beautiful & strong ted talk, i enjoyed every second of it. i am spiritual active myself with trying to self heal with plant medicine and meditation, i also got friends that went and are still going through psychosis, i cant wait to share this with them. i hope it can bring some more clarity for them! much love

  • MyRecoveryStory
    MyRecoveryStory11 ай бұрын

    💯%!! This is why I want to move honestly. I am highly gifted and it truly feels like a prison when I cannot use my spiritual gifts freely.

  • Snow Leopard
    Snow Leopard3 жыл бұрын

    This information is essential. It’s sad how our society only accepts one mainstream reality, created by mass media



    3 жыл бұрын

    which reality is that?

  • James Dierker

    James Dierker

    3 жыл бұрын


  • tim3854


    3 жыл бұрын

    @SEVEN SWORDS the totally inverted one

  • Guy Bongers

    Guy Bongers

    3 жыл бұрын

    reading a book we surrender to the story. When hearing a song we surrender. Our emotions follow the story. We , most of the world , are head less chickens. running around. We do not percieve ourselfs as headless . Frasing it like that is a headless phrasing. It's just going for the obvious, the general. It is the opposite of taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture and ending up with bigger consciousness of what is going on. That is not mainstream.

  • The Whiz Kid

    The Whiz Kid

    3 жыл бұрын

    I think it is important to do case studies of history in order for people to not be mislead. Hitler's Germany is one to be mindful of.

  • captainkurt84
    captainkurt849 ай бұрын

    Just went through this after 2 years it was a rough journey but at the end its definitely a awakening. At one point I literally thought I was going to die and cried for Jesus

  • Jo Alex Sg
    Jo Alex Sg Жыл бұрын

    Thanks for this amazing lecture with truly spiritually enriching experiences, much appreciated indeed!

  • RadCelt
    RadCelt Жыл бұрын

    So wonderful and so rare to observe someone speaking the truth.

  • Elizabeth Santiago Gingras
    Elizabeth Santiago Gingras4 ай бұрын

    Watching this in 2023 because I see my self getting liberated from everything I have ever known to be true and now that I see alot of what I thought I knew I realize I knew nothing all along and this is something I'm experiencing now and it's really helped me understand who I am thank you for this I'll be going to see a shaman as well to understand more

  • Jeffrey Waldron
    Jeffrey Waldron Жыл бұрын

    This is an amazing TED Talk! Well done!!! ❤️🧠😄

  • Lozzinator3000
    Lozzinator30002 жыл бұрын

    Thank you so much. I actually cried. I had synchronisites happen faster and faster to the point where I became terrified wishing it would stop and wondering if it was all in my head. I ended up hospitalised, diagnosed with bipolar, and put on massive doses of drugs that made me so ill. My memories of the synchronisation and how everything played out is now repressed and fragmented but I'm trying to get them back. Honestly... today I was wondering if I really am crazy, but got the urge to search for "psychosis spirituality" and found this video. I felt such shame and embarrassment for my ramblings while having a spiritual emergency, and now I finally feel validated. Thank you

  • Sv714


    2 жыл бұрын

    hey i hope youre doing okay. Watching Donnie Darko made me cry because of how real it felt

  • Neven Cuca

    Neven Cuca

    2 жыл бұрын

    Ground yourself. Differentiate whats provable and whats not. Just trust yourself. No medication. Nature. Animals. Stillness. Listen to Jiddu Krishnamurti. Learn how to think and talk with yourself. Ground. Be gentle. No hurry. No illusions. You got it all inside. Be alone and take your time.

  • Lozzinator3000


    2 жыл бұрын

    Hi thanks for the replies. I watched donnie dark when younger and then going through this reminded me of it. Hope you are well, too.

  • MKAH


    2 жыл бұрын

    Can we help you get connected to the beloved

  • Daniel Lo

    Daniel Lo

    Жыл бұрын

    Lozz, let me guess, you are a very sensitive person and what is commonly called an empath. Tell me if I am wrong please but I think I am close. No need to feel ashamed or embarrassed. Even so, all the best in your journey.

