Is the Used Motorcycle Market Starting to Correct Itself?

Автокөліктер мен көлік құралдары

In today's episode;
- Are used motorcycle prices starting to become more sensible?
- What’s the best motorcycle for for shorter riders?
- How long after the warranty should a bike manufacturer offer a good will gesture?
- The Suzuki Hayabusa at 200mph
- The original hypersports tourers (the Kawasaki ZZR1100 and the Honda Super Blackbird)
- 2,000 miles through Germany on a Royal Enfield Interceptor
- 1970s and 80s Bikers
- Bike of the Week (Yamaha XSR700)
Bikes discussed this week:
Honda Blackbird, Kawasaki ZZR1100, Yamaha XSR700, BMW GS1200, Royal Enfield Interceptor, Suzuki Hayabusa
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Time Stamps:
0:00: Intro
2:50: Is the Used Motorcycle Market Starting to Correct Itself?
6:19: A Low, Light Bike
8:20: When Does a Manufacturer’s Goodwill Period End?
12:00: The Mighty Hayabusa
17:30: The Original Hypersports Tourers
21:27: 2,000 Miles on an Interceptor through Germany
29:37: 1970s and 80’s Bikers
32:15: Bike off the Week: Yamaha XSR700

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  • Mark Norris
    Mark NorrisАй бұрын

    Hello Freddie, re warranties. Having volunteered at a well known advice service. Buying, you're generally covered for 6 months. After it gets more difficult, but not impossible. Goods have to be fit for purpose and last a reasonable amount of time. E.G.My central heating boiler broke. It was 3 years old. The company refused to repair as our of warranty and stated there were no inherent faults on this boiler. I looked online and found a gas engineers forum which absolutely slated this boiler,and highlighted it's inherent faults. One of which mine. I sent them a copy of this. Pointing out, a gas boiler is expensive and should last longer than 3 years. I got my boiler repaired free of charge with modified parts (so they knew there were issues). Regards Mark

  • Tuesday at Dobbs’

    Tuesday at Dobbs’

    Ай бұрын

    Fascinating, thank you for sharing this, Mark

  • Kevin Appleton

    Kevin Appleton

    Ай бұрын

    But not after 20 years and that's a fact 😊

  • Mark Norris

    Mark Norris

    Ай бұрын

    Bit like that ad. Free entry for over 80's if accompanied by their parents. But seriously. If you buy a used bike from a dealer, they make a big fuss about coming with a, 3 month warranty. When you're covered for 6 months under the sale of goods. It's harder to get recompense after 6 months, but not impossible, hence my example re my gas boiler. How times change. As when I bought a brand new Yamaha RD250 in 1976, they came with a 6 month or 3000 mile warranty, whichever came first. So, bang on 3000 miles it holed a piston. I was doing over 1200 miles a month. 😳🤔😁

  • Kevin Appleton

    Kevin Appleton

    Ай бұрын

    @Mark Norris what a bugger and typical to happen on the very end mileage for warranty 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Stevemeister


    Ай бұрын

    @Mark Norris - you did not check the timing did you? Pre-electronic ignition RD's were absolutely notorious for holing the pistons if the ignition timing shifted. With points ignition it needed frequent checking and it the screws that locked the points in position came loose . . . .☹. One of the first things I did when I bought my RD400DX (new in 1979) was buy a dial gauge to ensure the timing marks were set correctly and the points opened bang on the timing marks. No holed pistons in the 7 or so years I owned it.

  • Inky Munster
    Inky MunsterАй бұрын

    I'm 64, been riding since I was 17. Back then it was talking to friends face to face, organise a rideout, no credit cards, no mobile phones, not a lot of money, gear from army surplus and carry the tools you need for your particular bike's idiosyncratic ways. Best times of my life.

  • AoToGo
    AoToGoАй бұрын

    The opening scenes of your blog here with the bike riding down a lovely Mediterranean sunny street literally take away any stress and immediately put me in a great mood! Cheers Freddie!

  • Tuesday at Dobbs’

    Tuesday at Dobbs’

    Ай бұрын

    So happy to hear it, Ant!🙂🤜🏼🤛🏼

  • lauraiss
    lauraissАй бұрын

    Alan "making as much noise as he can" for company not fixing 20 y.o. bike for free since components starts failing, might not be the brightest idea. Don't be Alan, be reasonable.

  • BlackdogADV


    Ай бұрын

    My thoughts exactly. I never expected help on any car, truck or motorcycle out of warranty. Buy the needed parts and fix it yourself.

  • Jim Bird

    Jim Bird

    Ай бұрын

    ​@allan hughesI assume you purchased the BMW with an already expired warranty. I can't see you have any case certainly in law against BMW but, if you don't accept probably best contact your solicitor or trading standards.

  • Aran Gillespie

    Aran Gillespie

    Ай бұрын

    Alan needs to move on. Fix the bike and enjoy your riding. Life is short.

  • Jim Bird

    Jim Bird

    Ай бұрын

    @Aran Gillespie or sell it if he's lost confidence in it. I've had a couple of BMW motorcycles and it's never worked out for me, just got shot and moved on

  • Lynn Broadhurst
    Lynn BroadhurstАй бұрын

    As a height challenged rider (5'2") I can vouch for the Honda Rebel 500. It's so easy to ride, slim, so great for town riding and filtering. Handles motorways pretty well. But also fun on country roads and twisties. I tour on mine too, fling saddle bags on and off we go! Being able to flat foot on it gives lots of confidence on gravelly, uneven roads. I also ride an MT09, but my Rebel is my go to bike.

