Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) (Official Video)


Official video for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X. Listen + Download: “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” out now - Put headphones on for a simulated 360 Reality Audio experience.

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Song Produced By Take A Daytrip, Omer Fedi, Roy Lenzo
Director: Tanu Muino & Lil Nas X
Written By: Lil Nas X
Creative Director/Stylist: Hodo Musa
Producer: Saul Levitz, Frank Borin, Marco De Molina & Ivanna Borin
Production Company: UnderWonder Content
Visual FX: Mathematic
Choreography: Kelly Yvonne
“MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” was mixed with an immersive #360RA experience in mind, use headphones for the full effect.

Stream “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” in full 360 Reality Audio, now available on Tidal, Amazon and Deezer.
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  • Luther Nolan
    Luther Nolan21 секунд бұрын

    Já que é pra ir pro inferno, bora né RS

  • Jhofred Borja
    Jhofred Borja37 секунд бұрын

    1:47 se que vinieron por esto

  • Luan Gamer
    Luan Gamer40 секунд бұрын

    Ta bom

  • Tookie Wolf
    Tookie Wolf53 секунд бұрын

    I don’t like this Generation of music 🤦🏾

  • mercedes walt
    mercedes walt59 секунд бұрын

    Wow, this is even better than just knowing it pissed off so many people!

  • redzy
    redzy59 секунд бұрын

    im only 48 seconds in and i already dont want to watch it

  • Jhofred Borja
    Jhofred BorjaМинут бұрын


  • lyb koria
    lyb koriaМинут бұрын

    Lil Nas X in 3019: "Boots and Pole in the back, Twerking on satan's lap."

  • Aurora Meng
    Aurora MengМинут бұрын

    i love how you can just tell the comment section is full of Gen Zs

  • Sunshine San
    Sunshine SanМинут бұрын

    So this is what the homophobic guy ment when I said I like sukuna huh

  • Sunshine San

    Sunshine San

    Минут бұрын

    Im not gay im bi and a girl

  • Jennifer Fisk
    Jennifer Fisk2 минут бұрын

    I loved lil Nas until we lost him to satin

  • mr. potato man
    mr. potato man2 минут бұрын

    Tell me your gay with out telling me your gay

  • Tea Bag
    Tea Bag2 минут бұрын

    *Twerks Demonically*

  • Raquel suellen
    Raquel suellen2 минут бұрын


  • megha Siddapureddy
    megha Siddapureddy3 минут бұрын

    day 59 of streaming this until lil nas x can pay off that lawsuit.

  • Mariam Amr
    Mariam Amr4 минут бұрын

    مين اللي جاي من التيك توك بعد الف تحذير 🤡😂💔

  • Oyyy OY [Sam]
    Oyyy OY [Sam]4 минут бұрын

    mhm interesting,

  • Raquel suellen
    Raquel suellen5 минут бұрын


  • This will be named something better
    This will be named something better6 минут бұрын

    The song is good but the video is a whole another level that is unexplainable

  • TheyControlNarrative&CommentsHere


    Минут бұрын

    unacceptable rather

  • Tropical
    Tropical6 минут бұрын

    battyboy fi dead

  • help me reach 5K with 0 video
    help me reach 5K with 0 video6 минут бұрын

    "I'm gonna ride till I can't no more" has a whole different meaning now.

  • Nazukey Gacha
    Nazukey Gacha6 минут бұрын

    this is so gay

  • help me reach 5K with 0 video
    help me reach 5K with 0 video7 минут бұрын

    **Confused twerking because everyone is twerking because**

  • Lauren Dinnerfish
    Lauren Dinnerfish7 минут бұрын

    bro im 12

  • Nate B.

    Nate B.

