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    Don't be too proud of what you have. we don't know what the future will be like. edit: I mean, over proud. keep trying to get better in the future, don't be over proud. Hopefully we get better every time

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    ​@@vallejoivyjezryle2814 your a 6 year old 💀

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    @@Little_Fox_ID can I sub to you

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    Maybe he is cast in an apocalypse movie 😢

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    ​@@abdullahmohamed8716 actually, you are a reply

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    Oh I'm sorry

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    1回目は 「努力でここまで来れるから頑張れよ!」 なのが2回目で 「努力を怠るとこうなるから、、、頑張れよ」 ってフェーズによって刺さる鼓舞は違うんだなぁと感じれる良い動画

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    Be careful of future issei 💀 Dont be like 'mama guy'

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    issei 2024: what happened to you? issei 2034: please, just don't collab with mama guy after free jail, avoid him 💀

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    Me: imagine that was mama guy💀

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    😂😂😂he ended up in jail

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    Oh that was such a good joke LOL😂

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    This is the definition of real man, and a hero!

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    You're the definition of no Dad

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    Я тоже... Мы все тебя будем поддерживать, всегда...

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    同じく これからも頑張れ!

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    You’re doing well issei keep going!❤️❤️❤️

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    Jika ada lebih harta maka bersedekahlah.karna itu akan menolong mu .

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    If your fans keep following you and supporting then you be a super star fr

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    لَا يَعْلَمُ الْغَيْبَ إِلَّا الَّله❤

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    Allah akbar

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    بارك الله فيك ❤

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    Nie ma Boga poza Wszechświatem

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    are you an atheist ​@@Homo.sapiens.sapiens2001

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    He looks exactly like Stephen chow

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    Never give up one day you will accomplish your goal❤❤❤❤

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    The self in 2024 says 'fight' to the self in 2018, and the self in 2034 says 'don't stop' to the self in 2024

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    O estudia . .

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    -希望のはな- -繋いだ絆を- -力にして明日を強く咲き誇れ- -戻る場所なんてない辿り着くべき場所へと- -迷いのない旗を高く掲げて- -今を生きていく-

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    Keep it up bro

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    That is why it's better the past doesn't see the future and don't mess with time stop trying to build time machines u don't know the danger u will bring to this world

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    We Love you. We love you. We Love you. We Love you. We Love you. We Love you. We Love you. We Love you. We Love you. I love you.

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    We love you ❤

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    Your life is also a ultra sucess keep doing your videos 💪💪💪🙌🙌

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    Dont get too cocky always work hard

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    과거를 만나면 미래가 바껴요.

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    Berjuang bro meskipun 2034,kita di tahun 2024 di kasih beri dari allah bersyukur aja bro tetap berjuang channel kami tetap dukung kamu😊🎉

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    What? Its 2024, not 34

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    No allah

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    ​@@ngaihkim1652 no he mean, he support him even it's reach 2034

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    Nhìn đc bn của tương lai nhưng sau đó đổi đc sự cố gắng ko thành công 😌☺️🥺🥹😌☺️

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    Kahit na gaano ka kayaman o kasikat sa kalagayan mo ngayun Hindi mo alam Ang kalagayan mo sa hinaharap ❤

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    В русском языке есть хорошая поговорка: "От сумы и от тюрьмы не зарекайся". И самая главная мудрость: "Хочешь рассмешить бога? Расскажи ему о своих планах!"

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    It will never happen. Support our dear friend. Good luck❤

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    😢keep going Issei brother 🙌

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    Bro did the best proposal ever

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    Keep working hard😂❤❤❤❤❤

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    Bro got super power,stay young forever😮

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    Nasip kreator Indo ketika disahkan RUU penyiaran

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    That the significate of the life❤❤

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    To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.

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    Focus on study. Exam is near.

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    He is also going to get diamond play button

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    Good luck bro, Your future is in your hands 😉

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    This deserves a standing ovation.

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    Don't let this channel fall

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    Why and how can you predict the future?

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    성공한 현재는 무궁무진한 가능성을 지녔던 과거에 개입하여 그 가능성을 없앴고, 그게 그의 미래에 반영되었다.

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    в жизни бывают и счастливые и грустные моменты) так что фармим счастливые

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    We Need To Be Like Him❌ We Need To Be Him✅

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    Its same😭

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    You sure? He r@ped a women and that is why he is now in prison

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    Wish you success 😂

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    С каждым может случиться, так что цените, любите,дорожите, делайте все что бы у вас было хорошо

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    Who think end was hilarious ....

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    It isn't funny, i feel and understand the video.

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    Да мы все такими будем рано или поздно

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    @@olgarakovskaja2368 Станем старыми и бедными.

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    You will get that someday.

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    2034 after world war III

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    2018😭-2023😍-2024😎-2034😇👇 👇 👇

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    Can you go to malaysia 🇲🇾 pls😊

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    Im malaysia❤

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    Palestine 🇵🇸??

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    @@MyticaIXiiaxno dont you see they are at war rn

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    Kita tetangga... aku indonesia

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    This video made me subscribe to u man ❤❤

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    صحافة العرب بقلب فلسطين المحتلة

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    Malaysia pls😢

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    Keep try 💪

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    You made me forget what year it is, congratulations XD 👏👏👏👏👏😅

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    Fact is you shouldn't known what future holds for you 😁

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    Future is waiting for use 😢😢😂

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    The guy in 2034 look like Eren in attack on titan movie

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    This is really fantastic!

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    This is pure magic!

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    There are some people who are affected by such clips

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    Love his face expressions ❤️

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    Essa música deixa e triste 😭

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    What is the title of the song?

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    Keep walking 😂😂😂😂😂

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    Your story is very good and meaningful, thank you ❤

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    All the best😊

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    Me in 2014 seeing my 2024... I snatched it 😂😂😂😂

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    Never forget where you came from

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    I am waiting for the 2034😅😅😅😅😅

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    Good job; better than finding the cure for cancer

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    2018😊 2024😎 2034😢

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    «وهكذا نتغير من طور الى طور و من هول الى هول» ♡ مين يوافقني يحط لايك 👇🏻

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    Ele relaxou e parou de se esforçar

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    This is mainly how family generations experience it

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    Don’t be sad you’re good

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    "Bro trying to reveal that there is a zombie apocalypse in 2034".🗿🗿🗿

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    Bro got that Deathnote-kira hair 💪

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    マジで楽して金稼いでるKZread r全員こうなってほしいwwww

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    You are the person that i was with you from the beginning and till i could i helped you Never give up and never let others play with your emotions you are great and you will be better💙

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    Bro shows reality , time can change

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    Me see this in 2023:😢😭😰😓 Me see this in 2024:🙄😆😈🤣 Who saw the news 👇🏽

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    This is a reality you tuber

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    This vid means a lot for me 😞🙁😢, like goku for exampel bcuz goku in 23 years old can destroy planets but after 20 years of more he became able to destroy univers with ease and becames the hope of univers. This means keep trying to reach your dream 👍