Lego MUKBANG : Fried Chicken Challenge 🔥- Stop Motion & ASMR Video


Lego MUKBANG : Fried Chicken Challenge 🔥- Stop Motion & ASMR Video
Link: • Lego MUKBANG : Fr...
Hope you enjoy. Don't forget to wear your headphones for a better experience.
👉 WARNING: This is a stop motion video, not real. Don't try it at home! All performances are scripted content. All stunts or actions were performed in a professional and controlled environment where no one was hurt.
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Lego Food is a place to make stop-motion cooking videos with Lego pieces. We make all the dishes in the world with Lego in the easiest way.
Lego Food is a video about a mukbang, with cartoon characters eating food from Lego combined with a very lively ASMR eating sound.
If you have suggestions for some of the world's most appealing cuisines, please leave a comment below. We will eat and make those dishes from Lego.
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We hope you get your suggestions below in the comments. thank you Have a good time ❤

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