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j-hope 'HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1' Release
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  • @zakiibru9785
    @zakiibru97852 ай бұрын

    Jhope is the best dancer and the king of dance! His body is truly a wonder!

  • @queenhope6052


    2 ай бұрын

    Army A campaign to support Jhope's album with all love and strength. Our hope is in need of your support. Army. Come on, hurry. Stream Jhope's album songs on KZread. Very few.

  • @queenhope6052


    2 ай бұрын

    @Funwithprachibts2037 think you so much army fighting 💜💜😭❤️‍🔥

  • @bangtanboys-ew6fw


    2 ай бұрын

    Literally legend😎💜

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    2 ай бұрын

    Concordo plenamente ❤🎉

  • @sehar_khan1232
    @sehar_khan12322 ай бұрын

    J hope respect button

  • @Thebestkpopbts


    2 ай бұрын

    all the best J hope ❤❤

  • @Jin_lost_chappal


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  • @NiaGorgadze-tl2up


    2 ай бұрын

    Please tell me why you are everywhere 😭

  • @Jinhit2013


    2 ай бұрын

    You are everywhere I see you on tiktok too ❤

  • @riyadey3711


    2 ай бұрын

    Best of luck jhope👍👍💜💜💜💜

  • @alkarai304
    @alkarai304Ай бұрын

    I think everyone can feel how much Jhope loves dancing. I'll always support you hobi

  • @miguxaoy1077


    Ай бұрын

    Yess he is an amazing maindancer

  • @WinhajunFera
    @WinhajunFera22 күн бұрын

    JHope is the best dancer in the history of the K-Pop industry

  • @amazingart5136
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  • @user-xx1mz9wg9n


    2 ай бұрын

    Not only k-pop whole world 🌍💜

  • @jagmeetsingh5134


    2 ай бұрын

    Please no emoji

  • @princessflawlessblondie9454


    2 ай бұрын

    And beyond.

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    please don't use emoji's. it will freeze the streams

  • @DailyYuqiModeinYonsei
    @DailyYuqiModeinYonsei2 ай бұрын

    BTS를 응원하기 위해 ARMY를 위한 해외 팬이 몇 명이나 됩니까??? ✋🏻

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  • @Hoseok-sn4mt
    @Hoseok-sn4mtАй бұрын

    Dear Hoseok. thanks for the dreams!!! thanks to your dreams we met a wonderful artist!!! creating masterpieces!!!

  • @EnLin_Min
    @EnLin_MinАй бұрын

    ARMY let's stream all BTS clips from 2013 to this year and no one will touch BTS again. Let's show them our power and that BTS worked for a reason. ARMY GO AHEAD!!!

  • @irinaverbitskaya5597


    Ай бұрын

    Верно ! Поддерживаем !!!

  • @Hoseok-sn4mt


    Ай бұрын

    More 100mln!!! On the street 100mln!!! NEURON 100mln!!! Let's go army!!! Support JHOPE!!!!

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  • @Solanumtuberosum006


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    @@ARMY-jw8bc stream HOBI's and RM's songs 🙃

  • @erikstarde
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  • @lenvaa7740


    2 ай бұрын

    He's perfect!!

  • @betsy658


    2 ай бұрын

    He's art!

  • @erikstarde


    2 ай бұрын

    @@lenvaa7740 YEEEES ALWAYS

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  • @user-eg7wu1gq3v


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    Let's encourage him Let's show the fake Armys the power of the real Armys

  • @ranulya1


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  • @user-vf3nt2oh8b


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  • @Ami-ev9zg
    @Ami-ev9zgАй бұрын

    Jhope we are so proud of you

  • @christiegarcia2659
    @christiegarcia2659Ай бұрын

    discipline and passion

  • @macarenanoguera7386
    @macarenanoguera73862 ай бұрын

    J-Hope has a tremendous talent for dancing, the flexibility he has and how handsome he looks with his beautiful smile is truly admirable.

  • @arlenees


    2 ай бұрын

    Damn *in j-hope voice*

  • @Jungkook_is_more_dululu_than_M
    @Jungkook_is_more_dululu_than_M2 ай бұрын

    ARMY, Jhope literally just released the best song with a beautiful meaning and the least we can do is keep streaming. He deserve this and more

  • @dboothpublic
    @dboothpublic4 күн бұрын

    Watching clips from j-hope's old dance practice videos bring out so many emotions in me. He's worked so hard and I'm really grateful that he's finally being appreciated and loved after spending so long being ignored and dissed.😭

  • @Misaki681
    @Misaki68122 күн бұрын

    Jhope the ultimate perfection 💜💜

  • @angelp125
    @angelp1252 ай бұрын

    Jhope is a walking masterpiece in all aspects. He isn't only a dancer and rapper/singer, he's MULTI-TALENTED!!

