Knowledge vs Money! Which Is Better, Saitama Or Noob ?

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    Nah i won't watch it i wana keep my braincells

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    KZread kids in Ohio be like💀

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    @Alex the boy lol

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    @365daysIsOneYearWOOW frfr

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    @365daysIsOneYearWOOW YEAH STOP!!!!

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    @Don't Read This shut-

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    Bro really tried to use diamonds to cross 💀💀💀💀💀



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    @DryBonesBrook k

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    ​@FLAMER ADMIN I think it means money is stupid but idk

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    @Dillion Newsom might be Cuz one time a phone just saved my life 💀

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    Ppl say money can fix anything



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    @Big boi Floppa yeah true

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    What they did to Saitama💀💀

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    @SananaPosting omg mi hermano perdido

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    @SananaPosting si ya xd

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    @Tannyx La mayoría de gente aquí habla inglés xd

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    Hacerte el gringo cuando en realidad hablas español💀💀

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    what has KZread shorts become 💀

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    A train wreck

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    what have you been watching for this to pop up???

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    Minecraft in Ohio be like 💀💀💀💀

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    In Binh Duong not Ohio

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    5yo at 2 am be like💀🗿

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    @Thắng Nguyễn Văn peobably

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    KZread Kids at 3am💀

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    Never let know your next move. *Jumps over it*

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    I've lost all of my braincells from this I'm done for tonight y'all 💀

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    Have a great sleep😂

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    Girlfriend = money waste Money waste = poor Poor = beg But… School = knowledge Knowledge= more money Knowledge = no more girl friend Life works like that.

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    Knowledge doesn't always mean more money. You could just have an average life like a middle class citizen and usually you gotta pay off you student loans which is something around $23,000. Then you can start earning money.

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    ​@chaise Regulski"poor = no girlfriend" Bro you're crazy

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    ​​@chaise Regulskinot having girlfriend is not "tears" it's relief and more chillin' time

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    @chaise Regulski love is a gamble they could give you enjoyment happiness fulfillment or they could take everything away take your money every everything

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    Girlfriend= love... love= happy/vunarable, Happy = trustworthy Trust = money giving Giving money= poor poor= no girlfriend No girlfriend= tears Tears= madness Madness = either suicide or agression Agression=jail

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    So the kid with knowledge has so much knowledge she's able to manifest a bridge out of thin air with her mind and manage to place it there somehow💀

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    ​@AvaThePatheticGirl stupid , it's KZread Kids logic ( Joke )

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    They could've just jumped over it

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    We both need these in our life

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    đọc sách tốt nhất luôn

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    Villager SFX getting out of hand 💀💀💀

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    This video has a great meaning..☺️

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    Bài học thiệt là ý nghĩ :)))))

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    Nah bro I’m done, I’m logging off💀

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    He lô anh Vinh:)))

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    yt kid be like 💀💀

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    This is so great!

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    Kiến thức tốt hơn ạ😊

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    KZread shorts in Ohio💀💀

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    In Binh Duong not Ohio

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    يا صديقي لا تستسلم لليأس سوف تصل إلى هدفك ولا تسقط ابدا ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    KZread kids be like 💀

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    Mobile ad's be like💀

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    atleast there is no poo poo music and this life lesson too😂



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    Rất ý nghĩa :)))

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    KZread short be like💀

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    Bài học rút ra:đừng bao giờ khinh thường người khác😂

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    Ha ha!

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    Video got me 💀

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    bro is a irl discord mod💀💀

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    Thông minh là tất cả 😂

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    KZread shorts in Ohio ☠️

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    Hello anh Vinh MC

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    Jump threw the block:❌ Build bridge:✅

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    Kidney touching vdo 🙂

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    Bro the way that they didnt even try parkouring on a 2 block jump is just bruh-

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    @amongus cookie even more sus

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    That was 1 block actually lol

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    @♡-SchikoωUganda-♡ we are not getting into politics man.

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    Russia content be like :

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    it's a 1 block jump

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    YT kids ở OHIO belike

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    Tri thức là sức mạnh

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    *KZread Kids at 3 am in ohio be like*

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    Fr 💀

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    The most normal PSA in ohio/saratov/Oklahoma 💀

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    this is a great video to teach kids that work is better than laziness

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    Normall videos in ohio🤯

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    saitama could jump over this hole, yes, he would fly around the whole earth with his jump, but he saw the cities



    15 күн бұрын

    No he fucking can’t💀

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    @Salody bro, it sounds stupid, but it makes sense why the question we started a correspondence with you in this correspondence there is no logic, the author just decided to make such a site it's his choice to change the essence of the character the meaning of the character let's get acquainted?