  • Sher Khan
    Sher KhanАй бұрын

    It’s the time of the year where s/h motorcycle prices will drop, only to have them rise again from February onwards. There’s some crazy discounts to be had on stock that hasn’t moved because the shops need (they’re contract bound) to make space for the new models that will grace the showrooms.

  • Brian ORourke
    Brian ORourkeАй бұрын

    Freddie- love the Pod and wanted to mention this since you discussed prices for used bikes coming back down to earth. It seems new bikes are also taking note because Triumph just announced the price for the new Speed 400 in the US & they are only $5,000! That’s directly on par with Royal Enfield and could really kill RE sales in the US with Triumph being way more popular. Curious your thoughts on this price point and what you think it will do in the UK?

  • Steve Zahn
    Steve ZahnАй бұрын

    Freddie, I think the reason that bike prices have tanked, at least here in America, is that due to the ridiculous inflation people just don’t have the extra money. I know that Americans love to price things high just so we can negotiate. But I bet you one thing. The Harley prices aren’t coming down. They stay usually constant. Winter is coming too, come spring they will go right back up. Overpriced and won’t sell

  • Frank
    FrankАй бұрын

    Freddie Great episode! I've been in the 80's...and enjoyed every moment...sadly all of my memories are in the deep ressess's of my mind. Keep up the great work

  • Mike's Motorcycle Journey
    Mike's Motorcycle JourneyАй бұрын

    Freddie, with regards to Alan's issue with the BMW 1200 GS, the bike is 18 years old and he doesn't say if he's had it from new or if he bought it secondhand or even if he bought it from BMW. No manufacturer can be expected to warranty parts on an 18 year old machine that may well have done 50, 60 or even 100,000 miles. He doesn't say how long he's owned this bike but let's assume he's had it for a few years so the fuel pump has not been an issue up until now and who knows how long it has not been an issue for, it may well be the original part as far as we (or BMW) know so I think it's had its fair useage and unluckily it has failed on his way to his holiday and understandably he's miffed about missing his trip but you cannot seriously blame BMW for a part that has failed 18 years after manufacture. I own a 2004 1200GS and if my fuel pump failed now I'd just replace it because I would assume that it has done the 34,000 miles that are on the clock as I have no documented history of it ever being changed.

  • allan hughes

    allan hughes

    Ай бұрын

    Bought second hand but its not a moving part and thousands of re calls for this fault ie cheap plastic on a bike that cost God knows when new. Its not the pump its the plastic and they know its a failure ..I have never ever sold a bike to another biker with a known fault but B.M.W. are more than prepared to do so ! I would even question their new machines ?? Sadly their customer complaints Dept seems very very buisy This bike has already had two re calls for the same issue so am I that far out on hoping B.M.W. might just might stand up and be counted for a loyal customer ?? Yet to talk to the CEO but sure I will not get very far ?? Their loss not mine never ever again will I buy a 2 or 4 wheel pile of crap !!!!!

  • Mike's Motorcycle Journey

    Mike's Motorcycle Journey

    Ай бұрын

    @allan hughes If BMW have already done the recall fix then what else do you want them to do ? If that fix has lasted a significant amount of time you can't realistically expect them to keep replacing parts forever and a day. I f they had only done the recal recently and it was a problem again that might be different. I don't know the full ins and outs of this case but if that recall was done more than say 5 years ago then I don't think you'll get anywhere with it. If it was me I'd just buy a replacement part and carry on with my life.

  • Charlie Robertson

    Charlie Robertson

    Ай бұрын

    ​@allanhughes7859 I just sold a 3 and half year old BMW, no issues at all, only one warranty claim for exhaust headers due to a well known exhaust flap sticking issue, £1300 in parts alone no questions asked. BMW are expensive but their customer service is second to none. I've heard of folk getting brand new engines because of a tiny bit of corrosion that most people wouldn't even notice. Buy a new GS or even a approved used, you'll see how well BMW look after you, but come on 18 year old bike suffers an issue on a fuel pump, doesn't matter how many recalls they've done it's served its time and expired. Replace it and move on and enjoy your bike

  • Mbo 348
    Mbo 348Ай бұрын

    I have to say, I’m loving those 70’s/80s biker stories and that fella who did 200mph on the hyabusa. “Britain was just too boring” haha brilliant.

  • medler2110
    medler2110Ай бұрын

    I do remember getting a lifetime warranty on a replacement Ford part, back in the 90's, but only for as long as I owned the car, sadly the part survived, the car fell to pieces round it, but realistically I'm sure Ford factored into that policy, the most vehicles would change hands or be scrapped long before the component failed. But expecting a manufacturer to honour a long out of date warranty not a chance, maybe if it was something that had always been dealer serviced and parts replaced regardless of cost, then might get a goodwill gesture from the dealer, but otherwise if you want that sort of warranty, stump up for a new bike.

  • MotoUK
    MotoUKАй бұрын

    Always enjoy the podcasts thanks Freddie 🙏

  • Tuesday at Dobbs’

    Tuesday at Dobbs’

    Ай бұрын

    Thanks Nick🙌🏻

  • Kevin Appleton
    Kevin AppletonАй бұрын

    I agree with others who have pointed out that you maybe getting to excited over the second hand bike prices, it's Autumn heading into winter, bike prices always drop at this point, I believe that will rise come spring 😉

  • Charlie Robertson
    Charlie RobertsonАй бұрын

    Freddie, i too keep track of used values, i think they are starting to correct themselves, but a long way to go. Cost of living Crisis will continue to have an influence as will the high interest rates. I could see pre Christmas prices plummeting and the spring revival in prices being much slower and weaker than we've seen for a while. Already seen prices plummeting for less mainstream machines, for example xt660s , were looking at 4500 a few months ago now just over 2k

  • Zufadhli Buhari
    Zufadhli BuhariАй бұрын

    Hi Fred, I’m Zu from Singapore! Huge fan of yours. Just a thought, don’t you find it suspicious looking at a 20-30 year old bike but has very low mileage? Could the dash be rewinded or replaced?