  • Tiffany's story's crafts and gardens.
    Tiffany's story's crafts and gardens. Жыл бұрын

    I understand this all to well....Thank you for bringing this to the forefront. I had paranoid future predictions in my early twenties which all come true in time spoken to me by God. My family thought something was wrong with my spoken messages. I was labeled crazy by doctors put on medicines with many side effects. My angels and God still protect me still to this day. Only now 24years later some of my family are starting to come around that it was not crazy its a gift. I didn't like to be labeled nuts I only wanted to be believed. I paid a dear price for the misunderstanding from everyone that I should have trusted to share my gifts with.... Doctors can get it wrong.

  • Childlike Empress
    Childlike Empress10 ай бұрын

    I’m so moved I feel defended understood and loved ❤thank you for saying the truth Phil blessings to you

  • Sonia
    Sonia Жыл бұрын

    I have no idea how I didn’t stumble upon this video, and it has been out for 8 years already. The ending of the speech made me look at him with the same appreciation level as Joseph Campbell, Alan Watts, and Ram Dass.

  • Silk
    Silk Жыл бұрын

    The exact video I needed to see and hear today. Thank you Mr. Phil Borges!!!

  • Kahurangi Steez
    Kahurangi Steez8 күн бұрын

    I'm going through my 3rd psychosis in my life at the moment. Or just coming out of it. Today is Spring Equinox and I turn 30 next month. I feel awake. Thanks for this video, it's helping with the reintegration. Flow onwards, upwards, throughwards to the beyond.

  • Canon Goar

    Canon Goar

    7 күн бұрын

    I just got into an arguing match with satan and had to separate him from my thoughts recently. It happens man.

  • Kahurangi Steez

    Kahurangi Steez

    7 күн бұрын

    888 I've been meeting too many plant spirits for my own good 999. Tuning into the good path. Middlewards. ^_^@Canon Goar

  • Casey Promise T
    Casey Promise T6 жыл бұрын

    I was misdiagnosed with Bipolar disorder because of my "spiritual connection to the universe" at 19 in 2000. I live in the religious South, where speaking of "energy", "connection" and "the universe" is crazy speak. I started meditating at age 5. I had always had a very emotional and physical connection to nature. Because of all this, I was put on medication for years. Now at age 35, trying to get off medication is making me physically ill. It's a lonely and scary experience here. I make art to try and explain the anguish, but again....the American south is afraid of the emotion behind it. I've longed for sisters and brothers that understand. The only way that I can connect through others is via social media and videos like this. I'm unsure of what to do or how to exist within this culture. It has led to severe depression and a constant feeling of being "homesick" for a world that is not our that is beyond this one. Update for further explanation: I have seen therapists and psychiatrists for years since my “misdiagnosis” of Bipolar Disorder. All of my doctors after the year 2000 told me it was NOT bipolar. However, there’s nothing wrong with having Bipolar Disorder. The seroquel they put me on back when I was misdiagnosed became incredibly addictive as it’s now used for sleep and my body can’t get off of it. My point to my story was that someone with a high imagination and spiritual awareness and a creative heart and certain “gifts” can be misdiagnosed by aging conservative doctors who judge you by your tattoos and eccentricities. I’ve learned to find much better and younger doctors since then.

  • Gulistan Zarief

    Gulistan Zarief

    6 жыл бұрын

    caseypromise you'll be alright brother keep meditating

  • a. Marie

    a. Marie

    6 жыл бұрын

    The people in your world just can't see the bigger picture, keep working on yourself and the right support will find you.

  • Mona


    6 жыл бұрын

    caseypromise move. there are many places that embrace your beliefs and nomenclature. finding a community where you feel accepted and can accept others is empowering. good luck to you.

  • H_curly


    6 жыл бұрын

    caseypromise please go back on your medication. believe me, I know the difficulties with coping with life. but it's something that we all need to do. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective bipolar at the age of 16. my life was in turmoil. I'm 21 now and I've gained great knowledge of coping skills. and I can say with confidence that I am 100% more happier.

  • LVAngelradio
    LVAngelradio Жыл бұрын

    I struggle with needing a counselor but fear of not being understood. Spirit is so much of who I am and every moment of my life. I've been blessed since being honest. All have understood and believed me.

  • Farheen H
    Farheen H Жыл бұрын

    this is exactly what I went through. They tried to put me in a hospital and they kept trying to put me on xyz pills. This time around, I was able to control my synchronisites. Usually if I am not on psychedelic, these things come in dream form and it really is powerful. We really are just spiritual beings in human form.

  • Myzztic


    2 ай бұрын

    Yesss....and people don't believe you....