    3 минут бұрын

    Go to bed then

  • Sorge Il Sole

    Sorge Il Sole

    3 минут бұрын

    O-omg stop. Click awaaaay kid plz I beg you 😩

  • jorie losa
    jorie losa8 минут бұрын

    This what u came for? 0:48

  • Senay Desebele
    Senay Desebele8 минут бұрын


  • Ages of Aj
    Ages of Aj9 минут бұрын

    Wtf did I just witness

  • Bianca Guimaraens
    Bianca Guimaraens9 минут бұрын

    Idk why but im living for the infinite pole dance

  • Ixiorginalixii Xoxo
    Ixiorginalixii Xoxo9 минут бұрын

    Burnin and tweakin

  • Toxicae
    Toxicae9 минут бұрын


  • Paul Kihanya
    Paul Kihanya10 минут бұрын

    Can a guy really swing on a pole Lil Nas: hold my beer...

  • queen gamer YouTube Channel
    queen gamer YouTube Channel10 минут бұрын

    Is stupid cuz how u go from heaven to sliding all the way down to hell

  • Sorge Il Sole

    Sorge Il Sole

    2 минут бұрын

    The heaven denied him for being gay so he twerks in hell now. It isn't stupid he gets to live being his true self

  • victogam
    victogam10 минут бұрын

    Cadê a turma do Feliciano?

  • •Şhøøt b̶e̶c̶a̶u̶s̶e̶ ̶i̶ ̶e̶x̶i̶s̶t̶•
    •Şhøøt b̶e̶c̶a̶u̶s̶e̶ ̶i̶ ̶e̶x̶i̶s̶t̶•10 минут бұрын

    ima go to hell as long as you gonna be the owner O3O

    PERRIN JENNIFER11 минут бұрын

    Un twerk de qualité 👌

  • Melissa
    Melissa11 минут бұрын

    lil Nas X lap dancing satan like 🤠🍆👹

  • Makaveli
    Makaveli11 минут бұрын

    Idk. I feel like In a way watching this is wrong. I got a weird feeling when I do

  • Daniel Acosta
    Daniel Acosta11 минут бұрын


    PERRIN JENNIFER11 минут бұрын



    La rosalia se queda estupida con las uñas de Lil Nas X

  • Atlas
    Atlas13 минут бұрын

    Atheists when they go to hell and see all the lil nas x references

  • Brian__
    Brian__13 минут бұрын

    da satan twerk

  • Getlitwithme
    Getlitwithme14 минут бұрын

    **homosexually twerking on the horn headed dude with a pitchfork in the middle of a lava lake** wtf

  • Sad_feelings悲しい気持ち
    Sad_feelings悲しい気持ち14 минут бұрын

    Nas gonna make somebody act up

  • Enigmacore
    Enigmacore14 минут бұрын

    dammit lil nas x you we'ren't supposed to reveal the gay agenda until the rest of us were ready

  • Domingas Queenjuanina
    Domingas Queenjuanina14 минут бұрын

    (Call me what you want, Call me what you need, Call me in the morning-) Oh Nas! Yes please can you call an Uber and told him i want to go to a hotel

  • Tacritto
    Tacritto15 минут бұрын

    U folks cancel a Syrup with a black lady on it. But u won't cancel him for making shoes and a video that's disrespectful to christians.

  • TheyControlNarrative&CommentsHere


    3 минут бұрын

    They think they can do whatever they want, they are entitled because they are LGBTQ. But they are actually intolerant to others, including Christians. They hate on them so bad.

  • returning to monkey

    returning to monkey

    7 минут бұрын

    @lr316 My dude he literally is gen z lol

  • lr316


    9 минут бұрын

    @Gustavo Close minded, how?

  • TheyControlNarrative&CommentsHere


    10 минут бұрын

    @Gustavo What exactly do you not agree with, with respect to the statement above?

  • Gustavo


    12 минут бұрын

    @lr316 i feel truly sorry for people like you, close minded

  • Teroa Kia
    Teroa Kia15 минут бұрын

    Good song but the costumes for this is trash like twisted asf 😂

  • Everyone’s done with Arj.
    Everyone’s done with Arj.15 минут бұрын

    * twerky twerking *

  • Pâmela Fagundes Zen
    Pâmela Fagundes Zen15 минут бұрын


    NAILAH GOMES16 минут бұрын

    he said cardie b moed on

  • Toca boca boy and roblox_. Boy
    Toca boca boy and roblox_. Boy16 минут бұрын

    Kinda sus

    D1L33RZz GUNFRIZz16 минут бұрын

    *twerking like the ass in hawaii*

  • cerah surgick
    cerah surgick16 минут бұрын

    I need more music like this

  • Axrrila
    Axrrila17 минут бұрын

    I respect and love jesus but this song is okay

  • Gustavo


    15 минут бұрын

    people take this as if nas x really wanted to fuck devil like???