  • JAB
    JABАй бұрын

    Freddie, I tour with my Bonnie T120. I needed bags as the triumph bags (which came with the bike, were more about style and not about touring. . .I was lucky enough to learn about LOMO saddlebags that are Drybags, simple, large, and work amazingly. For you folks in England they are shockingly inexpensive. I’m just a “happy camper” but was so amazed at the price (I think $80 US. . .but shipping was practically the same. . My bad), I bought them and continue to be impressed. You don’t have to spend a lot to build a touring bike from anything you are riding. JAB

  • Luddite
    LudditeАй бұрын

    It'd be a shame if David had to give up his Hunter, when he seems so pleased with it. Before swapping bikes, he should consider having the saddle re-sculpted and recovered, which could drop him up to an inch and, if that's not enough, consider lowering the suspension. The front is usually just a case of pulling the forks up through the yokes and for the rear, I believe TEC do lowered shocks for the Hunter, which could shave off another inch. Of course, none of this will reduce the weight but, as you observed with the heavier Rebel, if the bike is low enough, then it's much easier for the rider to handle what weight there is. I would imagine that the cost of the lowering mods would still be less than what David would lose in swapping bikes and he'd get to keep the bike he loves.

  • JAB
    JABАй бұрын

    Freddie, tire ware. . .My BMW K1600 that was ridden I would say conservatively, shocked me that the tires OEM, were basically toast at 2,000 miles. I guess the weight and the HP/torque put a lot of pressure on the rear tire. I got used to a new back tire every 1,500 miles and a new front every 3K. . .Not cheap, but neither is the bike. . .Glad to have my T120 where I don’t think this will be a problem, and still can tour. . .

  • Rexford Moto
    Rexford MotoАй бұрын

    David, depending on how you ride, take a look at the Honda CT125 aka Trail 125. Very light, easy to slide off the front of the seat to balance if needed, off-road capable, and fun. Tons of accessories.

  • Volt


    Ай бұрын

    Buy a honda crf 250 for the same price only setback

  • medler2110
    medler2110Ай бұрын

    Not sure about a classic bike scene in Germany, but there is definitely a classic car scene, one of the jobs I do is delivering prestige and classic cars to events or for testing across Europe, I've been to several old timer events in Germany, one at the Nurburgring last year, I saw more Ford Capris than I've ever seen in one place, a whole paddock of pre war cars, including a lot of Bentley s and MGs. Maybe the reason many Germans love their sportsbikes is they can actually use them, as parts of the autobahn are still unrestricted, if you can pick a time there isn't too much traffic, like 4:30 this morning, a holiday in Germany, and I was passed by a Ferrari and Lamborghini both going for it. I also know an engineer for AMG who is into old landrovers, he restored one and drove it to the UK, mad bugger. 😂

  • BobfromBali
    BobfromBaliАй бұрын

    B & V bring back fond memories of how I started out 40 years ago and should be encouraged 👍

  • colin barber
    colin barberАй бұрын

    Hi Freddie, enjoyed the video as usual. Bike prices, while prices may be drifting a little lower, is it because the seasonal change depressing the price plus the cost of living crisis ? Next spring, with inflation adding to the cost of manufacturing and the springtime demand, it may accelerate the second hand market as people won’t pay the new increased price and look to the used market. PCP has artificially driven up prices for bikes, with interest rates high, will these still drive the market ?

  • Charlie Robertson

    Charlie Robertson

    Ай бұрын

    Colin agree, however I think pcp will cause more to buy new, rather than used, look what yiu can get on £100 a month pcp compared to £100 personal loan, a brand new bike with manufacturers warranty against a 15 to 20 year old Facebook marketplace special with faulty fuel pumps. There is obviously a bit of seasonal adjustment but this year it is far steeper than it was during and just after covid

  • Andrew Paton
    Andrew PatonАй бұрын

    Funny you should mention this Freddie. I’ve rode everything in my time right through too 1000cc supersports. My current bike for the last 3 years has been a Honda CB500X but It’s still missing one thing as it’s just so sanitised & that’s character. Im currently looking for something else to ride, something with character and performance doesn’t come into that equation although if I can find character and something with a bit of performance together. Then it’ll probably be the last bike I ever buy now I’m knocking on a bit. Keep up the great vlogs. 👍👍

  • Fred Forsythe

    Fred Forsythe

    25 күн бұрын


  • Merc-Rover
    Merc-RoverАй бұрын

    Now is certainly the best time of year to grab a bargain. In fact, the closer to Xmas the better!!!

  • Lee & Jan cruise
    Lee & Jan cruiseАй бұрын

    Freddie, regarding a bike for the vertically challenged retired rider who's strength is not as it was I would think the Honda Z125 would be a great choice of motorcycle, when the day comes that I struggle with my Honda CB450 K5 that will most likely be my preferred machine, not too small, light, fast enough and not too expensive for one two or three years old.

  • Masked Avenger
    Masked AvengerАй бұрын

    Freddie when it comes to buying new or used bikes, prices & styles can vary in different parts of the U.K. . I go by what a motorcycle is worth to me, I don’t care if it’s value rises or drops on the used market ,or what extras are fitted ,as long as they are ones I would choose myself . If I want the bike enough & it’s engine & air box not messed with ,I will even pay above the odds to get the bike that I require . Age is also irreverent ,as long as it’s a well maintained & honest bike for the year . When it comes to big tourers top speeds become irreverent , I would pick the Honda Blackbird ,but I would have to junk the linked brakes . The busa has a great engine ,but I reckon it’s pig ugly & the front mudguard is back to front , not a bike you would look back to admire when you park it .

