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    Every Subscriber we earn from this video is an extra calorie Alex has to burn so Subscribe to help him lose weight!! 😩

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    No matter what kat sayś you are perfect. Alex we love you you are beautiful and by the. Way they have a good channel 😊❤❤❤

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    we all love Alex

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    We love you, Alex! Know that it’s not your fault if it’s hard for you to lose weight and your wonderful the way you are alex

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    🎉he is a pro at basketball and very strong, maybe that's how he was created, cause he is very fit and strong

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    Ánimo animo !!!

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    теперь я точно убедилась, что Кэт не может ни дня без шуток про Алекса..

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    Stokes twins never fail to entertain us with their amazing videos 👏

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    Go alex I'm proud of you I hope you reach 20 million subscribers

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    And Alan

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    Hi I'm such a fan of you guys ❤❤❤❤❤ Kat is really mean she should make her own videos . . . She way to mean for you guys ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    Go go Alex 🤩 you can do this. Alex believe in your self 🥳

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    Whenever I’m sad I watch you guys on KZread and it makes my day your videos are just pure gold

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    Are you from iCarly

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    Alex will never be fat after burning 1 million calories.

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    La mejor motivación es que te acuerdes de la persona que te traicionó que antes fue un mejor amiga 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 mejof motivacion

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    Alex is really nice and he’s the best person on the planet no matter what he looks like doesn’t mean he’s not strong on the inside or is good

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    your right

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    For Real ( FR)

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    Stokes twins never fails to entertain

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    Alex I will be here to support you in your Weight loss journey. Kat more like cat a animal

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    Alex is not fat he is perfect the way he is 👍🏻

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    What the fuck @instagram user

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    Alen good job

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    Lets all appreciate the effort and hard work Stokes twins puts into their videos for our entertainment

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    Alex be you dude , never let anyone drop you down ❤

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    I'm with him on this one Don't listen to what she says she is an idiot continue with your life never let anyone let you down

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    wow i think kat is always mean to alex shes droping him down

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    No matter what Kat says, you are perfect Alex, we love you, you are beautiful and by the way, they have a good channel😊❤

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    I think your right to. I also have a KZread channel

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    look they got to 1m yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay yes

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    Don't listen to what ever kat says Alex you are perfect just the way you are you are special ❤

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    Shawn moon walk move just make my day 😂 shawn never fail to make me smile and laught 👍👍

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    @ratava🇭🇲 h

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    @ratava🇭🇲 Amén provecho en tu casa o en dónde Street fresh meadows

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    Alex y Alan son NOVIOS ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    @@jimmyjump8794they are brothers😅

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    Alex don't let those haters get to you your fine just the way you are so if haters get to you just don't let them get to you if somebody says that your front you just walk away and say thanks I don't think that way.

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    Alex don't let those haters get to you if you're fine just the way you are if haters get to you don't let them get to you if someone says that you're fat you say thanks I don't think that I can think what I want and just walk away oh and Cat your kicked. out the door is that way.👉

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    Alex whatever you do don’t listen to kat she’s just trying to make you sad stand up to her and roast her

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    bro fax

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    Guys we don’t need to that every video

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    Cats trying to make you stronger not FATTER

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    Vidionya sangat bagus

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    Aw I’m so glad blue team won. Poor Alex, I don’t know how he keeps his confidence when they make so many mean joke. Even if it’s just with friends it would still hurt my feelings.

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    Thanks for the spoiler…..jk lol it’s fine hope u have a great day!

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    Oop sorry I didn’t realize people read the comments before finishing the video unless they were prepared for spoilers lol

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    You spoiled it for me

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    الين وليس الكس

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    You've got this Alex 👏

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    Alex dont worry Your not fat do not listen to thé people that says that u are fat😊❤

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    Pobre Alex tueres es pecial tal y como eres ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    I feel really bad for Alex, he is really nice and caring plus he has a great personality. People whether their friends or not have to stop calling him fat, I feel as if he gets treated unfairly compared to the rest of the group. I know Alex probably takes it also as a joke but based on experience he's probably going to end up feeling bad about himself. On the other hand imagine meeting them in person, that would be like a dream ♥️

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    Yeah Kat, STOP CALLING ALEX FAT. #stopcallingalexfat

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    He probably tells them to

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    That’s why i dont like Kat she needs to put her feet into his shoes so she can feel how he feels and you can tell me I’m crazy but if kat was nice to Alex i would ship them❤️

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    @@abc123jr_b4 especially bc Alex and Tanner are about the same weight and she does nothing to Tanner

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    Yes! I agree with you! It doesn’t matter if Alex is fat or if he is not. Also I don’t think he is overweight.