  • @UserFeb18


    2 ай бұрын

    Well said

    @ANJALIBKUMAR2 ай бұрын

    Even working hard his face is always charming and peaceful. No wonder he is our sunshine hope.

  • @saralovesbts7


    2 ай бұрын

    He’s always smiling 🥺it’s truly such an enchanting smile😭😭

  • @user-tn5or5mi7k
    @user-tn5or5mi7kАй бұрын

    Jhope is the best and coolest dancer

  • @dollybohara
    @dollybohara14 сағат бұрын

    jhope every dance move is so uniqe and smooth

  • @bangatanversearmy
    @bangatanversearmy2 ай бұрын

    Jhope makes every dance style authentic, clean and beautiful.

  • @nodiraquvvatova504


    2 ай бұрын

    Yes ❤

  • @BrettHeathcote
    @BrettHeathcote2 ай бұрын

    J Hope is so fluid when he dances, he is mesmerizing to watch.

  • @juliecook8364


    2 ай бұрын

    ikr... He's so mesmerizing to watch, which makes it very difficult to watch him dance and read the captions on HOTS simultaneously! : )

  • @TunDee_Fairy
    @TunDee_Fairy25 күн бұрын

    What a bliss when the SUNSHINE smiles at you

  • @jayavats4176
    @jayavats4176Ай бұрын

    jhope's love for dance is so pure i love him

  • @aztra3373
    @aztra33732 ай бұрын

    The joy on his face when he is dancing. Keep supporting Hobi, ARMY!

  • @juliecook8364


    2 ай бұрын

    ikr... you can't help but smile from ear to ear watching him dance! His joy in his craft is infectious!

  • @jiminpak-qe2zl
    @jiminpak-qe2zl2 ай бұрын

    BTS really has the best artists. Jhope is an amazing dancer!!

  • @user-ol1jd2qe4o


    Ай бұрын

    Hola 👋 jimin 💜 mi amor tes espero 🙏 hoy con tu mensaje y comentarios también un beso 😘 💋 para ti mi niño 👦 bonito la la la la la w24 un saludo 👋 de des México satillo 🐻 oso tu fan johana Ruiz te amo señorita Forestella Despacito BTs

  • @user-kv4ec7ur9w
    @user-kv4ec7ur9w24 күн бұрын

    J-hope is the best dancer, artist, composer, rapper, he knows how to do everything and we are all going to support him ❤

  • @BTS-Army7-OT7
    @BTS-Army7-OT729 күн бұрын

    J-Hope is the sun of happiness. I love him so much because he works hard and with all hope. He is the best dancer in K-Pop, I love you, J-Hope

  • @ebruz9642
    @ebruz96422 ай бұрын

    J-Hope is the best dancer in kpop

  • @Kim_Seo-Jun_BTS_ARMY
    @Kim_Seo-Jun_BTS_ARMY2 ай бұрын

    I'm crying. Watching him growing with every comeback every dance, he is just so amazing. Talented artist. dedicated.. creates everything by himself... True fans and people who respect real talent will always support you j-hope.

  • @user-xg6ov4dz1u


    2 ай бұрын

    Com certeza apoiaremos.

  • @daynak3904


    2 ай бұрын

    I'm crying too.

  • @dianehimpele7108


    2 ай бұрын

    My love my ♥️my 😇 love him so much. 22 more days baby 💋💋💋💋

  • @giannebalzarini2224


    2 ай бұрын

    me too. jhope is my inspiration... i love him so much, the sun of my life.

  • @saralovesbts7


    2 ай бұрын

    He really has made it so far it’s beautiful to witness😭😭😭😭

  • @theresiamaya5620
    @theresiamaya5620Ай бұрын

    I miss you so much Jhope

  • @Angeles_Ortiz
    @Angeles_Ortiz19 күн бұрын

    Amo 'Hope On The Street Vol.1', suena en mi playlist todos los días. J-hope eres grandioso.

  • @user-ti7jm5pz5l
    @user-ti7jm5pz5l2 ай бұрын

    support jhope by streaming ... love for jhope

  • @JaniceComagao


    2 ай бұрын

    Yep 💜

  • @diksharaj3150


    2 ай бұрын


  • @koreantourguideyoun3635


    2 ай бұрын

    J Hope ❤

  • @follower403
    @follower4032 ай бұрын

    Jhope is a great dancer, the passion and dedication he demonstrates at every step and in every choreography is magnificent.

