Is Islam Makhachev a Future GOAT?? 🐐🤔


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  • @oseyung3065
    @oseyung3065Ай бұрын

    People keep underrating Makhachev. he is the most well rounded fighter in the lw division. Arguably in MMA. October 21 he is going to show everywhere once again why he is the P4P king by finishing Oliveira. 8 finishes in 13 wins. He is not looking for decision, he goes for the finish.

  • @oseyung3065


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    @MMAad8823 i feel people don't give him enough credit, they always brings up his only loss since 2015. He is a much improved fighter. Makhachev always get sh*t all the time, when he got the title shot on a 10 fight win streak people said he didn't deserve it, same people wanted Beneil Dariush to get a title shot after 8 win streak without having better resume o dominant performances than Makhachev. And again who did Oliveira beat (a washed tony Ferguson and an inconsistent Kevin Lee)before he fought Chandler for the belt and Chandler didn't deserve no title shot either. I guess people will appreciate him more when he retires.

  • @adityanagarkar3645


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    Lost to Volk 😂

  • @ianburkhart6210
    @ianburkhart6210Ай бұрын

    People over use the title "goat" nowadays. He's had 1 title defense and some extreme competition for that title. Chill