  • Joyce H Anderson & Friends
    Joyce H Anderson & Friends6 ай бұрын

    Thank you Sir for your video. It makes so much good sense out of so many confusing conclusions people have about things they themselves know nothing about.

  • talaraedokko
    talaraedokko Жыл бұрын

    As a teen around 1970 I got my calling. It was a lone course. I can relate to this narrative. I told no one till the last few years.

  • ericlab_spores on instagram

    ericlab_spores on instagram

    Жыл бұрын

    Check out the handle 👆 he's got the best tips and stuff for micro-dosing shrooms, psych meds, DMT trips, psilocybin, and gummies. He also ships to any location.

  • Lucifeast
    Lucifeast Жыл бұрын

    "The psychotic drowns in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight." -Joseph Campbell, _Psychology of the Future_

  • oldbiddy


    Жыл бұрын

    The term 'psychotic' was termed labelling at college. It was one of the main complaints on the humanities course. The scenerio is some bod who did a coarse and got a job from it needs to cover itself if confronted with a consultation so it takes the safest decision for itself, just in case of a problem. The uneducated are notoriously credulouse of these terms according to the lectures "no discernment". I found in spite of those complaints the only people aware of them were those who did the course, and those who did those courses year after year and heared them appear to have done very little. Inoticed in the legal cases I was involved in, any evidence that contradicted a viewpoint, or claim was witheld from the parties they wanted to convince. I found those minature cameras and recording equipment very useful in backing up that observation in the paper I wrote.

  • Randy Smith
    Randy Smith3 жыл бұрын

    I taught emotionally disturbed teens for 28 years and I'm willing to bet almost all have empathic abilities and were going through Spiritual Awakening.



    3 жыл бұрын

    I have worked in the disability sector and children who have emotional needs for over 20 years also and I don't know what your talking about? where is your research or evidence?

  • will iam

    will iam

    3 жыл бұрын

    Well, spiritual awakenings and empathy have been part of human experience ever since we started being able to form models of the thoughts and feelings of others and recognize that we were part of a much larger world that could even be greater than our capacity for understanding. However, few people in my life considered my Disturbed Emoting as anything spiritual, awakened or empathetic. Those people who saw my potential for empathy and awakening and encouraged me were the ones who helped.

  • cora raelynn

    cora raelynn

    3 жыл бұрын

    @SEVEN SWORDS is working with people with disabilities the same as working with teens who are emotionally disturbed? Seems like a completely different playing field



    3 жыл бұрын

    @cora raelynn Disabilities is a very big field with mild to severe or mental and physical. Teens who are emotionally disturbed as you say are on self destruct with many emotional issues.. both are challenging and rewarding. both fields over lap a lot in behaviours and challenges.

  • Devin Mchorse

    Devin Mchorse

    3 жыл бұрын

    SEVEN SWORDS You yourself in another comment thread have said that the cause is because of the straying from Jesus. Where is your research or evidence for that? Seems you're projecting your BELIEFS just as much as our friend here. And I believe they are one and the same. I think most spiritualists would say that the cause of the rise of mental illness is due to society finding more value in raw numbers and statistics and facts over believing in a higher power. Same is true with religious folks they'd claim that this surge of mental illness is caused by the atheistic movement and nihilism moving people away from a form of beliefs and values that they derive from their religion to a society centered around facts that are observable. Don't be so harsh on others beliefs because the root issue isn't that we aren't following a specific belief, it's that we aren't following any belief at all. Please try to not be offended by this comment as I'm just trying to show that we all have a similar view on mental illness and it's pervasiveness as well as what causes it, and that our solutions while different in the end "higher power" being different still stem from the same idea of having belief in something that cannot be proven with statistics or research. You don't see the hand of God at work but you still know it's there despite it not being measurable and my own belief has a similar view I have no way of proving mine is any more "real" than yours but I believe it within myself and that is something much greater than cold hard facts could provide me.

  • healing nature girl
    healing nature girl Жыл бұрын

    I have these experiences my whole life. But, intuitively I knew that I was connected to something bigger. It actually has been an experience that has encompassed so many levels of consciousness & emotions. The experiences I’ve had are surreal.

  • Myzztic


    2 ай бұрын

    Hi I'm going through this right now and I have no body to talk to...