  • @armita586
    @armita58619 күн бұрын

    J_hope =the best dancer in kpop


    The dance history of kpop would only be known for JHOPE'S INCREDIBLE DANCE 💜💜💜💜

  • @hoyaberry218
    @hoyaberry2182 ай бұрын

    j-hope officially becomes the first Korean soloist in history with multiple top 10 albums on the Billboard 200. Congrats j-hope!

  • @Dixy713


    2 ай бұрын

    Se lo merece!!

  • @nancyisabelesquiveltapia6795


    2 ай бұрын

    Gracias por siempre apoyarlo, mi querido sol

  • @valya314


    2 ай бұрын

    congratulations hobi!!!

  • @juliecook8364


    2 ай бұрын

    Yes... don't let the things we didn't achieve with Neuron and HOTS diminish the things we did achieve! CONGRATS, J-HOPE!!!

  • @MarciaChambi


    2 ай бұрын

    Voten por neuron en mnetplus.

  • @RiraRara-fi6mx
    @RiraRara-fi6mxАй бұрын

    J-Hope is the best dancer in the K-Pop Industry

  • @DurleyLopezAlzate


    Ай бұрын


  • @kimobito-yt8kn


    Ай бұрын

    J hope is the best celebrity dancer

  • @elizpauli4899
    @elizpauli4899Ай бұрын

    Jhope fans presente desde el lanzamiento de HOTS

  • @Jungkook-yi2fd
    @Jungkook-yi2fd14 күн бұрын

    제이홉의 퍼포먼스는 정말 멋지네요.. 제이홉 너무 사랑해요 ❤

  • @layla-lr8hf
    @layla-lr8hf2 ай бұрын

    J-hope literally the best dancer in the world

  • @sulastriamatjiman114


    2 ай бұрын

    J hope hari raya Aidilfitri

  • @linamayo1873


    2 ай бұрын

    Please remove emoji

  • @sulastriamatjiman114


    2 ай бұрын

    @@linamayo1873 saya ni komen lah j hope

  • @BangtanFan-rg6ew
    @BangtanFan-rg6ew20 күн бұрын

    LOVE YOU HOBI LOVE THIS keep dancing, keep being you, keep being human

  • @user-ki2vd1ge8o
    @user-ki2vd1ge8oАй бұрын

    Hobi breathtaking look omg sunshine

  • @user-zg3mh7ro6r
    @user-zg3mh7ro6r2 ай бұрын

    제이홉은 놀라운 아티스트이자 댄서이며, 심지어 훌륭한 래퍼이기도 합니다. 제이홉은 최고입니다. 💜💜

  • @karenflores5829


    2 ай бұрын

    Please remove emogis freeze the views

  • @juliecook8364
    @juliecook83642 ай бұрын

    Watching J-Hope dance is... PURE JOY!!!

  • @carolposadas4634
    @carolposadas463418 күн бұрын

    Jhope love

  • @jsteev748
    @jsteev748Ай бұрын

    J-hope is number one and the biggest. Dance leader for his great choreography 🎉

  • @carlamanso6479
    @carlamanso64792 ай бұрын

    Jhope overflows talent, sensitivity and passion for everything he does. He is transparent and has a lot of fluidity in his dance. He came into the world to bring love, compassion and lightness to people. I have deep admiration for him as an artist and fantastic human being. He is incredible.

  • @TaniaTwin97


    2 ай бұрын

    Siii, definitivamente Jhope es como un sol!!!

  • @user-eo7vi4gk9p


    2 ай бұрын

    Боже сколько в нем огня супер

  • @karenflores5829


    2 ай бұрын

    ​@@TaniaTwin97totalmente de acuerdo. Jhope es increible

  • @aparajitalal4721
    @aparajitalal47212 ай бұрын

    Jhope has so much passion for his art. It makes me teary eyed.

  • @bts_7kings_
    @bts_7kings_20 күн бұрын

    J-HOPE gives alot of ENERGY to ARMY

  • @janiaidnac2129
    @janiaidnac212916 күн бұрын

    Siempre contigo Hoseok. Gracias por tu arte.

  • @yoongizcat
    @yoongizcat2 ай бұрын

    his face emanates pure joy when dancing. it's beautiful

  • @LavyniaVitoria-ny6vq


    2 ай бұрын


  • @iamjl4l


    2 ай бұрын

    This is my favorite part of HOTS series: seeing how HAPPY he is dancing with all his mentors & dance idols 🤩😍🥰 it makes me so happy to know he got to do this as his last big venture before enlisting 💖

  • @anneliesekim2074
    @anneliesekim20742 ай бұрын

    hobi was born with a pure and beautiful soul ‹𝟹

  • @Dixy713


    2 ай бұрын

    Agree. He is a beautiful person!!