  • Black Line
    Black LineАй бұрын

    We are in a big depression. Not surprising. It’s biting hard on most people. Waiting to buy an Aprilia Tuono v4 in winter 😊

    THE NILSАй бұрын

    Hallo, I am Nils from the Craftwerk Team. Thank you for mentioning us so kindly in your video. If you ever come to Berlin, please feel free to visit us and see what beautiful things we have built for motorcyclists and motorcycle builders. Warm regards from Berlin, Nils

  • Tuesday at Dobbs’

    Tuesday at Dobbs’

    Ай бұрын

    Thank you Nils!🤜🏼🤛🏼

  • David Colton
    David ColtonАй бұрын

    Thanks so much for featuring my question re a lower bike I'll check out the Rebel 500 as soon as I can!

  • Winnie the wing
    Winnie the wing Ай бұрын

    Watching your video as I type and hearing the piece about modern bikes and classic bikes ,I have to agree with you we in England appreciate the classic bikes for their soul not necessarily the specs I ride a 1985 Honda goldwing 1200 and people always stop to chat about her and comment that the older classic bikes not only have soul but style as well which modern bikes seem to be lacking these days .

  • Doc Honk
    Doc HonkАй бұрын

    Hello Fredie, first of all: no make-up is needed for a good motorcycle vlog. I very much hope that the second-hand market will clean itself up. Unfortunately, adventure bikes are very fashionable at the moment. There is still an upward trend here. Especially the motorcycles from the 1990s are sometimes ridiculously expensive. I think motorcycles are too often bought today for fashion reasons.

  • rob c
    rob cАй бұрын

    Low seat height.... Have to highly recommend Kawasaki Vulcan 650S. I love mine ❤❤❤ I'm 5'4", 62 yrs old and a relatively new rider, had my licence for 3yrs. This is my 9th bike. I've been looking for that suitable bike. I've had Goldilox (cos she's just right) since Oct last year. This bike has bolt on parts so you can custom fit for tall or short riders. She's spicy enough for me and got the seat reupholstered. She's the perfect tourer for me. Easy to handle, park and ride. I no longer have to worry about negative camber or rough carparks. My 2 cents worth. Cheers Shirley 🇦🇺

  • JAB
    JABАй бұрын

    Time to discuss the Kawasaki Concours. . .Rented one to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway. I loved it so much, but didn’t have cruise control, which is why I bought a K1600 instead of the Connie. . .Kind of dumb reason to spend thousands more, but three elbow surgery’s in, I just need cruise.

  • Dave
    DaveАй бұрын

    Hello Freddie, you are so right about vehicles out of warranty. Even in Australia where we have consumer protection that states items must be of reasonable durability (regardless of the warranty)- the problem is most manufacturers take no notice as they know that most people can't afford to take them to court over a few hundred dollar repair. It just shows, having good legislation is useless unless you have the right enforcement that recognises the inherent power imbalance between consumers and manufacturers (Australia is a perfect example of this - we have all the legislation in the world to protect consumers in many areas, and most of it ends up being pointless due to lack of enforcement - it is so frustrating).

  • Dog’s life.
    Dog’s life. Ай бұрын

    As for older cars or bikes having faults it’s just as well you and Alan didn’t buy a fiat, Lancia or even a Vauxhall in the 70s. 😄

  • p w
    p wАй бұрын

    As a user of older BMW bikes, I have the dubious pleasure of having to maintain them. Most recent expense having to replace the water/oil pump assembly due to corrosion on the shaft causing the seals to fail. £600 for the part alone, add on extras,say total £700. DIY so no garage bills. The bike is a K flying brick, 21 years old. Do I expect BMW to bale me out? Absolutely not. BMW went through some very seismic changes back then with the oil heads and K's replacing the airheads. They cobbled together some engineering from their car division into them, some of which worked well, some less so. Their marketing arm is sales driven. Their target customer is a well heeled person who feels his image is important and absolutely has to have the latest thing regardless of suitability. It is rare for this buyer to keep a bike longer than the warranty. A few years down the line having been owned by aspirational owners who like the idea of a BMW but skip on preventative maintenance they then become bargain basement bikes. Component failure is BMW 's way of telling you to buy a new bike.

  • Rory Powell
    Rory PowellАй бұрын

    What a great show that was especially the nod to days gone by and old pictures and stories. I even saw a Ford Sierra, and I agree the yamaha XSR 700 in that green what a bike I love the lines and you could Customize it up2 the hiltz.

  • Kevin Appleton
    Kevin AppletonАй бұрын

    I agree with you on the bmw 1200 twenty years old, it's just a fact that pretty much no manufacturer will do anything on a faulty fuel pump, it just is what it is, so the gentleman will be banging his head on the proverbial wall, best option fix it and get rid, and never look back 😊

  • allan hughes

    allan hughes

    Ай бұрын

    I am the gentle man and you are 100% right sadly I am one of those that will not just get on his back and be walked over even by B.M.W. Other folk needto know what they are letting themselves in for with these over rated piles of C.....p but thanksfor a nice comment allan.

  • waveman1500


    Ай бұрын

    @allan hughes Fuel pumps are wear items, they are consumable. My parents bought a Nissan brand new and we kept it for 22 years. It had two replacement fuel pumps in that time, we paid for the parts as they wore out. We never even thought to ask Nissan for help outside warranty.

  • allan hughes

    allan hughes

    Ай бұрын

    its not the pump its the plastic and they know its cheap crap !!