  • D Bojangles

    D Bojangles

    2 ай бұрын

    ​@Myzztic I been there too recently. What's on your mind?

  • Anton Steenhoudt
    Anton Steenhoudt Жыл бұрын

    I had a "Psychosis", It really makes you a different but better person. I always gravitate to doing the right thing in it and i believe is that your true self is taking over and tells you, that's how you are at the deepest level. It was my third but less intense than the second and the second was less intense than the first. Edit: What if an other person can take you over and that seems like a psychosis. At this point in my life i believe i never had a real psychosis but another person taking me over.

  • Corrina Adams
    Corrina Adams Жыл бұрын

    Every day for these past few weeks I have been feeling like I’m going crazy. I don’t know if I’m actually going crazy or if the world just isn’t operating properly and it sets such discomfort in my soul. Really needed to find this video tonight. Thank you.



    Жыл бұрын

    ur not crazy +

  • HeadScrewOff


    Жыл бұрын

    No meds? 😔💊

  • joel yazell
    joel yazell Жыл бұрын

    I myself have had this spiritual awakening. When I was 17. Ever since I’ve lived with the suppression of it. Every major turn in my life was my surfacing. It has always shown itself as the understanding of me. I can,but never at any time wanted to give me up. I read people,times,and the future like a book,that I’m writing for those who have t seen it yet. Become people I just met ,and when I speak of myself,they see their own enlightenment. I being one with them,again before we met. I am alone,and all this I understanding is the realization ,I’m dealing with the thoughts I have of all of it,and the thoughts I have of that. I know who l am,and if anything,all of this is that. I speak with the power to move my world into who I am,and the answer to whatever,is to be that to. It’s a thought in your mind,and you’re everything if you let it be you.

  • buckmarkner
    buckmarkner Жыл бұрын

    The tragedy in our world is that we simply don't have time for ourselves , I was in a psychosis in 2019 and had to get medication to be an active member of society , we aren't allotted the time to walk these things out and come to the other end new , instead here we are tapering ourselves back to survive in this industry we now call life .

  • Marcus Johnson

    Marcus Johnson

    Жыл бұрын

    Wow,I knew it, I'm not crazy the people around me are.

  • buckmarkner


    Жыл бұрын

    @Marcus Johnson I am crazy , has nothing to do with spirituality, genetics play a huge role , but I did my due diligence, I didn’t breed and do not intend to . I wish I could say the same for some people .

  • Brandon Kyle
    Brandon Kyle7 жыл бұрын

    One of the better TED talks I've seen. I'm not sure that the rituals need to be anything specific really in these tribes, but the cultural appreciation they receive and the affirmation of their growth and gifts... it's amazing :) I can tell you that our lack of understanding when it comes to this kind of stuff really alienates and hurts the people who are experiencing this stuff.

  • Amari Nevaeh
    Amari Nevaeh10 ай бұрын

    I’ve been having synchronicities for a while and could never put into words what was going on and I felt like I sounded crazy trying to explain it or figure it out so thank you I finally know the name

  • Courtney Coley

    Courtney Coley

    2 ай бұрын


  • Cid K
    Cid K Жыл бұрын

    That was such an amazing talk, thank you so very much.

  • Essma B
    Essma B Жыл бұрын

    Such an important discussion, and Phil’s ted talk really only caresses the surface.. loving that this is on here!

  • Yogi Life
    Yogi Life2 жыл бұрын

    I did mediumship for two years, and it messed me up, badly. I eventually stopped channelling and I began to learn and meditate with a real teacher. Now I'm much more intuitive and clear than I ever was before. We're here to embody our own Buddha Nature, and if you do that, you'll get a lot more than just clairvoyance. But this is hard, and false teachers are many 🙏💠.

  • Mary Elizabeth
    Mary Elizabeth Жыл бұрын

    I gave up on Ted Talks after the horrible hypnosis one. Then this one caught my attention. I was ready to be mad at the show. I was delightfully surprised! Thank you kind sir for speaking up today on this topic! I help people with their spiritual gifts and will share your video in our group.

  • Blue Rainbow
    Blue Rainbow4 жыл бұрын

    I love this Ted Talk. This talk helped me come to terms that I wasnt crazy and that I was simply going through an awakening. Thank you Phil. From England with love.

  • maquindesign


    3 жыл бұрын

    My first experience of this was like my mind was empty and I was scrambling for the mind pattern of which I was used to. It was like I literally lost my mind which is what actually happened in that moment.

