Polymer Clay Sculpture: Mo Salah, the full figure sculpturing process【Clay Artisan JAY】

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Where are the fans of Mo Salah and Liverpool! Do you guys think I done a good job?
I also do custom orders, if you have an idea, I can make it happens! I can do bespoke sculptures for personals, pets, or anything you want. Please visit my website: www.artisan-store.com
or send message through my email: clayartisanjaybusiness@gmail.com
Hello everyone, this is JAY. I am a professional clay sculptor, and passionate about making character figures. I will try my best to recreate all the details of each figure. Hope you enjoy my contents, and please show your love by subscribing to my channel and giving me a thumb up!
I also do custom orders, if you have an idea, I can make it happens! I can do bespoke sculptures for personals, pets, or anything you want. Please visit my website:
for more information or send message through my email:

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    Where are the fans of Mo Salah and Liverpool! Do you guys think I done a good job? I also do custom orders, if you have an idea, I can make it happens! I can do bespoke sculptures for personals, pets, or anything you want. Please visit my website: www.artisan-store.com or send message through my email: clayartisanjaybusiness@gmail.com

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    U r amazing really انا كمصرية فرحانة جدا بالفيديو ❤❤😍😍😍😍

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    Please make a Iron Man with clay

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    Can u make barbie doll in clay please....I am really a fan of Liverpool...But for cartoon fan I am really a fan of barbie....Please....

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    Well done sir

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    This is by far one of the most Amazing things I have ever seen in my 54 years wandering on this planet! Just WOOOOOW! Very Subbed instantly!!!

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    Artistically, that’s one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen in my life.

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    Very rare to find a video that will keep me watching from start to end! Great job.

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    Wonderful way to express your art, I send you many blessings you are a total artist..

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    Let's take a moment to appreciate all the amazing artists around the world 👏

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    It can't be described by words... Outstanding 🤩🤩🤩 just awesome ... I love it

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    💋 غيرك من ذهب خخخ على أن يتم خخخخخ على أن يتم ذلك على الله يسير

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    So talented I'm lost for words incredible artistry

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    Whether this is your talent or just hours of hard work, it truly is amazing 😳. Would love to see Zlatan.

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    no words to explain ..love your art

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    Great work. Truly amazing technique. I have a question. Did you fill the gum line around the teeth with the same color as the lips?

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    Parabéns pelo talento 👏👏👏 Qual a marca do Clay que vc usou?... muito obrigado.

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    What an amazing art...for an amazing player. . Your really very talented . Keep going 💖❤👌

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    Amazing work continue like that God bless you man 🙏❤💯

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    C'est tout simplement magnifique et incroyable ! Bravo à vous. Merci pour nous faire voir toutes les étapes de votre art. j'adore la façon dont vous faites les cheveux !

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    Thank you for sharing, absolutely amazing. I hope you don’t mind asking- where can you buy tools you are using? Thank you 🙏🏻

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    Потрясающая работа, ты молодец. Отличная фигурка из глины.

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    This was astornishing......I ended up clapping mi hands for this beauty when he finished the head.... Come on you Jay!!!

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    Are you kidding me with that lettering?! Thats flippin amazing I get more impressed each time I watch

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    You're the r8 man and honest man on this world. God bless you.

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    god im playing this on loop and trying to do this with hard oil monster clay. your really not afraid of messing with the nose, your incredible at what you do!

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    As soon as I saw it's Mo Salah, i wondered if his hair would be a problem. But you handled it like a boss.. i re-watched the hair section multiple times and every time it brought joy to me. Thanks!!!

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    The hair is a real challenge!

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    I don't know what to say except that you are god gifted

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    Wow! This is amazing!

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    Amazingly Detailed , Great Job !

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    you're the first clay artist i saw, and the sculptures are tooooooooo realistic to believe!!

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    Wow it is wonderful art! Mo Salah was my favourite football player. I miss him... 😭🙏😔⚽

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    So beautifully illustrated. Your talents are tremendous. 1st time here. Extremely impressed! I thank you.

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    Jay, your understanding of anatomy along with your aesthetics and skill with the medium is just great. Really enjoyed the video. Very inspiring.

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    هايل عن جد أنت عندك موهبة محصلتش الله اكبر بسم الله ماشاء الله

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    You did an awesome job there !!! My husband is a big Liverpool fan and seeing this, I think I have found my new project. Even though I'm only level 1 in the polymer clay craft (and you good sir, are at level 10) , I really want to try this. Wish me luck

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    Bad luck👎

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    how are you? I am a friend and I love you can l ask you to send me followers because I am very poor😭😭

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    @@clayartisanjay pls give online tutorials.......it will be helpful.....

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