Luka and his sister revenges Marinette for being with Adrian ?! Pranks brother and sister!


Watch Me - Season 3 series 108. The New Ladybug Series! In this series we will show brother and sister Couffaine how they spend a normal day. As it turned out, not so modest Juleka and not so romantic Luke))) And what they do with Marinette and Adrian, their pranks went too far!
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© Alena and Zhanat Makarovs 2019 (Alena & Zhanat Makarovs)
Director, scriptwriter, dialogs, production designer: Alena Makarova
Costumes, Grimm: Alena Makarova
Stage Director, Director of Photography: Zhanat Makarov
Music: audiojungle
Subtitles and Translation: Zhanat Makarov