  • Pete Welsh
    Pete WelshАй бұрын

    I grew as a bike mad kid in the 70s and 80s. I’m right on the cuLsp of the era you’re looking at. I got my first bike a Yamaha YB100 in ‘89 them my full license and Yamaha RD250LC in ‘91. The bike scene then hadn’t really changed much. Camping, rallies, rough n ready gear from Army n Navy stores etc… Things started to change mid/late 90s in my opinion when marketers pushed segmenting bikes and selling a “lifestyle”. I still cringe at lifestyle marketing to bikers, when I was growing up the biker lifestyle was organic and created by bikers not designers in studios. That’s why I loved it back then.

  • f19ash
    f19ashАй бұрын

    Classics and Modern Classics are popular because, let’s be real, the latter half of the 20th Century was a much better place than the first half of the 21st Century. We can’t go back in time but we can, in a small way, relive those times by having a classic or modern classic bike.

  • SCH DF

    SCH DF

    Ай бұрын

    You are so right about the latter half of the 20th century and those photos that Freddie showed of the bikers in the 70s/80s seemed to confirm the fact. They just seemed more carefree days back but then again it just maybe me getting old and as you say, we can't go back in time, we can only look back at our youth.

  • 100 CupsColombia
    100 CupsColombiaАй бұрын

    Not being crap is the most important issue-Royal Enfield is just,well you know

  • Paul Charlton
    Paul CharltonАй бұрын

    Hi Freddie, as a British Immigrant to Germany I can say that Germans do seem to (on the whole) look at the spec sheet when selecting a bike to a greater extent than people in the UK. But also the UK governments attitude to speed with the proliferation of speed cameras, generally continuous reduction in speed limits etc tends to mean outright performance is not very important in day to day riding. Over here we do of course have the Autobahns but also the general levels of enforcement are much less and the penalties for being slightly over a limit are just a few € and not points so performance is a little more relevant. If you buy a new car or bike here one of the first questions people will ask is what power output it has, even if it`s a "euro box" car, that shows a slightly different mindset. You do see classic style bikes here just that the ratio of "sports" bikes to "classic style" is probably the reverse of the UK. Do let me know if you make it to Germany and if you find yourself in Bavaria let me know and maybe I can show you some of the sights. Regards Paul

  • Andrew Lynch
    Andrew LynchАй бұрын

    Have the prices not been reduced because we are now moving into the winter period? Best time to buy is now. Sell in the spring summer for a better price.

  • TheHonarable1
    TheHonarable1Ай бұрын

    It sucks but what do you really expect a company to do when your 18 yr old ANYTHING breaks down?? I can't believe he even thinks they would give him the time of day. Baffling to say the least.

  • allan hughes

    allan hughes

    Ай бұрын

    Not so baffling when they have had thousands of re calls for this issue and this bike has already had two and to make maters worse it could kill the rid?

  • TheHonarable1


    Ай бұрын

    @allan hughes listen that’s the chance you take when you buy something out of warranty let alone almost 2 decades old. He gave it a go and they rightfully told him to take a hike. So stop crying and fix it or don’t, those are his choices 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • It’s all about the ride Keeping it alive
    It’s all about the ride Keeping it aliveАй бұрын

    I agree ☝️ with you mate with Allan’s GS , Yes MAYBE a year out of warranty ( if they decide to help ) my wife’s Hyundai i30 it was out of warranty by around 1 month, ( they had a 5 year warranty) anyway was the clutch that went - was a 6 speed manual, they ended up fixing the church with free labour and parts at cost price . If you have a bike out of warranty, it is then your responsibility to pay for repairs and parts .

  • allan hughes

    allan hughes

    Ай бұрын

    they have had thousands of re calls for this !!! my bike has already had two its not a moving part its the plastic thats cheap and they still sold them knowing this was the case so I am not a lunatic its the principal of the thing but never ever again will I go near these over rated piles of C.....P

  • It’s all about the ride Keeping it alive

    It’s all about the ride Keeping it alive

    Ай бұрын

    @allan hughes , every bike has its faults ( no bike is perfect ) like the KKR 659 had a well known fault for over 30 years - in 3 different models - never 👎 fixed . So owners ended up doing the fix themselves, and they have a high following, , I could list loads of bikes and models like this. I own a V85tt Moto Guzzi - still under warranty and it’s had a problem already ( but it’s sorted - and still passionate about the bike ) if it wasn’t under warranty- like I have had with other bikes “ well I brought it and my arm wasn’t twisted “ , if your bike was just out of warranty I would feel your pain mate . And loads of bikes have had well known problems for years . So 1. Buy a new bike with warranty so you don’t hVe to worry about cost of repairs OR 2. Do LOADS of research like I do on older models and their issues , and if you happy that it’s few and expect it MAY happen HAPPY DAYS , if not don’t buy that bike and get something else . I’m not having a go mate , just specking from experience and the reality of the well motor vehicle industry.

  • Volt
    VoltАй бұрын

    I don’t agree with 2nd hand market collapsing especially where 125cc and scooters market is. Think they are sought after for food delivery, commuting (ulez) etc. crazy prices except good when you compare them to e-bikes which is pure profiteering. There is always a lull in prices come autumn, never been different. Also more bikes available after new 23 plates (1st sept)more supply = lower prices. Took a ride out yesterday but got back around 8pm by christ the summer is well and truly over I was shivering. I test rode a 1100 rebel and it’s on my list as i age because of ergonomics, superb bike except colours. As for the bmw guy he’s off his rocker at 20 yrs old😂😂😂😂. How can bmw be held responsible for that.?? I have a 22 plate suzuki vstrom650 which I bought second hand. I enquired recently about a dealer service to keep the warranty for 3 years. However, a minor interim service was going to cost me £600. I didn’t get a courtesy bike with that. Leave for a day . Well the warranty can whistle. I can do the service myself. Theirs didn’t even include a valve check. Dealers are nuts. I have vacuum gauges and can check the throttle bodies, I will do the valves when required. I pray that I don’t need the warranty but I won’t be paying through the nose for the pleasure of trying to claim on a warranty. Great vlog as normal

  • Ian
    IanАй бұрын

    I was surprised a few weeks ago on Facebook marketplace the Triumph Tiger 800 for £2700 of 2011. That's more like it. A good bike and one of the more reliable triumphs. The 1600 Thunderbirds for £5000 wouldn't be a bad price, a lovely bike but spares are hard to get. I would never buy a BMW and I feel sorry for Alan.