  • @clauferrusca


    2 ай бұрын


  • @clauferrusca


    2 ай бұрын


  • @blue_sweater
    @blue_sweaterАй бұрын

    This video is so great. And the song!!!! Knowing where Hoseok is coming from makes you love him even more. Thank you Hobi for support and encouragement to live and not to give up. I love you so dearly. Hugs and love from Ukraine 🇺🇦

  • @Sheptiiarahmand
    @SheptiiarahmandАй бұрын


  • @PP-xy5jz7fm3v
    @PP-xy5jz7fm3v2 ай бұрын

    J-Hope is a dancing smile. Support him!!

  • @juliecook8364


    Ай бұрын

    "A dancing smile"... I love it!!!

  • @user-yk3uz8bi2i
    @user-yk3uz8bi2i9 күн бұрын

    J-hope it’s amazing

  • @Hiro_x027
    @Hiro_x0277 күн бұрын

    아아 사랑해요 제이홉에에에에에

  • @tharukasamarakoon2393
    @tharukasamarakoon23932 ай бұрын

    Without a doubt J-Hope is THE BEST dancer… A born dancer….

  • @Dixy713


    2 ай бұрын

    I agree

  • @juliecook8364


    2 ай бұрын

    I completely agree!!! And I have such respect and admiration for the fact that he continues to work on getting better and improving his craft!!!

  • @paramitahazra3197
    @paramitahazra31972 ай бұрын

    His dance breaks,his movements all are so perfect...He's the best from every aspects..We support you Hobi..

  • @Tiktok79


    2 ай бұрын


  • @Min-Alexandra
    @Min-Alexandra27 күн бұрын

    J-Hope is so cute. Here are those who will always support our Sunshine. ✋🏻💜

  • @user-qp5du7st2d
    @user-qp5du7st2d17 күн бұрын

    We miss you hobi our sunshine

  • @TehyungKim
    @TehyungKim2 ай бұрын

    Everyday j-hope proves why he is the best dancer. He literally was born to dance. Dance machine!!!

  • @wave6519
    @wave65192 ай бұрын

    j-hope is so talented but still hardworking and humble. He is a great dancer and great person. I love him so much.🥰

  • @Ayojongk_10
    @Ayojongk_1019 күн бұрын

    jhope the best

  • @TunDee_Lucky
    @TunDee_Lucky25 күн бұрын

    Music and family that's what it's all about ♡

  • @Layo_v_er
    @Layo_v_er2 ай бұрын

    The true ARMY will always support J-hope

  • @crystalsnow-mo7gc
    @crystalsnow-mo7gcАй бұрын

    The joy on JHope's face when he dances - just beautiful

  • @priyasingh-lc5cf
    @priyasingh-lc5cfАй бұрын

    Army's let support our sunshine hobi 💜💜💜

  • @tawhidahmednabil4254
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  • @diksharaj3150
    @diksharaj31502 ай бұрын

    Army , continue to support jhope by streaming!! Fighting

  • @flwraenzz_
    @flwraenzz_2 ай бұрын

    JHOPE dance skills will always be top tier.

  • @aneletacu4775
    @aneletacu4775Ай бұрын

    Jhope Jhope Jhope BTS FOREVER

  • @user-eh2hj8bx6i
    @user-eh2hj8bx6i27 күн бұрын

    This is not just a "visualizer" it's a whole alternate music video WITH Hobi. Let's give him our support. Add this and the motion picture version to your daily playlists.

  • @luaoliver3668
    @luaoliver36682 ай бұрын

    호비가 이 프로젝트에 얼마나 많은 사랑을 쏟았는지 알 수 있습니다. 세세한 부분까지 재능과 손맛이 너무 좋습니다. 항상 축복이 있기를 바랍니다. 우리에겐 "모든 것에 감사, 고마움"밖에 없어요💜

  • @bt6248
    @bt62482 ай бұрын

    That's what joy looks like! And talent. Loads and loads of talent.

  • @Hoseok-sn4mt
    @Hoseok-sn4mt18 күн бұрын

    Любим тебя Хоби!!!!!

  • @Hoseok-sn4mt
    @Hoseok-sn4mt5 күн бұрын

    Хосок спасибо за то что освещаешь наши будние дни!!!!!