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    ​​@артемак nah bro just got defensive as hell wtf 💀

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    @Frog Man Gaming I know just tell me how the fuck to control it when you can just jump, haven't you thought about that?

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    yknow saitama can just not jump hard like he can control his power

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    nhảy đi =)

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    I'm assuming that's Tatsumaki!

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    I have so many questions 💀💀💀

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    As do i like why. And WHY are there little girls.

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    Bro, I tried to order a saitama action figure to go with my other anime figures and I got the one on KZread shorts looking like the top g from wish

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    So inspiring

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    Đúng là ko phải giàu cũng có được tất cả😂😂😂

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    Hmmm Saitama?😊

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    U can't take knowledge without money So who said money can't buy Ur happiness Habibi come to Dubai🤣

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    money is not everything, but everything needs money

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    Most famous scientists were poor education generates money and not the other way around You remember me an Arabic poet who said والمال إن لم تدخره محصنا بالعلم كان نهاية الإملاق

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    cool animation

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    thx now i have a reason to leave this world :D

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    KZread kids at 3 am be like: So many likes?!!?!?

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    Obviously knowledge

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    I'm so confused 💀

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    POV: Saitama is ready to give books for a girl. at the same time, the noob is ready to give expensive diamonds for her sister.

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    Bro wth💀

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    Knowledge 📖

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    KZread kids in ohio be like 💀:

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    Top 5 maiores lições de moral do mundo

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    Ôg cak vinh này bt bắt trend quá

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    존나 뜻이 깊은 영상이다. 돈으로 아이를 가르치면 나중에도 똑같이 모든걸 돈으로 해결할라한다 하지만 지식을 가르치면 해결 방법을 찾는다

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    ​@j5hysflwtuyk Es solo una metafora o ejemplos.

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    y la solucion es crear un puente con la mente y colocarlo donde sea?

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    KZread kid in ohio at 3am:

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    Oh gosh goofy sounds💀

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    Книги этозние! 👍

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    bro did i time travel back in time to 2018-17

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    Thông minh là có tất cả ☺️🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

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    Chảy máu chất xám?

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    Bro can just jump over it 💀

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    Welcome to Binh Duong

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    Wow nice good video

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    KZread pantalones cortos:

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    Money can only make you rich, but intelligence can do everything😊👍

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    Lỏ nó là kiến ko ngủ mà có phải thông minh đâu

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    Đúng rồi đấy

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    Ủa Ông vinh ổng ko bt tiếng Việt hay sao mà ghi tiếng Anh :|



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    Buy a computer for me

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    Dawg bro thats so goofy☠️☠️☠️☠️

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    Knowledge is better😊😊

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    А перепрыгнуть не судьба?🗿

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    saitama lạ vậy

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    Saitama be like: you have to be smart watch *throws her on the other side*

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    *got thrown in the universe instead of the other side*

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    Questioning my sanity 💀

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    Knowledge is important

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    We both need to choose money and knowledge because when you only do knowledge sometimes your teacher gives you money but when your out of money you can't even eat because you can't buy food, you can't buy ur own food, so that's why we need both

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    But without knowledge, we cant get / make money 💀

  • in ohio here is your money

    in ohio here is your money

    21 күн бұрын

    No we need to chose money

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    No one asked

  • posting random memes I find on tiktok

    posting random memes I find on tiktok

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    I've had enough of KZread shorts to day 💀

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    Hello anh

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    Saitama top

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    Ofc these days

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    Ohio top video be like:

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    Finally after years of schooling i finally know what a bridge is !!!!

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    Using knowledge you can get lots of money so you get the best of both worlds

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    The "hehe" to💀

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    Both do not know how money is made 💀💀💀 Knowledge=work and work=money

  • in ohio here is your money

    in ohio here is your money

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    No money

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    Saitama ❤❤❤ Rp

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    Ayo wth

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    content we deserve

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    no we fucking dont

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    Radioactivity in ohio💀