  • roblox edits 11

    roblox edits 11

    9 күн бұрын

    I'm considering a thunderbird 1700/1600. Why are spares hard to get, can you elaborate? Thanks

  • Nockian Lifter
    Nockian LifterАй бұрын

    Thing is ‘15 years’ is regarded as a lifetime.

  • Micky Ev
    Micky EvАй бұрын

    Great pics with Steve lynch, dave dougan and dave lynch (rip), some magical times with these guys, Kent custom show, the cider house days, thanks Freddie, I still ride, as does nearly all my friends from the late 70s

  • Andrew Paton
    Andrew PatonАй бұрын

    Personally I think Allan is more angry about his fuel pump issue, because it caused him to miss out on going to the TT. Anger is no reason to blame BMW the part has failed after 18/20 years, everything has a lifespan. I’m sure until the incident happened Allan was happy with the way the bike performed, and said pump worked. Don’t waste your time & effort pursuing bmw Allan, use your time & effort to get the bike fixed and go to next years TT. Anger just breeds stress, not something you need at 70.

  • allan hughes

    allan hughes

    Ай бұрын

    NO NO NO they have had thousands of re calls my bike has in its time had two its not a moving part its cheap plastic I am not a lunatic angry yes but not a lunatic B.M.W. sold bikes knowing of this fault its just the principal of the thing but their loss not mine never ever will I buy a 2 or4 wheel pileof C...P. again !!

  • Craig Smart
    Craig SmartАй бұрын

    Hey freddie also at the time of the hayabusa there was kawasaki zx12r lovley bikes they are.

  • The bike geek and more
    The bike geek and moreАй бұрын

    Freddie, don’t get your hopes up it might change sooner then you think 🙈😩

  • Kramnam
    KramnamАй бұрын

    Perhaps Alan might, while he’s having a go at BMW, have a go at M&S because his 18 year old Y fronts have stains in them?

  • MotoCafe
    MotoCafeАй бұрын

    No one better my friend. Thank you so much for your entertainment. New Hampshire US appreciates you!

  • Tuesday at Dobbs’

    Tuesday at Dobbs’

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    New Hampshire! Brilliant!🇺🇸

  • david forsdike
    david forsdikeАй бұрын

    Try getting a triumph fixed when it is in warranty !

  • Jeff Lambert
    Jeff LambertАй бұрын

    Excellent Advice about the Honda Rebel the Honda CB500 Engines are really Good , Used in the CB500R, CB500F. CB500X , Rebel, & the CL500 Bomb Proof Bikes & Amazing Fuel Economy..Petrol Prices going up Again

  • Michael Ryder
    Michael RyderАй бұрын

    Anyone else now want to see a makeup tutorial on Freddie?! 😂

  • jbean530
    jbean530Ай бұрын

    Bike prices drop at the end of summer going into fall. They go up again at the beginning of summer.

  • David Martin
    David MartinАй бұрын

    Freddie, regarding the man wanting a shorter seat height than the Hunter. Remember inseam is more important the overall height. Particularly comparing men and women, women tend to have longer legs than men who tend to have longer torsos. So a woman at 5'4/162cm may have a longer inseam than a man who is 5'7/173cm. The Rebel is a great call, but don't forget about the Meteor 350 as another option.

  • Jim Bird

    Jim Bird

    Ай бұрын

    He did complain about the weight and the Meteor is no light weight especially if you want to use the centre stand but, I take your point the seat height is lower.

  • noeL
    noeLАй бұрын

    Used bike prices will drop as it is now October. Bikes will always drop. I will wait until April to see if prices stay low or go back to ridiculous prices. 2001 R1 same price as my 2018 Tracer. Madness.

  • jo buckland
    jo bucklandАй бұрын

    bike prices , yes Freddie your right the used market is correcting itself , at the start of the Pandemic Parkers in their wisdom suddenly upped the prices in their guide even causing Mike Brewer to comment on it , Why you may ask ??? Quite simply the government was handing out free money remember the furlough and £10,000 pay outs ,suddenly they had money time on their hands and the internet some went looking for vans and worked as delivery drivers , in great demand due to the enormous rise in internet shopping yen vans became almost unobtainable , cars went ip due to increased values bikes too ,So what we have now is the money drying up cost off living going up and things being sold to free up capital or get rid of loans and monthly payments more for sale prices drifting back down to their real values not the older inflated prices from the pandemic.

  • Mike Rider
    Mike RiderАй бұрын

    Could it be, that these new sensible used prices are in actual fact a true reflection of what these modern day plastic made in China bikes are worth. Just a thought 😮

  • Glideman
    GlidemanАй бұрын

    That’s how Grayson Perry started Freddie 😂

  • hulkhatepunybanner
    hulkhatepunybannerАй бұрын

    *Of all the KZreadrs I've come across, 8 out of 10 describe the objective of motorcycling to be high performance.* When they review a modern classic, they'll "excuse it" for not "performing" as good as its contemporaneous counterpart (i.e.: Z900RS vs Z900). Performance, solely, is NOT the top goal for any bike or car manufacturer. Honda's flagship is the Goldwing, not the Fireblade. The top tier of motorcycles is filled with bikes that best cover all of your needs, equally.