  • thomas sugiarto
    thomas sugiarto17 минут бұрын


  • marilynn ღ
    marilynn ღ17 минут бұрын

    shawty bae smirks

  • x b
    x b18 минут бұрын


  • Laila Woods
    Laila Woods18 минут бұрын

    I have to watch this video at LEAST 3 times a day in spite of the haters and because the production is bomb af

  • Sting


    16 минут бұрын

    Yes! Fuck them haters. Let them rot in their misery!

  • Bleu Jay
    Bleu Jay18 минут бұрын

    Well alrighty then.....Welp... it appears that I have some fan art to make

  • the alpha and the omega
    the alpha and the omega18 минут бұрын

    this video is the musical definition of gay panic

  • JZM
    JZM19 минут бұрын

    Yup ne- never watchin this again

  • Aarian Chacko-Whiting
    Aarian Chacko-Whiting19 минут бұрын

    I come to this comment section every so often to see if people are still twerking.

  • roberts makarovs
    roberts makarovs19 минут бұрын

    Poor satan

  • roberts makarovs

    roberts makarovs

    11 минут бұрын

    @Gustavo i cant the mans a legend

  • Gustavo


    13 минут бұрын

    no need to be jealous

  • mightywaffle51
    mightywaffle5119 минут бұрын

    I cannot condone such blasphemous speech such as "call me in the morning" like really. I have a reputation to uphold and if I let people know it's ok to call me before noon then it just really sets a bad precedent. It's honestly offensive; don't call me unless it's like 5pm tbh.

  • ChrisLaFlame
    ChrisLaFlame19 минут бұрын

    Everyone’s mad over this?

  • shunn889
    shunn88920 минут бұрын

    POV: you sorted to "newest first" to see the homophobia

  • Enigmacore


    12 минут бұрын

    how did you know 😳

  • Gustavo


    18 минут бұрын

    that's my job at this point

  • RetroMax 6

    RetroMax 6

    19 минут бұрын


  • Humble Soul
    Humble Soul20 минут бұрын

    I am glad i was never a fan thank GOD

  • returning to monkey

    returning to monkey

    5 минут бұрын

    Oh no i bet lil nas x is so sad that Humble Soul isnt his fan hes probably trembling😨😨😨😰😱😱😢😢😭😭😢

  • Gustavo


    14 минут бұрын

    he doesn't care? like at all?

  • serxnize


    16 минут бұрын

    *thank SATAN

  • Stevie J
    Stevie J20 минут бұрын

    Good luck topping this song on your next one 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Dan
    Dan20 минут бұрын

    Violet Orlandi's cover sent me here. Fun song, cool video

  • Gabriela
    Gabriela21 минут бұрын

    barely a minute into gardening & chill and the flowers start giving you this look 0:38

  • Gens daily vlogs
    Gens daily vlogs21 минут бұрын

    He killed the devil

  • TheyControlNarrative&CommentsHere


    20 минут бұрын

    That doesn't make it okay

  • Fransiskus Krisna
    Fransiskus Krisna21 минут бұрын

    Nice art ☝

  • Internet SavvyYT
    Internet SavvyYT22 минут бұрын

    " Now Boarding: Stripper pole from Earth to Hell" "First Class may now board."

  • Mason Chorley
    Mason Chorley22 минут бұрын

    John 15:18 ► “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.🤍🕊✝️

  • Mason Chorley
    Mason Chorley22 минут бұрын

    John 15:18 ► “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.🤍🕊✝️

  • Shauntate Richey
    Shauntate Richey23 минут бұрын

    I guess nobody heard of brotha Lynch

  • Mason Chorley
    Mason Chorley23 минут бұрын

    John 15:18 ► “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.🤍🕊✝️

  • Libby Reece
    Libby Reece23 минут бұрын


  • Rovana Mocevakaca
    Rovana Mocevakaca24 минут бұрын

    I didn't know that lil nas x was gay until he did dated james charles. saw this on snapchat stories and when i saw this video it showed me all the evidence that lil nas x is really gay.