  • Donnell Cole-Price

    Donnell Cole-Price

    3 жыл бұрын

    Me too!

  • Man Afro

    Man Afro

    3 жыл бұрын

    Hi. When the awakening started, did you have a choice to make it stop? Did you feel like something scary was about to take place and you had to choose between embracing it or making it stop, or was it all outside of your control?

  • Shawn Nardi

    Shawn Nardi

    3 жыл бұрын

    @Man Afro I go silent shapeless and see every outcome so I get to stay and raise my kids I won't submit

  • Man Afro

    Man Afro

    3 жыл бұрын

    @Shawn Nardi Every outcome of what?

  • MarikaAfrika
    MarikaAfrika Жыл бұрын

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful knowledge! ❤️

  • Larry Reese
    Larry Reese Жыл бұрын

    I am very much in the middle of going through this myself. I've experienced so much synchronicity that people stop wanting to talk to me because I drive them crazy just needing to be heard. I'm developing more and more peaceful nature of writing, helping others, and leaving it in God's hands. Knowing that what I am supposed to do is beyond my comprehension of knowing moment to moment day to day anything more than what I'm perceiving. 10 years ago I started to write a book called Irony Plus Comedy Equals Divinity, subtitled Why Am I The Most Blessed Person You'll Meet. October 20th 2020 I was in a major car accident and was given full social security disability on the first go round. I was told that was unheard of. So this is where I'm at now and would love to talk to anybody that would indulge in a conversation that I believe would be life changing for both of us 🙏

  • Louise Church

    Louise Church

    8 ай бұрын

    Larry ... I have been experiencing this my entire life. I had a nervous breakdown and I'm on SSI disability also, contact me if you like ... Louise

  • Laura Look
    Laura Look Жыл бұрын

    I’m so happy to have found this video. My brother had a calling to go on a journey two months ago and was put into a psychiatric hospital for a month. They treated him poorly and he is now taking medications that make him unlike himself. I would like to help him because his mission is to help others in need but am unsure how.

  • 12aiah k

    12aiah k

    Жыл бұрын

    Laura I’m experiencing a same situation with my brother. I pray for you and him. The Lord will heal all.

  • the future

    the future

    Жыл бұрын

    Question the reality u perceive. How u view things is a result of the information u have consumed. Realise this and detach from how u currently view things and then look at society again, perspective. Avoid popular media and social media. Detach from the flow of information and seek out the truths of our world / society. Once u do this u might be able to relate to ur brother and form a deeper understanding. Also u will further ur understanding so u can help ur brother with his too… along this journey people can become delusional so don’t attach urself to ideas to much… along ur journey ur brother will start to respect ur opinions more and he might listen more❤️

  • Support Iranian Freedom
    Support Iranian Freedom Жыл бұрын

    Fascinating TED talk....Thank you Mr. Borges. My uncle was diagnosed with Schizophrenia some 25 years ago. His health kept getting worse and worse as a result of the medications, till he passed away last year at the age of just 53. He was the most gentle and compassionate soul. I wish my family could've seen your talk 25 years ago. He was so misunderstood. I can't hold back the tears...I wholeheartedly believe everything you said here, because I've had visions of things to come. Instances of Loved ones in a crisis who called my name even though they weren't there....and when I called them they had just got into an accident that nearly cost them their lives. This has happened several times for me. But I never spoke of it to anyone fearing the labels and the Stigma. I really hope we don't let Adam down, as our culture is in a real Spiritual Crisis. We need him and those with such strong connections to the Spirit world in order to carry on, to survive!

  • David Conway
    David Conway Жыл бұрын

    I grew up in a Christian family and it wasn't until after years of drug use that I broke out of the conformed thinking that I was led to believe. It was like life had led me to my salvation through a "by any means necessary" method. "Be careful what you wish for" is something I've found all too real when it comes to one's desires. You never know how the universe will answer your request.

  • Hannah Faith
    Hannah Faith2 жыл бұрын

    I resonated with all of this. Been going through the rebirthing process after the dark night of the soul and have been expanding my consciousness for the last 3 years and it’s been indescribable.

  • Naruto Ball_35

    Naruto Ball_35

    2 жыл бұрын

    Don’t stop there start reading the gospel of Jesus he got some facts that the church has watered down.