  • 110 Adventures
    110 AdventuresАй бұрын

    Hi Freddie, don't forget on your searching bike prices. Take into account if you looked at prices a couple of months ago and compare that with prices now, the seasonal variance. Price's always drop when it's wet and cold in the autumn. Interesting German perspective on bikes re BMW vs the English love of classic and modern classic bikes. Like German cars, I don't get the soulessness of German machinery, reliable well made yes but bland and characterless.

  • Seth Ruter

    Seth Ruter

    Ай бұрын

    Come on man, an 18 yr old bike & you're upset that they won't help you out? I wouldn't expect that either, let's be realistic here 😅

  • Jameson Pace
    Jameson PaceАй бұрын

    UK: enforced speed limits, slow lanes, tech unneeded. Germany: no speed limits, big, wide roads & love of tech. What cha gone do....

  • WilliamWBG
    WilliamWBGАй бұрын

    Did poor Alan really expect BMW to repair a 20 year old motorcycle for free? Please tell me, Freddy, that you are pulling our leg here! Surely there are no human alive who would even consider such a ludicrously stupid thought> Please, let no of us ever be true “Alan’s” out there.

  • Phil Roberts
    Phil RobertsАй бұрын

    Is the market correcting itself or is the economy so damaged people just can’t afford to pay the prices so sellers are reducing them in an urgent need to keep their heads above water ?

  • Samba GoGo
    Samba GoGoАй бұрын

    The intro' was most amusing. Reassuring to know that riding the hipster bike of choice, Ducati Scrambler, didn't tempt you into wearing makeup!

  • 5tevieb
    5teviebАй бұрын

    Did you decide against buying a BSA?

  • Charlie Robertson
    Charlie RobertsonАй бұрын

    Alan's on to rice, ZZR1100s were 500 to 1000 pre covid, great bikes but a 93 plate with no mot and dented exhaust will never get £1900, he might get lucky if he puts a years mot on it but I wouldn't go for it at that price with that mileage.

  • Sundar MG
    Sundar MGАй бұрын

    hi freddie. I am 25 and been riding since I was 16. I struggle to connect with and find bikers my age. What do you suggest I do ? I enjoy riding on my own but would like to have a small riding group that I can connect with

  • Scott Simmons
    Scott SimmonsАй бұрын

    Koti autotalli in chipping Camden is very similar to that Kraftwerk cafe in Germany in fact I would say Koti was a little better

  • Katsas13
    Katsas13Ай бұрын

    On the contrary, I've never understood why so many Europeans choose to ride the large BMW GS's. I've travelled across Europe through many countries and not once has it crossed my mind that a large BMW GS is even close for it's intended design and application. Sports naked's indeed, sports tourers yes again, A modern classic? Absolutely! A modern classic in Europe also highlights and compliments the architecture/terrain and "ambience" one gets as the traverse through historic cities and towns amplifying the experience. Even maxi scooters make total sense for most European roads. In fact, a Vespa 300 is arguably more appealing to ride through Europe than a GS. We have a similar demographic of riders in Australia that buy the GS which only comes out on weekends along sealed roads with not a sign of a scratch or "outback" use. However, there are some serious riders here as well that actually use their GS's as adventure tourers and CAN actually ride them without duck walking them hesitantly around cafes performing hesitant six point turns in case of a whoopsie, dressed in beige synthetics and knee high boots and pulling their hamstrings trying to get off. All for a well earned pie and coffee 🙄.

  • Volt


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  • LiamE69
    LiamE69Ай бұрын

    "Fobbed off" on a problem with an 18 year old bike? Some people.

  • Jon B

    Jon B

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    Yea exactly. Sure he’s a delight to know…….

  • allan hughes

    allan hughes

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  • LiamE69


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    @allan hughes I think you've just proved everything everyone already thinks about you Mr Shouty.

  • JAB
    JABАй бұрын

    As someone who gets a bit of shiny face during the day, a more manly solution is just rub your face with a very hot cloth, and then dry it off, all the oils go away and you are no longer reflective.

  • Jason K
    Jason KАй бұрын

    Hello BMW, this part of my motorcycle has lasted 18 years before requiring replacement and so I demand you pay to fix it 😂

  • mark simpson

    mark simpson

    Ай бұрын

    Yes, he must have a screw loose.

  • Chris Harrison
    Chris HarrisonАй бұрын

    Please, please, please look into this person, I just finished listening to her book as audiobook and it’s so nice I only stopped to sleep it’s that good, and it’s very relevant first to biking in the early 80’s and on a 70’s BMW, it’s highly recommended.

  • Wanderlust
    WanderlustАй бұрын

    Never mind make-up, Monika should be your fan-bearer for each video 😂

  • David Foster
    David FosterАй бұрын

    If you're old, like me. And short, like me. You don't need a lighter bike if you get a lower bike. I currently have a Triumph Street Twin 900 - got TEC rear shocks. Also a F ANTIC Caballero 900. Drop the shocks through the forks Good luck

  • Paul 8560
    Paul 8560Ай бұрын

    As a good comment of your appearance Freddie. You look fine. Your camera equipment is pin sharp, I think that the contrast maybe set a tad too high?

  • Tuesday at Dobbs’

    Tuesday at Dobbs’

    Ай бұрын

    Thank you PR- appreciate it

  • puja pete
    puja peteАй бұрын

    2005 bike....what did he expect ? a new bike

  • Richard Bartlett
    Richard BartlettАй бұрын

    Im guessing the classic scene harks back to a bygone era. The Brits love nostalgia However majority of Germans are taught to be embarrassed about their rich history and classic bmws may possibly hark back to those dark days. Its a nonsense of course but its the way the world or at least the so called first world has gone

  • Tuesday at Dobbs’

    Tuesday at Dobbs’

    Ай бұрын

    This is a very interesting angle that I hadn’t considered!

