Peter Kay VS The Audience | Stand Up Heckle Compilation

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  • Peter Kay
    Peter Kay

    Peter gets stuck in a VHS player...

  • David Scott
    David Scott

    Clever guy ....thinks on his feet...totally in control at all times....definitely one of the greats

  • Aos RenAgAde
    Aos RenAgAde

    Peter Kay has always made me laugh , this had my sides feeling like they splitting. And he didn't have to resort to being totally out of order .

  • Linda Maroukis
    Linda Maroukis

    I absolutely love Peter. I wonder if he knows how much happiness he gives to people. Always makes me laugh you can't help it. 🤣🤣and cheers me up,

  • Jon Harris
    Jon Harris

    Funniest guy ever..

  • Mark Harrison
    Mark Harrison

    He makes it look easy but it's not .... his timing is spot on.

  • Mairead McGuirk
    Mairead McGuirk

    Love Peter Kay, always makes me laugh out loud 😂😂😂

  • D Piddy 82
    D Piddy 82

    Seen most of these before but still crying with laughter sat here on a Tuesday evening 😂😂

  • Nutterr

    Peter kay will always be the best comedian in my opinion, i can just relate to everything he says he never fails to put a smile on my face, Legend i hope you are well peter 💯

  • steve hathway
    steve hathway

    Comedy masterclass right there. Legend

  • Tracy Hinton
    Tracy Hinton

    I've never been heckled by a ship before :') had me laughing so hard I cried

  • Missy Dettmann
    Missy Dettmann

    You are too funny mate you have me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off 😂

  • Bob

    Peter Kay ...good comedian. Always cheers me up.

  • Ben Fletcher
    Ben Fletcher

    Would love to go see this man live. Brilliant stand up

  • Daniel Furlong
    Daniel Furlong

    Never fails to make me laugh 👏🤣

  • Angie T
    Angie T

    Oh God, I've just choked myself laughing, I've never seen that video before. Peter: "I've just been heckled by a ship". What an entertainer he is, so spontaneous but polite with it, such a lovely guy.

  • The X Player
    The X Player

    What a man arguably the best comedian ever makes me laugh everytime 😆 🤣


    He is always so nice to people,takes it in his stride and never uses profanities.

  • WeylandsWonders

    An art form some comedians struggle with, but Peter Kay is deals with hecklers like a master artisan, taking apart a ship.

  • Matt

    Best wishes to you sir ! I can't stop laughing/crying ! Thanks for sharing this video :-)