  • XI-88


    2 жыл бұрын

    3 years for me as well. The whole process is really 17 years running. However, the last 3.5 have been a whole new level. Taxing and trying but it’s definitely a metamorphosis into a whole new way of being. God speed to both of us as we break on through to the other side ✨

  • Oc Co

    Oc Co

    Жыл бұрын

    Inspired you tube channel. David Icke & Alan Watts are good. As are the Native American Indian video's.

  • Michaela Van Mosseveld

    Michaela Van Mosseveld

    Жыл бұрын

    Im there now, its very hard

  • Shamoy Wisdom

    Shamoy Wisdom

    Жыл бұрын

    You could really help me

  • Don zoe
    Don zoe Жыл бұрын

    The experience of Spiritual awakening in and of itself is not in any way what you could call psychotic. Psychosis is defined as a severe mental illness where one becomes totally out of touch with reality. Whereas spiritual awakening brings one up close with reality. It is, in a way, a return to sanity or to being more sane than you have ever been before. In psychosis thoughts tend to be incredibly confused, jumbled and even frantic and fearful whereas in spiritual awakening the inner mental noise begins to fall away and there are times of inner quiet or stillness.

  • esme Espinoza
    esme Espinoza Жыл бұрын

    I survived my drug abuse. After staying up for 5 days with no sleep whatsoever I saw things that I couldn’t explain. I saw people who weren’t actually there. I heard things that the human ear or others couldn’t hear, and I drove myself crazy and ended up behind bars and detoxed in jail. I don’t know how I allowed myself to become that person and get so bad but I’m still here and Im finally getting myself back together .

  • Josh Meeuwissen

    Josh Meeuwissen

    Ай бұрын

    Wow I've got the same story

  • Michele Lane
    Michele Lane Жыл бұрын

    Thank you so very much for this. You explained my experience with this phenomenon. Really inspirational!❤️🍀🌈🙏😇❣️

  • miscelanous
    miscelanous Жыл бұрын

    I got autism and schizophrenia I definitely feel like it's spiritual awakening even though it's technically also delusion and paranoia (when I get too deep I start feeling intense paranoia) But I struggle with holding myself together because I always want to communicate with people but I speak in a different language than them.

  • miscelanous


    8 ай бұрын

    It's both. Enlightenment and psychosis.

  • Jenny Johnson
    Jenny Johnson Жыл бұрын

    I find this address very comforting & watch it every few months. In 2020, I had a night terror unlike any nightmare I had ever experienced. It was followed by sensitivity to light & sound that I explained to my doctor (he did a slow blink & was at a loss for words), and within a few months I had a mental/emotional/spiritual(?) breakdown at work that I couldn't understand & I narrowly escaped taking my own life. I had to go into a mental ward to protect me from myself. The content of this speech helps me believe that by seeking & building up an understanding of the truth of our spirits, I may yet understand those horribly dark days.

  • MarsDaPoet
    MarsDaPoet2 жыл бұрын

    You are not crazy, you will know who you are within divine timing. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others.

  • Haley Thompson

    Haley Thompson

    2 жыл бұрын

    Thank you for this.

  • Robert Leblanc

    Robert Leblanc

    2 жыл бұрын

    Right on

  • KateV


    2 жыл бұрын

    I've just been trying to find validation anywhere I can that I'm not going cuckoo

  • Brother_ Chase

    Brother_ Chase

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  • IamJoyT


    Жыл бұрын

    Needed this. Thank you!!

  • D Livingston
    D Livingston Жыл бұрын

    I briefly met Phil Borges in Seattle years ago at an art gallery when his photographic images of Tibetan refugees were displayed. It is an absolute shame that the images of his travels and indigenous people are not able to be viewed in this TEDx Talk!

  • Anna Berni
    Anna Berni Жыл бұрын

    The young just came from the spirit world and the elderly are about to go back there, so they really have a lot in common... I cried. ..