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    I love all of your videos and I love alex the same way no matter what😌

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    Alex I will be here to support you in your Weight loss journey Kat more like cat a animal

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    Me enamoré ❤❤❤❤

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    Just a reminder , alex you are not fat . You are more worth than what you think and also weight doesn’t matter because the thing is that what matters is ur personality and I see you all working hard and it is impressive that y’all were pulling the car ! Awesome job team Alan. And you guys are doing great the best part is that at the end of the day you guys don’t even have weight because no one is fat and both twins are equal ! Never forget that !!! Love you stokes twins !🥰😁❤️ besides we should all get annoyed that people are calling alex fat 😩 thank guys !

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    Yeah! There twins and there is no different in them they should all be loved the same ALEX IS NOT FAT also #stopcallingalaxfat I might of speled stuff wrong sorry

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    True, plus Alex is still super athletic.

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    Yeah dude I wish I was there to say too kat to #stopcallingalexfat

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    And if he doesn’t care I gonna punch kat

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    @@MasterManu1 dude- like kat is just playing around, its not like she’s really hurting him

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    Always make a smile 😃 on my face with these videos

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    its funny in volley ball kats just there to look good

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    Anh I love với cả anh Alan thì Alice là bậc nhất hay là Anna nhập nhất Em là người Việt Nam 🇻🇳

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    You got this Alex I don’t know why people keep on calling you fat you’re not fat love you Alex ☺️

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    That's true

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    That is ♾% true

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    I've been subscribed for the past 2 years and I loved every second of it!

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    Kat mean leke if agree❤

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    Brian is my favorite person XDD Edit: MOM IM FAMOUS!!!!!

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    Kat is my fav person

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    I love alex❤❤

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    We love Alex just the way he is😊😊

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    obvi bc you love the earth right? same size smh

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    that’s just mean blud

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    Ya that’s just mean

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    We Love You Alex regardless of your weight!!!!❤❤❤

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    Hola veo sus videos desde hace 2 años y medio y soy vuestra mayor fan ,estoy suscrita💖😻

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    good job alex i'm really proud of you

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    Lose weight Alex

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    Same here

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    It is not Alex's Fault that he is fat. It is actually Kats fault( sorry no hate) because she is making him upset and to cure is sadness he eats. So Kat please stop and support him through his hard times losing weight. Edit: I don't care how much likes this gets I only care if people actually read it and accept it.

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    New year new Kat

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    we gotta deal with it

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    @@Skyethomas.com_uk we have to deal with it

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    I agree

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    @@Skyethomas.com_uk hiiììiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiìiiiiiìiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiìiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiìiiiiiiiiiiiiiiìiiiiiii

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    Алекс Не расстраивайся похудеть где здоровое питание

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    I like how shawn pushes Kat, Kat always says mean things to Alex😮

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    we love Alex what matter kat says❤

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    Dear, Alex You are perfect just the way u r. Don't ever let Kat get to u or anyone. I feel bad for u bc u keep on getting made fun of for being fat and u r not fat at all. U r perfect just the way u r. And every time they make a fat joke it is not true and no one is laughing at there jokes I bet it makes u really sad bc everyone is calling u fat every day and I am sick and tired of everyone calling you fat when u r not I bet u r sick and tired of it too. I feel so bad for u just remember u r perfect just the way u r. From-Peyton your subscriber Ps: Alex u r my favorite twin. ❤

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    😢you are so sweet

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    Take a shot every time you typed fat

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    Awww.But it's true.Alex your not fat

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    It's an inside joke yk

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    That is so nice of you ❤

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    Я думаю что красные выиграют голосую за красного❤❤❤

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    no escuches a kat. Sabes q te queremos ALEX

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    No matter how much you weigh it shouldn’t matter you should be proud of who you are that’s my message to the people who are reading this 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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    You are totally right I’m the same way, and I have this disconfidence in my weight And I like that you guys are saying that it doesn’t matter about the weight because that is exactly true

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