  • ScrubYT
    ScrubYT24 минут бұрын

    i dont remember this version of DOOM...

  • parham moradi
    parham moradi25 минут бұрын

    The video is weird as fuck. But the song slaps and I respect the creativity and trippyness of this. Like him or hate him. You can’t deny he’s talented as fuck. Not to mention ballsy as fuck.

  • Molinas Barbershop
    Molinas Barbershop25 минут бұрын

    IM GOING BACK TO O.G.C..!!!!!!

  • notanincompoop lastname
    notanincompoop lastname25 минут бұрын


  • Forrest Parham
    Forrest Parham26 минут бұрын

    Here is why we all are screwed

  • serxnize


    12 минут бұрын

    You’re the perfect definition

  • Sting


    16 минут бұрын

    @RetroMax 6 forreal LOL!

  • RetroMax 6

    RetroMax 6

    18 минут бұрын

    Y’all need to go back to Twitter snowflakes

  • TheyControlNarrative&CommentsHere


    18 минут бұрын

    Yep. We can thank the far left agenda, and media behind it all.

  • Molinas Barbershop
    Molinas Barbershop26 минут бұрын


  • returning to monkey

    returning to monkey

    3 минут бұрын

    yeah its pop weetawd

  • BE4RL3ss
    BE4RL3ss26 минут бұрын

    Oh no no

  • ascella
    ascella26 минут бұрын

    i feel like the only music videos i’ve watched was old town road and this.

  • Camia Nelson
    Camia Nelson27 минут бұрын

    U a boy not a girl u is gay

  • tothearks


    23 минут бұрын

    what the fuck does this even mean

  • AceDog


    26 минут бұрын

    nuffin wrong with that

  • ff ff
    ff ff27 минут бұрын

    Just realized your name is the song title

  • musicVids4U
    musicVids4U27 минут бұрын

    Low key this shit fire asf

  • Armando Cantillo
    Armando Cantillo27 минут бұрын

    Coool video an song

  • Jhocelin H
    Jhocelin H28 минут бұрын


  • Janet Garcia
    Janet Garcia28 минут бұрын

    asi quede :o

  • T7 Azrael
    T7 Azrael28 минут бұрын


  • Maksim.73
    Maksim.7328 минут бұрын

    This is gay

  • Lupita Ixcamparij
    Lupita Ixcamparij28 минут бұрын

    Aaaaagh pinshe video espectacular😆😆😆

  • God of games God
    God of games God29 минут бұрын

    Lil Nas X was performing in schools in front of thousands of children singing old town Road and now he’s doing some weird stuffAnd also he’s been cursing in his videos now and his old town Road video there’s no cursing in it and he’s going to hell I mean I wouldn’t want him to go to hell but he already made a decision

  • Aarian Chacko-Whiting

    Aarian Chacko-Whiting

    16 минут бұрын

    @Sorge Il Sole same, im not a huge fan of the christian god.

  • Sorge Il Sole

    Sorge Il Sole

    23 минут бұрын

    @AceDog Uh ikr. I'd like to imagine that God's a pretty chill dude with open mind but all the Christans just make me think otherwise

  • TheyControlNarrative&CommentsHere


    23 минут бұрын

    It's true they, Nas and music industry, and this platform yt... targeted the young kids. They are all evil.

  • AceDog


    25 минут бұрын

    I doubt god cares that much, I mean there are genocides goin on in this world, he has bigger problems than a song

  • serxnize


    26 минут бұрын

    Don’t worry he’ll be okay. There’s no hell to begin with. In the end it all works out 👍🏻

  • catnoirs wife
    catnoirs wife30 минут бұрын


  • Andrea Guzman
    Andrea Guzman30 минут бұрын