  • Goddess Lov333
    Goddess Lov333 Жыл бұрын

    I’ve had soooo many doctors try and tell me what I am 😮‍💨 Good thing I never listened , never took pills I was prescribed then as I got older I just stopped going to appointments in general as I got even older I had a spiritual awakening then EVERYTHING made sense 😅 I remember making therapist cry when hearing things about my childhood & wondering why it seemed so normal to me but so sad & traumatic to others. Now I’ve never felt more alive , I feel like im 7 again just so happy , free from people’s opinions & in control of my feelings 💖 Whenever I see people going through things I went through I just silently send positive and loving vibrations then pray they awaken to the truth in divine timing 🥳



    Жыл бұрын

    👆👆 You should totally check out..... He sells the best psychedelic products like DMT, LSD, shrooms, psilocybin capsule, chocolate bars,kratom and lots more....

  • chubby panda 🐼

    chubby panda 🐼

    7 ай бұрын

    Iam sorry to ask but what happened in your childhood and how didi you heal it ,iam trying to heal rn and if you could give me some insights it would be nice .much love to you 🤎

  • Will Schrader jr

    Will Schrader jr

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  • Julian Naranjo
    Julian NaranjoАй бұрын

    Watching this is so healing. Thanks.

  • C: Soniah
    C: Soniah Жыл бұрын

    Yes I've also been through this when I was 14 and thought I was losing my kind. I found spiritism and Buddhism 3 years later and it changed my beliefs a lot and also made me understand so many things about my life. It is believed that earth for a long time has been a place of suffering but the dynamics are now changing. That's why we have "starchilds" being born here to help humanity heal, people are also going through awakenings and increasing their awareness, a lot of wars happening because earth is in the process of changing. Look at our generation right now we are different from the previous ones, those who were oppressed are rising, people of color, women, LGBT+ etc. The period of changes is turbulent but soon earth won't be a place where we learn through suffering but through love.

  • Shanti


    Жыл бұрын


  • W.J. Kelly
    W.J. Kelly7 жыл бұрын

    I WOKE UP around 1976, and it has only gotten stronger with the years. The funny thing is that I always thought that "being enlightened" would mean that people looked up to me for it, that I would make friends more easily, that I would be more popular. In fact, it turned out to be just the opposite, and many people resent me for being happy and lighthearted, some hate me on sight, and very few "get me." But it is worth it, because I feel that I have fulfilled my purpose in life, the reason I am here. Now I know what the 11th century Zen master and poet, Tilopa, meant when he wrote: "When you look for it, you cannot find it. When you find it, you can't get rid of it. When you do neither, it's right there."



    7 жыл бұрын

    I agree with 100% you saying. I feel like this too and ppl think your crazy. It can't be how can sounding intelligent and using your words be a bad thing? It's like all jealously



    7 жыл бұрын

    Even happiness a lot of ppl don't want to see you happy

  • C Melanso

    C Melanso

    7 жыл бұрын

    +W.J. Kelly Very true. that is why its important to find something your passionate about that you can dedicate your time too. " The thing that makes you exceptional, if you are at all, is inevitably that which must also make you lonely" -Lorraine Hansberry

  • steelgila


    7 жыл бұрын

    +W.J. Kelly Tilopa was one of the Tantric Siddhas...yes? Not Zen tradition.

  • Kayne Kwai Cheng

    Kayne Kwai Cheng

    7 жыл бұрын

    +steelgila How you get so smart? :) Just joking.

  • Kelsie Auger
    Kelsie Auger Жыл бұрын

    I had my spiritual awakening in 2016 , won't tell you what triggered it but I appreciate life so much more . Thank you for this video at the time i didn't understand why or what happened . I was diagnosed with ptsd and medicated with 30 pills a day .

  • Rushia Skinner Wallace
    Rushia Skinner Wallace Жыл бұрын

    Such a great talk, presentation. 🙏🏼

  • LOVE
    LOVE Жыл бұрын

    Had my spiritual awakening 5 years ago. It was a blessing in disguise.

  • Laina Waina

    Laina Waina

    Жыл бұрын

    HOW do you know you when you had the awakening?

  • Theo O'Cahain

    Theo O'Cahain

    Жыл бұрын

    @Laina Waina🙂 You had it. I responded to your other comment.

  • Laina Waina

    Laina Waina

    Жыл бұрын

    @Theo O'Cahain which one?

  • Theo O'Cahain

    Theo O'Cahain

    Жыл бұрын

    @Laina Waina 🙂 The one where you asked "Let me get this str8, is it psychosis if...". It is on this same TED video.

  • Theo O'Cahain

    Theo O'Cahain

    Жыл бұрын

    @Laina Waina If you don't find it, I'll re-post it here 🙂