OMG He has decided everyone again!😡

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  • @user-ei7lf2on5t

    POV: You’re looking for the only English comment and you just found it

  • @Basketball_Good


  • @adnanch6864

    teach your kids that snitches get stiches.

  • @raymondlin8728

    Always have a backup, to a backup

  • @Salzling

    "I should've used a condom"

  • @lordstormwalker6192

    Your family doesnt just disrespect you but they're actively against you bro

  • @the3rdhorseman387

    Divorce her and ditch the kid that's all I got to say

  • @kartfart7451

    Звонили из Испании и просили передать, что этот стыд не их.

  • @user-rl2xn8iu9g

    Как же сильно ощущается отсутствие чапалахов в воспитании 😂😂😂

  • @sandraalexander9632

    What every parent loves a snitch for a child. I don't understand what the issue is of the dad enjoying the occasional drink unless he has an obvious drinking problem. Honestly, I guess I don't see what the point of this video is.

  • @gniloi_arby3

    Этот ребенок был самой большой ошибкой в его жизни💀

  • @user-bz4fu5gf6y

    She's the girl who reminds the teacher about the homework

  • @kindlywise903

    Another reason I don't want kids. Not giving birth to snitches.

  • @user-luchiyuan


  • @yungflashbeats

    If you gotta hide things you like to do like drink or smoke from your girl or man, you shouldn't be with them😭 speaking from personal experience

  • @DLS.D.U

    Don't wanna sound like an was hole but that kid aint gonna make it past 20 if she's snitching 😂😂😂

  • @allegianceproductionsoffic9265

    She is the picture in the dictionary where it shows "Snitch"

  • @saranrajc19

    Cringe button

  • @NormalLamron

    First he couldn't eat a chocolate bar, Now he can't can't even drink a beverage from a WATERMELON!?

  • @TheRealSharkHood

    Never let them know your next move 💀