MUST TRY PARENTING HACKS WITH CARDBOARD || DIY Candy Dispenser! Tricks For Smart Parents by 123 GO!

Тәжірибелік нұсқаулар және стиль

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  • mθn§tar.m!mz
    mθn§tar.m!mzАй бұрын

    I made lots of projects with cardboard. My most recent was for valentines. I made my daughter a (Mailman - Truck) out of cardboard and foam board for her to deliver her Valentine cards in. 💌📬🚐

  • iU Cube
    iU Cube6 ай бұрын

    The dispenser is so ADORABLE, I think Im gonna make it but a mouse version for my sis !

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    1:37 *Vat19* Reference

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