  • @thvworld_59
    @thvworld_592 ай бұрын

    Jhope energy and precision are electrifying! His moves hit so different bro his body movements~ 😩🤌🏼

  • @rmsid777
    @rmsid7772 ай бұрын

    제이홉, 진짜 멋있다. 이런 영상들도 너무 좋다. 몰랐던 예전 모습들도 볼 수있고, 이렇게 춤을 사랑하고 즐기는 사람의 기록을 가득 볼 수 있다는 게 정말 좋다. 춤을 추기에 음악을 알고, 음악을 해서 또 춤을 위해 만들 수 있고. 정말 멋져!!

  • @Sasamey793


    2 ай бұрын

    I know, he is very cool, he is our j hope :) ♡

  • @siddhidharamshi2248
    @siddhidharamshi2248Ай бұрын

    Jhope man!! ♥️♥️♥️

  • @betsy658
    @betsy658Күн бұрын

    The video doesn't only highlight his dance but his style through the years. Love it!

  • @yaeraackerman7615
    @yaeraackerman76152 ай бұрын

    J-hope's videos is always full of positive energy and his endless passion for dance. He's such an inspiration and an amazing artist

  • @mryhp8192
    @mryhp81922 ай бұрын

    I can watch j-hope dancing all day, every hour, every minute. He just keeps getting better and better.

  • @betsy658
    @betsy658Ай бұрын

    Five months until you're with us again, Hope!

  • @Randomgirlhey
    @Randomgirlhey19 күн бұрын

    Love you jhope

  • @jafor_ot7
    @jafor_ot72 ай бұрын

    Ohhhhhh jhope is the best best best dancer ever ................

  • @RhianeDeane
    @RhianeDeane2 ай бұрын

    Keep supporting jhope by streaming FIGHTING JHOPEEE!!!!

  • @Dixy713


    2 ай бұрын

    Me encanta NEURON!!

  • @user-sb4kg5mo4c
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  • @user-lc7dv3uh4c
    @user-lc7dv3uh4c25 күн бұрын

    На сегодняшний день это моя любимая, заряжает энергией. Спасибо вам за такую светлую и позитивную песню и клип

  • @taehyung8927
    @taehyung89272 ай бұрын

    우리호비가 여기 왜 이렇게 멋있어?? 카리스마가 남다른데, 댄스 영상도 다 멋있네요 역시 제이홉~~

  • @banhoseok8069
    @banhoseok80692 ай бұрын

    Jhope's 10 years of hard work and ability, we have seen today, is very impressive. Amazing. Here is our real Jhope.(My favorite work is Just Dance❤)

  • @user-zc9oc8np6h
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  • @OrlandaToledo
    @OrlandaToledoАй бұрын


  • @seldereysosyot
    @seldereysosyot2 ай бұрын

    Рост Хосока как рэпера, певца, дэнсера, и в принципе артиста это результат невероятно усердной работы с его стороны ❤️‍🔥 Безумно восхищаюсь этим человеком !

  • @Bamtannie1693
    @Bamtannie16932 ай бұрын

    Hobi is such a flawless dancer and to be very honest I'm so proud of him. He's such a great artist who never forgets where he has come from and this makes him a legend. Jung Hoseok, you're the ACE OF K-POP.!

  • @analuciavillacortacalderon2504
    @analuciavillacortacalderon2504Ай бұрын

    Apoyando a nuestro querido Hobi.

  • @isabel7863
    @isabel786314 күн бұрын


  • @sreelekhao8356
    @sreelekhao83562 ай бұрын

    He deserves more support. Let's support hobi together

  • @user-ol1jd2qe4o


    2 ай бұрын

    Hola 👋 chavo como estas guapo buenas tardes 🤗 tes espero 🙏 con tus mensajes hermoso hoy mi amor 💖 ya los soñé todos ustedes chavos fores Despacito fuego 🔥 mago mago mamá mamá y suga también un saludo 👋 de des México satillo 🐻 oso tu fan johana Ruiz te amo señorita Forestella Despacito ❤w24 música 🎶 un beso 😘 💋 para ti la la la la la la la 😘

  • @tasnimchompa


    Ай бұрын

    Yes i think we should. But for me, the real world took me so far away from them and i don't know if i can stream their song.

  • @user-qj7pm7fw7o
    @user-qj7pm7fw7o2 ай бұрын

    Джей-Хоуп действительно рожден для танцев...Господь одарил его таким талантом..Большая благодарность родителям, которые поддержали его в этом и верили,что он будет успешным в этом увлечении и добьется больших вершин..

  • @user-dx7yu2wo6t


    11 күн бұрын

    JHOPE very talented artist.. Love you very much... bravo

  • @user-dx7yu2wo6t


    11 күн бұрын

    Люблю его танец , его оригинальный вокал.. Браво JHOPE....