  • Reference Fidelity Components
    Reference Fidelity ComponentsАй бұрын

    It’s just the normal annual drop prior to winter. Manufacturers releasing new models now or for 2024 are ALL showing increased new prices for new and next gen models so used prices will rise again in spring when the market takes off again. Supply and demand. Now is a good time to buy, a poor time to sell. As to the 2005 bike failing, it’s an 18 year old bike out of warranty by 15 years…what does this bloke expect!😂. I just bought a 17 yr old Vstrom and the rectifier went on day one. The seller to their credit replaced it under used warranty but I never expected a bike that age to be fault free. He should get over it, be realistic, buy a used pump and move on.

  • Stephen Thorpe
    Stephen ThorpeАй бұрын

    Apart from rgv 250.. through the roof

  • Rhys Incoll
    Rhys IncollАй бұрын

    i think Monica is onto something. actors on stage wear makeup for a variety of reasons. primarily due to stage lighting. so if an actor can have makeup in in order to ensure they look their best when performing, why not chuck on a bit of powder yourself? got to look sharp when you perform some of the best motorcycle analyses on youtube :D

  • Qtronic Qilt

    Qtronic Qilt

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    Fred is already sitting there with his *Black Leather Chaps* on under the table, my guess the powdered nose has been tested and he is just giving us all a pre-warning for the next episode. QQ.

  • shrek 61
    shrek 6125 күн бұрын

    Again, I have to say the "asking price" is ntot he real value, the value is what someone will pay for the item!

  • Vince Chadwick
    Vince ChadwickАй бұрын

    Who would sell a bike without an MOT? Any potential buyer is going to wonder why the seller doesn't MOT it. They'll perhaps conclude it's because it has something wrong with it which would fail the MOT.

  • hamalot100
    hamalot100Ай бұрын

    That makeup discussion was too funny. Give in to that and next it’s ….”Freddy, just a bit of lipstick and eye shadow, trust me it will bring out your manly features more “. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rampant Colt

    Rampant Colt

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    Freddy, in makeup... would bear a strong resemblance to Adam Ant!

  • hamalot100


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    @Rampant Colt HA!!! That’s bang on, he would 😂😂😂

  • kawajoc b
    kawajoc bАй бұрын

    My BMW R850R form 2001 just gone to the Doctor fore the 40.000 check up. The prise Willem be around 1200 Euros

  • f4tpie
    f4tpieАй бұрын

    Freddie If you had a budget of £500, £750, or £1000 to buy an outfit fit for motorcycling, what would you buy?

  • Volt


    Ай бұрын

    A push bike

  • LiamE69


    Ай бұрын

    Ebay is your friend on that one. Ludicrously cheap second hand gear available for biking on a budget.

  • Martin Mountford
    Martin MountfordАй бұрын

    Re the Germans and classic vehicles,they just don't get classic vehicles on the whole so they're not gonna get modern classics either.I used to go over to Germany buying c classic VWs .In Germany they just don't get "old timers" as they call them and I could buy classic air cooled VWs for half the price they get he'd in the UK.We were in the EU then so it was no hassle unfortunately it's not so easy now but hay ho!

  • Tuesday at Dobbs’

    Tuesday at Dobbs’

    Ай бұрын

    Very interesting!

  • Germanium18
    Germanium18Ай бұрын

    What is wrong with the guy with the BMW? It’s an almost 20 year old motorcycle. You cannot expect a motorcycle that old to be reliable for long trips unless you completely rebuild everything. Even if it has recalls for fuel pump issues, they might be unrelated to your problem.

  • FunWithAJ
    FunWithAJАй бұрын

    Doesn't look like your sweating just looks like a light sheen. I'm assuming you simply Lotion your face well unlike most men (me included)

  • Chris B
    Chris BАй бұрын

    What do you mean "correct itself?" Inflation only goes one direction.

  • Jaythan Rodriguez
    Jaythan RodriguezАй бұрын

    Everyone you see on TV is wearing makeup for that reason 😂 Be confident in your masculinity, a little powder isn't going to hurt it. And if it does, it'll just grow stronger from that experience.

  • Tuesday at Dobbs’

    Tuesday at Dobbs’

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    Thanks Jay- I’ll remember this. This will give Monika an even stronger argument!😆

  • User 1
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    great vid wait for it every week also waiting for a hunter 350 review

  • Apache Rider
    Apache RiderАй бұрын

    It was good seeing my photos. I have many more I will scan & email with stories of mine and my mates past. Perhaps I will leave out the less than legal ones stories.

  • Mbo 348

    Mbo 348

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    I really enjoyed the photos

  • Stevemeister
    StevemeisterАй бұрын

    The Alan story. It's an 18 year old bike and if you decide to buy something that old do a check on the known faults before your buy it and if there is anything serious either stay well away or make sure you have enough $ set aside to fix any potential issues. Expecting the manufacturer to pony up the repair cost after so many years is ridiculous. Having owned a couple of BMW cars, the most recent of which I bought new and which developed very-expensive-to-fix issues with its emissions control system I now check the long term reliability records of any vehicle I intend to buy so there is a reason why when I bought a touring bike I bought an FJR1300. Those older Honda's will go forever - a lot of bike for the money. My brother-in-law recently bought a Honda VTR1200 SP1 for around GBP6000 - beautiful bike in pristine condition. He thinks It will become a collectors bike.