It's been a while since I danced to the song. forget all the choreography🤣

SUPER JUNIOR actually likes talking more than dancing
Let's stop this and talk
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  • @TheMuzikheart

    it's hilarious that suju is the group that exhausts the MC, instead of it being the other way around like what other group is so chaotic like them LMAO

  • @rosevee1943

    SUJU is The only Group that these 2 host can’t bully.

  • @KursaTime

    Netizens: aughwhy are these new groups struggling with the choreo?

  • @palomaalexandrarojas3931

    Hahaha, their backs hurting is so relatable. We’re growing up with Suju!

  • @hakimexo29

    True legends will not pretend they forgot the choreo and they not hiding their mistakes😂😂😂.

  • @nutellalatte7522

    They're all in their late 30s and they still get so excited about when it's their part. So cute!

  • @UsedToBeMyself

    "This segment shouldn't be this long" I'm crying that's way too funny

  • @captainzhaji4311

    The fact that they kept making Eunhyuk stop dancing halfway just got me wheezing 😂😂😂

  • @chk9662

    My nephew danced to "sorry, sorry" at his last year at the kindergarten. He's now preparing for the college admission exam. Time really flies 🙂

  • @suciayu2446

    It's amazing that they still remember the dance 🤣

  • @luckykey8024

    This is why they should just give sj they own show in general lol like a permanent show lol

  • @shineeteentop24

    I'm dying at Leeteuk doing the wrong moves so confidently hahahaha

  • @JessLuvRyeowook

    SJ is always the only group that exhaust the host in every variety show that requires them to dance 😂 they'll drag the dancing segment for so long because they cant remember any of their dance moves 😂 it's actually equally as bad in a talk show or variety show where they talk more than playing games because every member will start talking at the same time and all the translators will get so tired trying to translate what every member said, the cameraman wouldn't know who to focus on and the host doesnt know who is talking or what is anyone trying to say 😂

  • @PWDsRock

    I loved this! My fave part was "My back is hurting..." and then, "Why is everyone's back hurting?" Hahaha! Sorry Sorry...

  • @sujutraineeelf4578

    Super Junior in variety shows is the best way to have a good laugh. They are just so funny by being chaotic hahaha

  • @greenwitch11

    I will never get tired of these boys. Will always hold a special place in my heart even though I'm no longer following the k-pop industry

  • @glyzadee8267


  • @elfinablacksuit7501


  • @davantiowo6519


  • @karlajesusacatilorosas2998

    Suju paved the way too for kpop... I still remember during our high school days ... I printed their songs and when its our lunch time in school, I sing it as a form of relaxation HAhahahahhaha . I also bought two copies of their 4th album. Kudos boys!!!!! Thank you for spreading happiness all throughout these years.